O7 World situation.


Friday, 23rd September, 2011.










World Situation.








The Pole Shift actually began many years back! It sets in gradually immediately it approaches the spiral arm again. It does this each time. Which comes around every 6,500 years. It will speed up now until the sun is on the far side of the spiral arm, when it falls right off once more. That is on December 21st, 2,012.A.D. The pole shift is always on(speeding up or slowing down; doing this in the form of a “Rock back”, when it falls back.(Which is probably why we have two sort-of poles: North and Greenland up north, and similarly down south with Antarctica and West(?)Antarctica.), but so slightly as not to be noticed until the sun gets VERY close to the spiral arm.


Nibiru may be playing a part too(in toppling the pole over), but I think too far away as yet.


Plus The Great Rift’s influence, and that of The Sun’s inversion.


So it has plenty of reason to go over.






It should(The Earth) take 3 to 5 or 6 months to complete the inversion.(From now, September 22nd, 2,010.)


Just WATCH the positions of the heavenly bodies!!






The sun and every object in the solar system should invert.




Naturally it will be a rough ride for all aboard.




It all sounds so absurd, but there it is!








I hope to send evidence of all the factors as I come across them. For you all to see for yourselves.




Plus meditative and healing videos to calm your minds as we close in upon a terrible death. Nearly all of us, bar those who make it down The North Geographical Pole and those who get evacuated.




The magnitude of THE EVENT is my reason for pounding this out.










I might doubt it myself, had I not PROVED and CONFIRMED that 2,012 will actually occur as Doom.




Due to the lining up of so many tremendous improved influences!!




A comparative small few know about what is to come in 2,012(bit earlier actually, and from then on), but ONLY I have proved and confirmed it, AND KNOW the way of escape!!


So don’t confuse The Messenger with Mother Nature, now will you!!




The recent, perhaps ongoing, strange parade of objects near to the sun will be Nibiru and company, plus ufo’s coming over the top of the sun. The objects are the colossal planet Nibiru plus its six orbitting planet sized satellites, along with ufo’s I think.


What blacked out the sun(recently) could well be Nibiru as it went over the top.(Thus rounding the sun.)


Which MEANS that we may EXPECT to see this MONSTER, Nibiru, AT ANY TIME.


Though Phaeton should appear first.(Or is it Homeward?)






This EVENT occurs once every 26 MILLION years. Eclipsing all other disasters witnessed(or TO witness) by Man on Planet Earth!!






WATCH for the sun rising and setting much further east than usual. (It will ultimately rise in The West, and set in The East! Opposite to what it has been doing for thousands of years!!)


The sky of stars observed by people will CHANGE to the stars viewed by the people on the opposite side of The Earth!!(Because of the inversion.)(Which should be interesting. More so were it not for the accompanying severe events.)


You see it is a case of GET DOWN THAT NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE, or(unless evacuated by aliens) EXPECT TO DIE.


Under very deep water is ideal, IF one could stay down long enough. It is not practicable as you would need to survive down there for years, and then surface to the most horrific conditions, and in icy weather. Who would want to live in a desolate SMASHED world(canned foods at super markets IF one can find them), with little oxygen(because I understand the air will ignite!), water will be poisoned, as will food(if any can be found!)


. NO THING will be standing, and a SEA of corpses and gore be all around in red water everywhere – looking like blood(due to the red dusts’s(sic) content!). So you won’t know what’ s blood and what is red water!!






SOME will survive, and start the human race,etc. again.




Eventually some semblance of a Stone Age will appear.




In stark contrast to the technological age we now live in.




The continents and oceans will be completely re-shaped.




Surely better to die!




We have been told the very opposite to the truth you see. About the important matters of life. Survival after death, Life in The Spirit World – and Re-incarnation, alternating male female. Going on like this for ever, as we have already done!


The whole universe is teeming with life. And is one huge creature.


Humans exist all over the universe. Along with the humanoids.


