O13 Maunder Minimum!!


Sunday, 2nd October, 2,011.










You want the truth?!




Maunder Minimum,ETC!!!!












Why is it so cold? Why so cold, wet, moist, damp, windy – and all the rest of it? Even in Australia, well on the way to Summer, SEASON!!


Let me TRY to be honest. I know a bit. Am sometimes wrong. Make many mistakes on the way.


But I end up with many good conclusions. As a rule.




Paucity of sun spots is I think the main reason. We have had a long spell with few if any sun spots.


Years long!


When that happens, it is followed by a big drop in world temperatures. Not long after wards.


I think this is the main reason.


We are entering what is called A MAUNDER MINIMUM!!


Average temps can fall up to TEN degrees Celsius!




It’s gonna get COLD!!




Why the paucity of sun spots over recent years? I THINK because of the masses of electrons now striking the sun – as it rounds the spiral arm.(What is also driving humans increasingly mad and bad!!)


I am talking about the group of stars the sun is a member of. Found by me!


I have concluded that it is going around one of the spiral arms. Now the closer you get to the spiral arm, the THICKER the flow of electrons down the SIDE of it is! And so, as the sun proceeds around, the entire solar system, including The Earth, ploughs into this increasing deluge of masses of electrons.






That bombardment has been CRUSHING the sun for YEARS!!(Get the picture: Nibiru,etc. along with Phaeton have by their gravity-magnetism been stirring up the plasma currents deep in the sun! BUT, the masses of electrons now increasingly POUNDING the sun – ARE SUPPRESSING THEM(the plasma currents). Thus reducing, even eliminating THE SUN SPOTS!!)


(Sun spots,etc. produce the solar wind and so on. So this is reducing the electric charging up of The Earth’s core, thus reducing the heating via magma and the friction between the crusts, and, so, lower temperatures!)


Suppressing the sun spots,etc.


A few have appeared recently. So not stopped altogether.


Sun is getting more active now. Due, I claim, to Nibiru and its satellites,etc. passing so close! This stirs up the sun. And that upwelling of activity from sun’s core has overpowered the masses of electrons!


This is what I think, anyway. And I THINK that I am right.






Listen folks. Especially those of you who love the TRUTH:-






We are in the worst trouble in 26 MILLION years!










We could enter an Ice Era within the next few years.




Which, I think – will induce an ICE AGE!!


Via The Gulf Stream stopping, or slowing. Stopping, I think.






People in general are still in the grip of The “She’ll be right” syndrome.


They THINK that all is well, and getting better. That Utopia is around the corner.


The TRUTH is the VERY reverse. We are heading for a crash to the ROCKS. And the Grandfather of ALL crashes!! Yes. In ALL respects!!






To re-cap: It is cold.(In Australia.) Colder than it should be – for this time of year.


Why? Because of the result of a paucity of SUN SPOTS!!


A period of low or no spots gets followed by what they call “A Maunder Minimum”. An ice era. Temperatures can drop up to an average of 10 degrees Celsius WORLD WIDE.


And THAT, I THINK, is what is happening!!




There are other reasons TOO for the lower temps. 1. Stratospheric down-draughts from a stratosphere that is colder because Earth’s magnetic field is weakening.(This lets in more solar radiation, but more cosmic rays too. Which increases cloud cover. Cloud cover is winning.)


Also, because of pollution particles. Soot, in general. Forming more nuclei for water to condense upon. This thickens clouds, and incidentally increases cloud reflectivity. Thus sending much heat back into space!




Contrails and CHEMtrails increase cloud cover.


The sun is also, I believe, in a cooling phase. So, less radiation.






Now all these things add up!






Global Warming? Man-made?? A SCAM. To make money out of Margaret Thatcher’s bonus scheme to all who study global warming!






Yes. Global warming did exist. And still does – to some extent.


2,010 was the hottest year on record. Eclipsing 1998, even.


So, yes, G.W. DOES exist. But its CAUSE is the big question!




It is NOT CO2!


Nor even methane,etc.


The CHIEF cause of Global Warming – is Nibiru!(It is very hot. Like a second sun.) Second cause is the rising magma below, due to the sun going around the spiral arm, producing centrifugal force, which is HEAVING the magma(on all the solar planets) UPWARDS.


This puts pressure upon the tectonic plates. And we get more earthquakes as well as volcanic eruptions!!


