O6 World situation


Wednesday, 21st September, 2,011.












World situation.








I am trying to send you videos of sun flipping over(Physically, 180 degrees.) in a split second. But it is so fast that it can be confused for a change of frames!


There is a black object hovering over the sun on the left.(A planet or UFO.) When the sun flips, ITS position does not change. Meaning that the half revolution sudden swivel IS REAL!!






This must involve speeds of up to that of c , the speed of light, for the surface of the sun!


Unbelievable. Fantastic. But there it is!!






The Earth inversion should take 27 hours. Then The Earth should stop revolving for three days and nights. The sun will go black. And the moon red.


All the stars will slide down of course. En masse.


All prophesied in The Holy Bible thousands of years ago. And also in other religions.






Some say it is a description of what DID HAPPEN. But actually it is both a picture of a past event, AND one of what is ABOUT TO HAPPEN!!






The next three months should see the slow polar shift(It is moving at about a mile per hour at present, so we cannot feel(too slow and gradual) anything, getting pushed over by sun’s centrifugal force(Nibiru is too far away yet to be the cause, I THINK.)) increase speed until we shall feel vertigo like being on a GIANT roller coaster. The Earth usually inverts 180 degrees. But a mere 90 degree fall on side is possible. And even a lesser tilt of about 42 degrees.)speed up to maximum.






The sun like object close to the sun is Nibiru(Planet X)(Actually Planet lX now.). The black spot silhouetted against the sun MAY be the satellite(moon) called Homeward. Home of The Annunaki humanoid aliens. Perhaps it is not Phaeton. I may be wrong there. Don’t know.




The huge increase in UFO sightings over the past 60 years is due(I claim) to the approach of Nibiru satellite Homeward. As it gets closer to us naturally visits by its UFO’s increases! As do crop circles,etc.(Latest alien writing has been in SNOW!)(Only a few crop circles have been done by humans. The rest, the vast majority are done by aliens, without a doubt!)


Plank of wood and rope by two men? Only a tiny few.


There is no way that most of the crop circles could be done, IN THE DARK, on the ground, UNDETECTED by the farmers, overnight! Their size and intricacy forbids this.


Also, there is tell tale radiation and bent, not broken, stalks. Which plank and rope could not avoid!


OBVIOUSLY done by aliens. Lights seen at time, in sky.




Doing these things ON THE GROUND, so as to be make sense high up above afterwards is simply TOO DIFFICULT to do!


It would take teams WEEKS to do, too. It is just NOT ON!!






Whirlies, natural energy forces,etc; – No! Too intricate for such. Alien face for example. It is just LUDICROUS to think that ANY humans could possibly do it! Some of these circles cover a number of football fields in size! Farmers are not blind. They have dogs and lights,too.




Of course, so long as this “not aliens BIG LIE” gets propagated, people in general won’t go beserk. And that might be a good thing for the rest of us!




We are living in a fantasy world that simply does not exist. Because so conned down the ages by the powers that be!


It is time for Humanity to grow up – OR PERISH!!






It has been voiced that the fleets of ufo, an armada, seen above, are space junk items. That requires AIR to provide the trails of light.


BUT THERE IS NO AIR hundreds of miles up in space! So that is out.




Quite definitely these are fleets of UFO’s.


I say that they are aliens coming to evacuate the good half of humanity. Perhaps to other planets AROUND OTHER STARS!!


The Annunanki aliens and little greys, plus some Reptileans,etc.




U.S. and Russia are actually FIGHTING them. But that is suicide – because they are so technologically advanced. We would not stand a chance! Though we have shot down a few of their craft.(And vice versa.)(But they work on a tit for tat basis.)(We are NUTS if we think we can defeat THEM!! Hordes of them. Very advanced craft.)




Suddenly, death is becoming very desirable.






Scary, of course!!




So I am TRYING to break it to as many as I can.






It is like when the old colonists arrived in their sea ships. The natives were told they were birds,etc. ANYTHING but the truth.(They were sea islands then. Now they are SPACE ISLANDS!!)


But the colonists landed and took over.


Earth is in GROWING CHAOS. We need taking over!(To save us from ourselves!)








We shall be ruled WITH A ROD OF IRON!!




These ARE The Heavenly Hosts!!




See what is destroying us?(Too many people on the planet! Birth control is proving too hard. So The New World Order is organizing elimination of MOST via contrails(slowly poisoning us, I suppose), and of course Haarp.(Which now has bases all over the world. Haarp can control our weather.)(Apparently is responsible for SOME of our disasters.))




There will not be enough food and water,etc. to go around. So there is NO CHOICE!!




The Hadron Particle Accelerator is another device, via black holes. How UTTERLY stupid!(Geneva., Switzerland. CERN.)


The mini black holes can grow!


They are IDIOTS!! Stop them IMMEDIATELY!!






A NEW accelerater, bigger and better is being made.


The idea is that the mini black holes(hundreds per day!) will only grow so far, and then stop. But with conditions being so unknown SOME might NOT stop growing!


So it is DAFT!!






Some are saying that c the speed of light limits even aliens. But what the pseudo scientists(the orthodox scientists!) do not know is that c, the speed of light, is NOT the maximum velocity, but ONLY the highest velocity WE CAN REGISTER!!(I have, with the aid of a student mathematician, found out many AMAZING things.(With his help I mapped the entire universe, at all levels(!), using a computer.(I did it years earlier MANUALLY,too!) And so have a far better picture of the universe than so called scientists!!))






Invasion of a sort. Mass landing. Perhaps covertly. Then have these aliens beam us(the chosen ones) aboard their saucers,etc. To transport up to their Mother Craft circling overhead. And thence on to other suitable planets around OTHER STARS.(Our solar system, Sol and company – is no longer safe.)




