N1 Additional points to M54.


Wednesday, 31st August, 2,011.










Supplement to M54 on Comet Elenin,etc.Nibiru,etc.








Some things I omitted to say in M54:-




1. The Nibiru Complex approaches. Basically, this is the planet that comes past Earth at one million miles distance, EVERY 3,600 years(Not heard of Mu Lemuria, Atlantis, Poseidon civilizations getting destroyed?!)(Every time it comes around it just about destroys everything on Earth!)(By its gravity and magnetic TIDES!!)(Now, it is our turn. Our Ayryan civilization(if that is the right word!) is due for THE CHOP!!)(Hardly ANYTHING will survive it!)




What is happening is that IT(Nibiru Complex) is BACK. And that it is due to pass us in 5 months time! Saint Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2,012!


THIS is where the extra heat is coming from. Lots of increasingly bizarre things are happening on Earth. As well as “Climate Change”.(Which of course is NOT due to fossil fuel burning and Methane and CO2,etc.etc!!!!) And Nibiru Complex(It is a WHOLE SOLAR SYSTEM, not just a planet!) is partly to blame.




Believe me, it IS true!!






2. So WHY don’t The Authorities tell us? Because ONLY chosen few will get sent underground(To SUPPOSED safety. BUT MAY NOT BE!!)


Can you imagine their announcement IF they did warn us?!:-



“Attention world! A planet is approaching us, and will whizz by, destroying just about all surface life in a few months time. We are evacuating our CHOSEN FEW to underground chambers, with seeds,etc. So we can come out and start again when it is over.(After a few years.)

Keep calm!


Martian music will now be played.


Sorry about this. But we regret we can only evacuate a tiny few.


General Emergency and Martial Law(Global!) will now proceed.”








HOW do YOU think that the world would re-act to a statement like that. Which is how they would need to put it!!??





This is WHY The Authorities are saying nothing. Though they know A LOT!!(But I speak out!! BECAUSE I know if we get down The North GEOGRAPHICAL POLE, we can survive!! GOT THAT????)








3. Now I know a bit about this subject. So

WHAT I AM TRYING to do – is get as many as I can of you OUT THERE to join me IN MY DESPERATE ATTEMPT to get The Authorities to evacuate the best specimens of everything(humans, animals, plants,seeds and so on) DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE!!




Into underground chambers and a hollowed out mountain WILL BE TOO DANGEROUS.(I think.) As underground pressures from earthquakes all over should just CRUSH them!!




INSTEAD. I appeal (Join me, or ALL is LOST!!) to The Authorities to evacuate the best specimens of everything DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE!!




The Earth is HOLLOW.(The only shape it can be – due to centrifugal force flinging molten rock TO SIDES!!)(Simple PHYSICS!!)(Also creating huge TUBULAR ENTRANCES near North and South GEOGRAPHICAL POLES. Down which, GET! PRONTO!!)

It is very simple: GET THE AUTHORITIES TO Organize fleets of CRUISE SHIPS laden with the chosen best specimens, spearheaded by ICE BREAKER SHIPS(to carve way through ice!)


It is a journey of hundreds of miles.


Compasses do not work near poles because of magnetism from so many directions!


So(WHEN STILL A LONG WAY FROM POLE) use GYROSCOPES, and then take a BEE LINE north, and just keep going and GOING,….(Until you find yourself in a beautiful temperate land!)


You will need to take arms, because down WITHIN(yet NOT underground!) are prehistoric monsters and wild tribes, as well as civilized nice folk. All sorts of strange things!


Not molten rock, but a BEAUTIFUL temperate land exists upon a sun-lit surface(from the INNER red sun!) down there. Lush vegetation. Blue sky. Everything, much like on outer surface! But with an 800 mile thick CRUST over the heads!(So safe from the ferocious bombardment from space on surface!)(Our entire global outer surface will become HELL ON EARTH!! And in EVERY respect!)(Like I say, NO THING much will survive!)


Down BELOW is where those IN THE KNOW go each time Nibiru comes around!






4. Look! It is all VERY SIMPLE: Moon goes around Earth. Earth goes around sun. Our sun goes around the brown dwarf. The brown dwarf star, along with its 6 planets and their satellites,etc.etc. goes around our sun. And our sun goes around the centre of our Milky-Way Galaxy once every 26 million years.(Something like that.))(THEY(Our sun, and the second sun now long since in sight!) GO AROUND EACH OTHER!!)


It is basically SIMPLY a matter of Astronomical bodies orbitting the next biggest objects in sky. Not a judgement. But we haven’t been told about our minor companion to Sol, our sun, minor star. Because idea not liked.(But just about ALL stars,ETC. have binary companions. Go in twin pairs!!)(However, this companion is not Nemesis, our MAJOR binary companion, but an ADDITIONAL minor companion!!)(Called Antoine.)


