M7 Continuing my warning to the world.

June 24, 2011


Friday, 24th June, 2,011.








Continuing my warning to the world.






The world has made The Devil its god. Though, more precisely it has made Pan, The horned Earth god its god.(Via the gratifying of our lower appetites.) The Devil seldom needs to lend support to evil doers.


We seldom hear Hell being preached these days, but Hell veritably DOES exist.(The Hell of the good is NOW and HERE on this physical Earth. But The Hell of the wicked(What I call Hades.), though not the religious hell certainly DOES exist!! I am speaking about where we go AFTER DEATH.




The world, in general, refuses to grasp that our(In The West anyway.)material comforts and ease,etc. COME AT A PRICE!! Spiritual loss and suffering – to the extent that we indulge in low pursuits.


We are ALMOST at the end of a 6,500 year solar quarter cycle. Since spirituality decreases from the start of the cycle, we should not be too surprised that so many now indulge in low things, THINKING that there are no dire consequences. But there most CERTAINLY ARE!!!!(In The After Life AND by Karma in future incarnatiions!!)




What I am teaching is not fashionable or popular. But it is true nonetheless!!




There is life everywhere. Even HUMAN life!(No intelligent(or any!) life elsewhere? How VAIN!! There is SO MUCH. Unfortunately there is SO LITTLE intelligent life upon this Earth!!




I am VERY greatly opposed. Because most humans prefer material things.


They also(so many) REJECT bad news. Thinking that out of sight is out of existence. Which is DAFT. Better to face up to bad news and do someting about it!! Not hate the sender and try to pretend it will not be!! Instead, they block good works, and try to KILL the author!! AND destroy his works!!


Good folk and good works simply CANNOT withstand the evil pressures of physical Earth!! But that is no good reason not to try!!




This generation in this world is more concerned with gratifying(at all costs)its low desires, than in saving souls and reducing suffering- even to their selves!!




Labour Party is destroying this country with their IDIOTIC ideas.


Why is Tony Abbot so unwelcome? He is Australia’s best political hope!




Labour can expect to continue its rule for well over two years yet. Which will REALLY mess this country(Australia) up!!




The U.S. President is Muslim, Socialist, Communist(red and yellow), and is NOT LEGALLY in office!! Of course he is pulling out everywhere, and soon must reduce U.S. bases.(Suits the political East.) U.S. simply cannot afford a QE3 or more!


They SAY no more qualitative easing(QE), but they may be obliged to. Which will be FATAL for U.S.(So disunited – like the rest of the world.) AND The West.




HOW is Greece getting out its predicament??




All countries who cannot pay their way need booting out of The EU – of course!!


The U.S. is broke. And, I think, soon will be BROKEN!!








Along with a number of other countries.








When we die, ONLY the physical body dies! Our conciousness simply hops into the brain of the next higher vehicle up. The Spirit body or vehicle. Known to as The Astral vehicle.


Even our current physical body rises again! It only requires the permanent atom and the zygote to survive and enter the womb of a new mother TO GROWN ANOTHER PHYSICAL BODY!! And THAT is WHAT happens.




Don’t blame God, humans. It is The Devil who is doing the damage, that one so many NOW worship!!


God is doing ITS best for ALL of us.




Evil doers win now down here on physical Earth. But it is the good and high folk who win in The Spirit World after death


The Wicked(the destroyers) prosper now – to give them a chance to evolve and one day become good.


However, it is the turn of the good folk in the beyond!(In The Spirit World.)




I am so VERY sick and saddened to see SO MANY doing evil things. So much so, that I do not see how Earth can ever improve!!




Unless of course the wicked get sent down to a lower planet. Which I THINK will happen from about 2012 on.




And the VERY good transferred to a better planet.




The in-betweens to continue here.






Islam is taking over Australia, and indeed the WHOLE world. But though they are most cruel and medieval, hardly ANYONE tries to stop them!! Which is INSANITY!!!!




It means FORCED allegiance to Islam ON PAIN OF DEATH. Usually by having one’s head cut off. Lesser offences involve hands and feet cut off. And so on. And on.






WHY does Australia HATE Britain??




It inaugurated this country, and New Zealand,etc!!




Is it wise to be against our parents??!!






God help you if you are weak these days!


Like the elderly for example. Better for you to get buried out of it!!








Malcolm Turnbull is too much on the side of the government!






