LM2 Very important! L7 in brief.


Thursday, May 5th, 2,011.


Dear all, LM2




Basically L7 in brief.








Did you read my article L7, sent earlier? PLEASE read this article VERY carefully.(I have proved and confirmed that 2012 IS the year. At astronmomical odds in my favour. L7 shows my proof.(Confirmed by checking dates on Internet!!)21st December, 2,012 is the day.)


I know it all sounds so unbelievable, but after MANY years of close intensive study, I cannot conclude otherwise.


Basically, what is happening is that CENTRIFUGAL FORCE created as the sun rounds the spiral arm(of the group of stars it is upon)(Which it does every 6,500 years. Resulting in Lemuria, Atlantis, Poseidon – and now us(next) being destroyed.) will drive the magma UP, and also crush the tectonic plates – thus producing earthquakes, volcanic eruptions – and growing heat.(This explains our increasing disasters.)(As the sun closes in upon the spiral arm(to round it), disasters will increase. And this IS what is happening!!)


The bottom line is that wipe out(almost total) is coming within the next few years, with disasters increasing until then PARABOLICALLY!!


The good news is that I know how to DODGE the 2012 horror.(It cannot be stopped.) And only I. (A small few know ABOUT it, but only I know the best preventative actions, and WHY.)


The ESSENTIAL thing to do is to GET DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE. It is the entrance to a tube-way 1,400 miles wide(too big to see and also too gradual to notice) – which leads down into The Great WITHIN.(The Earth is hollow.)


Down there should be much safer than upon the outer surface.


In addition to this, design, create and MASS produce my special Faraday Caged Helmets.(To protect against the masses of ELECTRONS coming up from the spiral arm which our sun is now rounding., which – as they densify as we close in upon the spiral arm – will drive humans and animals more bad and mad, even killing.)(Also to protect against the RED DUST(deadly poisonous) increasing, falling down through our atmosphere(from Phaeton’s core).)


In the meantime up on top of The Great Dividing Range in Queensland(to best avoid the tsunamis)is the safest place. It also being not too far from one of the great swivel nodes(The Earth will invert PHYSICALLY)(Or at least fall upon its side.)(One swivel node is The Great Pyramid in Egypt, I believe. The other is dead opposite. Not too far from us!!)


Very few will survive the next few years, so PLEASE listen and HEED what I am telling you.


I am the world’s only hope. Therefore PLEASE support me!!(Put this news in your newsletter!!)


Get this news out to AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN – as fast as you can.




Whatever you do, DON’T disable me. Or just about ALL life-forms upon this planet are DOOMED!! To a terrible and horrible death. The VERY few that survive will wish they had died too!(Unless you fancy a life in icy caves amid so much devastation.(Ice Age will start up immediately after the biggest cataclysm Man on this Earth has ever(or WILL EVER!!) experience)known!!)


Think it over VERY carefully, please…


Whatever you do – KEEP ME GOING!!(So I can guide all who go north(I suggest cruise ships preceded by ice-breakers.) how best to proceed.)


I know what is coming.


Better a little panic now, than pandemonium later!!(Therefore I speak out. For all our sakes LISTEN!!)










Bill(Thomas)(Vic Conway is my web name.)





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