N2 Ten points on Nibiru,etc.


Thursday, 1st September, 2,011.












Ten points on Nibiru.2,012 Doom,etc.








Things are suddenly a lot clearer to me. I have found out heaps more on Nibiru,etc. I list my big ten points, below:-(PLEASE read very carefully!!)


BELIEVE me!! This THING is VERY real. And so VERY true!!








1. What IS Nibiru? Nibiru is(or was) the name of a Sumerian God.(Iraq region) Many thousands of years ago.(About 6,000 years ago.) Zecheriah Sitchin(passed on) dug out a lot about him. Orion region. Nancy Leider found out a lot too. Especially about Pleiades,etc. SUPER Pleiades, I think. A group of Pleiades like stars a bit further out than The Pleiades. VERY advanced races living there!!




The Sumerians showed a stone cast of the planets of our solar system.(We know of Mercury(coming out in order from the sun), Venus, Earth, Mars, Asteroid Belt, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune…(Little Pluto(is NOT a planet!), with companion Charon, are satellites of Neptune, gone very adrift. Possibly dragged away by some passing giant.

(No! The OTHER WAY around!!)(Neptune got dragged BACK from Pluto-Charon!!) Another lot of asteroids.(The Kuiper Belt.) And, way out, The Oort Cloud. An awful lot of asteroids and comets.(This is per our PRESENT orthodox knowledge.)



The Sumerians had Mercury,(coming outwards from the sun),Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune…And NIBIRU!!!!(A ninth planet. Was(before Pluto,etc. was demoted(too small), – “Planet X”.


In the stone cast of the planets of our solar system.






The CROP circles are SHOWING it!!






So Nibiru is Planet X.(Now our ninth KNOWN planet.)


Size: ALMOST four times the size of Jupiter!(Now Jupiter is huge. These are voluminar sizes, not linear.) So it is colossal!!






It(Planet Nibiru(X)) has six satellites in orbit around it. So big they are planet sized!




THIS is The Nibiru Complex.




Phaeton, its core, had its surface blown off(land and sea, land becoming asteroids, sea – comets) for some reason – millions of years ago.


And it is now on an irregular orbit around our sun.






So in addition to our well known 8 planets, we have TWO unknown to all but a few: Nibiru and Phaeton. Ten altogether.(I THINK that is the lot. I do not think that there are any more planets out beyond Nibiru!(Though if the ORDINARY asteroid belt marks where Phaeton once orbitted, perhaps The Kuiper Belt is the grave yard of some previous monster planet, and The Oort Belt the graveyard of some SUPER MONSTER planet which once orbitted our sun.)


I don’t know.




We recently lost planet Vulcan(which orbitted the sun INSIDE of Mercury). That smashed into the sun some years back.






So our ORIGINAL planetary list(out from our sun) was Vulcan, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Phaeton, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus,Neptune, Nibiru, Kuiper and Oort!!!!(That is my guess,anyway.) 13 planets. I venture that AT THE VERY START there were three more gigantic planets. – Making 16 altogether.



What has happened you see(Years back they were finding new planets(and what else could cause the pertubations in Neptune, but SOME OTHER PLANET further out still(than Pluto)!!??),



Is that they hadn’t found the last planet. And that we are only JUST NOW discovering THE TENTH PLANET(Now the ninth, with Pluto demoted.)




So all it BASICALLY is, is the finding of yet another planet out from the sun!




But Nibiru is a MONSTER!!








Heard of The Titius Bode’s Law?(Or Bode’s Law, for short.)





This is an interesting mathematical sequence which fits the distances of the solar distances from the sun.

I say it is too probable to be by chance or co-incidence.(And that the anomalies are due to some planets being knocked away from their original positions by collisions or gravity and magnetic tides from other heavenly bodies.(For instance: There is no planet where the asteroid belt is, bar Ceres, which is a giant asteroid. Yet it fits Bode’s Law. So I claim that SOMETHING BIG happened there – causing the original planet Phaeton to get knocked onto an irregular orbit.(I think it is the planet silhouetted against our sun.)




The ONLY object not to fit Bode’s Law is the planet Neptune(way out of line). Yet it fits Pluto VERY closely!! Which is ODD!!




Did some huge object hit Neptune(or drag it via gravity and magnetic tides much farther out of line)??




Was Neptune dragged much farther in(towards the sun), leaving Pluto(with Charon)behind?! It affected Neptune’s huge mass, but not Pluto-Charon’s because so small. Something like that, I suggest!!


There is also a relationship between mass and distance from sun!






The point is this: Titius’ rule indicates that there are TWO planets missing from the orthodox known list. Phaeton, where the asteroid belt now is. And Nibiru, out past Neptune(and Pluto/Charon).


Nibiru travels retrograde(as does Venus).


Retrograde, meaning that Nibiru and Venus travel the opposite way around the sun to the other planets.


That would explain why a CLOSE passing by Nibiru dragged Neptune way in(towards the sun), and Venus,too!!


It MIGHT also explain what smashed Phaeton, what wrecked Mars, and IS NOW ABOUT TO SMASH EARTH!! Its surface. AND wrench upon its innards!!






The question is: WHY is Nibiru going the wrong way around?!


Might not there once have existed planets Kuiper and Oort,too(Where there are now asteroids. I think so.)


AND a further three out beyond those again.






Taking us WAY out beyond the sun.







Anyway, the point is: BOTH planets(solar planets!) are out there on irregular course. With one headed towards the sun(Nibiru), and one headed past it(Phaeton).