Plus HEAT.












Two more causes of increased heat are: 1. The falling magnetism. (Sends cold to Stratosphere. And heat to The Troposphere!!) And 2. There is, I hold, a force field around the surface of The Earth. Born of the growing friction between the two crusts, caused by the increasing electric charge on The Earth’s core. Born of the growing solar wind,etc. – Charging up The Earth’s core increasingly!






The heats and the colds are playing off against each other. Cold is winning now!


Thus we are in Global COOLING, not warming!!


Global Warming exists,yes. From various causes.(Don’t get fooled by the cunning display of many industrial stacks belching smoke,etc.(bad though that IS, re: pollution))(Volcanoes, undersea too(!) produce far FAR more!!)(But NIBIRU is the MAIN cause of G.W. Along with the friction between the crusts heating up the surface of The Earth – and The Troposphere.))


Almost ZERO from fossil fuel burning, via CO2 emissions! Both via Nature and Man.


Nature is producing about 0.014 OF ONE PER CENT of G.W.(About one part in 10,000!)


Man is producing about 0.04 of one per cent!(About one part in 30,000!!)




Now these amounts are LUDICROUSLY small! SO TINY!!




Global warming goes in huge cycles, anyway.








Let me spell out in further re-cap: Causes of Global Warming: In order of amount: 1. The sun, of course. 2. The heat from the FRICTION between the two crusts of The Earth. 3. The heat caused by NIBIRU! 4. The rising magma beneath our feet! 5. An erstwhile spell of higher solar radiation, possibly. 6. The Troposphere by the falling magnetism of The Earth. 7. Various other sundry causes(Adding up to a VERY small amount.).





Causes of global cooling: (In order of amount, decreasing.) 1. The New Maunder Minimum just starting up! 2. Stratospheric Downdraughts from a cooling Stratosphere. 3. Soot,etc. ex pollution. (Have a SOOT tax, yes. But not a Carbon tax, even though soot is carbon!)(Gillard called it Carbon tax craftily. But the offending stuff SUPPOSEDLY is Carbon DIOXIDE!!(Hardly carbon!)) Via thickening clouds, and heat reflected back into space.(Yes, Global dimming exists.) 4. The growing elongation of The Earth’s orbit. 5. Various other sundry causes. (Adding up to a VERY small amount.)







The COLD is winning now.








The place to be is in a warm country!





It HAD been getting very warm. Right?!


THAT warming STILL exists! And is getting worse!(Also hidden by Global Dimming.)




But! Largely thanks to this new Maunder Minimum, plus the other contributing factors, – that warming is getting neutralized, AND SOME!!




At times, and in places, the warming will win.


The warming HASN’T gone. It is just getting eclipsed in The Northern Hemisphere. And to some degree, in places, in The Southern Hemisphere. Australia is rather cool at present.






I am telling you(The TINY FEW I can manage to reach!)(Thanks to suppression by the powers that be – and the mob.(VERY nearly all!))




My motive for telling you: Concern! For us all.


But so MANY people confuse the message with the messenger! And think WRONGLY that the messenger is CREATING the woes! No! I am SIMPLY REPORTING to as MANY as I can REACH. In order for you to save yourselves – as best you can!


BIG difference fellahs!




DON’T stop ME. I am the only one who can save us all!!(I know what to do.) Get DOWN that North Geographical Pole!(Nice and warm down there! And have an 800 mile plus CRUST over the heads!)(Keep out THE FALLING BOULDERS!!) And WEAR my special HELMETS!!(Stop the masses of electrons, and the two red poisonous dusts. AND the hydrogen cyanide!)




Don’t be silly!(A few are shutting me out!)(SOME are!) I tell you so you can best defend, not to hurt you!








I urge you to read back over my articles. To get the many other horrors and terrors NOW descending upon us ALL!!






Man has LONG since abandond GOD. And has and IS embracing the forces of Negativity.(Was known as The Devil.) That is those of DESTRUCTION!! Material AND mental.




Here are some of the things we need to give up! And embrace their opposites. On pain of sudden death and HELL afterwards!




LOOK at them: Sex, Drugs, Sport, Skiffle, Entertainment, Scandal, Violence, Bad language and the like, cheating, robbing, doing others down, and so on. AND ON…(Australia is OBSESSED with Sport. But of what use is it to kick a ball around??(Good exercise.) Or to jump over three cars, side by side!? ETC.)(Very brave.)