Yes, Rudd will try to stage a come-back. But is keeping it under wraps!! A stab back maybe??!!






The world faces TOTAL DESTRUCTION. And only I can save it!




How STUPID to oppose those who are trying to CONSTRUCT!!






The cost MUST BE bad karma and Hell. So BE warned you who pull down, and so strongly!!!!






The wicked go to Hell, mind!!




But of course wisdom and sense are SO LITTLE taught these days. Look at parents, schools, the police,etc!!!!




Yes! ALL of us, regardless of age,etc. SHOULD BE responsible fully for our actions!!!! We need to be held accountable. In order to LEARN – and grow, evolve, progress.




Yes, SMACK children if necessary. They who indulge their children,etc. HATE them.




Goodness does NOT equal permission to indulge LOW things!!


Punish people who do wrong physically. Jailing them is cruel.




You do a lot of joking and giggling, TV Channel 7! Life one big laugh is it? Perhaps for YOU.


I might smile more too on your salaries and perks!! Still no complaints. I wouldn’t swop.






Too bad you are getting old, Mel!




Though FEW will age much more. Because of 2012 DOOM!!!!








I expect doom to be spread over the next few years. I don’t see it all happening on that one day!(December 21st, 2,011.)






God exists all right! The greatest make themselves appear least.(I mean not be much in evidence.)


So many humans speak and act low emotionally. Stating their wishes as if facts!




The more hidden you are – the greater you are!!(A lot in that!!)








Yes, 2012 is BASICALLY a good event. But humans and animals,etc. that cannot bear the rising vibrations WILL re-act against them!!




Yes, no wonder we did not go back to The Moon(So many aliens and their ships and bases,etc. THERE!!!!)




You will find(IF you get there!) Mars is FAR MORE populated!!


It seems to be like a small dead Earth, with a FEW survivors. But the place seems to be LITERALLY THICK with little people(about a foot high!). Perhaps they are a materialized form of our own sprites and fairies!!




The authorities are STILL trying to hide ALL things marvellous and wonderful. But gradually humans are seeing THE TRUTH!!




Don’t destroy me, or my works. I am the ONLY ONE who knows how to save(all!) life upon this planet!!






Study the surface of Mars chaps. It is QUITE an eye-opener!!




Australia Labour Party, and Greens, and the two Labour supporting independents are BAD for Australia. Get rid of them – as fast as you can. They are destroying the country. But little hope for at least over two years.


As for the prime minister. Ugh. Agggggggh!!!! NO COMMENT!!!!


I don’t see too much hope for Campbell Newman either!!

































M6 A warning to the world.

June 24, 2011


Thursday, 23rd June, 2,011.










A warning to the world!








I fight for the forces of construction. But the ruling forces do not like that. So they work to destroy me – and my works.


In the old days the destructive force was described as EVIL. Organized by an entity called The Devil.(As opposed to God who works for CONSTRUCTION.) Those that work WITH this force are called the good.


Those who work for good get oppressed and stopped, killed if necessary. And their works hindered, stopped and destroyed if possible.




I see 2012 coming, and with it terrible destruction. Yet not basically the wrath of God, but a natural cycle which humans cannot bear. It is their re-action, and that of Nature, that is doing the damage.


Those who work for good suffer in this world, even to death. Those who work for Devil and evil – prosper and are happy. So most work for destruction(of the good)(and of the works of the good).


Enoch and Jesus successfully endured to the death, and triumphantly entered The Spirit World.(Where all go after death.)


The good go to good conditions. The wicked go to bad conditions.


The point is this: The pain and misery suffered by evil doers after death outweighs their gains. And the benefits that the good experience(after death) outweighs their suffering whilst incarnate.


However, because of the numbers and strength of evil doers, few make much progress for good results.


On the other hand those who work at destruction make rapid and easy progress in their nefarious works.




Creatures rise and fall.


The physical body eventually dies, but the personality GOES ON!!


And dwells during its interregnum in The Spirit World, a super-physical world where it is easier to make material progress. But harder to advance spiritually.




Eventually the permanent atom and the zygote(the two gametes combined) call the personality and the next personality put down by the soul BACK, INTO the growing new form in a new(as a rule)mother. This call HAS TO be obeyed.


At this event, a Quickening occurs.


And the personality – or a new one put down – carries on the evolution of that creature.(ALL creatures survive bodily death. Though the 3d corpse shells that get shed ROT and return to The Great Reservoir to return again as component parts(molecules and atoms) in the creation of new forms.


