O10 Hybrid Race being created,etc.


Tuesday, 27th September, 2,011.










Hybrid Race being created! Etc.










A lot of things are happening right now. Which I think you(the people in general) should know about.




2012 sums it up. Allegedly Doom. But is actually the beginning of a New Age.(The start of the next 6,500 year solar quarter cycles (which should follow on Cycle 24 of the sun.)and that of many other cycles, including The next Mayan Long Count cycle. And The Entrance of The Age of Aquarius.(Bringing good.))


The start of new cycles and the ending of old is only one thing. We also have the approach of The Nibiru Complex.(Planet X and retinue.)(Bringing Noah’s Flood and Atlantis like destructions. To life on Planet Earth AND the other inner planets of our solar system.) And also The Planet Phaeton.(Unless it is Planet Homeward(that is the other planet approaching), one of Nibiru’s orbitting satellites.(Actually Nibiru is a planet, four times size of Jupiter, but with six orbitting satellites, themselves inner planet sized! They have moons,etc.)(Phaeton is only slightly smaller than Mars!))




Nature and Man oppose these incoming good changes. Thus creating increasing woes.


UFO activity has been increasing because Nibiru approaches us with its six satellites, one of which is Planet Homeward, home to The Annunaki Aliens, their craft have increasingly less distance to travel to reach us!!






In Genesis 1.26, Holy Bible, it says “Let us create Man in our image.”.


Christians interpret this as meaning GOD, and perhaps The Word. I don’t know.




Evidently it actually refers to The Annunaki aliens. When they altered the genes of the predecessors of Homo Sapiens to create a race able to mine gold for them(To inject gold particles into their atmosphere – so to increase light and heat from sun which they get far from on their very long elliptical orbit around the sun.)




Maybe THAT is why gold is so important to us. Rather than the fact that it is a pretty metal. The Annunaki conditioned us(perhaps)!





What I find very disturbing is that they are creating a Hybrid Race. Via joining Annunaki with Homo Sapiens!

Is THIS why they are abducting us? 4% of all humans have now been abducted!


Also to study us biologically. And perhaps extract our genes.(Theirs are failing, and they will die.)


They are extracting human sperm and implanting in their women.


Also implanting hybrid foeutuses into our women!




This is happening with SOME. I don’t know how many.






Remember that they WIPE our memories of the abductions!






But recoverable sometimes via hypnosis. Regression therapy.










My purpose is not to scare you. But to try to alert you as to some of the things going on.

I do not expect to be around very much longer. I am very old, and tiring. Want to sleep all the time!


So I expect to pop off soon.




Take over from me will you!!




I have tried reasonably hard to inform others. But am meeting IMMENSE resistance and opposition!




The negative forces ruling this planet DO NOT WANT THE PEOPLE TO KNOW!!


Called The Devil,etc. By The Christians.







Noticed The Chemtrails(They are not contrails!!) in the sky?(They are laden with deadly metals. Barium is one.)


These are being pumped out of special aircraft over Western Countries, at least.




Now Earth’s population is about SIX times too large. So are these harmful metals(in the contrails) being dropped to kill many off slowly and surreptitiously?




There is also Haarp,etc.






U.S. and Russia are actually fighting the UFO’s. Up in Space. Which is IDIOCY. We could not possibly win. They simply respond on a tit for tat basis.(To punish us. But NOT to start a war! They want us ALIVE!! For experiments, biological,etc. To mine gold for them. And to cross breed with them!)(And perhaps to extract our genes. As theirs are failing!)





Now there are those in Humanity who seem bent upon destroying us.



The Hadron Particle Accelerator for example. Which is CREATING hundreds of mini black holes EVERY DAY!(Usually they shrink and die. What if some don’t??!!) This is IDIOCY!! STOP THEM!!


A NEW bigger and better Particle Accelerator is now being built, or already has been.






Aids was created via The Polio Vaccine given out in Africa. Killing 9 million.




There are a number of AWFUL things like these going on.








