M53 Latest developments. 29.08.11.

Monday, 29th August,  2,011.





Latest developments.





        Situation reports seems to have become a Newsletter!



        Re: Nibiru Complex. The thing to do is to go back 3,600 years before 2,012.A.D. And then another 3,600 to 5188 B.C.  And so on.


        A colossal catastrophe is forecast by leading prophets for 2,012.A.D.


        Due to Nibiru complex orbitting our sun every 3,600 years!


        In 1588 B.C.  Joshua(Christian Bible, Old Testament.) spoke of the sun standing still for 24 hours.  So something BIG evidently happened.  To stop The Earth rotating for 24 hours, with all that would go with that!!


        I speak of these things to get you to PREPARE, not to scare you.  Imagine a chap in the middle of the road saying “You are scaremongering!” to someone trying to pull him out of the way of an approaching truck!!


       Comet Elenin comes within range  Sept.1st 2,011.  And departs 16.01.12.(I use British notation.)



       The asteroid Sedna may have been a deliberate confusion by NASA. To explain away Nibiru.



       A new “star” has appeared in the sky. Seen in various parts of the world. I am told that four of them, at the four key positions in the sky have been placed. Could be another Crop Circles(but in the sky) event.  By aliens(we are their cattle!).  Put there to warn us of doom, soon.(Centred upon Dec.21.2,012.)



      TWO Katchinas(not Katrinas!) have been forecast by The Hopi Indians(good prophets). One blue, one red.


      The first one, the blue one  SEEMS to be Comet Elenin.  It is the harbinger, then, of the red Katchina.  Which soon follows.



      Comet Elenin is merely a comet in size, but a slightly dangerous one. Because contains Hydrogen Cyanide.  A deadly poison. Plus is an Electric Capacitator!!



      As it nears the sun, there are periods of very nasty electric discharges when nearest to our sun! This danger will be with us for the next four to five months. Sept 1, 2,011 to Jan 16, 2,012.


     Electrifying air, causing volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.



     THIS (Comet Elenin probably) Katchina of The Hopi is the nice one!




     The red one is CALLED Nibiru.(But is ACTUALLY the small brown dwarf star, with its six planets and their satellites,etc.etc.) This is the MONSTER. Very nasty.



     Expect 85% of all life-forms upon Earth to get destroyed.(Earth shift and standstill!! So it is going to get rough.)


     Reports of what will happen vary.


     Get DOWN The North Geographical Pole. Pronto!!



     I think stocking up food,etc. may be a waste of time. So SEVERE will it be!! But would not hurt!




     It is very confusing.  Nibiru, the name of a Sumerian god, was the name given to Planet X.  Now visible. Out past Jupiter I believe.  Big.  I think about the size of Saturn.



    Something big and horrible approaches us. But not one object, but about four groups of them. Plus asteroids, comets and meteors dragged down from the three asteroid belts. Including The Oort Cloud.



    The core of planet Phaeton (ex our solar system)  can be seen silhouetted against our sun. It is approaching. Wrongly called Nibiru. This is the one to pass us about a million miles distant. Wreaking great havoc via gravity and magnetic tides.



    However, it is the small brown dwarf star(a star that never became lit(much)) ALSO wrongly called Nibiru, which is the biggest, or a big,  threat.



    When it circles between sun and Earth! So it can be expected to get pretty close,too!




    Very dangerous will be its planets and their satellites,etc. Which will be orbitting their parent star AS IT ROUNDS OUR SUN!!(It will LOOK like a second sun, and has been seen for years. So far still on the other side of our sun, and coming in at a steep angle from above(May be below. But little difference to us.)the ecliptic. 


    It is red and hard to see outside the infra red.



    But at times it (It changes its appearance a lot.) looks like our sun! And can be seen SOME TIMES, especially down south, near to our sun!!




    I saw one video of it, showing 5 of its planets as well as the small star itself.




    THIS is what is being called Nibiru.


    Planet X and Planet Nibiru are from OUR sun. Though may have been captured by Antoine, the second sun.(The brown dwarf small star, a sun.)




     There are many strange objects up above now. Accoutrements of Antoine plus material being pulled down from the asteroid belts.




     There is almost NO DOUBT about the genuineness of these objects





     Only a few of us will be able to escape down The North Geographical Pole.(I do not trust the underground structures being built secretly!). Unless evacuated(By authorities or aliens) it will either be a terrible and horrible death OR SURVIVE into the most horrific conditions imaginable!!





