M48 Further points on world situation.

August 31, 2011

Saturday, 20th August,  2,011.





Further points on world situation.




             The world is in a mess. I am trying to lessen it. Get us out of the mess – if I can.


        I can only describe the world situation, and try to point out the way to improve things.


        Humans have confused God with The Devil.  And The Devil with God.

    They are extremely confused and mixed up.


    The way Jesus went – is the way to go. Bad human slew him. In particular The Jews, The religious Jews.(The Pharisees and The Sadduces??)  Caeser tried to save him. But he was obliged to save the life of a murderer, one Barrabas.  But hand Jesus over to the crowd(to the mob), who would kill him.  Caeser oversaw the operation. He had to.  He washed his hands of it.


    All those who try to go The Positive Way(Of doing good, of construction, not destruction.) have a hard time. In proportion to their efforts for good!!


   The Devil cannot destroy God, so it tries to destroy Man(God’s cherished species.), instead.


    God has a problem. God cannot force the evil doers to do good, as that would rob them of their free will.


    God would be doing wrong if IT used force.


    God has all power. But must not misuse it.


    Hitler tried to advanced Christianity!  But though he started off all right, his methods became leftwards(downwards).


   What a pity we exaggerate and distort things so much and so often!!


    This then paints a false picture.


    And how much better not to run others down. No matter what they MAY have done.


    Understand, and try to lift up(in spirits)!!


    Avoid judging others.


    We are all trying to work out our destinies(decided before birth), the business of only God and ourselves.


     Let others BE what they are.(We CANNOT be otherwise!!)


     We all would like others to be like ourselves.


      But ONLY WE can be!!





     I am unable to send this one out. Unable to work my e mail servers!!


















M47 Comet Elenin,etc.

August 31, 2011

Friday, 19th August,  2,011.



Comet Elenin, and a reminder to avoid the four horrors!!!!




       The four horrors are:-




       1.  If we do more evil than good, we sink down to unpleasant planes in The Spirit World after death! To avoid this strive ALL OUT to do more good than evil.  NO evil AT ALL – if you can help it!


       But first need to REPENT, and THEN accept CHRIST SPIRIT into your heart.  Henceforth let this CHRIST SPIRIT live out through you TO THE MAXIMUM, for ever.


       If you observe world correctly, you will notice that NEGATIVITY is INCREASING, and faster and faster.


       This is true in public, and on Television,etc.(Do you watch television? What a PAIN!!)


       The Devil is working ALL OUT to drag us down to where it can destroy our souls, AND our bodies.


       By getting us to drink alcohol.(Which removes the inhibitions. Then since we are predominantly evil, we DO more and MORE negative things, thus causing others to go increasingly wrong,too!)


       And to take DRUGS.


       This is happening non-stop more and MORE, with the greatest CUNNING.


       God and The Devil are CENTRES of positivism and negativism respectively. FORCES which work THROUGH personages. Jesus is the top GOOD personage.


       In EVERY way POSSIBLE, we are being persuaded to do negative things. Which, of course, NEGATIVE PEOPLE so promptly and craftily deny!!


       Many get fooled.


       FAR too much hilarity exists. Which, if people knew about the four horrors NOW looming imminent, many would curl up in SHEER TERROR about!!


       Life(living) is NOT one big laugh and a joke fellahs! Or it SHOULDN’T be!!   It should NOT be about going to the pub, having a yarn with your “mates”, so you can boast of your exploits,  and trying to get drunk via as much beer,etc.as possible!!  Nor about some BALL game!!(Of WHAT use is it – to plonk a ball into some net or somesuch??!!  Good for exercise,yes.)


        Nor skiffle group(in entertainment), either.


        Life(living) is, or SHOULD BE a VERY SERIOUS business!! Where we live out the best and HIGHEST in us, not the lowest and worst!!


        Never  mind material pleasures and joys.  Enjoy THE BEST after you “die” IN THE SPIRIT WORLD!!


        Because ITS pleasures and joys SO outweigh the CURRENT TEMPTATIONS!!



         Never  mind the trivia, and the irrelevant GOSSIP and generally speaking ill of others – getting SO RIFE today!!(I live in Australia.)



         We are all human, and make mistakes from time to time.(I know I do!!)


         This is not reason for piling on, or taking advantage. But for understanding and compassion. OR SHOULD BE!!



          This SHOULD be a HUMAN race, not a RAT race!!




          Bad news is not welcome of course. And the purveyors get HATED.


          I am SIMPLY TRYING to save you from WORSE.   Is that SO bad??







       Living should be about living for God and CHRIST, worshipping and GLORIFYING God, and doing our BEST(not our worst!) for OTHERS, humans first. THEN the animals,etc.




      People, in general, believe what they WANT TO BELIEVE rather than THE TRUTH. And try SO HARD to kid themselves that what they WANT to believe   IS the truth!!(LOL!)


       Yes, there is so much information on The Internet,etc. But which is true, and which false?? THAT is the hard question.  I suppose most of us go to what WE WANT to be the truth.  But how VERY different THAT is – to The Truth!!



      We all believe different things. And are SO SURE that our view is the correct one!


       No. ONLY GOD knows the truth. SOME of the rest of us STRUGGLE to know the truth.


       When you get near the truth, you will feel uplifted, have a sense of joy,  but the world will HATE you.though often PRETEND otherwise.  That is a GOOD indicator!!




         So  is it smart or stupid to sacrifice the lower pleasures and joys NOW, whilst incarnate, for the sake of the higher, BETTER, pleasures and joys of The After Life. No need to tell me. Tell yourself!!



         SOUL destruction, because heeding negative FOOLS, is surely our greatest problem!! People who bid you to drink(alcohol),smoke,take drugs,have sex,sin,do wrong, commit crime, and so on AND ON…


         Yes,we get tempted to do these things. You have to be STRONG, and resist!  Or SINK!!(Ensuring a LOWER place afterwards. In The Spirit World AND IN THIS world!!)


         WHY alcohol is not banned BAFFLES me!!(It consumption leads to SO MUCH trouble! Road accidents, violence, crime,etc.)


         Trouble is if it were banned there would be mayhem, and people would make their own,anyway!!(As happened with The U.S. Prohibition.)(But I think we should TRY, and KEEP ON TRYING!!)



          Smoking is being stopped, but that is nothing compared to many bad things that are happening!!


          Smoking causes cancer, emphysyma,aggravates asthma,is dirty and costly, and is unpleasant for others, including the unborn!!



          Smoking looks MANLY does it?!(Many who smoke LOOK so grave,serious and important, so big and with it.    DON’T by fooled!!)


          Don’t be so naive. Manliness is living out the spirit of GOD!!  Not of the other fellow SO RAMPANT now!!




         THIS number  one horror is our BIGGEST, and by SO VERY FAR!!  Of course!!





         2.    The next biggest horror is not Comet Elonin, but what FOLLOWS Elonin!


         Generally referred to as Nibiru!


          Elonin is just another comet!


           The big deal is NIBIRU!!




          3.    I suppose World War Three,etc. is third.   Iran and North Korea spear-heading that threat.



          The time to stop evils is at THE VERY BEGINNING. Nip them in the bud!!


          Not wait until they grow to giant size!


          And then get DRIVEN to fight a losing battle against them!!






           4.   Fourth, is The Economic and Financial Collapse springing from the coming record-breaking fall of The Dow,etc. And the rising up of the masses against the rising prices.



           The U.S. has gone TOO FAR with its money printing!  Gone too far to stop now!


           So they are more or less obliged to proceed with  Q.E. 3.  and beyond!!



           As will other countries besides the U.S!




           Australia is best off.  It is the least into debt and deficit.


           But we should not view things relatively, but ABSOLUTELY!!



            The fact that OTHER countries are worse, even far worse,than is Australia is no reason to rejoice!   ANY DEBT and deficit AT ALL, – is bad!!  THAT is the point!!!!(Or it SHOULD be!!)




            Australia has enormous resources.




            Including kangaroo meat,etc!!





           Other points:-



           Sex is permitted by God with one’s spouse.(To avoid immorality, promiscuity, disease and jealousy.) The reason we should marry.(Not to have children!  Having children was perhaps required when the world was small.   But now it is LARGE!!   We need to reduce!!  I cannot help wondering if the huge tendency to go homo(give) and gay(receive) is Nature’s way of reducing the population! (It being far harder for same gender couples to have children than the hetero’s!!)



           Meat eating by God was permitted, but we should eat vegetables, fruit, nuts and cereals,etc.(So nutritious!)(SO MUCH Better for the poor animals!)




           Humans are NOT animals. Though some are beasts!


           But many animals are HUMAN!



           And children are children not kids(which are goats)(even if some are!).



           Pit-bulls and other trained and nasty dogs should be banned, and NOT bred.(Breeding of them should be BANNED!!)



            Wild animals ARE wild, and should be AVOIDED!!



             Things can be expected to get worse and WORSE, until Nibiru,etc. arrives – and settles the scores!!(See Horror 2!)



             Stop paying such attention to bad,mad,stupid and petty things!


            The more you take NOTICE of something, the MORE it will increase!(It FEEDS ON attention!! Didn’t you know that?(I am thinking of Australia’s televised news. In Queensland anyway.) But of course, that is PRECISELY why The Negatives parades SUCH RUBBISH!!



             You CANNOT stop evil!


             The time to have done so, was when Adam was offered that nectarine by Eve!(A nectarine,I understand, not an apple.)