BOTH of these planets are heading ALMOST straight for









Phaeton, its core, should pass us at one million miles on 14.02.12. Saint Valentine’s Day.

And Nibiru about the same time!!


Though not THAT close, PERHAPS…






As I say, Peebles claims that our Gregorian Calendar is 3 years too advanced. Which allows us 3 years and just over 5 months to THE PASSING.(POSSIBLY 4 years too advanced.)(I doubt longer.)



What is about to happen is also called THE EVENT!! Some getting born NOW just to SEE it!!(It actually is a confluence of every cycle and many APPALLING CATACLYSMS(At least two.(Note: When we line up with The Great Rift from The Centre of our galaxy, things may gradually start to happen. As has been happening increasingly for a VERY LONG TIME NOW!! Worsening disasters. Increasing heat. Bizarre events. Humans and animals going increasingly bad and mad… And so on, AND SO ON!!)(Dec.21.2,012.)


There is,too, the start of The Age of Aquarius(Dec.21.2,012.) Which is when BENIGN influences begin again on Earth. – IMMEDIATELY AFTER the passing of Nibiru and Phaeton!!


All is beginning to make sense. To ADD UP!!!!




3 years and 5 months, time, hence. That allows time for all the Biblical prophecies to be fulfilled.




AND enough time for us to organize the best specimens of everything get down THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE!(I MEAN the one thousand mild wide tubular entrance to The Great Within NEAR there!!)


The VERY few survivors will struggle back up through Ice Age, Stone Ages, – and so on.(As happens EACH TIME that Nibiru passes us!)(Every 3,600 years.)


Maybe 90%, or more, of ALL LIFE forms on Earth, will perish. Terribly. And horribly.




Not all at once, but gradually increasing to a PEAK on Dec.21st, 2,012.A.D. And then dying away.


I think most will die of the terrible HEAT(or cold spells). Because Nibiru, looking often like a second sun, is VERY hot!!


The whole thing is a mass of seething volcanic eruptions!!(Phaeton certainly is. And Nibiru is(not a Neutron star!) a star that failed to THERMO-NUCLEARLY ignite. But VERY hot nonetheless!!)






Nibiru is the next planet out from Neptune,then. What has been called Planet X. The Tenth Planet.(With its six orbitting satellites. Planet sized!!)


Phaeton is complicating the issue. Both of these planets are converging simultaneously upon US!!(Because they headed towards OUR SUN, and we are close to our sun. So we are in line of fire.)


I can only conclude that Nibiru PICKED UP the core of Phaeton, although Nibiru NOW lags a long way behind, even behind the sun, as it comes up at a sharp angle to the ecliptic.(It is travelling towards us at 26,000 miles per hour. On a curved path. I have ROUGHLY calculated that it will pass near to us about 3 to 3.5 years hence.(Which marvellously fits Peeble’s claim that it is now only 2,008! Which, of course, persuades me that Peebles is right!))


Either, or both, of these objects(Phaeton’s core is slightly smaller than Mars. Nibiru is ALMOST FOUR TIMES the size of JUPITER!!) would SMASH Earth.(Neither should hit us!!)) But very seriously damage our








Maybe stock up.


Would be wise to counter the FIRST effects from either or both of these approaching bodies.




But KNOWING you face an increasingly hopeless task – to survive.(A TINY few will, probably.)(But would YOU care to live the rest of your life in an ICY CAVE??!!)



So will you PLEASE listen to what I am saying!!!! GET DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE. PRONTO!!





Terrible choice isn’t it!! AWFUL death if you fail to get down that Northern Tubular Entrance!!


And a living DEATH if you survive!!


UNLESS you can persuade some friendly ALIEN to evacuate you!(Or be among the chosen few selected by the authorities to go underground(IF the walls don’t cave in!).)




Or get on a nuclear submarine! They can go for years without surfacing. Best place of all!!






Die from the heat – is the best hope.(Or cold, perhaps.)


DON’T commit suicide. It only means worse for you in The Spirit World afterwards!!(IF Our Spirit World SURVIVES IT!!!!)






Like I say: We are in VERY big trouble!!





I can only give you MY VIEW of course.


You can disbelieve it.


I could be wrong on some minor points.


I have passed I.Q. tests with very high results. I have been studying this subject for TEN YEARS now!!


I am USUALLY right in what I say about the IMPORTANT things!!










If I am wrong at all, the question is WHERE??






Now imagine that a lion has walked into a neighbour’s house through an open back gate.(Escaped from some zoo perhaps.)


He is singing away in his garage…


YOU have noticed the lion!




You get him on his mobile. GET INTO THE HOUSE QUICK!!




“There is a LION ambling up your front garden!”



Did he say “Drop dead!”. Or just ring off anyway??!!






No need to contact ME.

But DO get organized on EXODUS DOWN NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE(NOT the magnetic pole!), as FAST AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN!!


Pray until the BLOOD flows!!


Are you with me??…













Some Spanish astronomers have confirmed Nibiru sighted!!






Orthodox astronomers THOUGHT that Nibiru was a small super nova – at first.


No! This Second Sun is NOT Betelgeuse blowing up!(It would not appear this bright.)






If I get silenced(as I probably will) CARRY ON for me, will you??!!






WHERE is the SANITY in PRETENDING that this is not happening? And then getting SMASHED in the not too distant future??…




Isn’t it better to get down that Tubular Entrance NEAR to The North Geographical Pole??!!






Ah, but I could be wrong??










LOOK at the videos!!




LOOK at my PROOF and CONFIRMATION of 2,012!!






FOCUS on what I am SAYING!!





















































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