M50 I re-iterate(2,012,etc.).


Monday, 22nd August,  2,011.





Re-iterating what is to come.

The four horrors, plus one.




1.  Many finding their selves in Hell after death if not done more good than evil!


2.  The coming of The Nibiru Complex. Expect about 85% of all life forms on Earth, AND on Mars, Venus, Mercury and The Moon(at least these)to perish horribly within 2 years(5, if Peebles is right about calendar being wrong.).



      For those that survive it,it might be better had they perished too! As survivors will live in a desolate world and with an ice age!


3.   World War 3,etc.etc.



4.   The world economic and financial crash.



5.   Sundry things like Drug-resistant viruses,etc. Plus The Hendra virus, Mengicoccal disease, Nile Fever, Swine Fever  on top of our usual woes.



      And all manner of other things like Haarp, Black Holes being created by CERN,  The hot patch in space,  civil wars and rampant crime,etc.(ALL things spawned in and from HELL.)




      Many are HOPING that I am wrong of course, and many think it so unlikely.


      It simply happens to be that NOW is the time of the next passing of The Nibiru Complex, which comes every 3,600 years.(Plus all other cycles thrown in.)


      Our creators, The Annunaki aliens can be expected to save some of their cattle(us!).


      Things will DEFINITELY not proceed as normal.(As SO MANY so fondly believe(hope!)!!


      The date of 1999 was only an approximation for the year 2,012.A.D.


      2,012 IS the year of The Great CHANGE!!


      Centred on 2,012.


      There is something to be said for not saying anything about a disaster FEW will survive.



      But SOMETHING CAN be done about it. i.e.  Get down The Tubeway Entrance to The Within. One near the North Geographical Poles and one near South Geographical Pole.  North is best. Because a sea route in. Otherwise air.  Use gyroscopes, make bee-line north for as far as you can(make sure you don’t miss the entrance!)(Hundreds of miles wide, but lost in a HUGE wilderness.)


     And wear my SPECIAL FARADAY-CAGED HELMETS. To protect against deadly poisonous suffocating red dust, AND masses of electrons!!


     Mad as it may sound, what I am saying is VERY correct!!




     If you ignore my terrible warning, expect to SUDDENLY SEE a RED second moon appear in the sky any time soon!(Looking like a gigantic winged RED DRAGON!!)



     They call it Nibiru, but it is actually the core of the planet Phaeton.


     Three giant objects are approaching us.  Antoine, The Brown Dwarf MINOR companion star sun to our sun, Phaeton(The planet that once orbitted our sun between Jupiter and Mars(where the asteroid belt now is), – and Nibiru itself(Planet X).  Its CORE.


     Plus their accompanying planets and their satellites,etc.etc.(Debris and dust,etc. ROCKS and so on.)




    The point is FEW will be able to make the VERY dangerous journey to The North GEOGRAPHICAL POLE region and survive.


    Especially without the help of The Authorities!


    You either TRY to get WITHIN(but it is NOT underground!) – or probably suffer a terrible death.


    However after TheNibiru Complex has passed, conditions will be so bad AND in an ice age, that it were better to have perished!!



   We have been told how the moon orbits The Earth once a month. The Earth orbits the sun – once a year. 


   But not howThe Nibiru Complex orbits our sun once every 3,600 years.(BASICALLY the fact that The Tenth Planet(Ninth, now that Pluto complex has been demoted))  The object that is disturbing the trajectories of Neptune,etc.(However, the object that DOES first appear will be Phaeton’s core(Being CALLED Nibiru, but wrongly.))(Phaeton is slightly smaller than Mars. Nibiru is said to be nearly FOUR times the size of Jupiter!  Whilst Antoine, The Brown Dwarf Star expected to go around the sun NEAR to us soon, is huge,too!


   So we are in for QUITE a time of it over the next few years.



  By the time we DO see it(Phaeton), it will be TOO LATE to do anything about it.



  It will look like a great RED DRAGON in the sky, with two wings.(The horned wings of Horus.)




 The comet Elderin, by the way, may be expected to have a huge tail, but little to worry about, even though we shall pass through it.


 The comet heralding the AWFUL horrors soon following!


  H.G.Wells wrote a story called “In The Wake of The Comet”! He mentioned a red dust!


   Comets do sometimes presage disaster.


    Due, I think, to the fact that the approaching huge objects drag down many comets and asteroids from the three asteroid belts.(Ordinary, Oort Cloud and a third one(I forget its name just now.) By their huge gravity and magnetism.)



    It(Solar Planet Nibiru) is simply another orbitting object! One that The Sumerians knew about, but not us!



   The consequences will be so savage I doubt whether it is worth bothering to stock up,etc!!



    The only hopes are a. Persuade The Authorities to evacuate you into The Great Within.


    Or b.  hope that the aliens evacuate you to one of their mother craft or another planet!!




    I think you will find that I am VERY right(as usual)!




    I am usually right in the important things I say…



    I.Q’s show  I have high intelligence. It is The I.Q’s that make that claim. I cannot do so of course as  my judgement may be biassed!!




    So there it is, folks.




    I yet again re-iterate my claim.





    I cannot say “Ignore me at your peril!”(Much as I would like to!)



