M49. On life after death.

Saturday, 20th August,  2,011.





On Life After Death.





       What is the point of surviving death, if we go to an unpleasant place?!


       However, we have no choice. We go where our deeds have taken us!


       Do more good than evil and your soul gets ligher, thus you ascend the 5d planes.


       Do more evil than good, and you(your soul) gets heavier. And thus you descend the 5d planes.



       The proof and evidence for survival outweighs that against.



       Corpses are definitely dead, yes.  No way will they live again.  Very little even as zombies should one(or another spirit) try to WORK the corpse.(Which is possible!) But it has no conciousness. It becomes just a puppet.


       After death, we find ourselves in a FINER, lighter(in weight) world.  Where living is easier, but where one cannot evolve much.(It is here now in the physical that we can do our best for our souls(selves!),  and for God.)



       Men (in general),  inordinately dread death but it is like taking off one’s over coat! We have lighter clothing underneath. Speaking 5d wise(vibrationally).


       Once out, the books are closed.(Though The Spirit World book is then opened!!)



       We cannot come back.(Some get PARTLY out. They can return.)(Many of our vivid so called dreams are trips into The Spirit World!!)



       You can stay in The Spirit World for as long as you like. However, it is like deciding not to do any more work.  And that way we do not advance in soul.  So eventually, we choose to come back(re-incarnate), because tired of the easy life, bored, wishing to grow in soul, etc.



       Then we simply find a couple(who become our new parents) we like, and enter one of their off-spring. By reducing to a pea in size and going down the suture in the skull of the foeutus, and entering  brain’s pineal or pitituary gland. In the brain, also occupying its heart, and whole body.



        We then wait for birth. Male or female, depending upon the gender of the feutus. Presumably we do not know in advance! So the chances even up for male or female.



        Most of us choose to come back as a human. But if we wish it, we can return into ANY species!


        How many prefer to be non human? Not  many I would think. So it is usually human.



         Once  you have entered you cannot get out again, until that vehicle(physical body) DIES. Perhaps 70 or 80 years later.  So THINK what  you are doing!!



         I suppose we could enter some foeutus WITHIN The Earth.


         Or even go to another planet, if we can make the journey!(There are for example VERY ADVANCED  human like creatures on Mars!)


         But we really need to know WHAT we are doing, BEFORE we do it!!




         Other spirits would try to persuade us one way – or another.



         If you WANT to come back as a cockroach, or a HORSE, well that is your prerogative!!



         This (re-incarnation) explains why some children are so advanced along various lines.(Because that is what they were in a previous life!)





         Or if two, or more of you, contest to enter the SAME foeutus, then we have twins, or triplets,etc!(Or if you split your conciousness between two or more embryos!?)(Those would be identical twins,etc.)




         We may for a few years REMEMBER our previous life, and The Interregnum(The After Life since our last death.).  But few will believe us. And usually get that “nonsense” knocked out of them.




          We are definitely NOT all equal. As some souls are younger than others.




          We should have equal rights, perhaps, but that is a VERY different







           You can, if you wish, STAY close to The Physical. But it is better for you to ascend as high(5d wise) as you can go! Conditions are better the higher up you go. So why opt for less??(You ascend 5d wise by meditation and prayer.)(As you wish and will to ascend.)(Ascending 3d wise is not enough.)



            A word of advice:  If you exit(death, so called) your physical body, and find yourself in a REPLICA of the physical world(Actually THE ORIGINAL, as THIS WORLD we are in now  – is the carbon copy duplicate!),


            – then you MAY, at first, find that you cannot open a door, or window.  Or be unable to pass through a wall…


            Thus finding yourself trapped in the room you died in.



            Don’t panic!  In TIME, your 3d vibrations will rise, and you will be able to pass IN YOUR SPIRIT VEHICLE through wall, door, closed window,etc!


            Or, you might be able to reduce your materiality via meditation or prayer, at the same time wishing and willing to become less dense.



            Then you can squeeze your spirit molecules THROUGH the ORIGINAL replica of the wall, or whatever, you want to pass through.


            Thus you permeate and get through.


            Keep well away from your corpse!


            So the(yours!) ghost doesn’t come out, and embrace you!



            Or  you CAN densify your spirit vehicle, and APPEAR to the living!



            Avoid this. It disturbs them!!



            They think that the CORPSE is you!


            They can handle corpses, but ghosts is another matter!!




             On the other hand, your GHOST may come out of the corpse AFTER you in your spirit body have gone. And some may see this!



             You may stumble across a seance, and decide to communicate!



             Or possess a medium, and speak.



             Other spirits may be encountered.



             Yes, this physical world we now occupy, is a DUPLICATE of an original that we cannot(PRESENTLY) see.



              IF you densify your spirit vehicle ENOUGH, you CAN move PHYSICAL objects. That is objects of our DUPLICATE world!!



              However, all this detracts from getting as high as possible as quicly as possible in 5d.




              There are temptations and dangers to be strenuously avoided.


              Like possessing someone having a meal you happen to like, and you can enjoy the meal(or whatever it is the possessee is enjoying) THROUGH them, much as if they were you!


              Best not done.


              You can materialize.


              Or  move things, becoming a poltergeist.


