O5 The sun has inverted physically.


Tuesday, 20th September, 2,011.












The sun has inverted, PHYSICALLY!!








I hope to send you a video SHOWING you this inversion!


There are four or five reasons for The Earth to PHYSICALLY, GEOGRAPHICALLY invert!!


1. The sun rounding the spiral arm of its group of stars, creating centrifugal force – which tips The Earth over.


2. Our growing alignment with The Great Dark Rift at the centre of our galaxy.


3. Phaeton’s gravity, magnetic, electric and radiational tides when it passes very close to us. Should turn The Earth over.


4. Nibiru when it gets close to us, via gravity, magnetic, electric and radiational tides, should invert The Earth.




5. The sun, after it inverts, will invert all the objects within its gravity,etc.FIELD. Via induction.






All centreing on December 21st, 2,012.A.D.








However, woes will start BEFORE then. Well before then!!






I would like to say a word on magnetic shift.(Some alleging that we are only in a magnetic shift.) Now there has been a magnetic shift for a long time.


Why SHOULD the magnetic pole differ from The Geographic??


Supposedly due to iron,etc.within. But where there is land, there should be iron,etc. So why doesn’t magnetic north align with geographic north?


WHY IS there a magnetic variation from the geographic?!


There is no generally known reason. But pseudo-scientific ones have been advanced.


The magnetic “pole” is simply the RIM of the giant hole going down into the hollow interior! This will change according to one’s orientation to it as one moves about.


The magnetic north pole has been changing its position for a long time.


The fact that it differs from the geographic, that it MOVES, and that it is accelerating in that motion – are all odd facts.


Well, as the tilt of The Earth changes, the magnetic north pole – being part of The Earth’s surface – MUST change with it. It is accelerating.


Since it is accelerating we can expect a full PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHIC inversion of The Earth.


From a combination of all five of the reasons I gave above.








I think that you should know these facts. So to better understand and follow the unprecedented disasters to strike us from now on. And to prepare. I send you videos to assist that understanding. You can then better PREPARE.




The rim’s edge surrounds space and air. Where there is no ground. An so no iron. THAT is why the magnetic pole is away from the geographic.(The Geographic North Pole is a GEOMETRIC CONSTRUCT. The North Magnetic Pole is THE GEOLOGICAL ONE!!)(The ONLY ONE actually THERE!!)


It moves because The Earth’s poles are shifting.




It speeds up because the causes are growing.






It should be 3 months or more before FULL inversion sets in.


Vertigo, wind speed and tsunamis should all increase. Along with volcanic eruptions and earthquakes,etc.,ETC.




Also changing climatic conditions as we move through different latitudes.


Accompanied by crustal displacements.




Masses of electrons, red dustS, hydrogen cyanide(deadly poison) and debris and dust should increasingly fall from above.


Heat, rain, cold and mayhem should all grow.






Just about nothing will be left standing, nor alive.


It will rise to a maximum about five times, as FIVE MONSTER CATACLYSMS occur one after the other.


Stocking up will help for the earlier disasters. Though expect to have it FORCIBLY stolen from you!


I hesitate to stock up because of the fatal severity of this EVENT before it has finished.




What is annoying is that the authorities are trying to conceal it all from us! To avoid panic, and to keep control of us!! But how much better to inform the people, so that they can adjust IN TIME, and get down that North Geographical Pole(The alternative is almost certain death, terribly and horribly.)!) Otherwise we shall have MASS PANDEMONIUM, UTTER MAYHEM, and no time or chance to escape!




The aliens now MASSING above in their ships, will evacuate about half of the people(their CATTLE!!)(By the weird looking alien farmers!)


.(The other half will probably die. A tiny few may survive – to live in ICY CAVES!!)(In the most appalling conditions IMAGINABLE!!)(I realize that if you are not of the chosen evacuees, that it is get down The North Geographical Pole or face death, or a LIVING DEATH in the icy caves upon a MOST desolate Earth. Strewn with corpses,blood and gore,etc. About 99 to 100% of those not evacuated or fleeing within(The Earth) are going to perish.