             He should have said no, and pointed out that The Tree of Life was the better tree of the two!



             You cannot stop bullying!


             It is a FACT of life.


             Best you can do is BEAR it, as best you can!



              If you retaliate(not that you’d have any chance against the bullyer(just tell them WHERE the wicked go to(after death)!,then The Lord will only release WORSE upon you!!


              The reason we suffer ills is because either we are stupid, AND/ OR have incurred The Lord’s wrath, and this is The Lord’s way of punishing you!!



              NO thing happens by chance!!


              GOD controls EVERY THING!!






              The trick is to be strong, and dodge these things!!


              No way to prevent tham as we ALL have to grow, via being free to do all sorts of things, in ORDER TO LEARN THE BEST WAY TO LIVE!!



              The best way to live is to please GOD to the UTTERMOST!!



              THAT will bring you the best results.



              We succomb sometimes through weakness and/or being misled.


              The thing is TO LEARN, dust yourself down, get up again, and resume TRYING!!



              TRY to realize that whilst incarnate is our testing time!


              It is not until AFTER we DIE that we get that real big break we so hunger for!! 


              There IS NO life after death, BECAUSE – there is no death after life!!(Death DOES NOT exist!!)



              It is IMPOSSIBLE not to exist!!



              We THINK that we ARE our physical bodies. But this is a terrible mistake!


              Our physical bodies die,yes.  But that is NOT us!!



              Basically we are SEVEN VEHICLES, all telescoped 5d wise(vibrationally)one within the other!


              We simply step out of our lower vehicle at SO CALLED death, and carry on IMMEDIATELY in the next higher vibrating vehicle up(up 5d wise).


              Do NOT lament the loss of the physical vehicle!  Physical vehicles ARE EASY to create!(but the higher vibrating vehicles are best!)



              When you “die” you will within days find yourself in a replica vehicle(body) that VERY FEW humans will be able to see,etc!


              IF you wish, you can create a physical body IMMEDIATELY(When you are dead.). By simply lowering your vibrations!  A PHYSICAL copy of you will then appear(to any creatures around)!(That is what so many call ghosts.)(Ghosts are simply other creatures seen on another plane WHEN they densify enough!!)


              But WHY do that?! When the new(though you had it all along) finer vehicle is SO MUCH lighter,etc.



              Or, you can pop inside some foetus(Human, if you are wise!), by shrinking down to pea size and sliding down through the suture of the skull of such human foeutus!  Then hey presto you are PHYSICALLY alive again.  Yes. But STUCK in it for ANOTHER LIFE-TIME!!  You can then patiently wait to get born!!(THIS is re-incarnation.  Perhaps done WHEN you tire of The Spirit World. )(The trouble with occupying another physical vehicle is that you may not be able to get OUT again!!(Like with entering a room, the door closing behind you, only to find that there is no knob on the inside!! So you CANNOT GET OUT!!)




                This is like starting a holiday vacation BY GETTING ANOTHER JOB!!




                So many people THINK that when you PHYSICALLY die, that’s it. That THAT is the end of you!!  BUT IT IS NOT!!


                THIS is because so many THINK that they ARE their physical bodies!!


                But that is not so!!


                We are THE INDWELLING SOUL, not the vehicle THAT is being occupied!!



                Can you imagine people(gasp)  fainting all around you when you step out of your car?  THINKING that the car was YOU!! IF Because you become invisible,etc. once you step out of the car!



                 So WHY do we revere corpses MORE THAN the living originals?!


        The BODY is NOT  US!!




        Don’t weep over CORPSES!  WEEP over the LIVING!!


        THEY NEED and APPRECIATE it much more!!(LOL)






           Ya SEE?!




           1.  You WILL, when you find yourself still alive AFTER “death”!!


                You will when you find yourself in Hell after death.



           2.   When NIBIRU appears like a RED second moon DRAGON in the sky SOON!!


            3.    The first Nuke from North Korea lands near to you!!



           4.    When your banknotes become WORTHLESS(heading THAT way!)!(DON’T get fooled by the current secondary upswing variations!!)!!













              Ya YA!!


































August 31, 2011

Wednesday, 17th August,  2,011.




M45(Go by THIS M45 article, NOT my previous despatch. Please CANCEL the earlier first one!!  VERY IMPORTANT!!!!(I had not edited sufficiently properly.))



The things that matter!!




Are you ready to die??





       The things that matter(And,  are you ready to die?):-


       1.  Dodging the approaching Nibiru.(It is expected by those in the know to kill nearly all life on Earth, AND some other planets! Three huge objects due to come close to us soon. These are Antoine, the second sun,The core of Planet Phaeton, and Nibiru. Nibiru is not due until 2,078.A.D. But Phaeton should pass us at a million miles around 14.02.13.  And Antoine, soon.(Huge compared to Earth.))(I propose to send you videos of these objects. So you can SEE for yourselves their reality!)(Nibiru is the name given to any or all of these.  But Nibiru is actually Planet X, visible now(About size of Saturn.). Antoine, the brown dwarf star is VERY visible(Very large compared to us.).  And Phaeton(slightly smaller than Mars) can be seen as a dark spot silhouetted against our sun, Sol.)(Our only hope is to get down The North Geographical Pole AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Best specimens of everything. So to relaunch life upon the surface after this SECOND solar system(with its six planets and their satellites,etc.etc.) has rounded the sun and is heading back out into space.)(Nibiru is the least of our worries.)


       2.  The fact of SUPER intelligent life on Mars.


       3.  Aliens soon to inspect us. Annunaki aliens.


       4.  Salvation.(NOT religieusity and going to Church! SPIRITUALITY and being DIVINE.  Repenting and accepting CHRIST SPIRIT into your heart, and letting it live out THROUGH you.)


       5.  The desperately urgent need for Australia is to get rid of Labor. And to vote in a Coalition Government under Tony Abbott.(Definitely not Turnbull!!)(Getting rid of current P.M. no good until you FIRST get rid of Labor. Which has let in The Greens!!  So we have the IDIOTIC policies of BOTH,now. Because the P.M. sold Australia out to The Greens(NOW ruling.), in order to win power! Danger is of the previous p.m. getting back in.)


            Yes, try ALL OUT to force the earliest possible election on the issues of Carbon Tax(Carbon Dioxide it should be. But CO2 is NOT the cause of global warming!!),and Mining Tax,etc.  The Asylum Seekers?(Nauru is best place.), Gay Marriage, Euthanasia, etc.  Don’t let in Islam, especially SHIA Islam, Australia!  And reduce immigrants(bar Brits.), not increase them!)



       6.  The likelihood of world financial and economic collapse.(Due to over spending and the EXCESSIVE printing of bank-notes.)



      7.   The danger of World War Three(and more after that).  From Iran continuing to make atomic weapons and threaten Israel.  And North Korea also making atomic weapons and improving the range of their missiles – so as to hit U.S.etc.



     8.    Anti-biotic resistant diseases!  Partly due to over use of anti-biotics.  Doctors are prescribing anti-biotics far too easily.


     9.    The reality of Hades in The Spirit World after death. IF you do more evil than good in life! The Hell described by Christendom is phoney. But Hell DOES exist. I refer to Hades, The Underworld. A material place in The Spirit World.(The Spirit World is GRADUATED. Punishment is graded PROPORTIONATELY!!)(If, as a scuba diver, you loaded yourself with too many weights, WHO would you blame?  Similarly, when we do more wrong than good, then we INCREASE THE WEIGHT OF OUR SOUL!  And like scuba divers  – will sink, via gravity, according to the AMOUNT of that weight!!  DOWN the planes of The Spirit World.  Whereas, if we do more good than evil, then we RISE UP!!)(Very simple. So shall we blame GOD if we find ourselves in an unpleasant place? Or face the fact that we did not make enough efforts to do more good than evil.)(Don’t do ANY evil!)


     The need is to get people to do more good than evil. So that they go to Paradise(a material place) and Heaven(a condition of soul).



     10.  The desperate need to beat The Devil. The king of Negativism.


     Negativism is creating misery. But we need happiness.  Via POSITIVISM!!


     Two kinds of Negativism(as with Positivism): a.  Mental. b. Emotional.



     We are being DELIBERATELY distracted away from the things that matter. By The DEVIL. Who works through the various powers and beings in the physical world!! As in life, and on Television!!


     We need to get back to GOD. Not the religious god. But the SPIRITUAL one!!



     Concern should be for SOUL survival and advancement. The physical body will perish and rot away to nothing. Once getting old, not much point preserving THAT(UNDULY, I mean!!)!!


     Soul survives and grows by developing DIVINE WILL(A SPIRIT in us higher than love, even!) and LOVE. And giving these out to the MAXIMUM – to those who need it.


     SPIRITUALITY and being DIVINE, are what matters, not religieusity! Church attendance matters little.  Helping the needy matters all!


     GOOD SPIRIT rather than rituals!!(Danger is of rituals blocking the good spirit!)


     Jesus knew the way.



     It does NOT lie in drowning yourself in alcohol and smoke, nor drugs.


     And certainly NOT in violence, sadism and war,etc.



     It lies in helping those who need help. To do GOOD, I mean. As per Jesus style!!


     And in giving out truths, instead of the lying propaganda with which we are constantly being bombarded via television,etc.



     Man’s religion today is Orthodox Science. Which is so very wrong about IMPORTANT things. Like survival beyond death,re-incarnation,etc.  We DO survive death, AND after an average 50 years in The Spirit World, do re-incarnate. Usually as humans.  Alternating genders. Man, woman.


