O.12. Canary Islands earthtremors ominous.


Friday, 30th September, 2,011.










Canary Islands earthtremors ominous.










Increasing number of earth tremors in Canary Islands suggest major earthquake possibly imminent. Which MAY produce a landslide that could trigger a massive tsunami. Of 330 feet high.


SOMETHING big and nasty is happening, and worsening. I know a polar shift is on. Which I claim is due to the sun going around a spiral arm of the group of stars it is in. However, The Nibiru(Planet X) Complex has recently come over the top of the sun, and its gravity-magnetic influence is now no longer blocked by the sun.


THIS could be the cause of the recent upsurge in solar activity and The Canary Islands’ earthtremors increase.


We also need to note that as the sun rounds the spiral arm that the thickening(as we proceed deeper in) torrent of masses of electrons is affecting the brains of humans and animals more and more.




I venture that these masses of electrons is behind the growing turmoil socially,etc.


It is driving humans and animals more and more bad and mad. They are becoming increasingly disturbed.




Possibly is aggravating the economic and financial crises.




U.S. and EU are in a parlous state.




As The Polar Shift speeds up – due to the sun proceeding around its spiral arm, AND the density of the masses of electrons gets thicker as we accompany the sun around, there has to be an increase in both brain disturbances and seismic activity.


The cause is DEFINITELY not carbon dioxide! Ex Nature and Man.(That is LUDICROUSLY negligible.)


The amount of CO2,etc. coming out of the industrial stacks,etc. is FAR less than that coming out of volcanoes(many more undersea!),etc. (Methane is far more harmful.)(Besides, carbon dioxide is plant food, and the plants could stand a four fold increase of CO2 without harm, and flourish luxuriantly.)


We need to keep in mind that a scam is being deliberately promoted. To make more money and ratings,etc. for those taking up Mrs Thatcher’s bonus offer.


Global warming precedes, not follows carbon dioxide rise.(And by 800 years.)(The sea meanwhile retaining most of the CO2.)(Global warmings are cyclic in nature. And have no connection with the EXTREMELY puny contributions by Nature and Man.)


G.W. ended some years back.


We have Global Cooling now.






Graphs are being distorted. And the polar ice melt is being exaggerated.


Anything to promote the scam!


A Convenient Lie initiated by Al Gore.




The gullibility and ignorance of the masses is being wilfully played upon.








In Australia Kevin Rudd is poised to unseat Julia Gillard. It is the obvious Labour move. Jockey him into a better position and arrange a change in leadership. Same as they unseated Rudd – and replaced him with Julia!








Australia is in an unbreakable deadlock at a very dangerous time.


It MAY be that a Rudd take-back is the best solution for Australia.(But with Labor policies!)(Which are so foolish.)


Increasingly in the grip of Gillard’s bad policies.


The need is to get rid of Labor! AND The Greens. As Bob Brown is a bigger threat than Gillard.


Meanwhile The Asylum Seekers flood in.






Australia has a Labor Government controlled by Hawke and company, and the trade unions. Backed by a mob that sees the opposite of the truth constantly!!




Humanoid aliens are poised to take us over at any time.




People hope that I am wrong. But I think that you will find my views very near to the truth!!






Unfortunately propaganda rules, not truth.


We are told what SUITS the rulers, not the people.


In any case too many among the people do not know what is best for them.






Meanwhile the world staggers ever closer to economic and financial collapse.






Gold and Silver are being deliberately suppressed by J.P.Morgan,etc.(To protect a U.S. dollar that can only fail. Because of debt, deficit and by policies at best dubious.)






The U.S. dollar cannot stay up. It is only up currently relative to the fallen Euro.






Nor can The Euro survive long.






So it is a race for Gold, Silver, Chinese Yuan and Swiss Franc.






Gold and Silver should come back. The question is: When??




China is up against it.




Chinese Yuan is currently tied to U.S. dollar though.




And Swiss Franc is high but feeble.






Things go down. Are uncertain. Dangerous. And unpredictable.






Too many people upon the planet. Too much traffic on the roads. Things are getting too complicated. We have things back to front and upside down.








Volatility rules.




And we edge closer to World War Three.






The outlook is grim. At the best evaluation.




We are in big BIG trouble.








And with no end in sight. Little hope of improvement.






We should spend, so we save.


The banks,etc. rule. Feds leading.


As they fleece the public.




Through inflation,etc.


I don’t know. I can only speak as I see. And how hard to see.


Big picture being lost sight of.


Being deliberately obscured!!



































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