Our only hope will be on another suitable planet around another star.(Ready for that?)




The Spirit World itself could get destroyed.








The options are most GRIM.




And almost completely UNBELIEVABLE!!






As The Inversion gets underway, we shall feel increasing winds and tsunamis(Of COLOSSAL height(Yes, MILES HIGH is QUITE feasible!!) as the sea sloshes about all over the land – up to fantastic levels.)(You visualize The Earth turning over, and the air and sea dragging behind more and more reluctantly!!!)(That drag-behind will be felt by all creatures EVERYWHERE on The Earth’s Surface as a growing wind and a gigantic tide(in height and advance))(Whole continents will go completely under. Sinking deeper into the magma.)(The Earth’s surface should be changed out of ALL recognition!!)(All accompanied by the most awful weathers(all kinds) and conditions(all types).)




Yes, I paint a most AWFUL picture. But I think it is better that you know what to expect!(How hard for the infirm and those not equipped to deal with it! And HOW MANY ARE??!!)(The hard part will be handling those in our care. I am doing my part NOW, – by telling you!)(Going underground will be like going into your TOMB! Because of the danger of being crushed by earthquakes!)


You shall SEE how true I speak as conditions worsen ON ALL SECTORS, as The Earth Inversion SPEEDS UP!!(Expect The Pole Shift to EXTEND into a FULL PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHICAL INVERSION of THE EARTH!!)


Yes, social conditions worsen too. Because of the masses of electrons! Which affect brains of humans and animals. Driving them increasingly mad and bad!! You can almost FEEL it.


The most weird things are going to increasingly happen. Due partly to us entering higher densities and planes. Also augmented by the increasing ELECTRO MAGNETIC FIELDS. Literally anything unpleasant that can happen WILL HAPPEN!!!!(At least you should know WHY,now.)


You may even be one of those who got born now to witness it all. But you have forgotten.










Vic.(Remember that my MAIN HOPE is that an EXODUS can be organized down The North Geographical Pole. Down below in The Hollow Earth are sea and land.(But prehistoric monsters, giants, some aliens, wild tribes,etc.TOO.) A temperate climate of about 76 degrees F. Lush conditions, and safER, with a 800 mile thick crust of The Earth above you.)(But The Authorities are FUNKING IT!!)(Funking TELLING EVERYONE!!!!)(A tiny few are managing to get through the great resistance and opposition. I well know what is happening, and the options. Especially the way of escape! I think you should all know ANYWAY. We are not children are we??!!)


There are simply TOO MANY indicators and signs for me to reach ANY other conclusions! I know about lens flares, reflections, refractions, temperature inversions, mock suns,etc. So know well enough when to rule those out.(Nibiru looks like a second sun, and SOON, a second RED FULL MOON.)


Some are jokers and hoaxers, I KNOW. But usually can distinguish between them and the genuine events!!


Ten years would be a ridiculously long time for me to keep up an idiotic, mean, joke!


No! Do NOT take my word for it. But STUDY CLOSELY the many videos,etc. YOURSELVES!!


Examine my Article L7 PROOF of 2,012.


Some knew 2,012 was coming, but hardly anyone knows WHY.(There would NEED to be a “modus operandi”)


There are about FIVE reasons, all coming together!!




Things are NOT normal.


They only LOOK SUPERFICIALLY normal!!




Things are NOT going to just carry on as usual!




What we have suffered so far is PEA-NUTS compared to what IS coming!!


Whatever you do don’t commit suicide or turn to Euthansia!!


Because worse will then await you in The Spirit World!!(Where all go after SO CALLED death.)


Lucky are they who die between now and THEN!!


Though should be QUITE a SIGHT!!






Comrads of The FAR FLUNG!



































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