     It(Orthodox science)(SO propagated by universities,etc.(After primary school,  teaching starts to go HAYWIRE.)) is WAY off course on these very important matters.




    Man is OBSESSED with avoiding physical death, and with safety.


     Up to a point, well and good. but not to the exclusion of all else!!




     We DO live for ever. But not in these PHYSICAL carcasses!!


     The crying need is to get away from the DISTRACTIONS!!


     Things like over-concern with one’s weight.


     I think Policy is more important than personality.(Re: Politics.)


     Commercial advertizing is being overdone.


     We need to get our priorities in order. Put first things first.


     The most important of all is that we worship GOD.


     And follow Jesus.


     We need to keep in mind WHERE we will go after death.


     NOW is the time to plot the right or best course. NOT when it is too late, and we find ourselves LOST in The Spirit World!!


     Sex is Mankind’s downfall.(Though not the sole culprit!)


     With drugs next I suppose. Soft drugs are not so bad.  But HARD drugs are dangerous.(It is strange that marijuana is downcried, while ALCOHOL(Ban it! SO OBVIOUSLY!!!!  It IS our biggest deadweight!!)is allowed!!)


      Humans do far too much evil and wrong.(The things that take us to HELL after death!!)



      Pleasure and fun is NOT the way to go.


      What is the use of having a whale of a time HERE, in the physical, if after death we go to an unpleasant place?!



      Therefore, stick it out HERE, and have a pleasant life after death. The pleasant life AFTER death will exceed the dubious joy we get now after doing evil!  So, be WISE, – and make a PROFIT!! Do good!!(Doing good is THE OBVIOUS BEST route to go!!)




      Do as YOU wish, of course. I am simply pointing out what I think is the better way!!



      We NEED governing, otherwise Anarchy will eventuate.


      Which is good for NO ONE!!


      So law and order!!


      It is better to grit your teeth now, and smile later! Don’t you think?



      Get a LOVING heart, rather than money in the bank!  But make it gold,now.  As bank notes are PAPER.  (NO promise to exchange for gold,now, remember!) Can revert to nothing ANY TIME. But gold and silver, are rather more lasting AND VALUED!!(But DIVINE WILL and LOVE best of all!!)


      Promises are become pretty worthless. So what use hoarding those pretty coloure bits of paper(bank-notes)??


      SOME is necessary, of course.





      Nixon took us off the gold standard(In U.S.) back in 1971.  And so fiat money(Bank notes and coins THAT USED TO BE gold, silver and copper,etc. are now alloys worth FAR less!!)(Because our cash(bank notes and coins)is (not since 1971 in U.S.) no longer anchored to gold, it has floated free of a sound stabilizer – and has consequently devalued!! That is the basic trouble!  The Feds controlling The Markets is second in our downfall.  Though general greed by shop-keepers may be worse!(Shop keepers of all kinds. Those who trade sell.)



      Originally there was a PROMISE to exchange bearer with GOLD. But now that promise is no longer there!! OMINOUS!!



      So WHERE is the requirement to change paper for gold??!!




     Gold looks nice. But SILVER has more practical use. Industrially AND as money.



     The danger is of CONFISCATION, if people hoard gold and silver!!


     In other words, government TAKES IT OFF YOU!!




     Power appeals to us all.





     I watch Australian Television a lot. But find so much advertizing, trivia, hilarity and distracting subjects!    SOME of the subjects are not SO bad.



     The purpose of this article is to try to get us all back to the things THAT MATTER!!



      The important issues of life.




      But the world is the world, and will go the worldly way.



      Humanity is so spiritually UNEVOLVED.







      On December 21st, 2,012. we align with The Centre of The Galaxy. Earth Sun and Galactic centre line up(in a straight line).


      From the Galactic Centre proceeds massive energy. So we get best influence then.


      That,too, is when Age of Aquarius starts.(More good influences.)





      Aliens coming to inspect us.


      PERHAPS abducting us one by one.


      You see. So FEW have much idea about WHAT is going on!





      I am TRYING to save us all, spiritually and materially.  By telling you the truth.  As I see it, at least.




      Instead of uniting with other humans, we NEED to unite with GOD!


      Go the way JESUS went.




      THAT is the crying need.




       I do not seek Popularity.


       Approval by GOD is the thing to get.


       But not by trying to influence GOD.



       Just let GOD decide!






































M44 Sequel to M43. Doom.

August 31, 2011

Tuesday, 16th August,  2,011.





Supplement to M43.


Something big and horrible approaches us!!


You NEED telling – again and AGAIN!!!!




        In addition to what I said in M43, we have the global financial and economic crises, brought on by a failure to live within our means! Because spending too much!! Particularly governments!!     Plus the fact that too many humans are selfish. We simply are not very advanced spiritually in personal evolution!   Therefore instead of improving things, we make things worse!!




        Greed is making many put up their prices. Plus The Feds printing more and more bank-notes! And in other ways increasing how much MONEY(But MONEY is NOT wealth, you see??!!)(MATERIAL WEALTH is production ABILITY!!  SPIRITUAL WEALTH is LOVE,ETC. ABILITY!!)they have.  (I think they will be pressured to go QE3(creating more and more money)(IF people SPENT ALL OUT, yes, spending would be successful(at getting through(IN THIS ABNORMAL set-up we have now created for ourselves!(I am referring to U.S. in particular.  Where The Feds have gone for bust!(The U.S. has gone World Policeman, most THANKFULLY for The West, but is now NO LONGER ABLE TO.   So EXPECT THE POLITICAL EAST TO FLOOD over The West, LED BY Iran and North Korea, SUPPORTED by RED China(Australia obliged to pander to!)(Keating knew this and pandered to Asia!!), Russia,and now India!(West MUST slide into the ground!!)(So more and more people,etc.will GO for GOLD. But SILVER SHOULD be better still, by far!)(But from now on U.S. and rest of West – after initial great successes – should go down. China would normally take over. With its Yuan.   But NIBIRU interrupts the procedure!!  Followed by The Return of GOD and CHRIST.  In other words, the BEGINNING of A NEW SOLAR CYCLE of 26,000 years!! (Including, IMMEDIATELY,   a solar quarter cycle of 6,500 years!)When all is bright and NEW!!)  And by trying to run too many unpractical schemes have created a ridiculous SET-UP!!))(but SAVING is so deeply engrained into many and the OBVIOUS way to go, that many are now SAVING!!)(Don’t you understand?   It is LIKE blood circulation. Money is the financial blood.  SPENDING facilitates THAT FLOW. Saving COAGULATES it!! LEADING to seizure and HEART ATTACK!!!!)(In other words the ENTIRE GLOBE grinding to a halt fiscally!!  With all the horrors THAT begats!(Since it is too hard for us to become loving and GODLY, our only hope(and the best one) is to TAKE REFUGE IN NIBIRU,ETC. BUT GET WITHIN THE EARTH!!(Saving is the way to go WHEN on top of everything, but right now we are AT BOTTOM!!!! So SPENDING is become OUR (FINANCIAL and ECONOMIC) ONLY HOPE!!)(In an idea society of LOVE, we would buy and spend FREELY, but the opposite is the case, so we NOW NEED TO SPEND!!), and beyond, which via inflation going out of control – will lead to Hyperinflation.(Like with Zimbabwe!))  This sends the value of The U.S. dollar down. (And gold up.  But SILVER best. IF it can stay above $37 per ounce.  It is VERY volatile –  due to being a by-product of other metals AND suppressed. Danger of confiscation. Silver,too.  Copper going up also.) UNLESS enough people spend. But people are opting for SAVING, which NORMALLY is the way to go.   However, our times are NOT normal!!(All right. I have  mixed subjects here. But Nibiru is the MAIN theme in this article. It is just that I forgot to add The Economic situation to my list of horrors in M43!!)(Men of Planet Earth!! We are in a most terrible, ghastly, HORRIBLE mess!!  Believe me, WITHIN The Earth IS The CRYING need – for as many as can!!)



       The Dow behaved recently like a Yo-yo(A spinning toy you string pull up and down.).  People are hoping that things will now settle down.(I think lowering the U.S. Credit Rating was a mistake.  Last thing the world needed!!)


       However, I think Dow could crash – and to the ROCKS!!  Maybe in four great falls. 10,000, 4,000,400 and O.(Zero.)


       Not in a straight line, perhaps.  But in a series of jerks. From now on.


       Far exceeding The Great Slump of 1929.





       Europe too is in a mess.










       Astronomical objects.



       An entire solar system, plus two planet PERHAPS captured from our Solar System, namely Planet Nibiru(Planet X)(Which orbits(or did) our sun far out beyond Neptune and Pluto(With Charon).(It is about the size of Saturn.) AND the core of Planet Phaeton.(Planet  IV)(5).(Which had its surface crust, with ocean,  blown off millions of years ago.)(It is slightly smaller than Mars.)