      It is being DENIED by the authorities. And by almost everyone!!




     Meanwhile VERY worried Bernanke did not do a QE3!(But pressure(by banks,etc.) may drive him to.  They do little good, are very brief lasting, and produce far worse later on.


      He does not want to look desperate. But we are!!




      Live within means, slash spending. 


      Governments need to slash spending, AND raise taxes.


      The irony of it is – that saving will stifle, but spending would help!!



      U.S. dollar is main prop of global finance and economics. But each time they do a Q.E.(Quantitative easing. Printing more banknotes,etc!), the value of each dollar goes down.)(It is all right PROVIDED you can trick yourself into believing that the next person down the line will trade via bank notes and current coins with you!! Do you see what I mean?  In a LOVING society we could buy and sell to our heart’s content.  But with fiat money(Bank notes and present coins(brass)) we have to TRUST the TOKEN TICKETS will be accepted from us, in turn!!)(So far so good.  But with each QE, the VALUE of the notes falls, which is the equivalent of raising prices. This is what is driving prices up, and causing the mob to riot!!  So we all raise our prices – and things worsen!! Plus greed. And power-urge.)



      I see another year, about,to crash proper.(As people save, not spend!!)


      We could stagger on from Q.E. to Q.E for 1, 2, 5 or even 10 years.



      China trying to make Yuan world currency. But gold, or even silver SHOULD be!!



      You cannot eat the paper bank notes. You cannot eat silver or gold either. But!!



      Silver and gold are becoming more valuable than what is paper.(The token ticket we use, fiat money, to purchase things.)


      Better than barter of course!




      The four horrors close in. 1. Avoid going to Hell after death, by repenting and accepting CHRIST, the manifest spirit of GOD into your heart. And henceforth alway living from God and Christ.


      2.  World War 3, and more threat increases so long as Iran and North Korea make nuclear weapons,etc(without permission,too)!!(This is why Bush opposed them!)(But feared to attack Iran because torpedo boats could sink the air craft carriers!!)(But now we are stuck with INCREASINGLY worse!!)



      3.   The coming Nibiru Complex, which I have said more about, above.





      4.   And of course the looming Economic and Financial collapse world wide, WITH ALL that THAT entails.




      The riots,etc. are due to difficulty for mob to buy food and fuel,etc.



      We are all being squeezed into a corner.



      So there are the four terrible and horrific threats.



      The longer left, the WORSE they get!!





      PLEASE view the videos!




      Not had chance yet to send copies to you.





      Pretending it is not going to happen WILL NOT stop it!!





     No use going into denial!!





     I am TRYING to save you all from it. But I get opposed!




     A FEW others too are trying.




    Devil rules, you see. And wants WORST!!




    But at least understand what is going on!!(No, it is NOT due to fossil fuel burning!  CO2 is plant FOOD!!)



    This world is bad and mad you see!!



    Masses of electons coming up from spiral arm as sun rounds it, is sending humans and animals increasingly mad and bad.


    Yes, this is the cause of it!!




    But soon to come, red dust(from Phaeton).





    And Hydrogen Cyanide will be in the tail. Which we are going to PASS THROUGH!!(We are in it a bit now.)



    So expect much to enter our atmosphere!!




    This is the deadly poisonous suffocating red dust, now increasingly falling upon us.



    The reason for my SPECIAL FARADAY-CAGED helmets.



    And for GETTING DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE!!(Earth,hollow.  With giant tubeway entrances at or near both poles. But North easiest(south almost impossible). 


   There IS NO down below you see! The outer surface JOINS the inner surface in ONE!! And NO WAY to distinguish!!(Down within is SIMILAR to surface. But protected by the 800 mile plus CRUST!!)





    Yes, I keep on. Because I know THE ALTERNATIVE!!





    Of course I am concerned.






    And doing my BEST(all along) to save us all!!


   It is my DUTY to tell you!!





  WHY close eyes and stop ears????


  You hope I am mistaken.


  But been studying it CLOSELY for YEARS!!


 IF I am wrong, DO need to know WHERE!!



   It is NOT a judgement.


   Just another, but large astronomical CYCLE!! One which The Sumerians knew about! But which vanished from knowledge!!



   Moon goes around Earth.


   Earth goes around sun.



   And this brown dwarf star sun GOES AROUND SOL, OUR SUN, once every 3,600 years!!



   Called “The Destroyer” by The Hopi.


   Wormwood is its name in The Holy Bible!!


   It has many names.




   Marduk is another.



























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