M5 There are Martians on Mars!


Wednesday, 22nd June, 2,011.










There are Martians on Mars!!










If you punch in on your browser “Life on Mars videos” you should turn up some very interesting stuff.


Apparently, Mars is a small badly damaged or ruined Earth!! Study of these videos(some of them) has indicated trees, cities, humans, tiny humans, structures and Lord knows what on Mars!!


Nasa and Jet Propulsion people are trying to hide all this! Smudging, colour changing, etc. And using radio pictures. Anything to conceal what is actually there!!


But they cannot conceal everything, and so some is seeping through.(It should only be a matter of time before the whole world knows!) Plus those videos which somehow get just about everything up and through.




A few are phonies, fakes, hoaxes and super-impositions.


There are even tiny humans on the moon,etc.(Apparently.)(Some claimed to have travelled back to Earth on our space ship!) And plenty of aliens and their ships, bases,etc.


But in some cases, even many, it IS hard to know whether the images are genuine or not. Possibly some of these videos are only ALLEGED videos of life on Mars.


Hard to be sure about any of it.


You really need to view for yourselves.




One city on Mars measures 78 miles by 44 miles. Not bad for a city! With most of that area being CBD buildings! And there are many cities.


Whether of tiny humans(about a foot tall) or similar to us I don’t know.




There are pyramids, sphinxes, strange artifacts, Martian humans skulls and animals.




Definitely forests of trees.


And lakes.


VERY similar to Earth ones!




Their sky is blue. There are clouds.




Tubeways.(Not quite the original canali!)




Even an artificial light.




A woman with a child in a blue top.




Apparently the rovers(at least one of them) are killing some of the tiny folk.


Who resemble PHYSICAL fairies and sprites,etc.


There are some weird images. Do take a look!




But Venus, Mercury, Moon and maybe Titan have some interesting images too. Though nothing like Mars.




















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