THESE are just SOME of the things DESTROYING us!!




We don’t need more religion. We need more SPIRITUALITY!!


Religion is like (formalism) RITUALS, like bowing,etc.(Necessary for SOME. But NOT ALL!!)(Give me one man giving me nice fruit cake, rather than ten or twenty bowing to the posteriors of those in front of him!)




Spirituality is being good, loving, caring, being kind, compassioning, having feeling for others(empathy), altruism, philanthropy, and so on AND ON…


(I advise, IF you would escape the worst of WHAT IS TO COME!) Prayer. Meditation. Yoga. Etc.)


Meditation is not super sleep! Meditation is SUPER AWAKE!!


COLLECTIVE is best, as you re-inforce each other!










BASIC religion is good inasmuch as it provides the FRAMEWORK to be spiritual(divine, if possible)!!




Yes, it hurts(the doer). But what hurts in THIS respect, is what PAYS best!!






We have allowed EVIL DOERS to take over!!




We are punishing good actions, rewarding bad!


But we need to REWARD good actions, and PUNISH bad!!






The end result of evil IS DEATH AND TOTAL DESTRUCTION!!!!




Do you understand??









I am lucky. I was brought up in a much stricter, sterner society THAN NOW EXISTS!!

Not nastier, FIRMER!! There IS a difference.


A MOST profound one!!




Australia: You DESPERATELY NEED to get rid of Labor! And,even more, The Greens!!

No good putting Rudd back in!

He is the one who stopped The Coalition last time. AND this time!


He is the one who put Australia IN THE MESS IT IS IN TODAY.


Then they handed over to clueless Julia who is making an even WORSE job!(Doubling the salaries of politicians! Craft is her forte! Pandering to those she wants to vote for her!)


NOT Turnbull! He is too pro Labor!

Abbot!! YES!!!!


Our best hope especially now!!



Abbot is hated BECAUSE he is good. Which is stupid!!


Of course he has faults! Don’t we all?!



This business of rubbishing and denigrating everyone is DEADLY to everyone!!(I am in Queensland, Australia. You of The U.S. are MUCH more friendly and so much better at SERVICE!! So I am addressing Australians rather than U.S. folk!!)


Look at the economic and financial situation of THE WORLD.


EU set to collapse. Italy or Greece default could trigger this. And chances are so high that one OR BOTH, will!! Germany has meanwhile saved Europe.


Greece needs booting out! But others increasingly qualify.

Sacrifice the bad eggs to save the rest!!




We are on the brink of a stock market COLLAPSE WORSE than The Great Depression!!



The Dow could fall back to 800, FAST!!




When? ANY TIME!! But within 3 to 5 years. 5 to10 at the most.



Ah, but world has only 3 months before things get unbearable.(Then ALMOST all will die.) Thanks to the sun going around the spiral arm of the group of stars it is in!

We are IN a Pole Shift!

It began in March 2,011.

It will speed up until The Earth INVERTS!!


Which will mean a terrible and horrible death for just about ALL life forms on this planet(AND other planets of this solar system!).


Heat or cold should kill many first.

And the masses of electrons,ETC.



SOME of The Authorities know a bit, quite a bit, you see. But are DELIBERATELY not telling us(as about aliens,etc.) to KEEP CONTROL OF US!!

The crying need is to avoid panic. In the sense of PANDEMONIUM!!

Because once the people REALIZE how accurate I am, they will “catch their breaths”.(Not that there aren’t others who know a lot, but that I am THE ONLY ONE to know BOTH basic facts BEST AND the way of escape(DOWN north pole(pronto!) and wear my SPECIAL helmets!!))




I pound away year in year out. But with VERY little success. Almost ZERO!!


Homo and gay sex, especially marriage? That is INSANE!!

Even sex is vibration lowering. But especially with your own gender!!

Don’t you UNDERSTAND?? When you lower your vibrations, you let in all sorts of harmful influences! Here, NOW. AND HEREAFTER!!


THIS is what Jesus and Christianity was on about!


Jesus said: IF you would follow me(Into The Kingdoms of Heaven and of GOD.), then DENY yourself DAILY.

Not just by abstaining TOTALLY from sex, but from all the other LOW desires!

