O9 Third time by fire!

Sunday, 25th September, 2,011






“Third time by fire”





God said to Noah, third time I destroy the world, – will be by fire.


Earth’s magnetic field has fallen to zero(fallen low, anyway). It was our only protection against the radiation from the sun! And the plasma balls.

So when sun stirring events occur, like Elenin(now broken up)(perhaps by aliens), we can expect satellites to fail, GPS., electronics, maybe electricity,too; AND get roasted alive!

And this is the LEAST we can expect.(Crops will fail without bees to pollinate. Then the animals. And humans.)



A polar shift is underway. This leads to Earth inversion. What is not known is HOW LONG it will be before things get unbearable.

The sun rounding a spiral arm of the closed cluster of stars it is in – is (in my opinion) what is causing the growing axial tilt. Via centrifugal force(generated by sun going around).

Other factors may be contributing: 1. The line up with The Great Dark Rift at The Centre of our galaxy. 2. The approach of The Nibiru Complex.(This is Planet X and its retinue.)

3. The fact that the sun has physically inverted!(By induction must turn Earth,et al, upside down as well)


The Solar System is one unified whole. So if its CORE(The sun)(which controls via gravity and magnetism,etc.) turns upside down, then ALL of the solar system has to follow suit. After not too long has elapsed.


So with FOUR reasons for The Earth to invert, there is little hope for us!(As Earth Inversion involves enormous tsunami and hurricanes, plus earthquakes and volcanic eruptions,ETC.ETC.)(Every volcano, undersea too, would go up, all out.)


INCLUDED will be a magnetic pole inversion – which reduces our magnetic field to zero, like now, with all that ensues!

That means good bye electricity!

And ALL that is dependent upon it!

Throwing us back at least about 150 years!

However, with solar radiation being able to reach us full blast, little need to bother trying to go back to oil, with its oil lamps,etc!

As little will survive long.

We can expect to be roasted alive.(Third time by fire!)

And it is already un-naturally hot due to rising magma plus heat from Nibiru!


The key factors are how long it takes for The Earth to invert.

So all eyes on Great Rift line up, Nibiru, and Phaeton!


As all must play havoc with The Earth(and all else that is in the solar system).



We have escaped a foretaste from Elenin, because either the sun’s gravity and magnetism,etc. shattered it, or aliens did(or both).



No news on the other comet Garratt.




I think Nibiru is about three years away.(Which is also why I think Peebles is right about our calendar being 3 years too advanced! Fitting also the need for more time to fulfill all the prophecies!) I think about 3 years 4 months off.


Phaeton may be similar.


The Great Rift’s peak influence is 1 year 3 months ahead.



Earth Inversion is about 3 to 5 or 6 months off.



All of this may give us a little time to play with. But not much.



It is GET DOWN NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE or take a 50 50 chance with the aliens! But you will need to be in the best half.



Otherwise(unless VERY tough) hope to die first. If only to the growing HEAT!!(Plus cold, masses of electrons, the red dusts(deadly poisonous and suffocating),etc.



A VERY remote chance of surviving in an icy cave is a bit of a come down from our current technological conditions!



A tiny few may expect that turn out.






Or be one of the chosen ones sent underground by the authorities. Into underground shelters of some kind or another. Or inside mountain/s.


No suicide or euthanasia. On pain of worse in The Spirit World after death!!




And there it is!!






In Australia: We have a growing deadly clash between Gillard and Rudd. Gillard has been given until Christmas to lift her game.

But she still has strong support, and will surely fight tooth and nail to hang on to the power and wealth she SO loves!!



Meanwhile the asylum seeksers(including terrorists) flood in.

Which the locals will oppose.


If Abbott can support Julia long enough(to keep Rudd out long enough)then Coalition can still win the distant election.


Meanwhile Australia suffers.


While Mother Nature sharpens her knives.




I don’t rate our prospects.





And we have the growing economic and financial crisis. With the likelihood of an Italian or Greek default.




So look out, world!!





I am telling you(the tiny few I can reach!) to give you chance to say your prayers, choose your course of action(or inaction), count goats(We elected to worship Devil instead of God. And vote Matter instead of Spirit!!)


Fear makes many bow.


Whereas ENOUGH love would save us!!

Given out, that is!!




Note that I am not much influenced by what others say. Going by my own perceptions.

SOME others happen to agree with me.












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