This happened 3,600 years ago, last time Nibiru and company came around.




Because that is the orbital period of Nibiru.


It has six outlying satellites that are as large as ordinary planets, and moons circling them,etc.






Unfortunately, in transit, I lost my maps, charts,etc. But I can remember a lot. Of the main essentials anyway.


We live in a closed cluster of stars. Sol is not solo. Everything goes in identical pairs. Nemesis is Sols’ CLOSE twin.


Andromeda is our Milky Way’s galaxy’s twin. Identical twin!!




Arcturus is Sol’s DISTANT twin! At about 2.25 light years.(I worked out a formula to get the EXACT and CORRECT distances to the stars, stellar clusters, galaxies and clusters of galaxies!)


Read my articles!






Two types of twins, you see. Close and distant! Nemesis is Sols’ close twin. Identical twin. And Arcturus is the distant one. ALL stars, galaxies,etc. go in these close and distant pairs!




Nibiru is simply one of our planets. As is Phaeton. What is left of Phaeton.


Just a tiny few of the MANY things I have found out.








I do not expect to be with you much longer. Old age cometh not alone!(THAT is for sure!)








But I will try to point you all in the right direction.




Currently the world is going the wrong way. And certainly Australia is!






The four MATERIAL things destroying Humanity: Sex, Drugs(Especially Alcohol and nicotonic smoking), and Dope(Pharmaceutical drugs.). Which often do more harm than good.(We need NATURAL cures!) Wrong doing above all!!




Humanity is quite literally DESTROYING ITSELF!!








Stop running others down! The other chap has problems,too!






We MUST care for one another. Or ALL is lost!




STOP living this Dog fight and Rat Race!!








We all need EACH OTHER!!




CHRIST, the spirit of GOD, is coming back.


Led by Jesus, evidently.




Everything is so complicated and confusing.






The universe is VERY complex!!






Our time is VERY short!!






I know a bit, I think.


But everyone proceeds as if what they believe is true, when it is often NOT!!


I am close to the truth re the MAIN issues.








But hated for it. Especially when I try to tell.






However, the truth is our ONLY hope,now.






We place our faith in MONEY. But LOVE is what matters!!




Platinum is the stuff to get.


Gold has little industrial use. But is so rooted in our minds as valuable. Pretty. Silver is far better.




However, a BIG correction is proceeding in the markets.




The question is HOW BIG??




Q3(Quantitative Easing, round three.) Print more bank notes! But at the cost of worse later.


Only a matter of time before the nations that are printing,etc.madly do Zimbabwes! (Hyper-inflation.)




Polar Shift coming first,though!








Australia’s best course is to force Gillard(or whoever takes over from her) to call an election AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!


(Turn the asylum seekers BACK!! THEY took the risk! It IS invasion.)


Or have riots!(Re: Election AND asylum seekers!!)


We CANNOT AFFORD to try to save the world!










Get RID of Labor! AND The Greens.






Abbott least evil, best hope.




Coalition desperately needed!




But NOT Turnbull!!










NOR Rudd!!






Hawke manipulating every thing!








Gillard is outsmarting us all!(But under Brown.)






With (Australia) Labor, I think it is a case of keep Gillard in power as long as possible.(Though sinking the country.) Because a change of leadership should force an immediate new election.


Yes. Rudd can save Labor, but how do you instal him and avoid a new election immediately?!


Best hope is force immediate election. Put Coalition in led by Tony. NOT Turnbull!!


Send the boats straight to Nauru! Best solution. And LEAVE them there. Or they would burn Australia down!!(Their ways are not ours! COME ON!!)


We shall need to go unconstitutional ways if necessary!!


Or have CIVIL WAR!!






Coming up as Earth speeds up flip, Declared Emergencies, Martial Law, Police State, Military Rule!!!!




Hawke is going to keep Julia installed, or Labor can expect to lose immediately otherwise!! So Labor’s route is hang on as long as possible. Even if the nation crashes meanwhile!!


Labor under Rudd could have won.


And can do again. But how do you get him back in?! Without sinking lot, immediately!!




So as everyone fights to break the nation destroying deadlock, chaos will increase!


Time is NOT on Gillard’s side. Coalition should hang on to election winning lead.


The choice is (so far as I can see) a fast change to Coalition rule, or a slow one.


Though maybe not so slow as chaos increases, along with the vote against her!


However, there is nothing that can be done to OUST her!


Aided by Hawke she is outsmarting us all! Not many on her side now.


Pressure might drive her to resign.


Or to take more and more desperate moves to stay in power!


Pandering to pensioners, women, families,etc.


Could come to physical combat IN Parliament!!


I don’t know.


Increasing squabble amid growing chaos! What else!!












Vic.(Dare I say it: Julie Bishop goes up to Julia and slaps her face(or punches her one(or two)). Speaker jumps down and koshes Julie.


Abbot and co. wrestle speaker to ground.


A colossal brawl erupts.)








We are in a deadlock, you see, but no-one can beat Julia!(Backed up by smart Hawke!)(Constitutionally, I mean.)


She has over 18 months to go? Pressure and mounting anger by public, plus growing revolt by Labor backbenchers, has to erupt into something physical. Could be civil war. I imagine Gillard could suddenly resign, having no other way to go in face of increasing anger all around. Except by close associates. And the speaker. Of course!!


How hard though for PLACID Australia!!


Perhaps everyone will just lie paralyzed on the floor…(While she coos “forwards” to them. And speaker arms his self with a water cannon – to silence the growing uproar.)










If she resigns or some such, then immediate new election. Unless Rudd gets physical!


Or Hawke bursts through the doors with tanks,etc. Led by Keating.











































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