Apparently The Twin Towers was an inside job! Done by SOME U.S. parties working with some Arabs.(Collusion.) Demolitions, including of Building Seven, done by specially placed explosives at the bases. To produce internal demolition jobs! Aided by chemicals.(Owner of one twin tower got paid out a vast sum(billions) in insurance BEFORE the event! Read more details via browser on Internet!! Search for key words!)




It seems done to have been done as an excuse to invade Afghanistan.(Nexus and New Dawn magazines also rich in information.)






Why did Obama allow Russia to gain nuclear supremacy?!


Why did West bow to Russia, via Poland,etc??!!




Expect U.S. to attack Iran.(Or vice versa!!)




Russia is able to control the weather!




And of course Haarp can create earthquakes,etc. where-ever, WHENEVER!!






We are being increasingly RULED negatively by hidden higher powers(The Illuminati,etc?)!




Men of Planet Earth, we NEED to stop this via SPIRITUAL action! Prayer,etc.








Our population does need reducing – to avoid losing the lot.


Need to reduce traffic too.






If you punch in on your browsers the key words involved here, you should learn much detail.










We are also heading for a HOT PATCH in space.


And solar plasma balls are possible.










Earth’s Magnetic Field is FALLING. It is not zero, or even very low!!






I do NOT rate our future.








I urge you to go to (browse) “Metaphysical Sciences University”, and also “Godlike Productions Forum”(Though if you can get IN, please tell me HOW!),too – to learn much on this subject. If you are interested. And 2012 is so very important to us all now!

Although it looks like CHIPS,


the bottom line is the jump of Earth and its creatures to a higher level of vibration and energy.


Physical death is only of our outer vehicle(body).


This is a 3d SHELL which we shed.




The important thing is to evolve!


Personally, spiritually!


We should simply find ourselves in The Spirit World. Head straight for the White Light!(We have SEVEN vehicles on within the other 5d AND 3d!) The shedding of the seventh is a regular BENEFICIAL action! Like with LOBSTERS,etc. shedding THEIR shells!!


And POSSIBLY, if only at our next physical birth, on a planet going around ANOTHER STAR!!








They are IMMINENT!!




Two gigantic dire events: 1. The Inversion of The Earth(PHYSICAL and GEOGRAPHIC!!). Via Polar Shift.(It IS already on! But should be another 3 months before it does its 27 hour spin around.(Which should FLATTEN the entire surface,…))






We are looking at a gradual worsening of events getting unbearable by about Christmas!






2, The SUDDEN appearance of Nibiru in our skies!


With its retinue. Plus debris and dust,etc…










3. Expect a HAIL of Debris from the sky. Boulders,etc.










4. And of course the increasingly FRANTIC efforts of ALL CREATURES to survive!!






5. The most grotesque changes will also occur.




6. Plus incoming spiritual exhilarations!




7. The mass landing of The Annunaki aliens.




8. The desperate attempts by The Authorities to keep law and order!!


9. Stock up??!! And/or Grow your own.(For it to be forcibly stolen??)




10. Yes, it almost certainly IS TRUE!!












My job is to INFORM you.




With the aim of the best specimens escaping down THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE!!(Asap!)






Wear my SPECIAL Faraday Caged Helmets.(To keep OUT The Masses of Electrons, the deadly red dusts, and also Hydrogen Cyanide!!!!)










Spread the knowledge!












People can get used to an early panic! And settle down.




Rather than THE PEOPLE SUDDENLY confront Earth Inversion, Nibiru, Annunaki aliens, AND ALL THE REST OF IT!!!! And have a PANDEMONIUM when it is TOO LATE!!!!


I am saying “Surely better a little panic NOW(When we can do something about it!(Like get down pole! Wear my special helmets.), rather than suffer PANDEMONIUM later – when it will be TOO LATE!!”)




Don’t you think?


So inform ALL!! Asap.















Wala, wala, wala,….WALA!!!!


















As the wit said: “Death is not so bad!”.


Easier expected??

































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