This goes on for ever, this cycle of births and deaths. And already has!!




Every creature has this permanent atom, which binds itself to the zygote.




We are as caterpillars NOW whilst incarnate in the physical, but shall become as butterflies in The Spirit World!




What is to be feared is not death, but WHERE in The Spirit World we shall go. Up if good, down if bad. Higher up conditions are better. Lower down they are worse.


So to those who do or try to do good now, do NOT despair, but continue all the harder, for your reward SHALL come.


The reward of the wicked is to suffer in The Spirit World. Until they change course for the better.




Justice(the justice of Man in the physical is a farce and a mockery) is meted out by TWO main ways: 1. By moving up or down in The Spirit World. And 2. Via Karma, whereby we incur ills for bad deeds done in the measure of their badness.(Conversely for the good.)




There is NO escape from this law of retribution. Neither from the benefits, nor the suffering.




This is as sure as that the sun will rise tomorrow.








Do not grieve for loved ones who have gone on before you. You SHALL meet them again IF you wish to do so.


It is even POSSIBLE to meet them again whilst in the physical. By their m aterializing, or just appearing, or manifesting in some way. Perhaps by telepathy.




Do NOT sit in judgement upon others. For you do not know what they have to contend with.




Pray for those who hurt you.






Every one has their point of view. Which is right to them. Or, at least, THEIR way to go.


Two sides to every story of course.




It is not for me, nor for others(Though that is THEIR affair, not mine!), to condemn the actions of ANY.




So we look around us – and see all manner of evils done, and so much.


Some good occurs in consequence, but it is better for THE DOER to do good.


For if we avenge, then we shall be made to suffer AGAIN. Therefore BEAR it, and try to do good in return. This is NOT being stupid or weak, but wisdom – inasmuch as EVENTUALLY the evil against you WILL get spent. And you THEN go free from it.




We CANNOT equalize the score against Life. For it is the great spiritual law at work. It MUST work itself out.(This law is or was called “The Lord”.)






What we need to watch is that evil against us is NOT continued in The Spirit World after death. Therefore try to make peace with all BEFORE you die(ONLY the physical body dies!). And YOU pass on – to a finer realm.(Though not necessarily a happier one for you!)






I can say: This is good, and THAT is bad. But that is only MY point of view, and not necessarily true or accurate. As I judge, SO also shall I BE judged. Therefore DON’T do it!!




DO all the good that you can. WHILST YOU HAVE THE CHANCE.




For after death, you won’t be able to affect this physical plane much, if at all.


Continue to do good in The Spirit World too.








I have a VERY deep INNER conviction that what I am saying IS TRUE.






Those who even try to do good, get hated by many, and become very unpopular. But DO NOT let this put you off in your efforts!!






They who laugh now SHALL weep.




But they who weep now, SHALL laugh. And that laugh SHALL OUTWEIGH the laugh of those who NOW laugh at the deeds and efforts of the good.






We cannot stop evil from being done. Stop it in one form, it comes out in another.




We should try, of course. But you CANNOT defeat evil BY EVIL.






Good accrues from doing evil! But MORE good – from doing good!!(Though the results may get hidden from you!)










The important thing is not to live long, but to do more good than evil. As it is the surplus of good over evil done that sends one up in The Spirit World. And vice-versa, if you do more evil than good, then you go DOWN in The Spirit World.




So DON’T do evil! As you will have to claw your way back UP again, and that is not easy. Not in The Spirit World I mean.






However justified you may feel!






Instead, do good.








Once across to The Other Side(we ALL go there after death), head for THE LIGHT. Rise as high as you can as FAST as you can!!




As many are lost OVER THERE. And wish to God that they had lived better lives!!




The Devil fools us you see.




Persuading many that we do not survive death.


And that evil pays.(It only pays TEMPORARILY in THIS world. On THIS physical plane!!)




We not only survive death, but do survive for ever. Therefore it is MOST wise that we make the MOST of ourselves. As WE shall be STUCK with that ALL OF THE WAY FORWARD!!








I see many who think that they do well when they do evil, and prosper. But their gain is ONLY TEMPORARY!! REMEMBER that!!!!










On your death bed? Do not worry. It is NOT the end.






Prospering well, after all the evil you have done?


Do NOT rejoice. For you will have to pay it ALL back again, FAR MORE than you have gained! At SOME POINT in the future!!




























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