L7 My proof and confirmation that 2012 is Doom.

Good Friday, April 22nd,  1,011
       Dear Editor of The Free Times,
       I have the biggest story of all. True,too.
      But I question whether you will proceed furher with it!
      I have proved and confirmed 2,012!! Its fact and date!!
     It’s a bit long!  But I hope you will read it right through.
    I append my article,L7,below:-
    Tell me the worst, or better still, – THE BEST!!
         Bill Thomas.

Friday, 18th March, 2,011.



L7. – L6(2012 and all that.)


A simple question!!


PLEASE SEND OUT AS MANY COPIES OF THIS AS YOU CAN TO OTHERS!! REQUESTING THEM TO DO LIKEWISE!! And so on and ON…(So we have a chance to save the life forms on this planet!!!!)





Can YOU tie together two loose ends??


Bearing in mind that many astronomical objects go around larger astronomical objects:-

1. We have the fact that great civilizations on huge continents vanish mysteriously- with the continents(!) – periodically, after many thousands of years, without explanation.

And 2. We have the fact that the sun, a star, moving through space doesn’t seem to go around anything. Bar the galaxy, perhaps.(But something else in between in the meanwhile.)


We know that any object which changes course experiences its innards trying to continue upon the original path – for a while!(Stand on the side of a turning roundabout(not holding on), and you will be thrown off tangentially.)


We also know that the planets of the solar system, Earth included, are one with the sun.(So if the sun changes course, its innards try to continue on the original path. AND SO DO ALL OF THE ACCOMPANYING PLANETS!!)




The trick is to know that the wobble of the Earth(Four(equal) of them every Precessional and Zodiacal Period of 26,000 years(therefore 6,500 years to each wobble).) is in tandem with what the sun is doing!


The sun has to be going around SOMETHING, in addition to going around the galaxy!(Wheels within wheels so to speak.)

And, if it goes AROUND that something, then during the change of direction its innards will try to continue upon the original path!

With the aid of a student mathematician I mapped the entire cosmos(after cracking Cosmology and Distances, Masses,etc.). I found out that our sun, a star, is part of a group of stars, such group being like a small spiral galaxy. The sun going around one of ITS spiral arms!

The question arises: How often does our sun star go around this spiral arm?


Now because Earth wobbles in tandem with what the sun is doing, each wobble taking 6,500 years, I ascribe the same period to one elliptical orbit of the spiral arm by the sun!


Our answer is then 6,500 years.


If I can hook up the sun going around the spiral arm of its stellar cluster, to the cataclysm which wipes out a whole huge continent along with its civilization, then we readily(or should do!) see the reason for such destruction!



If you whirl a containiner of fluid around your head, then that fluid will push to the side and then move around that side.


So when The Earth, in the grip of the Sun’s mass, goes around that spiral arm, the contents of the sun AND OF THE EARTH,ETC. move to the side, and THEN move around that side!

Picture the magma lava within The Earth! How it would (keeping up with the sun’s heave lurch as it goes around the spiral arm in a huge elliptical orbit) heave the magma UPWARDS and ALONG!!



(We have been brain-washed and conditioned, you see, into swallowing the lie of man made global warming and a sun going constantly more or less in a straight line through space!!)

The effect of this upon the tectonic plates can only be imagined!!


Now for a long time earthquakes and volcanic eruptions have been increasing in number and intensity. (But of course we don’t hear about that. (That sort of STUFF is not conducive to the tyranny and rip-pff of the people by the faceless ones of the secret second government!) Only AD NAUSEUM about the ALLEGED Man-made g.w. global warming!!) Especially of late!!(With Christchurch and Japan, plus sundry seismic,etc.INCIDENTS!!)


Australia is near to The Ring of Fire(about the most(I think it is the most.) seismically and volcanically disturbed region on Earth) around The Pacific. The Earthquakes and/or Volcanic eruptions have proceeded: Chile, (California threatened), Hawaii, Alaska. With New Zealand’s Christchurch and now Japan ON THAT LINE!!(At its very beginning, and then(Japan) much further on.(Note: Both in space and TIME!!)


