LM2(2) Important list.


Wednesday, 1st June, 2,011.




LM2 Supplement.








My e mail address is vicon2000@gmail.com(Also vicon@halenet.com.au)




My websites are: vicsesoterica.com and conspiracytheorieshot.yolasite.com and vicsesoterica.synthasite.com Also situationreports.50megs.com(With the usual http:// and or www. prefixes.)

(All are also in WORDPRESS. Vicon2000. For which please browse.)



The enclosed LM2 pre-amble is but a short form of my article L7(and a number of asociated articles) which I urge you to obtain, asap.






Amongst many important scientific discoveries, I have also found out how to get the exact AND accurate distances to stars, stellar clusters, galaxies,etc. and clusters of galaxies,etc.




In this respect you are urged (It is the biggest scientific discovery ever!) to peruse my articles: A1058. A1059, A1061 to A1067 inclusive, and A1071,A1072 and A1073. Also BB15,16 and 17. AND LM1 and LM4.(See the accompanying maps,too.)




You are also urged to view my Nature’s Telescope(And Microscope) series. Articles LLNT4(Last of LLNT1,2,3 and 4.).






Plus my articles on Mirror and See Upsidedown’o’scope. Amongst many others.
















Vic Conway.







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