O11 Sequel to O10 Hybrid race being created,etc.


Tuesday, 27th September, 2,011










Sequel to O10, Hybrid Race.










Correction: CHEMtrails, not contrails!


To kill the crops! Indirectly killing animals, and humans.(Many crops killed between bees dying off and the chemtrails spray!)




Contrails are condensation vapour trails emitted by the air-liners,etc.


CHEMtrails are poison metals laced vapours deliberately sprayed out! Purposes:-(Some of)


1. To create cloud – to reduce the temperature of the sun.


2. To kill crops, to indirectly kill humans and animals, to reduce populations. So some will survive and not all die.


3. To HIDE the sky! Soon Nibiru,etc. will appear. And Phaeton.


This would cause mass panic, even PANDEMONIUM.


4. Also to hide UFO’s and the strange new objects(planets,etc.) in the sky!!






So to delay things, certain power groups have paid agents to do these jobs.




Who has access to most money? The Fed. Central Banks., Banks, Brokers, Mortgage Lenders, Bullion Companies.


And, of course, the big corporations.




Directly and/or indirectly those owning the above could pay agents to do the necessary jobs.






The Twin Towers were demolished to pave way to attack Iraq,too.




Objective in Iraq’s case was oil.


As is case with Libya,now.


And also Yemen.


And to overthrow regimes.




Oil is running out. Who owns the oil, rules the world.


Despite the rise of shale oil!!


When other options run out, U.S. can start WW3. As economic and financial crises lead to recession(double dip), depression and finally war.


Also to counter rise of Political East and rule by RED China, now conjoined to Iran and North Korea.




Russia is on Iran’s side.


So war is inevitable soon.




UNO is useless. Like League of Nations before it.








The rich continue to get richer.


And the poor – poorer.






The world will continue to be THE WORLD!!








It may have been that Annunaki improved Cro-Mags into later homo sapiens.








When you got rid of Bush and installed Obama you gave victory to The Political East!!


Why else would U.S. go in with Russia??!!








Obama is FAR too smart to be a Western!




I think he is only pro West so long as he is supported in power!!




People on Television,etc. are(or make out to be!) deliriously happy.


What a COME DOWN for all these laughing now – when Nibiru is sighted, and when Earth Rotation gets underway!










The stars of the Northern Skies will change places with those of The Southern.


A pity, as I rather like The Southern Skies. Much prettier than those seen from The Northern Hemisphere.






Of course, when Earth inverts.




Sun will rise in West and set in East afterwards, because Earth will spin the other way.








This should cure the bordom of MANY!!












Only The Truth can save us now!!










Pity Wilkie(In Australia politics) of Tasmania is not acting as soon as possible! He could then rid poor Australia of The Selfish Association(Labour – Greens and the two traitor independents!!)









































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