With ONE STROKE we explain earthquakes, volcanic eruptions AND THE HEAT(global warming)(Which is definitely not due to Man!)(Nor even a Mother Nature with a grudge against Mankind!!)


Just visualize the magma HEAVING upwards!!(As The Earth,etc. mass WISE joined with the sun, goes around the spiral arm of our stellar cluster!!)


The heat of global warming is coming from the rising MAGMA. Which spews out from time to time as LAVA!!(Volcanic eruptions.)

The pressure of the magma against the tectonic plates and The Earth’s CRUSTS(lithosphere on top, asthenosphere below) – produces the earthquakes.


NOW can you see WHY we are getting the growing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions(which of course can hardly be caused by Man!)?!


And why WE(Arya Civilization) are NEXT IN LINE for WIPE OUT!!(Within a few years!!)

North America should follow Atlantis,etc.DOWN(Into sea and magma!!)



Nearly all, POSSIBLY all, life-forms upon Earth will perish!!(Entire Earth smashed, not just North America!!)


The sun will take a few years to swing around the closing spiral.


During that time we shall experience a rising crescendo of disasters, before they die down. Increasing in number and intensity for the next two years or so, and then fading away.


It will be a SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER CATACLYSM!!(Without equal to Man on Earth!!)

We are looking at Antarctica sliding into the sea, Earth Inversion,TWO crustal displacements(of thousands of miles!!), changed axial tilt, Ice Era followed by Ice Age(The cold fresh water melt from North America, Greenland,etc. will push The Gulf Stream down, stopping it. This will result in an immediate big drop in the temperatures of North Western Europe. Ten degrees. Celsius, I think.)


In addition to all this, Phaeton’s core, a little smaller than Mars, will whizz by us, and wreak terrible havoc via gravity and magnetic tides. Just about tearing our planet in half!!(If you look at the sun(VERY CAREFULLY) with a telescope suitably FILTERED, you can SEE Phaeton(expect it about 2,015, Nibiru about 2,078) silhouetted against it!! Been growing there for YEARS!!(As it approaches us.)(Nibiru(Saturn sized) has arrived on the other side of the solar system, so should not affect us much)

What is happening you see, IN ADDITION to the sun going around the closing spiral of our local stellar cluster, is that an ENTIRE SOLAR SYSTEM is merging with ours(has been for some years!).(We have two suns(quite a while now!) in the sky, and soon will have two moons!!) Its small yellow star, Antoine, can also be seen near to our sun – as it rounds it. It has six planets with their satellites,etc. And the whole pack is merging with our planets!!(Note: Only visible with special filters in the infra red telescopes down near to the South Pole!(As the obvious retort expected, is: So why cannot we see these objects?!)(The whole pack is only coming in at a steep angle to the ecliptic(where we seldom look).(The second sun can pass as a mock sun or reflection. The other planets and their satellites,etc. would only be points of light indistinguishable from the background stars. And Nibiru is seen as one of the minor planets – and therefore not anything out of the ordinary. But you are VERY VERY wrong!!)(So none of this will be obvious, bar the mysterious object found by NASA!)(All VERY HASTILY explained away!!)(Keeping all this secret is a dreadful mistake. As if it was released bit by bit – the people should get accustomed to the idea, and not even panic!!)(Just a VERY GRIM acceptance.)

QUITE an eventful time. Worst EVER(past AND FUTURE) to hit Mankind on Earth!!


Plus of course the alignment with the centre of the galaxy.

AND the beginning of The Age of Aquarius!!


And the beginnings and endings of MANY, if not all, cycles!!!!



COLOSSAL changes will occur on Earth, in EVERY department of life.


Some good, some bad, others mediocre. REALLY gigantic!!



We shall experience floating off the ground, and the seeing of dead loved ones materializing!!(Because of the bizarre conditions which will accompany all of this!!)



It happens every 6,500 years.



Due to occur next: December 21st, 2,012.A.D!!(Centred on that date. Spread over a few years thereafter.)




FACTS. Proved and confirmed by me. NOT figments of my imagination!!




So get the act together, and PREPARE, FAST!!!!





The dire events we have been experiencing, worse and worse, of late, are MERE PRECURSORS of WHAT IS TO COME!!!!


