N2 Ten points on Nibiru, 2,012 Doom,etc.

Thursday, 1st September, 2,011.






Ten points on Nibiru.2,012 Doom,etc.


Things are suddenly a lot clearer to me. I have found out heaps more on Nibiru,etc. I list my big ten points, below:-(PLEASE read very carefully!!)

BELIEVE me!! This THING is VERY real. And so VERY true!!




1. What IS Nibiru? Nibiru is(or was) the name of a Sumerian God.(Iraq region) Many thousands of years ago.(About 6,000 years ago.) Zecheriah Sitchin(passed on) dug out a lot about him. Orion region. Nancy Leider found out a lot too. Especially about Pleiades,etc.

The Sumerians showed a stone cast of the planets of our solar system.(We know of Mercury(coming out in order from the sun), Venus, Earth, Mars, Asteroid Belt, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune…(Little Pluto(is NOT a planet!), with companion Charon, are satellites of Neptune, gone very adrift. Possibly dragged away by some passing giant. Another lot of asteroids.(The Kuiper Belt.) And, way out, The Oort Cloud. An awful lot of asteroids and comets.(This is per our PRESENT orthodox knowledge.)

The Sumerians had Mercury,(coming out from the sun),Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune…And NIBIRU!!!!(A ninth planet. Was(before Pluto,etc. was demoted(too small), – “Planet X”.

In the stone cast of the planets of our solar system.


So Nibiru is Planet X.(Now our ninth KNOWN planet.)

Size: ALMOST four times the size of Jupiter!(Now Jupiter is huge. These are voluminar sizes, not linear.) So it is colossal!!



It(Planet Nibiru(X)) has six satellites in orbit around it. So big they are planet sized!


THIS is The Nibiru Complex.


Phaeton, its core, had its surface blown off(land and sea, land becoming asteroids, sea – comets) for some reason – millions of years ago.

And it is now on an irregular orbit around our sun.



So in addition to our well known 8 planets, we have TWO unknown to all but a few: Nibiru and Phaeton. Ten altogether.(I THINK that is the lot. I do not think that there are any more planets out beyond Nibiru!(Though if the ORDINARY asteroid belt marks where Phaeton once orbitted, perhaps The Kuiper Belt is the grave yard of some previous monster planet, and The Oort Belt the graveyard of some SUPER MONSTER planet which once orbitted our sun.

I don’t know.


We recently lost planet Vulcan(which orbitted the sun INSIDE of Mercury). That smashed into the sun some years back.


So our ORIGINAL planetary list(out from our sun) was Vulcan, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Phaeton, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus,Neptune, Nibiru, Kuiper and Oort!!!!(That is my guess,anyway.) 13 planets. I venture that AT THE VERY START there were three more gigantic planets. – Making 16 altogether.




Heard of The Titius Bode’s Law?(Or Bode’s Law, for short.)





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