       It IS a fact. Let me send you videos of this.  In addition to the sun rounding the spiral arm of the group of stars it is in, heaving up the magma below much more – producing HEAT(The Second Sun produces even more heat.  HEAT will be our problem now!!), volcanic eruptions and earthquakes increasingly(until it has passed half way around the spiral arm(Dec.21, 2,012.)) – AND The Alignment with the centre of our galaxy(same date) – AND the beginning of The Age of Aquarius(ALL on the same date, 21.12.2,012). Along with all other cycles(same date).  We have this companion star sun name of Antoine WHICH MAY IN FACT BE NEMESIS!!(ALL(or nearly all) the heavenly bodies and fields go in IDENTICAL TWIN PAIRS.(Which leads me to believe that the second sun(along with six planets and their satellites,etc.etc.RIGHT NOW approaching us(It can be expected to circle our sun, Sol, and come VERY close to us. Fortunately it is a small brown dwarf star, that LOOKS like a second sun.)might be Nemesis.(But is FAR too small to be the identical twin companion of Sol!)  However, it is large enough to be possibly fatal to us.(I don’t THINK that it will hit us.)



        Many are refusing to believe it(Some of the authorities like NASA and The Jet Propulsion Unit, KNOW!!). What they are REALLY thinking is “I don’t WANT to believe it, – so I WON’T!!”.  Going into DENIAL!!



        However, it IS true!!(But what A JOB I am having convincing most of you!!)




        You have only to STUDY some of the numerous videos CLOSELY, to SEE this.(Careful inspection discounts lens flares, reflections, atmospheric refractions temperature inversions and sun dogs,etc!!)(Along with fakes and hoaxes.)




        It should not be so strange that the sun has a companion star, which goes around our sun ever 3,600 years! It just HAPPENS to be – that THIS IS what is OCCURRING RIGHT NOW!!!!


        There is THIS difference though. Sol(our sun)’s twin companion star is Nemesis. Which is WAY OUT in space. So I think this is Antoine  a MINOR solar companion!!



        However, in addition to the twin companion star, some stars have a CLOSE binary.(What I am referring to  by a MINOR companion.) It appears that we have.



        It all adds up you see. The modus operandi for 2,012. The prophecies of doom soon. The Mayan,etc.calendar. The increase in foreign objects into our solar system.


        The worsening disasters, the growing heat, and cold,  the increasing number of strange events,…       



        The fact that Mu Lemuria, Atlantis and Poseidon, about 3,600 years spaced apart, all went down in GIGANTIC CATACLYSMS – INDICATES MOST STRONGLY – that SOME COLOSSAL ASTRONOMICAL EVENT occurs periodically to do this!!


        How FOOLISH to IGNORE all these INDICATORS!!



        It is also quite understandable that those who hate bad news inordinately will simply go into denial. AND THAT IS PRECISELY WHAT IS HAPPENING!!!!



        Instead of saying, “something nasty approaching us, let me take a look!”, they are saying “Bad news? NO WAY.  I don’t want that, therefore I will simply disbelieve it!”.  Which is STUPID!! ESPECIALLY Seeing that there IS a way of escape. Namely DOWN The Tubular Entrance NEAR to The North Pole!(There is one down south,too, but as going in by sea(air would be best of all)is the practical way for many, The North GEOGRAPHICAL POLE is far easier!!)(Have CRUISE ships spearheaded by ICE BREAKERS!)


        Now let us consider the objections:-



        1.  If something so horrible and SO destructive to us WAS approaching, The Government,etc. would surely let us know!(2. Astronomers would report it voluminously?  They would, no doubt, WERE IT NOT FOR THE FACT that the negatives among us are STOPPING them!!  3. People in general would SEE two suns in the sky were it true, you think?  Yes, but second sun ONLY VISIBLE at sun rise and sunset SOME TIMES, especially if way down south!!(How many look at the sun to see if single or double??!!)(Think of its GLARE.  Especially if two of them!!)  4.  What are my qualifications?  Just the ability to see WHAT IS THERE!!)(Earthmen are so UN spiritual.  So VERY materialistic.  But we need to THINK about WHAT COMES AFTER DEATH!!  ESPECIALLY NOW with death so NEAR!!)


         You think so? No, they would not. (a) To avoid panic until the very last moment! (b) To keep CONTROL of us!  (c) That would mean admitting something weird is happening, and that is JUST NOT ON with Orthodox Science!! (d) Only a FEW specimens could go. They will select THEIR blue eyed boys,ETC.(e)It would cause the GRAND DADDY OF ALL RUMPUSES!!


         So they are DELIBERATELY SUPPRESSING ALL reports of such!


         Going the easy way of a conspiracy of silence and DENIAL – FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE!!



         (I encounter TREMENDOUS resistance to putting out my claim.)(A few others are trying to do likewise.  But I am one of  THE VERY FEW who knows well HOW to dodge THIS THING!!(The Earth is hollow, and there is a huge tubeway at each end of The Earth leading down into a beautiful Temperate Paradise BELOW!!)


          Unless you prefer a most awful death, you will do ALL that you can to get down The North GEOGRAPHICAL Pole!!(It is BEAUTIFUL down there!! Easy to live there!!)  The entrance is NEAR to it. So big it is easy to miss!! Just make a BEE LINE North as long as you can.  Compasses go haywire near to the poles due to magnetism.  But GYROSCOPES will work. Use these and head NORTH in a STRAIGHT LINE.(Down WITHIN you will have an 800 mile thick CRUST over your head!)(Conditions within are TEMPERATE. With LUSH vegetation!!)(I KNOW it sounds ridiculous, but facts ARE FACTS!!))




          You need not take my word for it. STUDY the videos for yourselves!!




          ACCORDING TO I.Q.TEST I am intelligent. Also I have studied this subject for many years!!



          Why would I, a born-again Christian, flog myself to death, TRYING against unpleasant resistance, KEEP ON TRYING, were it not CLEARLY TRUE?!


          I have been putting out my articles for many years!


          And ignored. I find myself just about UTTERLY disbelieved!!





         My motive is deep concern for ALL of us. Is that so strange??





         I KNOW it SOUNDS ridiculous. I CANNOT HELP THAT!!




         A hollow Earth(and all large igneous rocks) SOUNDS absurd, I know that WELL!!   But what the rest of you apparently DO NOT KNOW, is that the laws of physics(so appealed to!!) REQUIRES – via CENTRIFUGAL FORCE – that all spinning molten objects SOLIDIFY with their inside material FLUNG to the SIDES, AND tube way entrances get created EACH END!!(In other words be HOLLOW!!)(CENTRIFUGAL FORCE demands it via the laws of PHYSICS!!)(With a plasmic core at the centre.)(Created by centriPEDAL force.)



          Now WHICH IS BETTER??  Stay on the surface of The Earth – and almost certainly die. OR, get WITHIN!!


          I leave you to work that out…





          It is very little trouble to look at some of these videos and reports,etc.  IF you think I might be mistaken!!(If a LION suddenly confronted you at your gate would YOU go into DENIAL??!!  COME ON!!)(Yes, you DO take the risk of getting your pride hurt IF I am lying to you.  But BELIEVE ME, THAT IS NOT THE CASE!!)


          VERY strange not to check – considering the ENORMITY of the claim!!


          To go down the tubular entrance near to The North Geographical Pole is QUITE a step.  But a terrible death IS AN EVEN BIGGER STEP!!   Don’t you THINK????





          An almost impossible task because even those WHO KNOW don’t want the general public to know UNTIL AS LATE AS POSSIBLE.(But WHO,THEN, CAN escape??!!)



         HOWEVER, WE DO NEED to TRY!!!!



         Down BELOW, is WHERE, those in the know, GO EACH TIME!!(Each time this SET of objects called Nibiru comes around(Which it DOES  every 3,600 years!)(And NOW is our Aryan turn!)(YES!!)








   Which is the bigger danger? Risking a hurt pride, OR, dying suddenly horribly and terribly(almost certainly) within the next TWO YEARS??  THINK!!!!


                           I FRANTICALLY KEEP TRYING to get you to act!!





         MASS e mails,please.


         I BESEECH you ALL – to DO this!!


         ALL life upon this planet IS at stake. Yes, RIGHT NOW!!




           You THINK I am joking, or mistaken!!(What are my qualifications? Just the ability to SEE what is THERE!!)




           That is an AWFUL CHANCE to take – isn’t it!!!!


           I am SORRY, this article is an awful mess of mixed entries. But best I can do now.  It NEEDS to go. And I am HOPING you will all understand it WELL ENOUGH.


         If you think I have nothing better to do than send out some ridiculous JOKE endlessly, then THE NEXT THING you can expect, is:-




        An ugly red second moon in the sky.


        Giving us TWO MOONS(as well as the two suns).




       Comrades, they ARE THERE!!




       WHY DON’T YOU TAKE A LOOK??!!(AT THE VIDEOS!!)(Ask yourself!!)(If you are SO sure that this is not true!!)  











































M43 World situation now,etc.

August 31, 2011

Monday, 15th August,  2,011.





The world situation now!




       1.  The danger of World War 3,etc.  The danger fuses remain North Korea and Iran.  N.K. strives to increase the range of its missiles, so they can hit U.S.


       Iran could launch a pre-emptive strike on Israel. To ensure they do not attack Iran. Which Israel constantly threatens to do. But which I think(being suicide) is psychological pressure on U.S. to attack Iran.(But Obama is too naive and “play safe”, especially when U.S. in such fiscal and economic trouble. So not likely to do anything, other than the attack on Libya, pressure on Yemen and Syria,etc.  Besides, Obama wants to win 2,012 election. Is not likely to jeopardize that!  So must not act belligerently.


      Other than another cyber attack. They have already succeeded in throwing back Iran’s nuclear work 2 years.  Not trumpeted.



      Had it not been for this cyber attack, it would have been too late for U.S. or Israel to attack Iran. But still possible now. Though not very likely.