It actually begins this month. May(8th, I think.) 2,011.(The date of 21.12.12 is simply the date of the end of The Mayan LONG COUNT Calendar.)


I would say even Japan was not its beginning. (Another COMPARATIVE flea bite not worthy of MENTION!!)





This STUPENDOUS event has been prophesied by many reputable sources for the past 2,000 years!!(It is the worst disaster WE SHALL

EVER know.)The Terrible Day of The Lord!!




I worked INDEPENDENTLY, and proved and confirmed it!!






Why haven’t the authorities told us?(To avoid panic. AND to keep control of us!!)They poo poo these things. To keep us ignorant.(Disasters, ufo’s, aliens, ghosts, poltergeists,etc.)

But actually(The Secret Government, anyway) have known SOMETHING AWFUL was coming, for years, if not DECADES!! And have prepared with seeds,etc. Huge underground chambers, and hollowing out of mountain.

We are being lied to. And have been this past 900,000 years!


We are in the grip of unpleasant aliens.(Humanoids, Reptileans(They eat minds(and bodies, sometimes) and Little Greys,etc. Also Hybrids. Created from humans and humanoids. Via a Secret Second Government, faceless ones, hiding behind the actual government.(I am allowed to do this(by THEM) because they want us to WAKE UP!!)(We are their cattle. Slaves.(Earth could be a sort of prison.) We are getting our wonderful technology largely thanks to aliens! In exchange for them being allowed to abduct us for experiments(no anaesthetics). And to mutilate our cattle!!(Apparently cow blood is important to them. As is gold. And water. And our genes apparently. They used us(in the past) as slaves to mine gold for them. Not for the obvious reason, but to turn into gold particles and spray into THEIR planet’s atmosphere, to INCREASE the radiation of the sun(by reflection), because of the vast distance THEY go away from it.(On their Home Planet, Homeward.) They genetically modified our genes. Blending theirs with ours. We, homo sapiens, were created, became Cro-Mags and Neanderthals(this superior species was very much wiped out by The Cro-Mags.). Then genes of Cro Mags modified to create the latest humans.(The Annunaki are the gods mentioned in Genesis.)(Our scriptures are very garbled remnants of older scriptures of Chaldea(I think)(Babylon, perhaps.). The Flood of Gilgamesh may be a different flood to Noah’s flood, though.)


Earthmen know so LITTLE. Technologically advanced, but spiritually so backward.



Even The Spirit World will be damaged by the coming HOLOCAUST.



Yes things will rapidly build up TO IT.





I INSIST, I think a LITTLE panic NOW, will be a small price to pay to avoid PANDEMONIUM later!!



We can take it! (By the time worse comes we can be conditioned against going mad, and bad.)(The worst danger will of course be mass panic and pandemonium. With all countries going like what Libya is now, mass riots, AND FAR WORSE!!)We shall HAVE TO!!)


Many Earths exist. And humans. As well as humanoids.


The whole universe IS ALIVE. (Life elsewhere, indeed!!)


And we LIVE FOR EVER. Via endless personal evolution and involution, re-incarnating and moving gradually higher. What we call death is actually birth. A portal to a finer world. But it depends WHERE we go there!!(Up, if our good exceeds our bad. Down if our bad exceeds our good!!!!)





We humans – are pretty clueless!!





We are obsessed with the physical, sex and drugs,etc. All low things.



God is not interested in our failures. Only in our ACHIEVMENTS!!




We all make mistakes. The THING is to LEARN, grow and to PERSONALLY EVOLVE!!!!





Too many on our planet are pulling down. And so strongly. 



Lots of us THINK that things will just go on and on cushily the way they have done(In The West, anyway.) since World War Two. But they will NOT!!


Man and Nature will gradually GO BESERK!!(As they realize that GOD is NOT an indulgent FOOL!!)




The main point of this article is to join the two loose ends together!!



Mysteriously vanishing civilizations with their continents every few thousand years.

AND the sun going around the closing arm of our local cluster of stars, HEAVING us all to death, and beyond!!!! Every 6,500 years.



