J29 The Shroud of Turin!


Saturday, 25th September, 2,010.














The Shroud of Turin.










The Shroud of Turin is alleged to carry the imprint of the crucified body of Jesus.


However three or four INDEPENDENT carbon dating checks – all came up with the same age FOR THE CLOTH, – 14th century.(It was three.)






It is tempting therefore to think that the print is not the body of Jesus.




I think you would be wrong!(At least, in part.)






Here is evidently what happened:-








The ORIGINAL shroud with the body of Jesus’ blood,etc. faintly imprinted – got lost(stolen, destroyed – whatever). In The Early Middle Ages.(The people naturally missed such a relic.)






A certain wealthy family apparently concluded that the imprint was not good enough, and so offered Leonardo Da Vince a large sum of money – to do a much better job.






To fool the people, including The Pope,etc. And keep the people happy.








So a second cloth was done.








Now Da Vinci had access to corpses, worked with them in fact.


He selected a suitable male, and crucified the corpse savagely. Da Vinci was a top notch scientist. Using a camera obscura, he projected an image of the mutilated corpse onto a second piece of cloth. After painting it with a chemical film sensitive to reflected images. And in this way secured an imprint(It took about three days.) on the second piece of cloth.(Without infecting the cloth with blood,etc. not from Jesus.)








It was upside down. Which was no problem of course.








Next, Da Vinci painted on to the head part of the print, a job which was half his face(an old man,then), and half the face of The Mona Lisa.






Finally, he took the old shroud and pressed a copy of the original blood,etc.print on the cloth on to another piece of cloth – and thence on to new piece of cloth!(This had to be done – regain a POSITIVE print from Jesus’ blood,etc!!)




Faint, but it was from Jesus!




This way he (Da Vinci) finally super-imposed the REAL imprint of Jesus ON TO THE FAKE.








The real image of Jesus was uppermost.








And though the cloth was medieval, not ancient, it did at least HAVE finally upon it an imprint of Jesus! So the top most layer, at least, was real!!








This is my understanding of The Shroud of Turin.








The Pople,etc.were fooled(if that is the right word(since the topmost layer WAS Jesus)), and the people had a more striking image to worship!!












OR, – as is perhaps more likely, was the original shroud lost, and The Savoys merely got Da Vinci to do a fake shroud with imprint.(The back and front being done separately. And the head painted on later.)






It is possible of course that the earlier shroud was fake too. Though I doubt it.(The then Pope declared it a fake. – But that does not make it a fake! Perhaps he just didn’t like that image of Jesus!!)








Anyway we now have Leonardo Da Vinci’s image (Perhaps Salvor Delhi (or something) was a portrait of Da Vinci as a young man.) – as our idea of what Jesus looked like.






Possibly Jesus looked entirely different.






And may even have been dark skinned.








The current cloth would have been soaked in silver sulphate – to create a camera obscura permanent image.






Evidently the current image of Jesus is a negative picture.(Which points to camera obscura.)








Possibly,too, there were other previous shrouds, the original genuine one, and subsequent fakes.














The original shroud could have been stolen, possibly destroyed.




















Vic Conway.





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