O8 Economic precipice.


Saturday, 24th September, 2,011.










Economic precipice.








Yes, still at top. Not bottom!


It only needs Italy or Greece to default, – and DOWN we go!!


Seen Obama’s face?!


We are poised on the brink of a period of horror and terror, in ALL directions, on all fronts.




Chaos and confusion.




In Australia The Labor plan now seems to be: Get Rudd in as quickly as possible. He is 9 votes short of the leadership. But he might prefer Foreign Ministry! He doesn’t look too happy about a return to P.M.


Yes, it is their best hope.




Meanwhile the polar shift creeps on. But is getting faster all the time.




No one seems to know quite what to do.


However, once they SEE Nibiru, they should get a new sense of direction!!


Arms outstretched into the air!!






Head for the hills?




But we are already at the top. Where I am, anyway!!



























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