M47 Comet Elenin,etc.

Friday, 19th August,  2,011.



Comet Elenin, and a reminder to avoid the four horrors!!!!




       The four horrors are:-




       1.  If we do more evil than good, we sink down to unpleasant planes in The Spirit World after death! To avoid this strive ALL OUT to do more good than evil.  NO evil AT ALL – if you can help it!


       But first need to REPENT, and THEN accept CHRIST SPIRIT into your heart.  Henceforth let this CHRIST SPIRIT live out through you TO THE MAXIMUM, for ever.


       If you observe world correctly, you will notice that NEGATIVITY is INCREASING, and faster and faster.


       This is true in public, and on Television,etc.(Do you watch television? What a PAIN!!)


       The Devil is working ALL OUT to drag us down to where it can destroy our souls, AND our bodies.


       By getting us to drink alcohol.(Which removes the inhibitions. Then since we are predominantly evil, we DO more and MORE negative things, thus causing others to go increasingly wrong,too!)


       And to take DRUGS.


       This is happening non-stop more and MORE, with the greatest CUNNING.


       God and The Devil are CENTRES of positivism and negativism respectively. FORCES which work THROUGH personages. Jesus is the top GOOD personage.


       In EVERY way POSSIBLE, we are being persuaded to do negative things. Which, of course, NEGATIVE PEOPLE so promptly and craftily deny!!


       Many get fooled.


       FAR too much hilarity exists. Which, if people knew about the four horrors NOW looming imminent, many would curl up in SHEER TERROR about!!


       Life(living) is NOT one big laugh and a joke fellahs! Or it SHOULDN’T be!!   It should NOT be about going to the pub, having a yarn with your “mates”, so you can boast of your exploits,  and trying to get drunk via as much beer,etc.as possible!!  Nor about some BALL game!!(Of WHAT use is it – to plonk a ball into some net or somesuch??!!  Good for exercise,yes.)


        Nor skiffle group(in entertainment), either.


        Life(living) is, or SHOULD BE a VERY SERIOUS business!! Where we live out the best and HIGHEST in us, not the lowest and worst!!


        Never  mind material pleasures and joys.  Enjoy THE BEST after you “die” IN THE SPIRIT WORLD!!


        Because ITS pleasures and joys SO outweigh the CURRENT TEMPTATIONS!!



         Never  mind the trivia, and the irrelevant GOSSIP and generally speaking ill of others – getting SO RIFE today!!(I live in Australia.)



         We are all human, and make mistakes from time to time.(I know I do!!)


         This is not reason for piling on, or taking advantage. But for understanding and compassion. OR SHOULD BE!!



          This SHOULD be a HUMAN race, not a RAT race!!




          Bad news is not welcome of course. And the purveyors get HATED.


          I am SIMPLY TRYING to save you from WORSE.   Is that SO bad??







       Living should be about living for God and CHRIST, worshipping and GLORIFYING God, and doing our BEST(not our worst!) for OTHERS, humans first. THEN the animals,etc.




      People, in general, believe what they WANT TO BELIEVE rather than THE TRUTH. And try SO HARD to kid themselves that what they WANT to believe   IS the truth!!(LOL!)


       Yes, there is so much information on The Internet,etc. But which is true, and which false?? THAT is the hard question.  I suppose most of us go to what WE WANT to be the truth.  But how VERY different THAT is – to The Truth!!



      We all believe different things. And are SO SURE that our view is the correct one!


       No. ONLY GOD knows the truth. SOME of the rest of us STRUGGLE to know the truth.


       When you get near the truth, you will feel uplifted, have a sense of joy,  but the world will HATE you.though often PRETEND otherwise.  That is a GOOD indicator!!




         So  is it smart or stupid to sacrifice the lower pleasures and joys NOW, whilst incarnate, for the sake of the higher, BETTER, pleasures and joys of The After Life. No need to tell me. Tell yourself!!