Drugs, dope(pharmaceutical drugs), excessive eating, alcohol and nicotinic smoking(these are so harmful), (Alcohol should be BANNED!! It is so destructive. WHY isn’t it BANNED??!!)(I know. Yes, if it was banned there would be riots. Besides, they would MAKE THEIR OWN!! But how hard to ban it totally!!)

So hypocritical. Down with drugs they cry.(But leave alcohol(the one that releases your only defence against doing low and bad things!(Via lowering the inhibitions on ones’ actions)) alone! DAFT!!)


Gambling is another thing.(Humanity is negative because so unevolved SPIRITUALLY.)


But Man’s worst actions are not of the body, but of the soul!



I refer to HATRED, WRATH(especially when unreasonable), Murder,etc. And violence. Mayhem. Arson, crime in general. Robbery. And so on.(Devil(Negativity, Forces of DESTRUCTION) is winning HANDS DOWN. YES. AND FEET UP!1)


Breaking the ten commandments is our trouble!!


Especially the extra two Jesus gave us: Love God, and love ye one another!!


But you see, if you do good, you WILL suffer, immediately.(Though gain much more LATER ON.)(Especially after SO CALLED death.)


These are the last days. And the things of God are trodden under foot!

The things of The Devil are actively encouraged. Promoted!!



It is TRUE that if you do good you will suffer now.

Though gain much more(depending upon HOW MUCH you do!)later. Especially in The Spirit World.(Where we ALL go after we “die”.)


We DON’T die. ONLY the body dies!



What is destroying us. The Devil. Which SO MANY now, work for and so feverishly. Because it pays NOW!!(Though mostly it is for Pan, the horned goat god. The ikon of low physical desires!!)



How much better to take the LONG term view, and gain more LATER!! Right??



That is my argument. More profitable to suffer evil, definitely not do it, NOW. But gain so much more later on AFTER you “die”!!


You with me? You follow??


No! I am fairly confident most would be AGAINST me.

Not wishing to have their spree spoiled!



Don’t get me wrong! I am among the worst. AND HOW!!


I am guilty of THE LOT!!



Not proud of it. A bit ashamed actually.

By weakness, NOT INTENT!!


But it is what we DO that counts, NOT what we INTEND to do!!





It takes strength to resist doing bad and low things.

And many there be who hate you and try to destroy you(and your works) out of sheer ENVY.



But above all because it spikes the sliding down! They don’t like to be criticized.



Nor to have their “fun” spoiled.



Though of course, doing good does not prevent others doing evil. Evil doers only THINK that it does!!


Nor is it REALLY fun to slide downhill!!







Many people think, indulge when alive, because soon dead.

Yes, but the BIG MISTAKE that so many make – is to believe that we are our bodies! And that death, via destroying us, prevents HELL!!


The FACT is, we are SOULS, INSIDE OF bodies! We are NOT the bodies themselves!!(Like going into your car. You don’t then think that the car IS YOU, do you?!)(It(the body)is a VEHICLE!!)

And that ALL that “death” is is the end of the PHYSICAL body. NOT of your soul! THAT goes on. Into The Spirit World!



Where there is a COMPLETE reversal of things!

Once you get there(as soon as you PHYSICALLY die), you will find that good results from good actions occur MUCH faster.

Though evil happens much faster still!!


So though evil doers may wake up in a nice place, you will sink down to your true level!


Done more harm than good(?), then your vibrations are THAT MUCH lowered, and you sink into Hades!


Indulging in low desires LOWERS your vibrations!



The West is getting rid of religion, fast!

But sending all to HELL!!(Because religion is the NECESSARY CRUTCH for SO MANY OF US!!)





Don’t get fooled by the euphoria ON THE WAY!!

Sliding down hill is always pleasant.

It is hitting the bottom that is not!

And getting back up again IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE!!



So folks, I PLEAD with you. DO be sensible!!

Do NOT do harmful things! NOR indulge low desires!!


I, above all, NEED to HEED that advice!


I confess to you all, along with my love of GOD, CHRIST(GOD MANIFEST) and Jesus,and ALL The Heavenly Hosts!! – my appalling GUILT!!



Not by intent, but by WEAKNESS!!


For I have failed FAR WORSE than you all!!

Both at missions,









Vic.(Vic is my web name.)






































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