N4a World situation 3.09.11.


Saturday, 3rd September, 2,011.










World situation, 3.09.11.




More on Comet Elinin and Nibiru. And other topics.






Nibiru orbits the sun at a distance from it of about 650 A.U.


I understand it is about size of Saturn. May be four Earth sizes. Reports differ. But it is big. Almost Earth size, or bigger.





VERYimportant news flash:-

Now PLEASE read this VERY carefully:-






It began to tilt in earnest some time back. This is changing how we see everything. EVERYTHING!!


The sun rose two days early in Western Greenland. The moon, AND the sun HAVE CHANGED THEIR APPEARANCES!!




An axial tilt of about 12.5 degrees. Perhaps more. I believe this tilt will go on and on, getting faster AND FASTER. Until The Earth PHYSICALLY turns upside-down!!


Maybe why animals dying.(Lost magnetic compass navigation.)


It means our weathers will now CHANGE. Change to where-ever face of entire Earth has changed to!


Get a globe of The Earth, and turn it so Greenland moves S.S.E about 12.5 degrees. The WHOLE Earth will move around of course. That way you will know what new climate we are now in!(Where-ever you live.)(Sun recently physically inverted!!)




Brisbane should now be up where Papua New Guinea is.(But remember process should continue!!)






The sun is setting(et al!!) 12.5 degrees to the right!




The big navigation guidance system will work all right because self adjusting! It just corrects to the new figures!




This may explain U.S. heat wave, as U.S. has moved S.S.E 12.5 degrees.






Listen to what I am saying now!








The Prime Minister of Australia MAY have to go. A Labour leadership change could occur at any time.

Quite a dilemma!


If she hangs on, Labor will probably lose next election.



she gets pushed out, and replaced, then The Two Independents may not support Labor. Agreement not made with Labor, but with P.M!!


And a new election be called!


PROBABLY they will continue to support Labor.




So perhaps Labor will stay with current P.M. until near election time, and then suddenly switch to Rudd, or someone else.




Either way, barring big error/s by Coalition, Labor likely to lose next election.








I understand the coming disasters may not be so bad as first feared!


BECAUSE of the growing axial tilt!






So if everything looks increasingly different, you should now undersand WHY.(Study moon. And the stars IN GENERAL!!)



It is due to our sun rounding the spiral arm of the group of stars it is upon!

This circling is producing Centrifugal Force in the solar system, including on Earth.




This force is what is causing THE AXIAL TILT!!


Causing The Polar Shift.






When driving a vehicle, and you change vector suddenly, you will feel yourself trying to continue upon old route! Right?


So it is with The Earth!!


This is happening with the ENTIRE SOLAR-SYSTEM. Including The Earth.


We are going around a great roundabout in Space! Consequently, the angle of The Earth(ITS AXIAL TILT) is being FORCED over!


Thus producing a Polar SHIFT!!




So all the stars will seem to have moved!




I REPEAT: Expect this to go on until The Earth is INVERTED!!




The poles should change ends. AS this happens some dire weather can be expected.(You name it!!) This is one of THE FOUR SUPER DUPER CATACLYSMS I mentioned!!




You with it? Understand??






Oh, it’s true ALL RIGHT!!!!










AND prepare to meet The Makers!!(The Annunaki Humanoid ALIENS!!)(The modifiers of our genes!!)






As FLEETS of UFO’s are following Nibiru up to us!!(Nibiru is will carve its way upwards from under the sun!)


I give it 3 years. And about 5 months. POSSIBLY 4 years and 5 months, about.




ONLY 5 months IF Peebles is wrong!








Watch the date of May 20th, 2,012.






I have to tell you, in the hope that you will get an EXODUS down The North Geographical Pole organized!


And don’t forget to wear my special helmets!!












Thank you for listening, IF you did.



Just be READY!!




This ain’t no joke!!




Nor am I much, if at all, OUT!!!!






Keep your eyes on Elenin!!




All the best,










Call me Noah if you like,…






































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