N7 What is wrong with the sun?


Wednesday, 7th September, 2,011.










What is wrong with the sun?




I will tell you!!








1. About thirty years back I discovered that we(Sol, our sun) is in a closed group of stars!


I then reasoned that the solar system is ROUNDING the spiral arm(our closed stellar cluster has spiral arms just like a miniature spiral galaxy!), which it does every 6,500 years(quarter solar cycles), which resulted in CENTRIFUGAL FORCE.(Of course.)


Now this centrifugal force will naturally throw the material in the sun(and in every other object in the solar system, Earth included)(Hurling the magma hard against the tectonic plates CAUSING OUR INCREASING DISASTERS!!) TO THE SIDES.


Producing increasing solar activity for a while, and then (when the material has GONE to the sides), there will naturally be a sudden END to the increasing solar activity!


Resulting in a Maunder Minimum, fewer and no sun spots,etc.




THIS is why the sun is behaving strangely!




And also why soon it will just black out altogether(for a few days)!






2. There is ANOTHER reason for the strange sun of late:-




Polar Shift! On Earth. But on the sun,too!!


The(same) centrifugal force(mentioned in 1. earlier) is forcing the sun OVER.


This is causing some odd effects!!








Will you guys who study the sun PLEASE take these two factors into consideration!!






CENTRIFUGAL FORCE, born of the sun rounding the spiral arm of the group of STARS it is upon, is sending the sun’s innards TO THE SIDES, AND also forcing the sun’s north pole OVER!!(Like as is happening on Earth, etc. From the same reason!!)










We are experiencing the START of a Polar Shift!!(Earth AND SUN,etcs!!)


The Earth is going to INVERT PHYSICALLY!!


















Correction: Southern Cross(I said Pointers, MEANING where Pointers pointed.) if in Southern Hemisphere, Polaris if in Northern.


Where true south and north are.





























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