M30 My solution to world’s problems. Some solutions.


Sunday, 31th July, 2,011.












My solution to save the world.










1. The world is in a growing mess. Never good at the best of times. We need to examine this almost hopeless situation closely and honestly.


Humans are the ruling species on Earth. Unfortunately, though technologically doing well, they are not spiritually doing well. In fact the very reverse of the technological gain.


We all need to increase our love for one another. And I mean LOVE, NOT sex, – nor even romantic love!! STOP having children!!


Now all of us make mistakes, including myself. How many of us wish we could return to The Past and do the things we didn’t but should have. And not do the things we did, but should not have.


If only we could do this, we should dramatically improve things.


But we cannot do that. At least, not on this time track.


What about on another time track? On a PARALLEL time track?!


Time is not so linear as we think. It is a FIELD, that is at least two dimensional.


Go back to every wrong we made, and come forward again on another track across the field!


Do this in your MIND!!


Whenever you like. I say it can be done.


Go back to EVERY wrong turning you took(me,too) and take the BEST route forward again!


Do this emotionally, not just mentally!


You may need to do it a number of times. Because it takes strength and energy to HOLD the new route, and DROP the old.


You will KNOW that this INDEED works, by the emotion uplift you get – if you do it right!!


It may sound crazy, but it is not.


Do it with EVERY ERROR, large and small, and mediocre. And keep on doing it AS NECESSARY, when you feel yourself sliding back on to the old wrong time track.


Best done in chronological order. But not essential.


Certain errors will rise in your mind. THESE are the ones you need to attend to most!


Persist with this.


And you will find your life improve. Do your VERY BEST with it. As your future, and that of others, DEPENDS upon your success.


Good luck.






And God bless.






It is better to do this when the errors rise emotionally in your mind. Your heart knows the most grievous ones!




As you succeed more and more, strange things will happen. Weird and wonderful. As time passes, the CHANGED parallel time track you have taken(IF you hold emotionally to it strongly enough!) WILL change via domino effect events in your life happening to you!! Changing the present day in remote subtle ways.


Just keep your sanity!








When you pass on into The Spirit World.(We ALL do. ALL creatures,even,do! – You can continue this process. We MUST. Otherwise we cannot be better in our next incarnation.)






Note that a. We DO survive the death of the physical body. But we go to a plane in The Spirit World according to the good and bad that we have done in life. The important thing is not survival, but WHERE we go!!


Pursue the LIGHT when over!








b. Another thing is that when we have tired of The Spirit World – where we take a holiday vacation, we (c)re- incarnate. Back into an improved version of the last baby form we were born into. As a human being.


Usually into a new mother. New parents.


We enter the growing foetus, the same way, usually, as the way we departed our last dying body. That is through the suture in the skull.(We exit by our conciousness shrinking to pea size and entering the brain of our spirit vehicle(we have seven altogether telescoped 5d wise, as well as 3 and 4d wise, one within the other). This pea sized spirit vehicle then passes out through the skull suture via pineal gland(as a rule), after travelling from the heart to the brain.


Once out through the top of the head it spirals back to full size.




We live for ever, and already have.






d. Another (most essential) thing we need to do is believe in GOD. Accept Christ(repent first) into our hearts, and let CHRIST(God manifest.) LIVE THROUGH us.


Get others to do likewise.


e. Love and higher divine will,etc. are best expressed to God. We need to unite DIVINELY,ETC. with GOD. Not materially with another human,etc!




Let your higher self unit with GOD. As you abandon the lower self, denying ALL material desires.








What is God? God is many things. The Infinite, Your Higher Self, The Spiritual Sun and Stars,etc. The ALL, LOVE,ETC. All the highest and best you can think of.








e. We pay God back for our wrongs(and receive good things for rights!)via KARMA. That is we get born into our next baby body with various handicaps and blessings ACCORDING TO HOW WE HAVE LIVED hitherto!!




We are making and receiving karma all the time. On all planes.




So do NOT think that you can get away with anything. But the thing to keep in mind is what God KNOWS is wrong,etc. Not necessarily what Man thinks!!






I am obliged to abbreviate.






But written enough I hope to give you an idea of how best to live.








There is life on other worlds,and aliens.


The whole universe is one living organism. And there is an infinitude of universes – in an INFINITE OMNIVERSE.






What we get taught in this world is the very OPPOSITE of the truth!!








Death is the best event in life!


Provided it is painless and in due season.


DO what you came to do! Your missions and tasks,etc.




You came here to achieve something! See to it that you succeed.




Sex is not wrong, but it is low. SHUN it!! It is Man’s downfall!!!!




The danger with Romantic Love – is that it usually leads to sex sooner or later!! Therefore avoid it!!(Romantic Love, not just sex!!!!)


Even things done in THOUGHT(in your mind and emotions,heart,etc.) are STILL DONE!!


So do not think that because you have not done some thing or other PHYSICALLY that you have not sinned!!


If you have done it in your HEART,




Then you have DONE IT, ALREADY!!


The more you indulge the lower desires, the less spiritual and divine benefit you will receive in The Spirit World.


Which is WHY Jesus urges us to deny our selves daily. Take up our NECESSARY suffering – and FOLLOW JESUS!!!!




That is WHY Jesus exhorts us to deny ourselves daily!


EXTREMELY hard, but those who hold out to the end, get saved.


Keep a healthy BALANCE.




Jesus did not lose. He won!


Though he physically died, he lived on BETTER, spiritually and divinely,etc.


Men place too much emphasis on the physical body.


And safety.




The SOUL matters more than the body!!




And GOD more than that!!








Jesus died to save his self, not us!


He SAID: “Save yourselves!!”.




We save ourselves by doing more good than evil!




There is NO OTHER WAY!!










What is good? The Ten Commandments. And what Jesus bid!! THAT is good!!!!




Believe in GOD.


And accept(after repenting) CHRIST into your heart, yes. And get others to do likewise.




But that is only THE START of salvation. You then need to do good actions IN THE SPIRIT OF CHRIST!!





Jesus was a man. But was full of the spirit of God.

So Jesus was son of Man, but CHRIST WITHIN him was Son of GOD!!








Take a spouse ONLY if you cannot contain(sex urges), – to avoid promiscuity and diseases,etc. It is better to indulge THAN DO WORSE!!




Beware of The Seven(and MANY more) DEADLY sins,too.




Also do NO wrong against Caeser. (Ruling Man.)




ALL things are possible. ONLY BELIEVE!!




So indulge in parallel time travel, and wipe the old wrong turnings out, replacing them with the right ones!!!!




KEEP ON doing this!! As often as is necessary!!






Do NOT commit suicide.


Nor permit euthanasia.






How HARD to do all these things.












Endure suffering NOW, for the sake of a happier AFTERLIFE!!






Do your VERY best!!







Yes, U.S. May default. Or it might compromise. I think it will SPLIT. One half doing a deal. The other half defaulting!! Which will be worse than any other result!!!!



Meanwhile 2,012 and Nibiru complex approach!!




Yes, there is life on Mars. And just about everywhere else!! There IS. Of some kind or another.


Forgive, and you will be forgiven.


As we judge others, so also shall WE be judged!!


















Vic Conway.(My web name.)




















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