N5 The Earth is inverting.


Sunday, 4th September, 2,011.









Five catclysmic threats








Starting VERY slowly. But speeding up all the time!!


It will go on AND ON, until the poles have reversed ends!! Possibly just(Earth) falling on side.


The SUN has already inverted!!




12.5 degrees SO FAR. Possibly 20. Going 180 degrees altogether.






There are five gigantic events now occuring that may produce super duper cataclysmic threats, as follows:-





1. There is The Northern Winter Solstice alignment(On 21.12.2,012.) of Earth, Sun and Centre of Galaxy.(With The Dark Rift at the galactic centre.)


This may – or may not – be the basic factor! Gravity itself would be MINUTE at that distance(many thousands of light years). But! the alignment could trigger a SUPER HYPER FORCE(Perhaps I’m wrong about that.) Which would explain the Oort Cloud, Kuiper asteroid belts. Where, I suspect other colossal giants(besides Nibiru, Planet X) have evidently been hit by some STUPENDOUS FORCE. Destroying super planets Oort and Kuiper, and knocking Nibiru onto a VERY irregular orbit. A wild hunch, or perhaps true.


I incline to think that some ENORMOUS FORCE exploded super planets Oort and Kuiper, creating The Oort Cloud and The Kuiper Belt. AND also hitting Nibiru, sending it off course.


Planets normally circle their stars at the same standard distance. But Nibiru has a VERY elongated orbit. I think something hit it.(Similarly with Oort and Kuiper planets.)(Just leaving asteroids and comets,etc.behind.)


I believe that Nibiru, in turn, may have been responsible for causing the surface of Phaeton(It orbitted our sun between Mars and Jupiter.) to blow off, leaving the asteroid belt behind.


Nibiru, sent on a retrograde orbit, may have dragged Neptune back from Pluto/Charon, and sent Uranus and Venus rotating backwards,too.




I don’t know.




But SOMETHING seems to have done those things!!


Something that works its way inward from the outermost planet(Oort)(As was.)




A bad guess PERHAPS.






2. There is Nibiru, now closing in on us.


3. There is Phaeton, also closing in on us.


(Elenin and Garratt are comets.)




4. There is the fact of our sun rounding the spiral arm of the group of stars that we are in.








5. And there is the end of The Mayan Long Count Calendar.(21.12.2,012.)


Not ITSELF the cause of any disaster.








Number 5 is an event, not a threat.


But 1,2,3 and 4 are stupendous disasters.(Though 1.(Rift) might not be.)






So I must amend my statement to 3 super-duper cataclysms are imminent. A fourth is possible(1, Rift.).




Each one of these tremendous disasters could wipe out much of surface life.


With the three, possibly four, all occurring VERY close together(all in the space of a few years), VERY little life forms will survive.


The Earth’s surface will be FLATTENED, humans, animals, structures, plants,etc.






I know it all sounds crazy. But after ten years of close scrutiny I think I have quite a good picture of what is happening now.


It is very complex and confusing.


Involving multiple factors.




Every 6,500 years, our sun rounds the spiral arm.


Every 3,600 years The Nibiru Complex completes its orbit around our sun.


Every 5,125 years, a Mayan Long Count Calendar cycle ends.




Every 26,000,000 years we get a straight line-up(At Northern Winter Solstice.) of Earth, Sun and The Great Rift at The Galactic(Our Milky-Way) Centre.


Also occurring now is the end of The Age of Pisces.




And there is at least one other iomportant cycle also terminating 21.12.2,012.A.D.








What is notable about THE EVENT – is that ALL of these cycles terminate TOGETHER!!(Which they do every 26,000,000 years.)







Happening RIGHT NOW is The Polar Shift. The change in The Axial Tilt. Which usually leads to a PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHICAL INVERSION (And Rock-Back.) of The Earth.(Or sometimes a falling on its side.) And TWO gigantic Crustal Displacements!!



Basically, The Earth is turning upside down. We are currently about 12.5 degrees into the 180 degree turn. Maybe we are 20 degrees in.



This appears to be fairly certain. It has been expected, and is NOW, RIGHT NOW, occurring.


I know that most people think this is rubbish.






However, certain things are happening world-wide which indicate too probably that The Earth is INDEED inverting. And RIGHT NOW.




Can you FEEL it? Later on, you won’t be able to help feeling it!




CHECK the positions of the stars(in general, and individual ones!). Obviously if The Earth’s axis changes, then the positions of the stars in general, as well as individually, are GOING TO CHANGE!!




I expect The Southern Hemisphere to lose its Southern Sky, and see instead The Northern Sky! Vice Versa for The Northern Hemisphere.






Have you noticed some stars you know vanishing? And strange ones appear??


That is what to look for!


Look also for the sun rising and setting further along! And keeping on doing this!! Rightwards I think. Eastwards, isn’t it.




Many animals depend upon the magnetic pole to navigate by. With this now going out of joint, naturally some animals are getting dis-orientated. Fish,too. As dead zones proliferate all over the globe!(No fish. Not fished out! Just getting lost and dying. Whales and dolphins for instance!!)


Birds, bees.(Bees unable to find their way back to the hive!)(And much life DEPENDS upon bees pollinating! An increasing number have been failing to make it back lately! See why, now??!!




Birds dropping from the sky. Dis-orientated and exhausted(unable to find their way home,etc!)








Study the sun and the moon. Do they look different??




Centrifugal force is sending the tilt angle of The Earth out of joint. This results in a changed angle of view to all other objects!!


Remember,too, that ALL other objects in the solar system are ALSO having their tilt angles changed!!


So the two facts TOGETHER must produce some wierd effects!!










People may think that they are going MAD.




I am just letting you know what I think is the reason.




Some fishermen in Greenland(The Inuiti?) have found anomalies in wind direction and where the sun sets(and rises). Snow drifts are lining up differently.




Now either the sun has changed its position, or The Earth has!!


What I don’t understand is if The Earth’s axis has changed its angle, why is the wind’s direction changed?!


Surely all relative vectors remain the same!!??




Of course if the land’s angles have changed, then the ATMOSPHERE will lag behind! Thus producing at least a temporary change in the direction of the wind!(Which should normalize later.)




Keep calm, everyone. Try not to panic. No MATTER WHAT!!

The Earth is going to turn UPSIDE DOWN!!




I said to expect 27 hours of darkness. No, it is 3 days of darkness!!(The 27 hours refers to the time it takes for The Earth to invert ONCE IT REALLY GETS GOING!!)


The Earth will stop rotating!!(Hence a 3 day night.)


Unbelievable, isn’t it!




People are going to go MAD with terror.






Our ONLY hope is for as many people as possible to be informed of what I am telling YOU!!


And to help ME organize an EXODUS – at least of the best specimens of everything DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE!!




It is not a case of not liking what we get. But of trying to find a way out of it!


I have told you that way. DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE!!






You can soon check whether Earth’s axial tilt changing or not!


Check which stars are visible near horizon. Where sun rises and sets.


And study that MOON closely!!


Also wind directions, of course!!








So there you have it.


I keep on, in the hope that you will take action, spread the news. Concentrate on informing as many OTHERS as possible. By sending them copies of my articles to you!


If we fail, ALL life upon this planet COULD PERISH!!








THINK about it, will you??!!








You needn’t take MY word for it!


Just study the relevant VIDEOS!!


And check my proof and confirmation of 2,012. in my L7 article!!




Also study the “Niribu” and “Second Sun” videos!!








Be among the FIRST to KNOW that The Earth is inverting! Etc.




And WHY this is so!!












All the best.


























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