Warning note to world!


Wednesday, 27th July, 2,011.










How to dodge 2,012 cataclysm!




This is a deadly serious warning note to all mankind. It is NOT a joke! I have proved and confirmed that 2,012 A.D. is the year of our doom.I am abbreviating in order to produce a very brief note for distribution.I know very well what is coming, and what has actually begun(September 1st, 2,010: The first Christchurch, New Zealand, earthquake)! However, I also know how to DODGE it. It is therefore MOST important that you who read this contact me for the fuller details. Simply e mail me:

vicon2000@gmail.com – requesting the fuller details of M26.Naturally you will wish to be convinced, and to know HOW to dodge so awful a catastrophe. Simply study my proof and confirmation. And also study HOW to DODGE it!!Just contact me. Not speak to anyone else.(Or you might(and probably will) get side-tracked.)I am Vic Conway.PLEASE print copy this, and distribute or e mail,etc. on to MAXIMUM number of others, this.Within the next two years all creatures on this planet,Earth, face demise.UNLESS they do exactly what I bid them!I am the only person on Earth to have PROVED and CONFIRMED 2,012. AND best know how to dodge it!!Be wise! HEED, and probably save your life – and that of your children,etc. and loved ones.The solutions I offer are too long and detailed to include here. But if you simply e mail me, as requested, you can get those details!!All right?Over to you,now.Compressed to get on to minimum number of pages. No charge. Gratis. No obligation. Vic.(Web-sites: “vicsesoterica” and “conspiracytheorieshot.yolasite.com”)

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