O1 Events to come!


Thursday, 15th September, 2,011.
















Events to come!!












1.As our Polar Shift progresses(Increasing to a FULL INVERSION OF EARTH within months), Comet Elenin, – The Blue Kachina. To appear.(It is already in TELESCOPIC view.)


2. Then SUDDENLY comes The Red Kachina. NIBIRU!!!! Like a great RED DRAGON, appears in the sky.(NIBIRU,too, is in telescopic view. It has at least six satellites(planet sized!) orbitting it.)


One of Nibiru’s satellites circles our sun RIGHT NOW!!




And one now orbits The Earth!! Yes.


3. Mass landing by humanoid Annunaki aliens.(They who genetically modified us.)(Bearded giants.)(Who fancy our women.) The arrival of The Heavenly Hosts. Led by CHRIST!! CHRIST is the SPIRIT of God. I expect JESUS, personally!! Who will not look like Da Vinci’s corpse!!(He photographed a strange corpse, not Jesus!)(When he made fake Turin Shroud!)(Got well paid for it.)(Original shroud long since lost.)


4. EVACUATION(to other planets) of the most worthy.


5. The wiping out of all life on Planet Earth, or almost. By super duper colossal cataclysms, one after the other!!


6. The start of The Next Ice Age.


7. A new Adam and Eve.


8. The re-rise of Mankind back up through The Stone Age,etc.








Be READY for these events!!


Elenin to appear soon, any time from about 25th September, 2,011.




We enter the magnetic influence of Monster Nibiru TODAY. September 15th, 2,011.(Planet Phaeton’s core can be seen silhouetted against sun. A growing spot. Nibiru was visible looking like a second sun. But now I THINK gone BEHIND sun. And will soon SUDDENLY APPEAR – looking like a huge red fire spitting red moon dragon SERPENT!!








PREPARE, folks.













Are you able to view my videos all right??

These are being sent from me occasionally to fill you in on details of WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!!










POSSIBLY the end of Planet Earth!!








Friend, Vic. Advising you!












IMMEDIATELY!!(You CAN sail down into a SAFER temperate land down there!! Which is NOT underground!!(Going underground is too dangerous!!))




Yes. We SHOULD stock up WITH ESSENTIALS. But the wicked will soon SNIFF OUT, and STEAL!!


The riots of late SHOW US what THEY are capable of!!




Authorities carefully keeping us in dark as long as possible.(To avoid mass panic. And to KEEP CONTROL of us!!)




And may be FOR BEST!!






However. I am informing you.


Because I know VERY WELL what is happening.


Wish you all to suffer to minimum.


December 21st, 2,012.A.D. is the end of The Mayan Calendar.


The DIRE events began September 1st, 2,010.(Apparently the lining up of “Comet” Elenin with Earth, Sun,etc. is THE KEY. Causing Earthquakes,etc. Now if little Elenin does this, WHAT is MONSTER NIBIRU going to do??!! (Four times size of Jupiter. It is 47,000 MILES wide!!! Nearly six times diameter of The Earth!!)(It will FLATTEN The ENTIRE SURFACE of The Earth!!)




And GET INTO STRIDE WITH THE ARRIVAL OF COMET ELENIN. Which is not a comet. More likely a gigantic UFO.(Carrying hordes of The Annunaki humanoid aliens and some little greys.(U.S. is fighting them up in Space! Hopeless task. And most utterly STUPID!!))(Coming to EVACUATE(to other planets) THE WORTHY!!)




Yes, you read me right!








The Annunaki giant bearded aliens are they who genetically modified us. Created us to mine gold for them. About 13,000 years ago, I think it was. Long living. Called in The Holy Bible – The Nephelim(Genesis.). They were on The Earth in those days…




Fleets of them in A GREAT ARMADA are NOW over our heads!










They will land soon. EN MASSE!!








We have been told about UFO’s and aliens, and cows,etc. and human alien abductions for DECADES now. And many have laughed.


Soon, Earthmen, your laughter STOP, yes??!!


GET the act together, chaps.


Me, friend Noah 2, TRYING to get you ready!!






Meanwhile, especially on Australian TV Channel 7, they laugh on and ON!!




Humans have NO idea as to what is coming upon us!






I TRY constantly and FRANTICALLY to tell you.


But I am thought idiot by so many!!








We shall SOON see who most foolish ones are!!








Simplest way to look at this – is to see Planet X, The Tenth Planet, NIBIRU, as the cause of our Polar Shift.(Though I do not think that it is. I think cause is our sun rounding spiral arm of the group of STARS(sic) that it is upon.)(Line up with The Great Dark Rift at Centre of our galaxy IS The Great KEY!!)


Lots of things happening simultaneously now.




A NUMBER of huge objects approaching us. PLANETS!!












It is The Gravity and Magnetic Tides FROM these objects that is the danger.




So the creators of THE CATTLE(US!!) are coming to evacuate THE WORTHY!!








This is only the beginning of woes and sorrows, and will get into stride over the next few months. By about THIS Christmas-New Year time. Certainly by March, 2,012. March 5th, I think it is.


But watch for Saint Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2,012!!


Either Phaeton’s core or Nibiru due that day.


We shall ALL see Monster Planet Nibiru(Planet X) VERY SOON!!


Scaring some LITERALLY to death!!






Will look like huge red second moon in sky. APPEARING SUDDENLY.






Disbelievers and mockers continue to laugh on. BUT NOT FOR LONG!!










I advise.








THIS is the day that JESUS warned us about.(In The Holy Bible!!)












Judgement Day, if you like!!








Men disbelieve what they do not like.


Believe what is TRUE. Not what you like or dislike!!


I have good picture.


Believe me!!








Death not the end, you see.


Great question is: WHERE will we go AFTER we pass into The Spirit World!!(We spend an average 50 years in The Spirit World. And then re-incarnate. Alternating male and female. On and on, for EVER, like this.)






THAT(where we go) is the question!!










Even JESUS perspired BLOOD, mind!






HE KNOWS what is at stake for us all.




What matters is not our bodies, but our SOULS!!




What matters is not whether we go to church,etc. or not. But are we striving to be SPIRITUAL??!!






Do we CARE?


Do we LOVE?


ALL other life forms!


















True best COIN is LOVE, not money!!






PREPARE to meet The Makers, fellahs!!








WHO can STAND in that LAST DAY?? ??








Death is NOT the end!


We shall live FOR EVER!!


And already HAVE!!




But WHERE shall we GO?? ??








THAT depends upon our behaviour.


And whether we work for GOD, – or the other fellow!!




Are we trying to construct, to build UP. Or are we trying to DRAG DOWN?? To DESTROY!!!!




How many TRULY acknowledge Jesus?




We have all fallen a bit short.


I know I have.


But REPENTANCE can take care of THAT.












All the VERY best,






How many of you STILL think it is all rubbish?? ??
















When you see BLUE ELENIN. Halo.


And THEN RED NIBIRU, you will KNOW WHO has been speaking rubbish!!


























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