M8 Most important! Read these in this order, please!!

June 27, 2011


Tuesday, 28th June, 2,011.






M8(Solutions to the mysteries of the universe and the secrets of life.)(Any problems, or to ask me for articles, get in touch with me: vicon@halenet.com or vicon2000@gmail.com)




Anyone there able to guide me through on SEOprocessing?! Please e mail me on how to.(My forte is digging out important truths,not computers and The Internet.)






Please go to my websites, in this order:

conspiracytheorieshot.yolasite.com(Once on the green page you will need to scroll down(on the left). Sorry. Glitch on the site prevented me listing titles and links.)(Entire articles LISTED there. Just scroll down for them!!) vicsesoterica.com wordpress2000 situationreports.50megs.com vicsesoterica.synthasite.com

science & vicsesoterica(.com probably).(Pick out the article numbers you are interested in, and then GO to my articles somewhere IN the websites,etc.listed above!!)







You are MOST strongly urged to read the following articles first, and in this order:-(L28 is A COPY of my entire archives. This should give you an idea of the many subjects covered, and enable you to name to me to send to you! L31 More lists(later).



Subject: 2,012.A.D. Doomsday.


LM2(L7,etc. in brief.)




LM2 Supplement


L7 My proof and confirmation of 2012 bringing Doom!(The most important document in the world!)


L21(Some events to come.)(L25 is a later list.)(L31 is later still.)


(Care: Two L21’s. Both are valuable. But only one is on events to come.)


LM11 The latest on Phaeton.(Wrongly called Nibiru.)




L15. The HEAVE-LURCH explained.(This is what is causing our disasters!)


L18 Disaster reasons explained.








The other L21: The Co-ordinates.(To The North Geographical Entrance.)




L25 gives a diagram as well.
















My incredible Nature’s Telescope(And Microscope)(To view stars(they look like dust) at the centre of our galaxy about as large as our sun!)












My FANTASTIC(but sound and true!) discoveries in Astronomy, Astro-physics.


In Astronomy, Astro-physics:-


LM6 gives my best new astronomy articles and their reading order!!


LM10 About my exact astronomical distances and masses,etc.finder.


A6(Old, but still valuable.)


A914(a) My New Astronomy!!


Virgo Cluster and distances.




In Cosmology:-


A713.(a, I think)


Also read my – Rough copy of (My) Cosmology.


Also, Cosmology 23062000(The date done presumably!)


Cosmology and Astronomy.


Cosmology 23.06.2000(Is the earlier one, I think.)




And possibly another CA one.


“Smash Big Bang”.






“The Structure of The Universe”.








Economics, Sharethewealth!(Particularly so that the world can get OUT of its almost hopeless financial and economic mess!)


Called Ratings.


Rat1a – Conway.


Rat 2b


Ratings 7


Rat is short for Ratings.(Called Ratings because one of my two systems was worked to mathematical ratings. But my MONETARY division is simple, easy, quick and far better!!(Mathematical ratings good – but too complicated for the people to handle.)






Survival of bodily death and the after-life:-












SOME Sundry subjects:-


“The Shroud of Turin”(J29) I have already posted up to WordPress.


“The Da Vinci Code”.


“Moonaster” is about the blowing off of the surface of Phaeton!(Now(28.06.11.) approaching us!!


J48 The true vicarious atonement.


Try to read “Joe’s Brain”, “Brain”, Julia’s Brain, too.




M5 There are Martians on Mars!!(Posted up recently.)


S2 My seeing The Light!!


All these are titles.




The starfish.


A520 Personal Time Travel.






M7(My correction.)(My warning to the world.)(Just posted.)




My coverletter to “The Chandros Wobble”.








On The Great Pyramid and The Sphinx.


Life after death.


SOME Miscellaneous articles:-






There are many more.


Study my lists of articles. Archives,etc.


To get the ones I am now mentioning.


And to find new(to you)ones.






L32. Save the world!!




L10 Wake up, Australia!!








L13 Help The Martians!!






Travel back in time to improve your life!!(Yes, it is possible. And needs to be done as quickly as possible. To qualify for a better next life and lives, as well as an immediate improvement in the here and now, both incarnate and in the spirit world after death!!)


Aliens can be expected to visit us. I do not write much upon this subject,nor UFO’s because so well covered by others. And far better than I do.


On surviving death, and the after-life.


I avoid sex,etc.(low pleasures and joys) – because I want the reader to climb HIGHER, not lower!!


Plenty dragging us down.


Very few hauling us up!!




You are also urge to read my “See Upside-Down O’Scope”(not my invention).


And my study of Mirror!!




Read,too, about life on Mars. SOME humans STILL living there!!


Also about strange anomalies on The Moon, Venus, Titan, plus WITHIN The Earth,etc!






















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