N3a The Great Galactic Rift.


Friday, 2nd September, 2,011.










The Great Galactic Rift.


Explaining what is happening!!






As Comet Elenin approaches. Now telescopically visible. (SEEN)Towards Orion, I THINK. A number of comets up there, but two are approaching, Elenin and Garratta.(Comet Elenin is orbitting The Nibiru Complex. That is that planet way out beyond Neptune and Pluto-Charon(THIS Planet X(Now Planet 1X is what is causing the pertubations that have long puzzled astronomers. Pluto-Charon was not enough to account for it. But Nibiru certainly is!(At nearly four Jupiter sizes!)(THIS is the planet The Sumerians depicted 6,000 years ago.(Re:The late Zecheria Sitchin.) AND which has been shown to us by aliens in their crop circles!!)


What is happening is that a once in 26,000,000 years event is ABOUT TO OCCUR.(Has BEGUN!!) Called THE EVENT. Because Earth, Sun and The Centre of our Milky Way Galaxy all line up in a straight line on The Northern Winter Solstice, December 22nd, 2,012.A.D.




The effect of this is to maximize influences coming up from the centre of the galaxy, especially the gravitic!(Gravity)


The influence of gravity AND magnetism from the massive white hole(sic) at galactic centre is to cause all cycles affecting our solar system,etc. to come to an end on December 21st, 2,012. AND to cause a GRAND CONFLUENCE of orbitting planets Nibiru and Phaeton. ON TOP OF THE SUN ROUNDING the spiral arm of the group of stars it is in. PLUS the start of The Age of Aquarius on 22nd December, 2,012. When benign astrological influences take over from the dubious ones of Pisces! As well as the end of The Long Count in The Mayan Calendar.




So what we have happening is Solar Planet NIBIRU(looking like a second sun, and soon – a second moon(to appear SUDDENLY and close up about TEN MOON DIAMETERS in seen size within the next year(plus 3 years if Peebles is right about Gregorian Calendar being 3 years too advanced(which FITS the estimated time of arrival of 3 years or so!), but red, ugly,very hot and looking like a red dragon or serpent, with its SIX orbitting satellites(as big as solar inner planets), AND Planet Phaeton’s core – rounding our sun, and(because Earth is near to sun) whizzing by Earth, destroying nearly all life forms and structures, via gravity and magnetic tides. As happens every 3,600 years ALONG with the OTHER(coming every 6,500 years) super duper cataclysm which hits right on top of(within a few years) the FIRST super duper cataclysm. ALL on top of the gravity and magnetic tides from The Great Rift from the centre of our galaxy(which is the BASIC super-duper cataclysm influence!), PLUS the end of The Mayan Long Count Calendar super-duper cataclysm(FOUR of them, all told, all hitting our region ONE AFTER THE OTHER, ending up with first an ice ERA, and finally an ICE AGE and an AWFUL and LONG DROUGHT!!(Caused by cold heavy fresh water ice melt from North America pushing The Gulf Stream down!! Stopping it.)


Such a CONFLUENCE of astronomical events occurs once every 26 MILLION years. Called THE EVENT. For which many now alive got born PURPOSELY to experience!!



We are CURRENTLY just ENTERING the FIRST of the FOUR super duper CATACLYSMS. Entry date was September 1st, 2,010. We had Alaskan(And or was it Haitian?), Chilean, New Zealand and Japanese earthquakes, amongst numerous other dire events, – if you will recall.

These FOUR massive disasters occur one after the other over the next few years.


Comet Ele-nin(numerological significances,too) is the harbinger of the 3,600 year catastrophe(along with Comet Garratta). Comet Elenin goes around the outside of The Nibiru Complex. So once Elenin arrives(The Hopi Indian’s BLUE Kachina)(Apparently when it gets closest to us, it will extend a blue halo from horizon to horizon!)(Harbinger of The Red Kachina of The Hopi Indians which is nearly four times Jupiter’s size – and will appear in daylight, as a huge red ugly hot fire spurting red dragon moon, SUDDENLY just before it causes the Earth to PHYSICALLY invert. And TWO enormous crustal displacements to occur. The Earth will stand still for 27 hours. The Sun goes black. And The Moon turns red(like blood, in colour). (Revelation the last book in The Bible of Christendom describes in archaic terms what happens. Which is what happens EVERY time that Wormwood(Nibiru)(The Destroyer)comes around.


So, you see, THE EVENT now unfolding is not just ONE super duper cataclysm, but a group of FOUR of them, bang,bang,bang, BANG!!!! Each one an Atlantis destroying job!!!!(Hitting entire Earth and other planets.)(As The Earth inverts, we will get tsunami of over THREE MILES high, as the oceans slosh across the continents.) And each one spread over a few years. The Central Event influence ITSELF occurs on December 21st, 2,012.A.D.)