      Bush funked attacking Iran years back. Out of fear of torpedo boat attacks against their aircraft carriers.(Carriers apparently necessary.)


      Obama was born in Kenya, is a Muslim. So not likely to do much against Iran.


      Best hope of defeating Iran is by helping The People’s Revolution.(That Revolution is making slow progress.)  Especially by denigrating terror groups in Iraq they are supporting.(Which spells defeat for The People’s Revolution!)(Too blocked.)



     Iran’s nuclear facility is over a thousand feet underground! Where it also has huge stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons.  Almost impossible to damage so far down EVEN with nuclear weapons!(Best move is to blow up the entrances to block exit and entry.)(With conventional weapons.)



     Difficulty finding the nuclear sites too. One is known. One is not.




     Iran is fanatical and extremely TOUCHY. So suicide to trigger a response by 11,000 missiles against West key targets.(No wonder Obama plays safe!) Which would rain down on Israel, The Straits of Homuz, U.S. carriers, U.S. bases around, and even European capitals!


     On the other hand Iran will do this anyway at the slightest provocation. Even a minor incident.(Or a misunderstood one!!)




     So the triggers for WW3,etc. are worsening.



     Especially with the Russian sent anti-missiles, and Russian plus Chinese protection.



     Political East is in dominance. And has been for YEARS.



     U.S. will eventually be driven to start WW3. And lose it!!



     Just a matter of time.




     2.   Australia needs to get rid of Labor as fast as possible. The horrible Labour-Greens-The two letting down Independents and The Tasmanian independent, are a dangerous Association which is destroying the country, and will throw back hundreds of years.(Vote Coaliton Abbott next election folks!)(But we are already sunk too much I think!)


          We are stuck with the horrid “Association” for at least two more years.


          The P.M. is FULL of stupid backward sending ideas. But it won’t be enough to get rid of the P.M.  As a replacement could save The Labor Party!


          Getting Turnbull in would also be bad.(Global Warming is due to Second Sun, AND EXTRA rising magma from BELOW, NOT CO2 excess in our atmosphere. THINK. Not swallow stupid propaganda!!)(A SCAM for Margaret Thatcher’s bonus!!)


          He probably would stymie Abbott(Turnbull would.).




     The obvious best solution to The Asylum Seekers is Nauru.




     Gay marriage and assisted euthanasia are sick ideas. Though good at population reducing!!




     Censorship of The Internet would be step one to removing Australian freedom!



      The P.M. will do ANYTHING for Power, and more power.




      Australia is too soft.




      Islam will throw us back to Medieval times!!





     If anything bad can happen, it WILL do!(Murphy’s Law.)




     Simply because of The Evil Succession of Devil and the top evil personages, The Reptileans aliens, The Annunaki aliens(soon coming to inspect us)(RIDING Nibiru!), The Little Grey aliens,etc., The Illuminati,etc.  The Second Government, Political Correctness and The Various Activisms.(Aliens exist all right!!)(But some are good.)


     Humanity has been under this great evil influence for at least 900,000 years.





     3.  Meanwhile Nibiru Complex approaches.(It will soon be obvious to all!)  Antoine MAY be Nemesis.(Sol’s stellar COMPANION!!)(It is amazing that it is still not yet world headlines, along with life on Mars!!)(Mars is amazingly like Earth. With humans, lakes, forests,cities and numerous anomalies.)


     We have two years left to Doom(2,013.). Which (if Peebles is right) may be 3 or 4 years more than that.(Peebles claims that Gregorian Calendar is 3, possibly 4, years too advanced. So it may only be 2,008 now. Or even 2,007.)




     4.  I will finish on a bright note:-


     a.  Alignment with the centre of our galaxy will occur 21.12.2,012.  Which should bring great benign influences.


     b.  The Aquarian Age will start then – also bringing benign influences.




     So exciting time ahead folks. Both best and worst time EVER.


     Huge changes will occur.


     Not just physical, but super physical too.




     I REPEAT:  To escape the horrors to come, SIMPLY go down the North Geographical Pole!!(Because The Earth(all astronomical objects and fields and bolides ARE) IS hollow!!)


      I imagine the worst part will be the RAIN of asteroids, comets, meteors and the deadly red poisonous dust.



      Expect the very air to catch fire!


      Listen to me, please and take best specimens DOWN The North Geographical Pole!!




      We have had it good for far too long.




      Have FAR too many people on the planet.(And too much traffic.)




      Too many(Especially in West, particularly in U.S.) are simply not interested and are FAR too complacent.


      Only seem to be interested in sport and entertainment.(What IDIOCY we see on Television,etc!!)



      I notice Christianity going out the window.(Christmas will be next!)



      Mind you the excessive restrictions of Islam, ESPECIALLY Shia Islam would do much to kerb Western INDULGENCE.



      People shown on Television are FAR too happy.



      Not that I am against happiness. Much the reverse! 


      But to show such EXTREME delight IN THE FACE of the coming TERRORS – is so absurd and ridiculous as to be pathetic and  TRAGIC!!





       Judgement Day is HARDLY the time for hilarity!!






       Man is obsessed with sex, drugs, fun, justice, money, wealth, PLEASURE, licence, power, revenge, sadism, and so on and ON.  All things NEGATIVE!!    We NEED the POSITIVE THINGS, folks!! Too much of the negative. It is DESTROYING US!! Body AND SOUL!!)




        The Devil has indeed FOOLED the world.



        It is true that if you do evil, you will get immediate blessings. But IN THE LONG RUN, terrible suffering!


        Likewise, if you do good, you will suffer immediately, BUT IN THE LONG RUN greatly gain!!


        That is HOW it is.


        A Spiritual LAW.



        Humans(so many of them) have it all backwards and the OPPOSITE to what is REALLY so!



        There is no RELIGIOUS HELL by the way.(We survive death, but the important thing is WHERE we go afterwards!)


        I mean that the awful Hell taught by Religion is phoney. However, HELL(I mean Hades, The Underworld.) DOES exist.(According to the excess of evil over good that you do, you WILL go down to a lower plane in The Spirit World and suffer in PROPORTION!!)(HELL is a condition of the mind. Hades is a MATERIAL PLACE in The Spirit World.)


        GOD squares accounts. There is no need to worry about getting revenge! It will happen AUTOMATICALLY via the spiritual law called THE LORD!!


        The SPIRITUAL LAW will get EVEN, for you!!



        Just bear it, forgive,understand, and do ALL the good that you POSSIBLY can!!


        Because once you die, THE BOOKS ARE CLOSED!!




        We do NOT come to an end at death! We simply SHED the physical body. Much like a lobster sheds its shell!(How many lobsters break their hearts over THAT!)


        The POINT IS, that we retreat into our next finer vehicle, which is a MUCH better one, in a lighter world!!(In WEIGHT.)


        It is LIKE waking up from a bad dream(Death is!). 



        But if you do wrong, then you WILL suffer for it LATER ON.(Not immediately, nor in the short term.)



        Maybe not from Man. But from THE LORD!!




        Do NOT worry about physical death(Worry about SOUL death!!)(The result of doing too much evil!!)(An endless death!).


        You will not only go to a better world.(ALL creatures do!!)(Death was never born!!)


        But RE-INCARNATE later on!!


        AFTER you have put everything right!(By going BACK into your past. And correcting all wrongs done!!)




        Remember that you CANNOT take your PHYSICAL riches with you. But you DO take your psychological mental ones!! THEY go  WITH you, at SO CALLED death!!




       You have lost loved ones to death.  No problem!!  THEY survive in a better world!! The loss is only temporary. You CAN see them AGAIN!(When YOU pass on!)


       Furthermore, you can see them whilst incarnate. At materialization seances.  AND, if you learn how, by LEAVING YOUR BODY(temporarily) and VISITING THEM in The Spirit World!!




       Mankind has got it ALL WRONG!!



       The DEVIL has deceived you, YOU SEE?!



       Via those not properly clued up. And you have made the mistake of BELIEVING them!!



        Do not doubt. These things ARE SO!!


        Else I would not tell you such!!




        You have nasty diseases? Because you fail to take the alternative remedies.(Check on The Internet!!)




        Disease is BIG BUSINESS, you see.


        So WHY suffer??




        It is an evil world. So much suffer ing.


        Not for much longer. Those who hurt others now, are going to be DESPATCHED…


        To a lower planet.


        Or, to a lower plane!!




        You THINK I am mistaken?


        You WILL find out OTHERWISE,then!!





        Nature red in tooth and claw? Yes. But only to those who descend to that level!!


        Peace to the peaceable!!



        Woe comes to those who create it.




        Do NOT commit suicide, NOR obtain euthanasia!!


        That is SELF murder, and you not only wind up in The Spirit World WITHOUT a physical body,


        But get punished for getting rid of SO GREAT  a gift from GOD!!






        Yes, God!


        You THINK no God there?



       God is TOO BIG to see!


       Does not care for our foolish excesses.




       WE will put those right, WHEN we see WHERE such follies take us!!





       Not enough money?


       The rich have had their reward!




       Just stick it out until you “die”, and THEN you will SEE where your sacrifices have got you!!




       Whilst those who did not(sacrifice) will envy you.




       WHEN you pass over, head straight for THE LIGHT.


       Climb as HIGH as you can SPIRITUAL VIBRATIONALLY. Whether 3d wise as well(it usually is!) or not.


       As quickly as possible.




      Many in The Spirit World bemoan NOT knowing these things!!




      And WOULD give ANYTHING to come back, and give it a BETTER go!!