         SOUL destruction, because heeding negative FOOLS, is surely our greatest problem!! People who bid you to drink(alcohol),smoke,take drugs,have sex,sin,do wrong, commit crime, and so on AND ON…


         Yes,we get tempted to do these things. You have to be STRONG, and resist!  Or SINK!!(Ensuring a LOWER place afterwards. In The Spirit World AND IN THIS world!!)


         WHY alcohol is not banned BAFFLES me!!(It consumption leads to SO MUCH trouble! Road accidents, violence, crime,etc.)


         Trouble is if it were banned there would be mayhem, and people would make their own,anyway!!(As happened with The U.S. Prohibition.)(But I think we should TRY, and KEEP ON TRYING!!)



          Smoking is being stopped, but that is nothing compared to many bad things that are happening!!


          Smoking causes cancer, emphysyma,aggravates asthma,is dirty and costly, and is unpleasant for others, including the unborn!!



          Smoking looks MANLY does it?!(Many who smoke LOOK so grave,serious and important, so big and with it.    DON’T by fooled!!)


          Don’t be so naive. Manliness is living out the spirit of GOD!!  Not of the other fellow SO RAMPANT now!!




         THIS number  one horror is our BIGGEST, and by SO VERY FAR!!  Of course!!





         2.    The next biggest horror is not Comet Elonin, but what FOLLOWS Elonin!


         Generally referred to as Nibiru!


          Elonin is just another comet!


           The big deal is NIBIRU!!




          3.    I suppose World War Three,etc. is third.   Iran and North Korea spear-heading that threat.



          The time to stop evils is at THE VERY BEGINNING. Nip them in the bud!!


          Not wait until they grow to giant size!


          And then get DRIVEN to fight a losing battle against them!!






           4.   Fourth, is The Economic and Financial Collapse springing from the coming record-breaking fall of The Dow,etc. And the rising up of the masses against the rising prices.



           The U.S. has gone TOO FAR with its money printing!  Gone too far to stop now!


           So they are more or less obliged to proceed with  Q.E. 3.  and beyond!!



           As will other countries besides the U.S!




           Australia is best off.  It is the least into debt and deficit.


           But we should not view things relatively, but ABSOLUTELY!!



            The fact that OTHER countries are worse, even far worse,than is Australia is no reason to rejoice!   ANY DEBT and deficit AT ALL, – is bad!!  THAT is the point!!!!(Or it SHOULD be!!)




            Australia has enormous resources.




            Including kangaroo meat,etc!!





           Other points:-



           Sex is permitted by God with one’s spouse.(To avoid immorality, promiscuity, disease and jealousy.) The reason we should marry.(Not to have children!  Having children was perhaps required when the world was small.   But now it is LARGE!!   We need to reduce!!  I cannot help wondering if the huge tendency to go homo(give) and gay(receive) is Nature’s way of reducing the population! (It being far harder for same gender couples to have children than the hetero’s!!)



           Meat eating by God was permitted, but we should eat vegetables, fruit, nuts and cereals,etc.(So nutritious!)(SO MUCH Better for the poor animals!)




           Humans are NOT animals. Though some are beasts!


           But many animals are HUMAN!



           And children are children not kids(which are goats)(even if some are!).



           Pit-bulls and other trained and nasty dogs should be banned, and NOT bred.(Breeding of them should be BANNED!!)



            Wild animals ARE wild, and should be AVOIDED!!



             Things can be expected to get worse and WORSE, until Nibiru,etc. arrives – and settles the scores!!(See Horror 2!)



             Stop paying such attention to bad,mad,stupid and petty things!


            The more you take NOTICE of something, the MORE it will increase!(It FEEDS ON attention!! Didn’t you know that?(I am thinking of Australia’s televised news. In Queensland anyway.) But of course, that is PRECISELY why The Negatives parades SUCH RUBBISH!!



             You CANNOT stop evil!


             The time to have done so, was when Adam was offered that nectarine by Eve!(A nectarine,I understand, not an apple.)


             He should have said no, and pointed out that The Tree of Life was the better tree of the two!



             You cannot stop bullying!