It is being CALLED Nibiru. But Nibiru,actually, is The Tenth Planet, Planet X. And is NOT this brown dwarf star!




Phaeton(its core), also being called Nibiru(wrongly) is what remains of the original planet which orbitted our sun between Jupiter and Mars! Where the asteroid belt now is!!


Phaeton can be SEEN silhouetted against our sun! RIGHT NOW!!




It is approaching us. And, as it gets closer, it also comes towards us FASTER.


THAT(THIS) is the dreaded monster(looks like a great red dragon in the sky)(It will appear soon in sky SUDDENLY, looking like a SECOND MOON, a big red one!) being called(wrongly) Nibiru. And which causes all the damage!!)




The TRUE Planet Nibiru is Planet X, and this is simply in orbit around our sun. Same as Phaeton is.




The second solar system led by Antoine, which looks like a second sun, is NOW visible along with its six planets,etc. RIGHT NOW coming up, NOW seen behind sun, but still way out in space! Angled to The Ecliptic.






5. Now I do not see how this black spot silhouetted against our sun(The core of Phaeton) can travel to Earth in just 5 months!


It IS coming, yes. But give it ANOTHER 3 years, if not 4! At least that.


Because Peebles, a Roman Catholic priest, claims that our Gregorian Calendar, when changed from The Julian, was 3 years(if not 4) TOO ADVANCED!!


And,thus, it is NOW the year 2,008(or 7, perhaps) A.D. NOT 2,011!!




Which means that we have an EXTRA three years(POSSIBLY four) on top of the 5 months – to go!!




That would make more sense. As it also allows MORE TIME for a number of Bible prophecies TO COME TO PASS!!(Which I cannot see happening in a mere 5 months! New Pope for example.)


You with me? It probably is now 2,008 A.D. Not 2,011!(POSSIBLY 2,007!)






This will THEN give us more time to persuade The Authorities to ORGANIZE A SELECT SPECIMENS’ evacuation DOWN The Tubular Entrance NEAR TO The North Geographical Pole!!




CANNOT trust going underground. Far too dangerous!!












Do you UNDERSTAND?? Within Earth is ON THE SURFACE, still! So it is NOT underground!! Inner surface is CONTIGUOUS with the outer surface! They join up!


The Earth is a(double?) reverse Helix. Not spherical!


Picture outer surface continuing, and then BENDING DOWN and AROUND at the polar entrances!!


But because gravity will change along with the bending, no one will know any different! But THINK that ground is flat ALL of the way!(When it is not!!)


Got it??!! Gravity change WITH bending surface(which LOOKS bent), but FEELS flat!!





Gentlemen, et al. It is EITHER THIS, or NO LIFE will survive on Planet Earth!! As ALL will depend upon us saving the best specimens! To replenish surface again AFTER it is all over. Say a thousand years, at least. Because LONG ICE AGE will occur immediately after the stupendous colossal GIGANTIC DOUBLE CATACLYSM!!!!




You with me,now??!!










6. All is far too evident, you see!

2,012, the various prophecies from so many quarters all these many hundreds of years, my proof and confirmation of 2,012, the second sun(and soon second moon), with its NOW VISIBLE 6 planets,etc.etc., the increasing disasters and growing heat(and cold),etc. all over globe.


All these point to: SOMETHING BIG is happening! And is IMMINENT!!







VERY big!!




3 years 5 months away, NOW. Maybe 4 years 5 months.








This is NOT a joke!




NOR am I mistaken!!






Come on! I have been studying it very closely for YEARS!!








So WHY all the proff. and amateur astronomers not crying out about Nibiru Complex?!


Wouldn’t there be an OUTCRY from them?




No! Because ALL ATTEMPTS to report wierd and wonderful happenings GET IMMEDIATELY SUPPRESSED!!




I am, for example, fiercely RESISTED.










7. Another good reason not being reported: Nibiru is only visible in INFRA RED and occasionally from down south!




These objects are too far away and obscure for many to see them, you see! AS YET!!




Just the odd report or two now and again is coming in.




Hardly ANYTHING visible to NAKED EYE!!






THE videos are magnified you see!






But WHEN Nibiru(Actually Phaeton’s core) SUDDENLY APPEARS it will look like HUGE RED SECOND MOON. Looking like a big red dragon in sky!!




If Peebles is wrong, then in 5 months time.


If Peebles is right, then in 3 years and 5 months(POSSIBLY 4 years and 5 months) time!!




Best be ready for just 5 months. JUST IN CASE!!








Now if it was 4 years and 5 months, then would make great sense. As ample time for prophecies to occur!!