Now! Can YOU answer the simple question?: What is the linking factor between our sun, a star, supposedly going STRAIGHT through space – AND, – the mysterious destruction of a continent, plus its civilization(E.g. Atlantis.), – every few thousand years? Would you need a university degree to answer it??

In a nut-shell(in case you couldn’t work it out!): The sun goes around a spiral arm of the local cluster of stars it is in(cluster found by me when I mapped the cosmos) once every 6,500 years. And during the few years it is doing so, it(along with the entire solar system, Earth included) HEAVE LURCHES around at the end of a great ellipse. Innards of sun, and of EARTH,ETC. naturally CRUSH to one side, and then proceed along that side! With DEVASTATING consequences to sun, Earth AND all the planets!!!! So our magma(we know as lava when it spews out on the surface) pushes up against the tectonic plates, and the double crust of The Earth!!(Hey presto! Providing volcanic eruptions, earthquakes AND the global warming(we keep trying to pin on Man!)!!)


As the sun closes in on the spiral arm, the HEAVE LURCH increases parabolically. It also increasingly enters the increasingly thick ELECTRON FLOW proceeding along the spiral arm!(Which results in increasing MASSES OF ELECTRONS hitting Sun and Earth,etc. Killing animals and driving us mad and bad!!(Hence my cry to you all to design and MASS produce my SPECIAL Faraday-caged HELMETS(To keep out the worst of the masses of electrons!)(AND the deadly red dust proceeding to us from Phaeton’s core’s TAIL(now blown by the sun over us!)(As Phaeton(its core)approaches us!!)(The poisonous red dust is ALREADY falling down through our atmosphere upon us!! Just starting to!!)




With it better, now, comrads??!!(As we suck up more and more to Red China!!)(Meanwhile holding on to U.S. as best we can!!)




Ever since WW2 The West has lived a dream. Soon to be rudely ended!!



No, I am not wrong.(As so many fondly hope.)




But very VERY right!!









Vic Conway. VICON!!(Your friendly informer.)(If we do nothing, we die(horribly and terribly)!! So I TELL YOU!! THAT being our only hope! Thus to get the special helmets made! As ONLY I on this planet KNOW so much about what is about to happen!!(Beginning to make sense to you????)(The North Geographical Pole is the ENTRANCE to a GIGANTIC TUBE-WAY – leading down into The Great WITHIN!!(Where we would be safe! THAT is where they go each time!! Those of each lost civilization before us.(Yes! The Earth IS hollow!!)(Meanwhile Australasia is(I believe) one of the great swivel nodes WHEN THE EARTH INVERTS!! And thus the nearer to that, the less the winds and the seas!! I also tell you, so that we should experience only mild panic, and avoid the PANDEMONIUM which would be TERRIBLE. Which is why I beseech you all to SEND OUT COPIES OF MY ARTICLES to as many as possible, asking THEM (the recipients) TO DO LIKEWISE. Thus to inform them, AND to enhance my chances of being contacted to learn more, especially about designing and MASS manufacturing my special helmets,etc!!

(vicon2000@gmail.com and(URL) http://vicsesoterica.com)(Go into ARCHIVES for The Astronomy and Cosmology stuff!!) (I am trying to ensure that the life forms of this planet are able to continue. Otherwise(!), 8 BILLION(by time of cataclysm) humans and most if not all other life forms upon this plane will perish terribly and horribly!! Got it?? Give me A HAND, please!!)(Awful lot for one man to bear ALONE!!!!) 











Tuesday, 15th March, 2,011.




L4(Putting what is happening(Christchurch and Japan,…) simply and concisely.)



ESPECIALLY NOW in view of The Japanese debacle and radiation threat which ILLUSTRATES so clearly that the sun is rounding the spiral arm and producing the HEAVE LURCH which is basically the cause of all our troubles – BY STIRRING UP THE MAGMA(LAVA below)!! OBVIOUSLY global (Rising lava WITHIN causing that!!)warming is not producing the EQUALLY GROWING seismic and volcanic disturbances!!(You NEED read no further than

the next paragraph. But I hope you will.)(Just send out as requested, please. So that as many as possible LEARN the TRUTH about WHAT IS GOING ON!!(Worsening climate AND EARTH CHANGING events!!) (In order to get my FARADAU CAGED special helmets designed, made and mass produced,ETC. TO SAVE US ALL!!!!)