Battling, and struggling upwards.




Anyway, we shall be under the jurisdiction of The Annunaki(Humanoid aliens) soon. Actually a cross between humans and humanoids, I think. The men sport beards.(I hope the women don’t!)


The rot starts immediately.


Should be a Christmas-New Year to remember, or should I have said FORGET??!!




The five cataclysms, one on top of the other will proceed FROM NOW ON!!




Actually began September 1st, 2,010.(When disasters STARTED to get severe.)


Centred upon December 21st, 2,012.A.D.








Glad you came,now??








I hope I am justified in spelling it out to you. But I DO think you should know!!






The Authorities(in my opinion) should have told us, instead of denying it. Along with the truth about aliens and everything else.(The aliens will do it for us soon!!)


The people COULD HAVE adapted and adjusted to the ideas. Panicking a bit at first. But gradually calming down.




As it is now, we can expect COMPLETE PANDEMONIUM as soon as they see Nibiru,etc. and notice that The Earth is PHYSICALLY turning over!




The Great Rift, The Inverted Sun, The sun rounding the spiral arm, Phaeton, and The Nibiru Complex(Planet X along with its retinue.)






Death will strike from every quarter.




Expect a hail of rocks, boulders, stones, debris and dust to pour down from above. As we enter the tails of Phaeton,etc. Along with the red dusts, the masses of electrons, the hydrogen cyanide, and the most TORRENTIAL rain and hail. Along with non-stop lightning and thunder.


Surface will be TOTAL MAYHEM.


Whilst beneath will be earthquakes and volcanic eruptions plus lavic fountains.(Fountains of lava.)


Just about every volcano on Earth should go off.


Tsunamis of over 3 miles in height.


One after the other.


The sea is going to submerge the land for MILES!! Permanently, I mean. In places.




Expect it all to steadily increase FROM NOW ON!!






There is almost NO doubt about it!!






I do not know how the few survivors(humans and animals) will manage to stay alive, but I expect SOME will!! Probably by getting into caves.






MUCH safer down below(WITHIN The Earth.)! But there there will be giants, dwarfs, wild tribes, cro-mags, neanderthals, prehistoric monsters, dinosaurs, a Nazi base, and gigantic vegetation.


Plus a new inner sun!


A temperate climate all over (THE WITHIN).




Use gyroscopes to travel in a bee line north.(Compasses won’t work.) Aim for The North Geographical Pole and hope you enter the thousand mile wide tubular entrance.(One each end of The Earth.) Keeping a dead straight bee line north should ENSURE that you do not miss the entrance!


I think North far easier than South Pole!






The MARKED poles are not the TRUE poles!!


The Earth, as are all the heavenly bodies and bolides, is a great reverse helix.


A sphere with a DOUBLE surface! One on the outside, and one on the inner. As I say THOUSAND MILE WIDE tubes exist. You must take all care not to MISS that entrance. Bee line dead due north SHOULD ensure this!


You will not know otherwise. As the curve over at top and bottom of Earth is so gradual. And gravity will follow that sharp bending, so it will FEEL FLAT. But LOOK BENT!!(Could you SEE that far.)


If you miss the entrance you will simply go around and find yourself on the other side of The Earth. THAT is what you MUST avoid at all costs!


I suppose another guide is to head INTO the wind(It is a wind blowing north down south, and(but check!) blowing out south from the north pole.


It should be a WARM or GETTING WARMER wind. Head in the direction of the WARMTH. And INTO the wind. Down south it will be INTO. Don’t know about north pole.


The icy conditions should change to temperate after a few hundred miles.




There is a pleasant race of giants down there. Up to fourteen feet high.




I suppose the all the year round temperate climate does it. Or contributes.


Everything will be double sized. Much will be anyway.


All the best!










Yes. It will be the end of the world as we know it all right!!


THAT is for sure!!




The indicators are too numerous and too CLEAR!!

































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