M48 Further points on world situation.

Saturday, 20th August,  2,011.





Further points on world situation.




             The world is in a mess. I am trying to lessen it. Get us out of the mess – if I can.


        I can only describe the world situation, and try to point out the way to improve things.


        Humans have confused God with The Devil.  And The Devil with God.

    They are extremely confused and mixed up.


    The way Jesus went – is the way to go. Bad human slew him. In particular The Jews, The religious Jews.(The Pharisees and The Sadduces??)  Caeser tried to save him. But he was obliged to save the life of a murderer, one Barrabas.  But hand Jesus over to the crowd(to the mob), who would kill him.  Caeser oversaw the operation. He had to.  He washed his hands of it.


    All those who try to go The Positive Way(Of doing good, of construction, not destruction.) have a hard time. In proportion to their efforts for good!!


   The Devil cannot destroy God, so it tries to destroy Man(God’s cherished species.), instead.


    God has a problem. God cannot force the evil doers to do good, as that would rob them of their free will.


    God would be doing wrong if IT used force.


    God has all power. But must not misuse it.


    Hitler tried to advanced Christianity!  But though he started off all right, his methods became leftwards(downwards).


   What a pity we exaggerate and distort things so much and so often!!


    This then paints a false picture.


    And how much better not to run others down. No matter what they MAY have done.


    Understand, and try to lift up(in spirits)!!


    Avoid judging others.


    We are all trying to work out our destinies(decided before birth), the business of only God and ourselves.


     Let others BE what they are.(We CANNOT be otherwise!!)


     We all would like others to be like ourselves.


      But ONLY WE can be!!





     I am unable to send this one out. Unable to work my e mail servers!!


















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