      SHOULD you find yourself Earthbound(and some do)(That is UNABLE to rise into The Spirit World PROPER.)(Stuck in a sort of HALF WAY house.), then take all care NOT to let your GHOST get anywhere near to you.(So when you pass on(“die”), get AS FAR AS YOU CAN FROM YOUR CORPSE!!)



      The ghost(which was your energy double in life, will cleave to the corpse after death, out of HABIT from always being inside of our bodies.


       But should it see you close by the corpse, will make a bee line for you, as being a more YOU than your corpse is!  Got it?



       IF your ghost envelops you, you will find yourself in a fog, and could be like that indefinitely!  So get WELL AWAY from corpse AND GHOST!!



       Do NOT accompany strange spirits who may try to take you down into Hades(Hell).


        Just get right UP, as high as you can(spiritually) OUT of it!!





         In time YOU MAY escape your Earthbound condition.



         Or you may re-incarnate from there!





         Thank you for listening IF you did.


         Don’t forget!!




         What I am saying might come in HANDY…one day…




         Once “dead” not much use talking to the living. They won’t hear you. Nor see you. Unless they are clairvoyant or mediums.



         Only hope you have is by telepathy.  The living can pick up your thoughts if beamed at them, THOUGH MAY THINK it is their “subconcious mind”.


         But DON’T waste time down here.


         Get up ABOVE.


         Or all sorts of ills can accrue to you!!




         GOD is the ONE to unite with.


         And pursue. No thing less.




         Up to YOU of course.


         This is advice not a command.





        Nibiru is real, check out on VIDEOS.


        “Nibiru videos”


        And “Second sun” videos.




        Heck! Why should I get all the luck??



        So COMRADES, I share with you!!(What I KNOW to be so…)





        After passing on, head for THE LIGHT, climb as high as you can IMMEDIATELY(or risk losing the chance!). SPIRITUALLY. 5d wise.





       OBSERVE Nibiru complex for YOURSELVES!!(It is THERE all right!!)




       Good aliens MAY evacuate SOME.




       Less than 2 years to go…




       Take care not to confuse WISH with FACT. Many do!!





       You HAVE been WARNED.





       You ARE being TOLD!!





       I hope The Spirit World does not get destroyed too…







      PLEASE SPREAD what I am telling you!!














































M40. The REAL reason for Britain’s riots,etc!!

August 31, 2011

Friday, 12th August,  2,011.






The Real reason for Britain’s riots,etc.




       Shop keepers putting up prices too much, from greed, Stunting growth, making employers take on less staff.  Leading to them putting off staff – and not taking on new!  So those pushed beyond limit attacked shops,etc.


       I do not condone lawlesness however, much the reverse.


      The offenders do(all cultures, all races)not know any better. Whilst their parents failed to teach them better.  This, I think, in the majority of cases.


      This at a time when spanking is being discouraged. How foolish! Spanking is done out of love for the child, to save them from WORSE, LATER ON!!


      The offenders NEEDED that guidance early in life. NOW will be punished MUCH more severely.


      But you cannot condemn them for being what they are. On the other hand we cannot continue to let law breakers destroy a nation!!


      So an UNDERSTANDING line needs to be taken between these two extremes!! Punish, but with compassion!!




     None of us can help being where we are in  our stage of personal evolution! If one doesn’t know better, and has not been taught(via spanking if necessary, as it SO OFTEN is!)better, then the NECESSARY (to save society and to save offenders from worse punishment in the future) correction is better given than not! Which SHOULD be OBVIOUS!!





      Yes, the police were FAR FAR too soft in their control!


      So now(as one SHOULD EXPECT, and is NOW so necessary!!)we have VIGILANTES on the streets, AND shop-keepers up in arms, instead of them learning NOT to be so greedy, and to keep their prices DOWN!!



     You cannot blame the police, re being so slow to respond! Things TAKE TIME to organize!


     It is FAR FAR easier to do harm than good. So a little patience and understanding folks,please!!




     Though a black skinned man was root of the trouble. Lawless drug pusher went too far.(DON’T do wrong!)  and was shot dead by the police.  What ELSE could they do??!!  But if he did not fire first,then police  should not have shot him.



     But the fact that he had a dark skin is irrelevant. Had he been white he would still, if not MORE so – got into trouble!


     Racism is an easy glib taunt to make. It is FAR too often bandied and overdone!!



     What counts is the colour of a man’s HEART.


     On the other hand I think the white skins, ESPECIALLY The Anglo-Saxons are more orderly than coloured folk.  Yes, I really do.




    Perhaps because more fortunate and therefore find it easier to behave.




    Far worse than anti dark skins is the anti WHITE SKINS prejudice!! So often now hypocritically bandied about!!




    Multi culturalism is a failure, and should not have been EXPECTED to succeed. Society is NOT READY for it!!


    Same applies to mixing the races.


    Best stay in your own COUNTRY.


    Otherwise ghettoes spring up, and conflict so easily ensues!!



    Christian countries certainly don’t want Islam, especially SHIA Islam.


    Though there is much good in Islam too!


     Judge people on what they are, and their handicaps!!



     Who can help where he was born??



     The INDIAN folk(sub continent) are a good people. Far ahead of all other coloured folks. They get punished out of envy of their goodness – all too often!! Not for their sins.(They behave(in general) VERY WELL!!(I was  an Indian in a previous life. But SO WHAT!!))(We ALL naturally take on the culture of our environment and THE RACE of our progenitors!!  It is STUPID to condemn people for THAT!!)(In one life we may be Red Indian. In another, Chinese!)(In one life we are a man.  In another, a woman.)




     I hold that The Feds are NOT to blame for the present economic and financial  – and now social,etc. crises.  Don’t blame Greenspan or Bernanke!!



    True the bankers, the brokers, the mortgage holders,ETC. DO fleece us when they can. But how many of us fail to take advantage WHEN THEY CAN??!!


    I certainly do.(It is almost a necessity!!)




    The solution of The Feds is to PRINT more money! More pretty bits of coloure paper(bank notes). It is only PAPER. Worthless were it otherwise by FIAT!!


    It is actually a good idea.


    In an ideal society,we would all love each other so much that we would give away,not take!



    However, because SO MANY DO take, we are obliged, unless wishing to die, to put a price on what we sell! THAT WE  MIGHT LIVE. SOME profit is NECESSARY!!  Not ALL profit is evil!  We all need to keep body and soul TOGETHER!!   COME ON!!




     Fiat money is simply token ticket riches.(Fiat means by law and enforced.)


     So we are obliged, as a rule,to regard banknotes and coins AS wealth.



     However, thanks to SO MANY living beyond their means, we are in general burdened with huge debt and deficit!!


     Debt is what we owe others. Deficit is shortfall in our revenue.




      The trick IS  not to buy WHAT YOU CANNOT AFFORD!!




     LET others have more than you.  Good luck to them!!




     WHAT IS wealth?(It is certainly not bank notes,etc!!)



     Wealth is out potential to give to others(E.g. Labour. And what we SO TRY to take with us – out of this world!!). But SPIRITUAL wealth is what counts THE MOST!!(How much do we LOVE,ETC. others.  How much do WE CARE about others’ WELFARE(including the spiritual!)??)(THAT is what GOD judges on.  Though SO MANY humans are influenced by another’s money,goods, services,  influence, connections, looks, strength, energy,etc.  And too often COVET it!!)




      It is true that The Feds are driving up prices(Inflation.  Leading to Hyperinflation. As with The German Weimhar Republic and Zimbabwe, Holland over the tulip affair(When even a single tulip became GREAT WEALTH!!),ETC.   Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome,too!!) by their now non-stop printing of more and more money, etc.  But IF all would SPEND instead of save, we could get by.(However SAVE is the way to go.  Or it was when there were far few people and vehicles,etc. And thus things were far more manageable.)



    However, The Feds DO provide us with TOKEN TICKET wealth.(Bank-notes,etc. The FIAT money.)


    So much more convenient than carrying around gold and silver. Or bartering!!




   ORIGINALLY bank notes were PROMISES TO PAY BEARER so many POUNDS weight equivalent in gold(At bank).



   (Man’s laws are only as strong as are honoured. As is a man’s word!!)



   Otherwise society breaks down!!





   Similarly with I.O.U’s,etc.





   We TRUST that the fiat money given to us proceeds of a sale, WILL in turn be a recognized TICKET for US in turn  to make purchases!!



   Which is a cheap alternative to loving the shopkeeper!  (I love you brother! Now give me a pound of RICE!!)




     My Ratings Systems to sharing out the wealth would get around all this.



     And save us all, instead of dooming us, as now!!





     Gold IS money. Because SO MANY recognize it as material value. Yet it has few industrial uses. And just cycles around.



     Silver, on the other hand, has a number of important industrial uses, but because so bulky and heavy is not too convenient NOWADAYS to carry around.


     And gold is FAR FAR too expensive. Plus the danger of being robbed.  Off person, or from under the mattress,etc.





    So though gold looks like going to the moon.



   SILVER may go to THE SUN!!



   Recent record FOUR TIMES that of gold.  But much more VOLATILE.(Fluctuating.)




   You need a very thick SKIN to invest in silver!



   But gold much more easily CONFISCATED!!




   We should either go back on to the gold standard OR have Chinese Yuan(Or Japanese Yen) replace U.S. dollar.  Or get into Swiss Francs,etc.



   But U.S. dollar now become VERY worrisome.