              Not perhaps with your hands! But via using a FORCE FIELD attached to you, or somewhere around, and get IT to move objects.


               Really you need to have ectoplasm present before you can materialize right down here.


               This is what happens at physical and materialization seances.


                It does happen.  But is hard.



                You have to pass through the etheric plane first. Which is a plane of ENERGY.


                 Full of force fields, electricity, heat and cold,etc.


                  You might be able to manipulate this!


                  It is THIS etheric plane that manifests most of the strange phenomena. Not the hands(so much) of the departed.


                  Naturally you may wish to communicate or contact the living you have just left, to tell them you are all right, but you need to consider their hearts!(Don’t stop beating,etc.)  As our spirits which GO ON, are not generally believed in!



                  You can exude TELEPLASM, but you also need ectoplasm to MANIFEST to the living. Plus force field and energy.



                  This is dangerous and disturbing, as fires can start in walls, electric shocks kill, tremendous forces get unleashed from The Force Field, and perhaps do damage, hurling furniture AND HUMANS,etc. around. Not your arms that do that, but the force field and the energy currents and electricity,etc!!



                   Best get up OUT of it! Leave the living in peace.


                   And go up to enjoy your after life!




             You can wander this phyical world, unseen to all but a few. Go sight-seeing. Or even travel in time(past and future), and see what things are like then.


             You CAN possess other humans(or any creature, including cockroaches), but you shouldn’t do that. And there is the danger of getting STUCK in there(until they die).


             Many cases exist in mental hospitals(any remain?), and they get called schizoprenics!


             Anything goes, you see.


             You can do anything you like.




             Mediums encourage this.(Into themselves.)


              On the other hand, someone(or more than one)might choose to possess you.



              Yes, you can possess a tree, or a rock   if you like. And some do!!(That’s how we get primitives worshipping such entities!)(They sense the spirit within.)




               It is important to HEAD FOR THE LIGHT, once you are out of your body. To try to escape becoming Earthbound.


               Various dangers exist for those who do not head for the light!


                So go for the light!(You will see a light. GO for it!!)(The WHITE light, not a red,etc.one!)(In the fires of Hell!!)



                Your thoughts can take exterior form there.


                 You can even find yourself in an entirely THOUGHT-FORM world.


                 Very realistic. So take care to be able to distinguish!



                Among the dangers are your own ghost trying to possess you, and evil spirits who want to take you down into Hell.


                So waste NO time. But shoot for the light, as fast as you can!!




                We may see our entire life unfold before us, EVERY MOMENT of it. We may even see it ALL at once!!



                Yes, you can go back to ANY POINT in your life, and resume living(presumably better!) FROM there!!



                However, the thing to do, the BEST thing for you, is to ascend(5d wise) up as HIGH AS YOU CAN GET, as fast as possible.


                The better conditions exist higher up 5d.



                 In The Spirit World you will be able to do all sorts of esp(Extasensory perception.)(P.K. is Psycho-kinesis.) and pk things(PSI). Like walk through walls. Fly in the air.  Go underwater(and be able to breathe).  And so on.



                 Death is the best event in life!


                 Something(provided not premature or painful) to LOOK FORWARD to.(Unless you have done more evil than good!)



                 To those in The Spirit World, WE are the ghosts!



                 Seen through a glass darkly, so to speak.



                 The reason for the bizarre nature of ghosts has more to do with the GAP between the two planes, than the spirits or humans involved.  This makes things look(etc.) grotesque.



                 Physical things cannot hurt you. Explosions and fire, for example.



                 But The Spirit World has its OWN dangers.




                IF you ascend the spirit planes high enough, you will find that you become young again. For example, supposing you were 90 when you died, then you may(if high enough in 5d)(Fifth Dimension. Vibration.) become 21 again, or 16, or any age you like.


                 You also become HEALTHY again!(Your diseases,etc.including injuries DROP AWAY. Though perhaps not for a while. It all depends what you want, and which plane you are on.)


                 You regain your looks.



                 You may have been blind, or minus a leg(or arm) or two. You get these back. AND your sight!!



                 But ONLY if you wish this, and you are upon a high enough 5d plane!!


                 No dirt or dust, or things like that.



                 You can live without eating. So the toilet becomes superfluous.




                 They have houses and gardens over there.


                  If you qualify, you get provided with these.



                  No need for money!



                   No marriage there.


                   No childbearing.



                   We can do EVERYTHING we can do here. But much else,too.


                    The living cannot see us(when passed on), but they can pick up our thoughts.(Though they will probably think that it is their subconcious mind!)




                   However, as I say, all depends upon your soul weight. And that depends upon how you have lived whilst incarnate.



                   THIS is why the saints don’t sin!



                   As sinning,etc. DRAGS US DOWN(5d wise).



                   You can wear clothes. But most get robes.(Spun out of our own auras.)




                   I hope I have made death less frightening.



                   The longer we live, the more wicked we tend to become.


                   That is the drawback with longevity.


                   We live FOR EVER.


                   It all depends upon what you want to do.


                   Upon what you want to ACHIEVE!!



                   No, you cannot take it with you(material things).


                   But then, IF you go to a high enough plane, you won’t NEED the cherished material things.


                   Money is not used there.



                   All the cherished material things – are easily enough obtained.


                    You can even create them yourselves!!
















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