(vicon2000@gmail.com / URL(do visit!): http://vicsesoterica.com )(Archives there,too. STUDY The Astronomy and Cosmology stuff!!))

TO SAVE US ALL(Because I, and only I, know how!! Please send copies of this article out to AS MANY RECIPIENTS AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN, ASKING THEM TO DO LIKEWISE,AND SO ON AND ON,NON-STOP!!!!)(Even if you do not read the article!!)

Simplifying what is happening.(Global Warming and Cooling, and Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions.,etc.)






The Japanese earthquake has brought(or I think should have done) many people’s minds back to reality. Especially with the very dangerous radiation threat, plus the possibility of further earthquakes.(And the chance of California earthquake at any time!!(I mean a big one.)(As the magmic disturbance within The Earth(created by The HEAVE LURCH) moves along the line, from The Ring of Fire: New Zealand, Japan,Hawai, California(threatened next)! Alaska and so on.


What we have had you see is a number of magnitude(Richter Scale)9 earthquakes this (2,000) century: Chile, Alaska,Asia, etc. – and now Japan.


A great fuss is being made about the ALLEGED Man-made global warming, – which is anything but what is being claimed. Yet though seismic and volcanic disasters increase in number and intensity IN TANDEM with global warming, – suggesting a factor common to both – little mention has been made of that!(MAN MADE global warming is very clearly(after honest close study) spurious.)(A SCAM taking advantage of Margaret Thatcher’s bonus offer to all who studied global warming!)(Global warming has(it was cooling until recently!) existed of course.(Meaning the g.w. in EXCESS of that normally prevailing – WHICH KEEPS US ALIVE!!)(The implication is that carbon dioxide is a deadly poison, whereas, in truth, it is PLANT FOOD. And the plants could imbibe four times as much – and thrive!!)(Carbon tax,etc. would put a terrible burden on third world countries.)(Bernanke’s spending mania is the main reason for sending up food and fuels prices, leading to rebellions and government overthrows.)(This must end any time! Sinking U.S. and its dollar!!)(The reason I think Obama led U.S. is heading for war(The only way to solve the problems, simultaneously installing democracy in fresh countries, whilst trying to grab oil!!)(Chinese buying U.S. debt, but are now stopping doing this!)(WHY Bernanke has to stop it.)(Either do it and grit your teeth, or fail and be driven to war!!)(Spending what you haven’t got – is the way to DESTRUCTION!!)



I have FOUND this factor common to global warming AND seismic and volcanic activity.



I disagree with the comment “It is Mother Nature, – and there is nothing that we can do about it.”. Wrong!! There is plenty we can do about it!(Design, make and mass produce my Faraday Caged Special Helmets. To keep out the masses of electrons and the growing red dust. Then get down The North Geographical Pole(The end of a gigantic tubeway leading into The Great Within!!), meanwhile getting to Australasia, preferably to on top of The Great Dividing Range in Queensland, Australia!!(Do this or die within a few years!!))




Very simple(The reason for our growing disasters.): The sun, a star, goes around a spiral arm of the group of stars it is upon! It does this every 6,500 years. And every time it does so we get a MONSTER CATACLYSM, which destroys the civilization of the time(ours, Arya, this time), sinking its main continent!(This time North America.) Circling, via a long ellipse, the spiral arm, produces a HEAVE LURCH as the main mass(the planets share in this) tries to go straight on, but can’t.(Drive fast and hard around a corner! Notice the heave inside you in the original direction?!)

This momentum of mass plays havoc with THE MAGMA, helps cause Antarctica to slide into the sea, as well as invert The Earth – and leave us with a changed axial tilt. Meanwile producing COLOSSAL crustal displacements!!



Let me explain: Work out the period term of the gigantic ELLIPSE that the sun, a star, performs about the spiral arm over the 6,500 years.(We derive 6,500 years(the quarter solar cycle period)very simply by dividing The Precession and Zodiacal Term(26,000 years) by four(corresponding with the four great wobbles that The Earth makes). 26,000 years(term) divided by four – is 6,500 years.)


