M51 The Fiscal Crisis

Tuesday, 23rd August,  2,011.





The reasons for the fiscal crises.


Get back on the gold standard!!





       1.  The top reason for the fiscal crises was U.S. Nixon taking the country(U.S.) off The Gold Standard.  This left the dollar and the markets without an anchor and safe haven GUIDE!!!!


       So it ran free, and INCREASINGLY WILD.(Human nature being what it is!  Stuffed on apple!!(Eve gave Adam apple!!))(Apple(actually was a nectarine) = low desires.)(Which bring bad results!!)


        Whole world affected, also by(Via Feds) the printing of dollars, via QE1 and QE2.  Many pretty coloured bits of paper(bank notes), but with the value of each one reduced!  Resulting in an increase in real prices too hard for public to bear. So they rebelled.  Began in Tunisia, remember?? Because a poor country.


        The Feds via Bernanke are being driven to implement QE3, and beyond.


        QE3,etc. hasn’t happened yet. But how hard to avoid! So habitual!!  Been done over 40 times(about) so far. Why would they stop. How HARD!!



Paying off debts and deficits IMMEDIATELY is so COMPARATIVELY easy and painless!!!!


         World, not just U.S., faces rising inflation, and, eventually, Hyper-inflation(Like with Zimbabwe!).


         Which will REALLY wreck havoc upon the world. Already so increasingly burdened with other problems!!



         U.S. and Europe,etc.(The West) in a terrible state.


         Governments and banks threatened.


         Get back onto The Gold Standard immediately!!(The resulting hardship should be far less than what is coming up otherwise!!)(We HAVE TO go one way or the other!!!!)


         Argentine,etc. chasing Britain for the gold loaned to them. U.S. cannot pay the deficit interest on loans. Yes, U.S. can simply print more and more money(electronically,etc.now), but this should lead to increasing inflation – and finally HYPER inflation.



         The Feds took over the reins and ruled the U.S. dollar for FORTY YEARS(FOUR DECADES!!).


         Greed and Power lust.


         The good times could only last so long.


         Now comes the penalty.



        We are caught between Devil and Deep Blue Sea. Either way is painful.


        Suffer pain now,OR far worse not far down the track!!


        We need to PAY BACK THE DEBT!!


        And slash spending!!



       The trick is TO LIVE WITHIN your means!!(As even RED CHINA is telling us!! It is SO obvious!!)




       PSST!!  Australia!   Get RID of Labor immediately! Or things REALLY WILL get bad!!(But remember DON’T just get rid of current p.m. but THE LABOR PTY!! Or you will simply get a p.m. in who can save Labor, – and WE WILL BE sunk!!)




        Yes, as FAST as possible. Our only hope.



        Cut spending AND raise taxes – as high as possible.


        The temptation is to print AND PRINT… Until we(the whole world,now) hits the ROCKS!!



        And printing is the only way to go. Or hit too hard(though the lesser evil!) a brick wall NOW!!



        These are the basics, I have gleaned.



        Fact is no one wants to make the severe sacrifices NOW necessitated!!  So we ALL go precisely NOWHERE!!



        And DOWN the plug we ALL go!!  WITHIN little more than a year, so far as I can see.(Anything UP TO  a few years.)




       This is the price of Nixon’s experiment.(Back in 1971. In the U.S.)





       Scary,yes. but our choice is between pain(now) and SUPER pain(later)!!



      Our inability to FACE UP TO THAT FACT –  drives us into SUPER pain –  not much farther down the track!!



      Which is better?? To be  scared into slashing spending AND raising taxes unto the MAXIMUM, NOW.(U.S. especially!!)


       OR,  to continue on our hay ride a little while longer – only to SMASH against the ROCKS(whole world) of utter chaos. Banks unable to pay and closing down.  Governments unable to bail them out.


       Via runs on the banks.






       I think we will just careen on. Hoping for the best.  But hitting worse and WORSE…




       Expect Dow and dollar to proceed downwards. Step by step. MAYBE slowly.  PERHAPS not!!


       Emergency declarations will increase.


       And Martial Law have to be imposed. As of course the public rebels more and more(against the rising prices).



      Beginning with U.S. and Europe. then spreading over entire world. Ending up in Australia. The least in danger.(Then on to The Kangaroo meat!! Or dog or RAT,etc!!!!)





      Yes, get in to SILVER and gold. But I do not trust gold much farther. So buy SILVER!!(Less likely to be confiscated(so soon, anyway) too!!




     Our rulers are eating us, of course.