  But GREED(humans are so selfish)persuaded them (The bankers, going back to Promissory Notes.) to remove that so important word PROMISE!!


  There is no PROMISE now on banknotes(In U.S.etc.anyway) to pay bearer gold!



   They could confiscate silver too!!




   The rulers who take just about everything else from us. In return for letting us EXIST!!



    Damn capitalists?


    Damn imperialists?



    We are all human. But some more equal than others!!



    Even Communist China has a CAPITALIST system.



    You just gotta have it.  YOU SEE??!!





    The solution is my Ratings system.(Share out the wealth!!)


    Or be required to SPEND.(As saving NOW will doom us via SEIZURE of the circulating system(money)(As is happening NOW!!)








    A SEIZURE which looks FATAL for all of us.


    Including Australia.





   As the riots spread.


   And what else can they do if shop keepers fail to keep prices down!!



   And what else do we expect human nature to do!!





   COME ON!!


   Adopt my Share The Wealth RATINGS’ SYSTEM!!!!




















M39. I TRY to make things clear!

August 31, 2011

Tuesday, 9th August,  2,011.




I try to make things clear!




       Basically, what I am saying to those of you I can reach, is:-



       1.  That within two years most life forms upon this planet will perish horribly.(Due to what is called Nibiru.  Nibiru is the 9th(Was Planet X until Pluto with  companion Charon got demoted from planetary status) planet in our solar system(not officially discovered).  But known to The Sumerians thousands of years ago(a fact made known by Zechariah Sitchin via Nancy Leiden).  Named after one of their gods name of Nibiru.


       Nibiru has been captured apparently because the orbitary period involved is 3,600 years(Every 3,600 years this Nibiru complex orbits our sun causing great damage. Resulting in the destruction of nearly all the surface life of Earth, Mars, Venus,etc.(EACH TIME it comes along!!)  Due to the colossal gravity magnetic tides accompanying.)(By the simple expedient of going down The North Geographical Pole, THIS can be DODGED!!) Sol’s small binary companion brown dwarf star Antoine and its retinue of six(at least five) planets with their satellites,etc. is RIGHT NOW merging with our(Sol’s)solar system.  Along with, apparently the core of another of Sol’s planets, Phaeton.


      What we have approaching us then is the star Antoine, with its six planets and their moons,etc. Plus captured planet Nibiru(The erstwhile Planet X.). AND captured planet Phaeton.  Along with many asteroids, comets, meteors,etc. dragged down by gravity from The Oort Cloud, The Kuiper Belt, and The Asteroid Belt. Which, with deadly poisonous red dust out of Phaeton’s tail, and the masses of ELECTRONS that our sun is now increasingly entering(Did that kill many animals recently?)as it rounds the spiral arm – will rain down upon The Earth.)


      So WHY aren’t we told this?! By The Authorities.


      Because they no wish to lose control of us!!


      And because ONLY their(those of the few who know) CHOSEN FEW will be able to get on the ships that can go with the necessary equipment WITHIN THE EARTH!!(NOT underground please note.  But along a surface which is SECRETLY contiguous with a surface which is ONLY SPATIALLY beneath us! NOT tactilely!!(When sailing WITHIN, you will NOT feel any descent!!)(And too gradual to SEE.)


      Only space for a few!(Did Noah say that? His ark could only hold so many!)




     Having understood the work-out of all this(AND having proved and confirmed that 2012 is the year of doom), and being VERY deeply concerned for ALL of us, I am desperately TRYING to warn you!(But am being almost totally ignored! Out of sheer disbelief at the APPARENT unlikelihood of what I am saying, PLUS not wishing to have pride hurt. But I only ask that you CHECK OUT my proof and confirmation AND view the many videos SHOWING the various objects NOW closing in upon us(aiming for the sun, but because we are very close to the sun, we can expect a hammering).  If you will not do this then who is to blame for your not fleeing down The North Geographical Pole(There is a huge tubular entrance near both poles leading down to a vast tropical paradise BELOW, yet NOT underground!!)(Where one should be safer!)?


       You would prefer a TERRIBLE DEATH to even RISKING having your pride hurt?!


       Is that SO??!!



       WHY are you SO SURE that I am wrong????


    We have heard much about 2012 being Doomsyear, but the modus operandi has been missing. Now I have given it to you.(Enormous gravity tides is the basic reason(the effects of that). Plus the damage being done by centrifugal force as our sun rounds the spiral arm!(Entering the increasingly dense fields of MASSES OF ELECTRONS running down the side of the spiral arm!)(We, being going around with the sun, suffer that too!  Centrifugal Force is hurling the magma up against the tectonic plates, causing our increasing disasters! Plus extra heat!  Which, together with the heat from Antoine the second sun – is what IS what is causing our growing heat!(HEAT, increasing(and cold) is going to be our problem now, as we pass through solar cycle 24, and a new La Nina!!)


    I think MANY will perish in the coming AWFUL HEAT…


   I don’t see how I can spell it out more clearly to you, nor do more to get everyone to know!!



   Are you saying that you would prefer NOT to RISK a hurt pride rather than save ALL life forms upon this planet?!(Because that IS what it will mean!  IF you do not heed me AND GET DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE(North much easier than south.)(I know best HOW to DODGE the impending WIPE OUT!!)(Also design and mass produce my Faraday-caged SPECIAL helmets(To keep out most of the electrons AND the deadly poisonous suffocating red dust already falling upon us on Earth from Phaeton’s TAIL!!)))


   IF I am wrong, then you have ONLY to check my arithmetic in my L7 article’s proof and confirmation, and POINT out to me EXACTLY WHERE I am in error!(Plus explain where SO MANY videos,etc. and reports are  wrong about all this!)(Just punch in on your computer internet browsers “Nibiru videos” and “Second Sun” videos.)


   I am not asking you to just believe me, I am asking you to follow my proof and confirmation, and study the videos SHOWING these objects!!


   Where is my reputation if I do not TRY to inform you?


   And where is yours if you won’t even CHECK it out??!!



   What is it you find so hard to believe?  The idea that another star(plus its planets and their satellites,etc. could orbit ours every 3,600 years?(But there is both past evidence AND present SIGHT!!)(Every 3,600 years!)(But just about ALL stars go in identical twin pairs AND ORBIT each other periodically!)(Our astronomers are either unaware of the fact, OR do not wish us to know!!)(They know about Nemesis our MAJOR companion star, but few know about Antoine  our MINOR companion star.)


    AND you have the record of past cataclysms separated by 3,600 years, in which Mu Lemuria, Atlantis and Poseidon(and more before that) all were annihilated!


    The fate WE are(within a few years) ALSO to experience!


    Perhaps you think it is absurd that our Earth is hollow and that there is a tubular entrance leading down WITHIN.


    Let me assure you that the absurd notion is the SOLID globe one! Simply because spinning globes of molten rock MUST, via centrifugal force, congeal(solidify) with their masses flung to the side!(In other words be hollow!) PLUS have giant tubelar passageways leading WITHIN!!)(This is a SCIENTIFIC, LOGICAL NECESSITY of PHYSICS!!)(Have you been making the easy but erroneous assumption that accepted “scientific” facts ARE necessarily logical?!)(ALL astronomical globes and fields are HOLLOW(They HAVE to BE!!)(Or Physics is wrong!!).)(You follow??)(All of the important things we get taught are untrue!!)



     Many people speak of SCIENTIFIC and LOGICAL as if  synonymous terms!! But they are NOT!!(Though they SHOULD BE!!)(Material Science does VERY GREATLY err about the IMPORTANT THINGS!!)


    I am NOT trying to stuff you up with a lot of NONSENSE!!




    Have you facilely believed that most people love the truth? No, it’s the opposite!   People everywhere in general  DOMINANCE will immediately kill ANY great or important truths uttered by ANYONE!!(Didn’t you know that?!)And kill the speaker of it too if necessary!!(Which is WHY all efforts to report weird and wonderful truths GET stifled at birth.(THAT is why the reports of Nibiru and a SECOND SUN are failing SO BADLY to get well known!!)(Humans are very unevolved spiritually!)(And are only technologically advanced so far as they are because certain ALIENS have taught us IN EXCHANGE for being allowed to ABDUCT us(we are their cattle!) AT WILL(For various reasons that suit THEM, not us!!))


     Do NOT be fooled into thinking that we live in an ENLIGHTENED AGE. We don’t!!


     (Only a slight improvement upon the past! NOT the total elimation of ALL error!!  Improved, perhaps. But NOT perfected!!)


    Christendom was the old Western god. NOW it is SO CALLED Science!!  THAT is the god now.  And a PHONEY one!!(The MAJOR scientific truths get hushed up!!)(“Science” is right(enough)about numerous minor things. But wrong about the IMPORTANT things!!)




     If these objects actually were in the sky, they would get reported by professional AND amateur astronomers?(No!  They either get suppressed,denied or explained away as something else!!)



     Why haven’t people in general spotted any of these objects and reported them?  Because it is taboo to report facts that are not approved of by our rulers!!


     And because a second sun would be hidden by glare of our sun. Also be seen by AN EXTREMELY SMALL FEW at sunrise or sunset(when best viewed). Best seen down south due to its very oblique angle of approach.(To The Ecliptic.)


     The core of the planet Phaeton is VERY clearly seen as a small dark spot silhouetted against the sun.(Photograph,etc. it yourself, or view pictures done by others!!)(It is getting larger(approaching)!!)