    Because other than GET WITHIN THE EARTH(but not underground!), there is so little we can do!!(We need to persuade The Authorities to help us do that, but only a few of the best specimens, and those that The Authorities THINK are THEIR best-chosen!(Small chance!!))  OR hope to get evacuated by aliens(for the rest of your life, as The Aftermath will be AWFUL – and last hundreds of years).




   I understand that The East and West coasts of Australia will be OBLITERATED.(Wiped out.)



   Study the expected post  super cataclysm maps of the world. It is really mince meat of our present continental lay out!


   You take a look at them!!


   The question is: WHAT do we do??!!


   There is nothing much WE CAN DO!!




   Do NOT commit suicide.


   As that incurs even WORSE – in The Spirit World.


   Even The Spirit World could get destroyed.



   And The Very PLANET itself(plus other planets in both our solar system – AND in the invading solar system)!!




   I go on, I know.




   But such an event REALLY needs I detonate an atomic bomb under everyone. TO ATTRACT YOUR ATTENTION!!




   We have had it good for SO long!




   NOW comes The Compensator!!




   What will happen?  What won’t happen?!(Earth PHYSICALLY inverts, crustal displacements.    Tsunami up to TWO MILES HIGH.(At least up to 2,000 feet.) Water invading the land just about everywhere. Fire and explosions all over the place.


   200 mile per hour winds.


   Fountains of LAVA shooting up.


   Comets, asteroids, meteors, debris and dust crashing down from the sky.



   The VERY air catching fire!!



    AWFUL heat and cold extremes.



    Humans AND animals gone beserk. RAVING mad.



    Destroying everything they encounter. Out of their minds,  COMPLETELY!




    The deadly suffocating poisonous RED DUST.(Coming from Phaeton’s Tail.)




    And the MASSES OF ELECTRONS helping us ALL go COMPLETELY out of our minds!!




    HUGE earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc.etc. You name it!! IT’S COMING.





    Just about ALL structures and plants will be LEVELLED.






    If you go underground you can expect to be crushed to death.  Poisoned by gases, or burnt alive.


    Blood all over.


   The red dust mixed with water LOOKS LIKE blood, and will be EVERYWHERE, and quite thick upon the surface of The Earth, land and sea…





   Atlantis,etc. will PALE IN COMPARISON against WHAT IS COMING!!




  I tell you REPEATEDLY…





  Study the videos for YOURSELVES!!






   It is not  a judgement(other than about 40%).





   Simply the result of the confluence of all cycles around 21.12.2,012!!






   It will be spread over several years.





   Building up parabolically to a climax, and then fading away again…





   MOST life forms WITH IT!!(Along with it.)





   We MAY have to be transferred to another planet, and its spirit world.






   Am I right or wrong to TELL you??!!






   Or is it merely an urge to make an impression(albeit by speaking true).







   Would you rather just die horribly, suddenly?






    I MAY be a bit wrong on some minor features.








    But on the whole, I don’t think you will find me too far out!!







    ALL of the terrifying horrors will happen simultaneously. Though spread out over a few years. THE NEXT FEW YEARS!!






    Not all on the same one day, I don’t think(21.12.2,012.).






    Going into space or up into the air won’t help either. You have to return some time!!





    Best hope I imagine is UNDERWATER.



    But where, and how??



     Those in submarines will be best off!




     They can stay down a long time.




     But one day have to face the APPALLING DEVASTATION when finally driven to open the hatches.




     I doubt much oxygen will be left in the air.



     Little food you can eat.




     Little water you can drink.




    No shelter, bar iced up caves.




     Bands of savage madmen. Killing and eating…Drinking blood, OUT of their minds…




     Packs of crazed animals.






    Back eventually to The Stone Age.







   And this the entire world over.






   I see(on television) so many humans, so deliriously happy. SO MANY are being fooled by those who THINK that we are about to enter a Utopia. 



   UTTERLY oblivious of the WORST HORROR AND TERROR ever to hit Man on Earth(and elsewhere!!).



    MANY will die of shock,horror,terror and sheer inability to go on.(Best hope perhaps to have the heat or cold take you off!!)




   Got the picture,now??



   An entire second solar system IS RIGHT NOW MERGING with ours!!



   Bearing with it our two  planets, Phaeton and Nibiru.  captured.



    Plus numerous accompanying lesser objects.



    ALONG WITH the fact that our sun is rounding the spiral arm of the group of stars it is in, which, via centrifugal force, is first on stage with LESSER woes!!(Themselves far eclipsing anything we living have known!!)




    My job is to WARN you.



    But those who DON’T WANT the world to be saved


     Prevent me from reaching ALL but a pitiful TINY few!!


     Who opposes me??  – Mortals and spirits who HATE what I am doing!!



     Earth so unevolved.


     About the most backward(spiritually) planet in the galaxy!!


     There are only about a  BILLION planets in our galaxy,…




     You REALLY prefer to wring your hands and gnash your teeth endlessly later??!!




     You don’t THINK I am wrong…



     You HOPE I am wrong!!(Which is RATHER different…)(But I am about as sure that I am right AS THAT THE SUN WILL RISE TOMORROW!!)



     As if shutting it out of YOUR MIND, will shut it off from your body!!



     But IS THAT wisdom??










     Vicon.(It is INDEED a mad,bad world,…)(But right where we are in evolution…)

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