If you like mathematics, you should enjoy this gem!(Created by Nature. Found by me.)


My incredible find, proof and confirmation of what I am claiming(Doom within a few years!!):-



(Extracted from my J40 article.):-



(Any mathematicians out there?) 

According to my calculations(Orthodoxy knows nothing of this.), as solar electric pressure decreases, natural blow-outs must occur, commencing at the start of the 6,500 solar quarter cycle period, with the biggest, – and then per a decreasing HALVING timeally, the intensity of the disasters(resulting from the blow-outs), also halved.


You all ready??





Tabulating in two colums, on the left, in black, I give the predictions from my found BINOMIAL Geometric Sequence. On the right in red, I give the ACTUAL blow-outs(disasters)(these will be the largest on record, up to that date). Giving the dates according to the historians:-





I begin at the beginning of our current solar quarter cycle(Of 6,500 years.) with prediction date ONE.



Please take your time, and read VERY CAREFULLY!!(You simply divide 6,500 years by 2: 3,250. Subtract this figure from 4488.B.C.(Mayan date EX CHRISTENDOM DATA(!!) for start of current quarter solar cycle!). 1238.B.C. Then you divide the halved figure(3,250) by 2(getting 1625) and subtract THAT from the second date(1238.B.C.) – yielding 387.A.D. And then continue thus halving the previous halved figure and subtracting,…until you reach 2,012.A.D.(After about 13 WORST disasters.)(You will find that each resulting date IS THE DATE OF THE WORST DISASTER UP TO THEN!!)(Clearly a LAW is operating there! From SUN affecting Earth!! Geometric BINOMIALLY!!)(The next date predicted? 2,012.A.D!!) Got it??(End of an AGE.)





4488.B.C.(This is the date of The Commencement of our current Solar Quarter Cycle period. Obtained by SUBTRACTING 6,500 years from The Mayan,etc.Calendar’s date for the end of this cycle(Also the last date found in The Great Pyramid: “The end of time”.)) The Alleged date of THE END OF THE WORLD. (Which many hope is only the end of this current CYCLE…)




4488 B.C.Date of current CREATION.(Bishop Usser’s figure was 4004 B.C. 484 years too previous.) (I am obliged to STAGGER the corresponding column.(Not bad shooting Bishop Usher.(Let us all remember that HE obtained this date by totting up(very laboriously) all the BEGATS in Genesis!!)(He seems to have got it roughly right!))(But corrected to 4488.B.C. by The Mayans!! So Usser was somewhat out!!) 






Critics will be feverishly looking for trickery, I expect.(Is there any??)






The second date of The Geometric Sequence, is determined BINOMIALLY GEOMETRICALLY. You simply divide the full term of 6,500 years, by TWO: 3,250.(Will mathematicians confirm my figures, please.)(I mean my calculations.)



6500 less 3,250 is 3,250 – which needs to be subtracted from date one which is 4488.B.C.(You all follow that?)




Don’t be afraid of it. It is SIMPLE ARITHMETIC.






Taking 3,250 off of 4488, I arrive at 1238.B.C.




I now move to Entry Two:-









1238.B.C. Historians claim that this is the date of Noah’s flood.(Actually I think this is Gilgamesh’s Flood. However, if the historians wish to name it after Noah, who am I to argue?)



SPOT ON.(What’s in a name?)




Date three is obtained by halving the last addition(3250 years), 1625 years(all agreed?), and seeing what year date(after taking that off 1238.B.C.) that takes us to: 387.A.D.


So I enter(in Column One) 387.A.D.








387.A.D. So!

387.A.D. That was when Santorini blew up.(Do check through The Internet – if you doubt my word.) It is rather hard to find a bigger disaster on or near that year.(Remember I am listing the LARGEST disasters UP TO EACH DATE CONCERNED.)(According to the historians.)(History is littered with disasters of course. But I am listing the worst so far each time.) 






I make the next entry 1199.(Any dissenters?)(387 plus 812 = 1199.)(Yes, 812 is half of its predecessor, 1625(Rounding off to the whole number, below.)):-




1201.A.D. Egypt and Syria Earthquake. Drat it! Two years out.(Delayed blow-out?)