And give us more time to get The Authorities to ACT.(Evacuate BEST specimens of everything down The Tubular Entrance NEAR to The North Geographical Pole!)(There is one down south too! But FAR TOO DIFFICULT. Unless you go in by AIR!!)(I think too far from any sea entrance. And by land is next to impossible. Even to experts!!)








8. WHICH ONE is it??!!


WHICH one IS Nibiru? Is it Planet X. Or is it Phaeton. OR IS IT THE SECOND SUN??!!







Answer: Nibiru is ACTUALLY Planet X.(Visible TELESCOPICALLY way out.)

But that is NOT the object now shooting towards us.(Which is Phaeton’s core.)(Visible RIGHT NOW as a black spot SILHOUETTED against the sun.)




The Second Sun, is Antoine. ALSO being called Nibiru.




Second sun, Antoine, along with its SIX PLANETS, and their satellites,etc.ETC. IS RIGHT NOW TELESCOPICALLY VISIBLE!!




IT is apparently being followed by FLEETS of UFO’S. I THINK carrying Annunaki aliens(they wear beards,or did)(They fancy our women.), coming to evacuate their chosen few. (We were genetically engineered by them. And are their cattle. They modified us genetically to mine gold for them!!)(For reasons I cannot fathom, they like our cows, and abduct them, or otherwise, to extract their BLOOD!!)






9. The FEROCIOUS denial by so many tells me that all this is indeed TRUE!!










10. However, Internet NOT trusted.


And so many conflicting reports.


Makes abstracting truth extremely difficult.




I have done my best to work out WHAT is the truth.






One thing remains: SOMETHING AWFUL is IMMINENT!!




But the world goes blithely on, NOT KNOWING!!




I think I know WELL ENOUGH!!




But, bar by a few, am being disbelieved!!












And APPEAL to you ALL!!








HELP ME to warn the world!




And help me, for ALL of our sakes, to GET The Authorities to organize cruise ships preceded by Ice Breakers to get WITHIN EARTH, asap!!




As ON TOP OF ALL THAT, ALL HELL, will break loose all over world on Planet Earth!!




Failure means the end of all life on Earth!!


ENTIRE Solar System is in danger.


DO you understand better, now??




No, I am NOT crazy and deluded.




Just trying FRANTICALLY to get you ALL to WAKE UP. And open YOUR EYES!!








11. You think that Governments and Authorities would soon tell us! But I say: No. They would say NOTHING. But just get THEIR chosen ones down into their underground chambers and the hollowed out mountain. They KNOW that telling us would cause TOTAL INSANITY all over the Earth. With The GrandDaddy of ALL REBELLIONS!!


Of course they won’t say ANYTHING!!


But stay silent until the end!!


Meanwhile denying everything!!






But some of us know different!!


Maybe not alert authorities, but OURSELVES organize best specimens and cruise ships spearheaded by ice breakers!


And sneak out!! Down top hole!!


You with me??!!


THAT is where they go EACH TIME.(Every 3,600 years!!)








People like me alert the rest, and out go the best specimens!




Gilgesh was one.


Noah was another(in a later passing, passage, of “Nibiru”).




O.K. Now it is me!(Any complaints. I am TRYING to save us all!!)










THAT is the IMPORTANT thing!!






CRUISE ships!!




But you will need ICE BREAKERS.




To cut through the ice!!










Stay and die horribly if you like.












Wala, wala,wala, WALA!!






Sound the alarm!




BEAT Drake’s DRUM!!






But do it in such a way that The Authorities have LEAST chance of stopping us!




Which, of course, they will STRIVE ALL OUT to do!!
















Come on, chaps!!








12. Comet Elenin is THE HARBINGER! Of DOOM!!


Comet Elenin and Comet Garradda are hurtling towards us together.




This is not just another comet. Though in size quite ordinary.














IT,ITSELF, is not Nibiru.


But precedes Nibiru.






Comet Elenin is the first of the two Hopi Indian Katachas! The nice blue one. With its big blue halo.






The second one is Nibiru, The RED Katacha. The NASTY ONE!!


The big red dragon coming to devour us all!!






It is the core of our solar planet Phaeton, which orbits the sun on a very irregular orbit NOW. Every 3,600 years.





I THINK that what really has an orbital period of 3,600 years – is Second Sun brown dwarf companion Antoine. And that Phaeton, and POSSIBLY Planet X, Nibiru, were captured by it. And whole LOT now orbits our sun EVERY 3,600 years!!

Otherwise fluke chance of ALL of these things JUST HAPPENING TOGETHER NOW!!(Which does seem rather TOO chancy!)






I don’t know.




But either way, we are in big, VERY BIG, trouble!!












So PLEASE, you out there no sleep any longer.












NOW is the time for ALL GOOD MEN to come to the aid of The Party!!






Diggest thou??












– the GRAVES of ALL of us!!!!



































And then ACT!











Let us form a GROUP






that will DO this!!









































































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