O3 Second moon soon.


Sunday, 18th September, 2,011.












Second moon soon!












I am in Queensland, Australia.


Record breaking heat hits Sydney.


The reason is 1. Nibiru’s approach. AND 2. Rising magma produced by our sun rounding the spiral arm it is upon causing Centrifugal Force which is forcing magma higher.


The powers that be are working frantically to HIDE the truth from us! So to keep us from panicking, but MORE so to to keep control of us.


Expect many to die from the heat.


I have been trying all out to warn you all for almost TEN years now. About the only response I get is silence, or to take care! As if warning you all to escape down The North Geographical Pole was evil! Only a small few are agreeing at all!(Though I know some of you few people I DO manage to reach have SOME idea as to WHAT IS COMING.)


If you do not get down below, then IF you are worthy enough, expect The Annanaki humanoid aliens to evacuate you to other planets! If ANY survive anywhere in The Solar System, it must be in icy caves!


All this within next few years, starting immediately.




None of you seen the “second sun” near to our sun in recent years? It is the planet Nibiru!(Almost four DIAMETER times size of Jupiter!) Soon to go over the top of our sun and SUDDENLY appear in our sky like a second and RED moon! But it won’t be our moon! You may grasp this when you see TWO moons in the sky.(Up to now it has only been two “suns”.)


None of you seen the core of Planet Phaeton (slightly smaller than Mars)approaching? It looks like a dark spot upon the sun, silhouetted there.




Both of these planets(from our own solar system) will pass close by The Earth. I do not know which will arrive first.


Videos been showing both of these objects for years now. Media is deliberately silent about them!


Our ONLY hope is for an EXODUS to be organized DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE.(Near to which is a thousand mile wide tubular entrance to The Great Within, where it is temperate 76 degrees F.)(SafER on account of the 800 plus mile wide crust above then.)






I am speaking TRUE!! This is NOT a joke or a hoax. Nor am I mistaken!!


The VERY few creatures that survive the FOUR super duper cataclysms, will have to live in icy caves, as ice era followed by ICE AGE proceeds for about a thousand years. And humans have to struggle up through a new stone age. This happens periodically.


The deniers keep telling those who know to get real, and so on. But it is the DENIERS that need to get real!!




The heat will get worse and worse, killing many.




Meanwhile animals get increasingly disorientated as the magnetic pole moves further over. And they die. Falling from the sky. The bees cannot find their way back to their hives. So flowers don’t get pollinated, and crops fail.(We have nearly 7 BILLION people on Earth, mind!) Dolphins and whales beach their selves. Humans, next.






We have been overlooking TWO planets in our solar system. 1. Phaeton’s core ex where the ordinary asteroids now are. Between Mars and Jupiter orbits.




And 2. Nibiru, which is The Tenth Planet(Planet X). Now the NINTH planet – since Pluto-Charon got demoted from major planet because so small.


Nibiru has been looking like a second sun.


And will AT ANY TIME SOON appear like a RED second moon!(Terrifying many. Some, even to death!)




The few in the know go on about Nibiru.(Comet Elenin disintegrated. Unless it is a UFO that has dimmed its lights. Perhaps to avoid alerting us!)


However, I suspect that the approaching Phaeton’s core, slightly smaller than Mars, wrongly being called Nibiru MAY arrive first and look like a fiery red ball in the sky.


I don’t know which will arrive first. Not sure.


Anyway, BOTH of these objects are rapidly approaching us.


Nibiru is the larger one.


But Phaeton may be thought to be Nibiru.(Wrongly)




Either of these huge objects should flatten the entire surface of The Earth, and that of some other planets, nearly tearing its victims(PLANETS!!) in two.


So bad it will be better to die!


I can well understand the disbelief. BUT IT DOESN’T HELP!!


IF you believe, then you MIGHT organize an EXODUS of the best specimens of everything – DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE.(Or there will be NO future life on The Earth!!)


Or, if worthy enough, be whisked off to another planet. Perhaps around another and safer star!


Failing that, be one of the VERY FEW to survive. – In an icy cave!!


I spell it out as I see it. I don’t think I am far out!!


To stir you to safety action!(To save yourselves!!) NOT for kicks!!




Though the options are MOST daunting.




It’s TRUE, all right!




The Authorities keep denying it, you see.


But how hard to explain a second moon.(Comparatively easy to explain away a second sun, but not a second moon!!)


Expect General Emergencies declared. And MARTIAL LAW!!!!






UTTER CHAOS is going to reign.


With packs of raving mad humans and animals going around stark staring MAD. Doing every imaginable evil – WITH THE UTMOST GUSTO. RIGHT OUT of their minds. AND completely OUT OF CONTROL!!


Get into the country-side. If you stock up, expect it to be stolen!


Though if you go rural, then you face packs of terrified animals.






Go camping. – Permanently!! Near to a stream. And where there is wild foods.


I see on television so many grinning deliriously. But so few are, – out in the real world. Utterly with no idea as to what things are causing the very early heat wave!


The weather people speak of El Nino and some great high pressure system. But these are the IMMEDIATE causes. We need to look at the BASIC causes!!


Even less so when the strange RED moon appears!




All you had to do was get down The North Geographical Pole.




I think of all those YEARS that I have been ignored. So many ANGRY at my voicing such things!!


Which is STUPID beyond belief. Most people speak the truth. Especially about matters of such GRAVITY!!(Has it not occurred to any of you THAT I MIGHT BE RIGHT??!!)


But when you see this RED second moon, WHAT are you going to do!!


The time to act is NOW. BEFORE it appears!(Actually the time to act was years back!)(Once you SEE it, it will be too late!!)




NO. I am NOT joking. I am NOT that kind of a person!! I have SO many other things to do. I seldom make mistakes about important matters I have STUDIED so intensely and for SO long!! But of course no thing I say is likely to convince you. In any case you are going to go by YOUR wishes, not my constant long pleas down the years. How LUDICROUS to DISBELIEVE me so FIXEDLY ALL this time!! You might CHECK IT OUT!!






I despair. (I am responsible, and so accountable!!)








These deliriously happy senseless grins WILL TURN TO THE MOST EXTREME TERROR AND HORROR soon!!




While those of us who have any idea as to what is coming upon us all, such that STRONG MEN will fail to keep calm once they realize the meaning of the RED second moon(soon to appear SUDDENLY)!!








I feel so sick and saddened.




























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