Excuse me. Can I help it if the historians were two years out? Now who are you going to believe? Sol’s weakening pressure? Or historians who may have not been so good in 1201.A.D.



Please note, though – that initially four earthquakes were claimed, spread over a two year period.(Historians finally put date in July, 1,201.A.D.).1202-1203.A.D. Historians confused over this one.)(Were they another year out??)(And/or was blow-out delayed a year?)




1605.A.D. (1199 plus 406(Halve or 812, the preceding figure.)


1605.A.D. Second big Canada earthquake. 







1808.A.D. (1605 plus 203(Adding(to last date entered – half of 406.) Getting the idea?




1808.A.D. Cordova, Spain disaster(Earthquake, I think. Cordova lost its claim to largest city in Spain. So damaged.) – Unless you prefer Indonesian Earthquake?(Also in 1808.A.D.)(Two blow-outs ex Sol’s pressure.)



SPOT ON. TWO disasters. Good measure!!






1910.A.D, (1808 plus 101.5625, actually. Nearest whole number is 102. That’s 1910. Right?)

Yangtse River Flood, China, 1911.A.D.One year out. Now who is in error? Sun, or China??

Or both!!





1961.A.D. (1910 pus 50.78125(Call it 51.)(Half of the preceding 102 figure.))








1961.A.D. China Famine.(Unless you think The U.S. Ice Storm was worse.)








SPOT ON.(A double for me.)







1986.A.D. (1961 plus 25(Half of preceding

51(Nearest round number.).)

1986.A.D. Major Flood in China.









1999.A.D.(1986 + 13(half of preceding rounded up).)






1999.A.D. Turkey Earthquake.














2005.A.D.(Half of13 is 6.5.)




2005.A.D. Hurrican Rita.









2008.A.D.(Half of 6 is 3, on.)






2008.A.D. Burma Nargis cyclone.


And China Sichan Earthquake.




Again I get a double.








2,010.A.D. (Half of 3 is 1.5, on.)(Call it 2.)

2010.A.D. Hands up. Haiti Earthquake.(Worst so far this year.) 

But this year is not over yet, remember.(At time of writing.)





Spot on SO FAR.(We may get a worse disaster this year,yet., or one or more as bad.)









That is 13 disaster comparisons(worst disasters, per years).









How many did I get wrong??
















One, according to Egypt and Syria.(SUN predicted(not I) 1199.)(Egypt and Syria, finally, said July, 1201. Over 800 years ago, in Middle East. So turbulent today. Who are you going to believe? Sun, or Middle East so long ago??)



Apart from that geometric prediction, I got them all right. 12 out of 13.



Will mathematicians please work out the chances of Sun getting 12 out of 13 right? Considering that odds against getting even (any) one right 12 to the power of 25!!!!(REALLY big disasters occurring about once every 25 years.)



There will be MANY lesser DISASTERS, OF COURSE. (But the rule is WORSE ones.,to the applicable date)(NATURAL disasters.)




Not me, you see. Sun and mathematics!!(I only discovered the natural law.)






DO point out any mathematical errors I may have made.











Now Orthodox thinks that our sun is a lone star on its journey through space. Therefore we do not look for anything that the sun goes around! It simply doesn’t occur to us.(Other than the galaxy.)




The key Mayan date for the beginning of this current quarter solar cycle is 4488.B.C.(Note, not the 4004 B.C. Bishop Usser date.)


So if we add 6,500 years to 4488 B.C. we arrive at the year of the start of the next cycle. Which is 2012.A.D.(Presumably how the great date of 2012 A.D. was arrived at!)



Note that more and more people are learning about 2012 with its dire predictions. But that I worked INDEPENDENTLY of those warning of 2012!(I didn’t sort of dovetail my theory to fit the general 2012 idea, but, working from SCRATCH, derived my incredible find!!(It is VERY important you appreciate that!)(Thus I INDEPENDENTLY confirmed 2012!!)




The Terrible Day of The Lord is December 21st, 2,012.A.D!!



Hour not known, because Earth time covers all 24 hours of the day.(The hour thus depending upon where you are.)