As The Great Rift from The Galactic Centre increases its impact, we are getting all these growing bad, strange, mad and mysterious events occurring increasingly.(Spirits will appear later, as well as UFO’s and aliens, plus oddities like floating off the ground.)






If you will visualize Planet Nibiru, with six orbitting satellites, and then a SEVENTH(and eighth), as comets Elenin and maybe Garretta orbit Nibiru in the seventh and eighth rings(Right on the outside.). You may then understand why Elenin appears shortly before Nibiru.(5 months before. 3 years and 5 months, I hope!)








The Great Rift has caused Planet Phaeton(a solar planet that had its surface blown off)to join the party of objects NOW rounding our sun. They are all solar objects. All within our solar system. Plus many asteroids, comets, meteors,etc..(Being dragged down from the asteroid belts.)(Much of this stuff will pound The Earth.)(Along with deadly gases and poisonous dusts.)(Comet Elenin contains hydrogen cyanide. And we shall pass through its tail!)(Planet core Phaeton has a lot of deadly suffocating red dust. We are NOW entering ITS tail.)as well as ufo’s.






All this is fatal, of course. But I am not telling you these things to scare you, but

TO TAKE ACTION PRONTO!! And TRY to organize boats, preferably CRUISE SHIPS preceded by ICE BREAKERS to flee down The HUGE TUBULAR ENTRANCE, near The North Geographical Pole, to The Great WITHIN. Where, beneath The Earth’s 800 plus mile thick DOUBLE CRUST, we shall be SAFER than upon the outer surface!!(Underground and inside mountains is too dangerous, I say.)

Another nasty is The masses of electrons near to the spiral arm of the group of stars we are in, which our sun is now rounding.(The so called second sun is The Planet Nibiru(The Destroyer)(On its passings.)(It will also look like a second MOON, SOON.)






Centrifugal Force is being produced by our sun as it rounds the spiral arm. And it is THIS Centrifugal Force that is causing the MAGMA below to rise up, increasing the heat rising up through lava, rock and sea – and into our atmosphere!


This, together with the heat from Nibiru, (No! It is not that scam Carbon Dioxide!) – is what is causing the increasing HEAT.






Deadly radiations shall hit us from the sun,too. Some may be caused by Comet Elenin. Via ex its electric capacitator,via its hydrogen cyanide, creating an inter-play, most probable, at least possible, each time IT, the sun and The Earth line up!!




If our electricity and satellites go down, we SHALL be in a mess. And get thrown back IMMEDIATELY about 150 to 200 years. But that is only the beginning of woes!!




So, folks, help me organize an EXODUS down The North Geographical Pole!! PLEASE!!(The alternative IS

WIPE OUT of us ALL(all life forms on Earth,etc.))




And DESIGN AND MASS PRODUCE my SPECIAL FARADAY CAGED HELMETS.(To keep out the masses of electrons, AND the deadly read dust, and hydrogen cyanide,ETC.)

Not said to scaremonger, but to ALERT YOU to THE WAY OF ESCAPE!!


It WOULD be heinous and criminal of me NOT to repeatedly TRY to get as many as possible to join me in a group working on this POLAR EXODUS plan(North Geographical Pole,best.)(Use gyroscopes, and make BEELINES(STRAIGH T LINES north for hundreds of miles!!))








It is better we TRY to do this, and at least save SOME of our best specimens of our life forms, than NOT TO, – don’t you think??


Well, I just hope to GOD, YOU DO THINK!!










This is not idle fantasy folks!!


But real hard genuine FACTS!!!!










If you are going to wait for the authorities to warn you, YOU GOT A LONG WAIT!!




Be wise, REALIZE that they are not going to tell us(until it is too late), and GET WEAVING RIGHT NOW.










Yes, emergency kits good idea, but that sort of thing could only save us in the earlier lesser disasters!!




We also need to take care NOT to strip the shelves!!






The Authorities DAREN’T tell us(too much panic).




Besides, they want to keep CONTROL of us!!






We are the sheep of The Powers that be.








And THE CATTLE of The Humanoid Aliens!(Including The Reptileans who LOOK like us!!)








I ASSURE you that hoping I am mistaken or joking and pretending that this is all nonsense WILL NOT SAVE YOU!!(Of course not!!)




Above ALL, I tell you that I can hardly be more certain of what I am telling you!!








I am like Noah.




A HUGE flood will encompass The Earth.








But you will NOT believe!(Most of you won’t.) Will you?!






Some of those I am contacting though,






The irony is – to that extent – I may be preaching to the believers!!






But there are SOME out there – who do NOT believe.


They reason: I do not like this report.


So I will reject it!!








Lion’s teeth hurt most when we know TOO LATE that we could have avoided them!!








NOW is the time to ACT.




Not too late.


Like when that big red dragon serpent


SUDDENLY appears in the sky!!






















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