             It is a FACT of life.


             Best you can do is BEAR it, as best you can!



              If you retaliate(not that you’d have any chance against the bullyer(just tell them WHERE the wicked go to(after death)!,then The Lord will only release WORSE upon you!!


              The reason we suffer ills is because either we are stupid, AND/ OR have incurred The Lord’s wrath, and this is The Lord’s way of punishing you!!



              NO thing happens by chance!!


              GOD controls EVERY THING!!






              The trick is to be strong, and dodge these things!!


              No way to prevent tham as we ALL have to grow, via being free to do all sorts of things, in ORDER TO LEARN THE BEST WAY TO LIVE!!



              The best way to live is to please GOD to the UTTERMOST!!



              THAT will bring you the best results.



              We succomb sometimes through weakness and/or being misled.


              The thing is TO LEARN, dust yourself down, get up again, and resume TRYING!!



              TRY to realize that whilst incarnate is our testing time!


              It is not until AFTER we DIE that we get that real big break we so hunger for!! 


              There IS NO life after death, BECAUSE – there is no death after life!!(Death DOES NOT exist!!)



              It is IMPOSSIBLE not to exist!!



              We THINK that we ARE our physical bodies. But this is a terrible mistake!


              Our physical bodies die,yes.  But that is NOT us!!



              Basically we are SEVEN VEHICLES, all telescoped 5d wise(vibrationally)one within the other!


              We simply step out of our lower vehicle at SO CALLED death, and carry on IMMEDIATELY in the next higher vibrating vehicle up(up 5d wise).


              Do NOT lament the loss of the physical vehicle!  Physical vehicles ARE EASY to create!(but the higher vibrating vehicles are best!)



              When you “die” you will within days find yourself in a replica vehicle(body) that VERY FEW humans will be able to see,etc!


              IF you wish, you can create a physical body IMMEDIATELY(When you are dead.). By simply lowering your vibrations!  A PHYSICAL copy of you will then appear(to any creatures around)!(That is what so many call ghosts.)(Ghosts are simply other creatures seen on another plane WHEN they densify enough!!)


              But WHY do that?! When the new(though you had it all along) finer vehicle is SO MUCH lighter,etc.



              Or, you can pop inside some foetus(Human, if you are wise!), by shrinking down to pea size and sliding down through the suture of the skull of such human foeutus!  Then hey presto you are PHYSICALLY alive again.  Yes. But STUCK in it for ANOTHER LIFE-TIME!!  You can then patiently wait to get born!!(THIS is re-incarnation.  Perhaps done WHEN you tire of The Spirit World. )(The trouble with occupying another physical vehicle is that you may not be able to get OUT again!!(Like with entering a room, the door closing behind you, only to find that there is no knob on the inside!! So you CANNOT GET OUT!!)




                This is like starting a holiday vacation BY GETTING ANOTHER JOB!!




                So many people THINK that when you PHYSICALLY die, that’s it. That THAT is the end of you!!  BUT IT IS NOT!!


                THIS is because so many THINK that they ARE their physical bodies!!


                But that is not so!!


                We are THE INDWELLING SOUL, not the vehicle THAT is being occupied!!



                Can you imagine people(gasp)  fainting all around you when you step out of your car?  THINKING that the car was YOU!! IF Because you become invisible,etc. once you step out of the car!



                 So WHY do we revere corpses MORE THAN the living originals?!


        The BODY is NOT  US!!




        Don’t weep over CORPSES!  WEEP over the LIVING!!


        THEY NEED and APPRECIATE it much more!!(LOL)






           Ya SEE?!




           1.  You WILL, when you find yourself still alive AFTER “death”!!


                You will when you find yourself in Hell after death.



           2.   When NIBIRU appears like a RED second moon DRAGON in the sky SOON!!


            3.    The first Nuke from North Korea lands near to you!!



           4.    When your banknotes become WORTHLESS(heading THAT way!)!(DON’T get fooled by the current secondary upswing variations!!)!!













              Ya YA!!


































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