Those of you who have heard of Poseidon, Atlantis, Lemuria and Mu(great civilizations which vanished(sinking into sea and magma))(Presumably the last four of a great line of such MONSTER CATACLYSMS. Happening at 6,500 year intervals.) – should realize WHY our civilization Arya is now doomed. Two years to go!(Note, the MONSTER CATACLYSM will not happen spot on 21.12.’12, but be spread over several years, beginning about then.)


What causes the catastrophe? Mainly the HEAVE LURCH, making The Earth physically invert, I suppose. But conjoint with the terrible gravitic and magnetic tides from the core of The Planet Phaeton(Now visibly silhouetted against the sun(and has been so for years))., as it passes us.)






I proved and confirmed my discovery, by BINOMIALLY breaking up the 6,500 year quarter solar cycle period. Inasmuch as by HALVING the 6,500 year term, and subtracting the result from each later date, I obtained a string of dates, ALL of which(bar one not QUITE so close) corresponded with the dates of the WORST DISASTERS OF THE PERIOD(up to THAT date)!!(If you study my special articles(J39 and J40, (Ask me for these two articles and SEE and check the proof and confirmation for YOURSELF/VES!!) on this you will see that I did this by ASTRONOMICAL ODDS in my favour!!)(Could YOU predict almost ALL of the worst disasters of the last 6,500 years TO THE YEAR?! Well. That is what I did!! THUS proving and confirming that 2,012.A.D. IS THE YEAR OF DOOM!!(Having predicted TO THE YEAR the dates of all the worst disasters of the last 6,500 year period!!)(Bar ONE which was a year out!!)



So NOW we can forecast the greatest disasters TO COME!! First will be 2,012.A.D. Then(half of 6,500)(3,250) 5,262.A.D. Next: (Adding half of 3,250(1625) 6,887.A.D. AND SO ON.)(Next time sun due to circle stellar spiral arm: 8,512.A.D.(It should be handy to know to the year(or near) the date of the next SUPER DISASTER!!!!)




You simply divide 6,500 by 2, subtracting the resulting figure(3,250) from the date of the beginning of the term(4488 B.C.)(getting 1238 B.C.), and repeat the process, dividing 3,250 by 2, subtracting that figure from the last date(1238 B.C.), and so on – AND ON. Until you reach 2,012.A.D!! A string of about 13 disasters.(NOTE: Inter period disasters, not to be confused with the super Ultra Period disasters which occur every 6,500 years.)




The disasters NOW occurring on Earth, compared to WHAT IS TO COME, are flea bites not really worthy of mention!!



They are simply precursors!



I am aware of the risk of some panic. But I think that it is better to have a little panic now, and less PANDEMONIUM LATER ON, than NEAR CERTAIN WIPE -OUT otherwise!!(In about 2 to 5 years!!)


If we do nothing WE ARE GONNAS!!



THINK about it will you??




Now what I am saying is this: Only I can save us all!! Because I know what is happening, And can guide us all through!! Therefore HELP ME to get this out to the whole world! (I KNOW it all sounds so unlikely. But CLOSE study should reveal THAT IT IS NOT!!)


Failure will mean the loss of all, or nearly all, life-forms upon this planet!!


Now I CANNOT think that that is what you want.


The best way you can help me TO HELP YOU – is by sending out as many copies of this e mail TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN, ASKING THEM TO DO LIKEWISE!! And so on NON STOP!! Will you do that?? Please.

Surely a small request – CONSIDERING WHAT IS AT STAKE!!!!









NOW DO WE DIG(UNDERSTAND!!)(And do as I have asked(send out to others UNTO THE MAXIMUM), OR MUST IT BE OUR GRAVES??!!) 



I know this thing WELL!!




Give me a hand PLEASE!!






FOR ALL OUR SAKES(No money,etc. in it – for you OR me – just a chance to SAVE US ALL!!)



God bless you.


I speak TRUE.


What I am saying IS ONLY TOO TRUE!!


It is so.(How many Christchurch’s and Japans do you need to convince you????)(I KNOW the Cause, – AND THE CURE!!)






Gentlemen(and ladies),

Your Servant for us all…









Vic Conway.










































































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