      THIS is the object that causes us the most harm!(IT is wrongly being called Nibiru.(No.  Planet Nibiru, what was our Planet X – is not due until 2,078.)


      Phaeton is due Saint Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2,013.A.D.(Within TWO YEARS!!)(There is an AMAZING confluence of great cataclysms occurring(or about to occur)JUST NOW!!  It just HAPPENS that Phaeton is on a very irregular orbit, along with Nibiru, JUST WHEN Antoine and its planets,etc. are!!



      This is the object(almost as big as Mars)whose gravity and magnetic tides do such damage to the solar system every 3,600 years!!




      It may be being argued by those who are suppressing these important FACTS, that if the people were informed they would create pandemonium.(I think they are stronger minded than that. Bit of a panic at first maybe, but THUS avoiding the PANDEMONIUM that will surely follow if they are not informed!(If told in enough time THE PEOPLE will ADAPT to the idea, and not create pandemonium later.  THIS is my argument.  So TELL THEM!!)


     The FACT (of Phaeton’s close approach to Earth) will soon become evident to ALL!!(Because it should APPEAR soon in our sky looking like our moon, only red and four linear diameters larger!!)(I think we should be WARNING the people of this, not hiding it from them!!)(To give them TIME to adapt to the idea.)(It CANNOT be hidden for much longer!!)(So BETTER tell the people, authorities in the know!!)


     Even though VERY FEW will manage to get down The North Geographical Pole!!


     So they can at least PREPARE their minds for so horrible a fate!!



     VERY FEW should survive.(Though it should not hit us.)



     Even the Earth ITSELF is in danger of being destroyed!!





      VERY FEW will be able to get DOWN The North Geographical Pole. But that is no reason not to tell us of the fact!!



       Only a chosen(by WHOM??) few best specimens(in who’s view??) of humans, animals,plants,seeds,etc. will go.






       Do you see the gravity of this?


       And HOW RESPONSIBLE I am?!


       Because I am one of THE FEW who know.


       I know BEST how to DODGE(Because I know most about WHAT is happening.) the coming WORST EVENT to hit Man on Earth, EVER!!(Future included.)





       That was just ONE of a number of things Man needs to be warned about!!






       So, I continue:-





       2.   Risking Hell after death if you do more evil than good!


       If you do more evil than good, then you invoke a spiritual law(Called The LORD), which AUTOMATICALLY LOWERS the vibrations of your soul!


       Thus increasing its weight!


       The result of this is to shut out beneficial influences from you by God,etc. both in THIS WORLD and life NOW. AND in the life to come!!(Close up your receptors so to speak.  YOUR fault.  NOT God’s!!  PLEASE note, and note THAT WELL!!!!)



        In TWO ways:-



        (i) By causing you to fall to a lower level than the medium(average) once you have crossed into The Spirit World after SO CALLED death.(ONLY the physical body dies at death. Soul, YOU,  goes ON!!)


         And (ii) By causing you, via karma(debt) to suffer handicaps in your future lives!!


         For instance, a scar received in a previous life gets imprinted upon the higher vehicles,too. This is then retained and RE-imprinted upon the foeutus YOU have chosen to be your next physical vehicle!!



         So you see by doing more evil than good, you risk incurring the wrath of Man and God, NOW and in future lives, discarnate AND incarnate!!!!



         Whilst, if you do more good than evil, you go to Heaven and Paradise.(To the degree you do more good than evil!)





         Though not all of Man’s Judgements are good!!(Witness Jesus for example!)


         He was murdered HORRIBLY for doing SUCH immense good!(Because humans are unevolved and the rulers of The Earth are evil.)(People will do ANYTHING to preserve their way of life! Destroying YOURS if necessary!!  So they slew the world’s best hope!!)


         They preferred to please Caeser(!) RATHER than GOD!!



         ALL who try to follow Jesus can EXPECT similar treatment!! Proportionately, at least.





         Many hate Jesus out of envy. And because when good things get done the wicked lose out(lose out of the evil things they so love)!! So not only Jesus, but ALL who go that way suffer – according to their efforts’ successes.  Or even for trying!!




       THIS(Following Jesus being so hard.) is why this world is in the state it is in!!




       Too little is being done to warrant God’s beneficial influences!!






       Jesus was no fool.  Many think he was!  Oh,no. It is extremely hard to do good in this world of HATRED of good things.



       Don’t be deceived. THIS WORLD is very wicked!!






        I think the delight should be in getting GOD to gain, not ourselves! By doing ITS will, as best we can! But that takes SPIRITUAL STRENGTH and courage and nerve. It is NO easy stupid thing – as some think!!(Not stupid because the doer gains increased happiness now and in the future proportionately. And strength because of the resistance one encounters upon even TRYING to do good, the dominant many and strong not YET seeing the wisdom of pleasing ALL MIGHTY GOD. Which I think is obvious SENSE!!



        Have I made the mistake of trying to warn the world of the coming RECORD BREAKING CATACLYM(Within TWO YEARS!!(Indeed, it has ALREADY started(September 1st, 2,010.A.D.), rather than concentrate upon warning men of hell and hades(underworld)for those who do more evil than good.   I fear so!  But I see getting others to at least be warned, if not avoid, the VERY SOON COMING CATACLYSM as being of SUCH IMMEDIATE importance!!(DO I err??)(If so, I am sorry God. Perhaps I AM overawed by it,THEN!! Comparatively.)))




     I hate the WAYS of this world. I don’t hate the world.




     3. Physical death is NOT the end!!(Many people fear death. But the death to fear is an untimely or painful one.(Not all deaths are painful.)(Or at the end of a life where you have done more evil than good!)(And thus fear Hell.)(Or one perhaps where too many people would miss you too much!)


      Physical death is NOT the end of YOU!! It is ONLY the end of your physical body! A welcome relief,often, when timely. Or if in great pain.


     Many think that they ARE their physical bodies. No, that is not so. We are our souls and personalities, NOT the vehicles we temporarily inhabit!!(We are no more our bodies,than we are the cars we drive when we get into them!!)(Just a temporary VEHICLE! For us to USE, whilst in the physical world!!)



     Physical death(the ONLY death to the minds of many)is the PERMANENT END of the physical body of course. No doubt about that!!  It will just rot away, vanishing for ever.



     However, we are unquestionably VERY MUCH more than our physical bodies.



     3.  We re-incarnate. Endlessly.  As we have done already.


     We take a sojourn in The Spirit World after physical death, in much the same way as when we awaken from a dream into waking life!  A complete change of world!!


     When we tire of this(The Interregnum after physical death.) vacation, or feel the need of a much tougher world whereby to grow faster in(The Spirit World is easier materially, but harder spiritually.  So though it is very pleasant, we don’t evolve much(in the top half!)(!  And thus some wish to speed things up a bit.  Which can be achieved by getting born into the physical again. (Similarly to being in a dream and wishing for a more substantial life! Perhaps more challenging!!)


    We do this by condensing our spirit vehicle down to smaller than a pea, and having chosen our next parents, do enter the brain of the foeutus via the suture in the skull, in reverse manner to the way we exit our present body upon physical death. 


    Thus we possess it. But cannot(usually) get out again until it dies!!



    4. MOST other globes,etc. are inhabited. Not necessarily by beings like ourselves. Not all creatures are carbon based. And there are MANY different planes of existence.



   5.  We are visited often by aliens. ETC.


   The fact is, few of us believe the truth, we believe what we WISH(and disbelieve what we DON’T wish;  to believe)(Not that Truth cares!!) to believe. And often confuse this for the truth!!



   6.  Nearly all people believe that we cannot go back and change the past. Though many of us WISH that we could!!


   However!  This is not so.  We CAN, and MUST, go back into our past and do the things we ought to have done, but didn’t; and not do the wrong things we did !


   Unless we do this. (Easy to do after death in The Spirit World.) We shall be unable to improve and gain a better self for our next incarnation!!




   7.  Another amazing thing that can be done, is have someone(even yourself)hypnotize you to do things you are unable to do.(For example: Not fear women.)(There are limits though!! But our PRESENT abilities CAN be improved!!)(The secret of hypnosis is to TRULY BELIEVE what your subconcious(or whatever)mind is being told!!)(Because we can(if able)do what we BELIEVE we can.)





   8.   Aliens are coming to inspect us soon. This is a bit of a worry.


   The Annunaki aliens who genetically modified our genes currently riding Nibiru will drop off and pay us a visit!(Before the main event, presumably. Which will be either a terrible death or have to stay on Earth after The Coming Worst of ALL TIME event!!)(For instance live in icy caves in a new Ice Age!!)


   9.   You get saved from Hell and Hades(The Underworld after death.) by repenting of your sins. This means not being just sorry, but BURNING OUT IN ANGUISH from your soul your sins!!


  10.  And you cannot even START to begin to please God UNTIL you accept CHRIST into your heart.


   And then LET IT LIVE OUT THROUGH YOU unto the maximum,








    We have been having too easy of a time of it lately. And Nature is a VERY GREAT balancer!!



    Ignoring me WILL NOT make what I am warning you of GO AWAY!!



    Isn’t it wiser – to at least ALLOW for THE POSSIBILITY that I may be right?!


    By SIMPLY CHECKING what I have asked you to!!


    My motivation is CONCERN for YOU.(Worthwhile, I hope!!)(In particular THE SOON COMING DOOM!!)




    What is YOUR motivation for ignoring me??  ??


     The belief that what is not thought about won’t happen??




     Be warned comrades!!




    Not far to go,now!!











































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