     Via more and more lies.


     Anything to keep us trusting them.


     As they more and more desperately try to stave off the evil day.(The Rocks!!)



     Yet, better we have law and order, via BEING RULED!(This is where BENIGN dictator comes in!!


     Make that GOD and Jesus!!!!)




     Too many people on the planet!



     Too much traffic on the roads!



     Things are getting too complicated.




     Human grinds against human.





     We lost the plot?  We never had it in the FIRST place.


     Adam should NOT have eaten that nectarine(“apple”)




    We are entering THE RECKONING.



    Gold is too expensive to carry around(especially in today’s society!).


    And silver is too heavy.


    Pretty bits of paper and brass are increasingly JUNK!!(Bank notes and coins.)


   All of this is very slight at moment.


   But should increase PARABOLICALLY!!!!



   So what is the lesser evil?








   Wheel a load around with you as prices soar. (But gold is money, while silver is not.   You cannot eat gold or silver.  You cannot eat paper and coins either.  But with silver and gold, you can translate that into money.  And then buy food.


    At least you may be able to EAT.


    Even if you can’t keep warm.(Unless you have ENOUGH silver and gold.


    I hope I exaggerate. But HOW MUCH??!!





   Frightening and disturbing, yes.


    Would you prefer lies as we FALL faster and faster??


    Which other way but through fear?(Humans understand THAT(now SO used to it)), but LOVE, too many think is weakness!!(So HARD in the teeth of the growing hurricane of public wrath!! At being duped by rulers so much – and for so long!!)



     Best hope is to FACE The Truth!! And DEAL with it, as BEST we can!!


     I am TELLING you what I see,  OUT OF CONCERN for YOU!!




     If you HATE me for THAT, then those rocks will be VERY sharp indeed!



     I am simply trying to take the lesser evils’  route!!



    Bad news is not welcome. Of course not.


    But isn’t it better to FACE it, rather than dream on(as we all PERISH!!)??!!




    COME ON, now!!



    I can see(well enough), and I can also see the LEAST EVIL way out!!




    VAIN false hopes are no good!!




    No good you live in false wishes!!



    And try to KID yourselves that those false wishes ARE the truth!!




   The incoming tide DID NOT obey King Canute(who had ordered it to stop)!!





   There is a huge truck coming. And YOU are standing in the middle of the road, NOT KNOWING which way to go!





    So I grab you by an arm, and TRY to pull you to safety. Back over to the pavement!



    WHY do you ignore me??




    Of all the ways, doing nothing IS the worst!!





     Ah,yes, the middle of the path is where The Feds have taken us.



     And “the pavement” is where the stacks of SILVER and LOVE are!!(Love first!)(The four good commodities are: DIVINE WILL(from humans!), LOVE, Silver – and THEN gold!!!!)(Yes!!)




    All right, I may be a bit wrong here and there…(About lesser points.)



    But you(I HOPE!!) get the General Drift of The Gist –  don’t you??!!





    I carry message of escape(least evil)!!(UNLESS you can grit your teeth, and JUST die!!)




    So your response is angry hatred, and ignore??




    Hey, King Canute, why you not believe in the simple laws of PHYSICS??!!








        Vicon.(I am trying to shine a light. On the world situation.   Have I got it right enough, or not??  HOW does what you don’t like = NOT The Truth??!!)



       (Yes. We have about 40(far more in fact) years of wrong direction TO CORRECT!!)(The Dow,etc. markets are in a big correction. It is STILL continuing. Your wishful thinking is fooling you into believing the secondary VARIATIONS!!)(Stand back. Take LONGER view.   Look at The BIG picture.  Look LONG term!!)



       THAT is why U.S. Dollar and Dow, The Markets,etc. stagger downwards.(As prices do the opposite)(But  including silver and gold!!)



        Look at THE PRIMARY trends, not the increasingly volatile and unstable variations ON THOSE TRENDS!!



        As I say, gold seems to be shooting for the moon.


        Silver, – for THE SUN.


        Along with prices.


        So of course spending is seizing up, JUST when we NEED to spend!!





       Spending being now best hope.







       DON’T be short-sighted NOW!!





       Too many taking SHORT TERM views, you see!!







      O.K?? Comrades??)







     VICON!!(When troubles come and especially if they proliferate, SHINE A LIGHT!!)(To SEE worst, and take least evil way of escape!!)


     You hate message, yes.



     But WHY is messenger(My mission is to try to save you ALL, spiritually and materially!!!!) therefore bad????









































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