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Articles Written June 2005  



Sunday, 31st July, 2,005.


Concerning continental shrinkage,etc.

Continental Drift may exist.(Perhaps not as much as thought.) However, it is not the only reason for the huge gaps between the continents. Which, like a great jig saw puzzle, evidently fitted together as one, long ago. Forming Pangea. Which broke up and became Gonwandaland.(What we have now.)(Scattered lands in the sea.)

Erosion obviously exists. A main cause of erosion(in cold countries) is water trapped in cracks in the rock freezing. Expanding, and splitting off bits of rock. Waves from high tides pounding on cliff bottoms is probably the biggest factor. Undermining(gradually) the cliff face. Causing eventual cliff collapses.(Wind and rain,etc.would cause little erosion.)

(Note: I have written on this subject before. This is additional.)

I observe that rock strata changes occur every few thousand years. This can only mean that there has been a shift in position on The Earth’s surface. I mean a big one!(Due to crustal displacement and/or axial tilt changes.) The width of this rock strata is a few feet.(Which corresponds with the cyclic period of the solar changes in electro-magnetic output.)

I also observe that the magnetic poles reverse every few thousand years. (Evidence from rocks shows.)(Along with many other indicators, like tree rings, coral changes, ice core samples, human chronicles, rock strata changes, steps under the sea surface, equal distances between them, etc.)Now, since I know that The Earth is hollow, with huge funnel tunnel entrances at each pole, I know that what men call the magnetic poles is really only THE RIMS of these thousand mile wide polar entrances!

Therefore I know that to get a magnetic reversal, there must have been a geographical reversal!(Magnetic poles should co-incide with geographical poles, the iron,etc.content averaging up.)(The sun has already reversed ends!!)(We HAVE TO follow.)

Geographical reversals are probably caused by severe axial tilts. Momentum carrying The Earth right over.

Examination under the sea surface off the coasts reveals periodic steps. Drops of a few feet. Revealing that the land has risen a few feet between the solar cycles! This is due to the infall of dust and debris from space. It builds up over time. This continues right out to The Continental Shelves surrounding the continents. At that point there is a sheer drop of(average) miles down.(Three miles is average, I think.) Called The Abyss. It is pitch black down there. What does this tell us?

It tells us that at that point in time, Pangea existed. In other words, all the lands were ONE land mass.(It is possible to calculate how long back that was. From learning the average rate of erosion.)(Note that periodic cataclysms(Every 6,392 years.)( PLUS periodic gravity tide damage cause(different periodicity) due to the close approach of Nibiru(Every 3,600 years.) and its entourage, are the major factor in Earth Changes.(My Earth Change maps show important axes through The Earth.)(For predicted surface land changes consult elsewhere on The Internet. But note that these vary due to different time period pictures(predictions). )))

I believe Pangea began to break up about 64 million years ago.(The sea is chiefly due to comets(balls of ice, ex the disintegration of the surface of the planet Nibiru, when it blew off. The sea masses would become comets. The land chunks becoming asteroids.(Now not all comets and asteroids(generic term is meteors) would have come from Nibiru. Other planet surface throughout the Milky Way Galaxy would have blown up. So we would also get those comets(and asteroids), – these forming the early shallow seas. However, the great majority of the sea would have come from Nibiru. Thus we have their sea! Salt, and all. Added to by minerals dissolving in our rivers.

There was another solar cataclysm about 128(very rough figure)million years ago. I think due to the planet Vulcan crashing into the sun.(Other planets inside Vulcan would have crashed earlier, causing other solar cataclysms.)(By the way, one of the reasons we are being so extensively visited by little grey humanoids in their cylindrical mother craft, and flying saucers(disks) is because we exploded an atomic device in 1944(Which is when the foo fighters appeared. In 1947, the main mass of UFO visits began.) We are a danger to not only destroying ourselves, but The Solar System with its inhabitants. Bases perhaps. So wishing to survive they are obliged to stop us going too far down the road to destruction. We are therefore a sort of space farm, which they check on, we being cattle to them. Periodic visits (Every 3,600 years are from The Annunaki(Otherwise called The Jedi.)(The Nephilim of The Bible.(Genesis)), who ride on the rogue planet Nibiru. If we do not mend our ways, and fast, I believe that they will invade, and take us over!!)(Being kindly(I understand), they have spared us so far, restricting their activities to medical examinations, cattle mutilations, and abductions, plus very careful study of our habits.(Much like we study animals, and keep animal farms.)(They know us better than we know ourselves!!)(This invasion could be the arrival of The Heavenly Hosts along with Christ, at the end of this age!!)(It could be one and the same thing!!)(We are hell bent on destruction due to our very iniquitous ways.)(So out of concern for the welfare of their cattle, they propose to save us. At first via evacuations of the best to mother craft and suitable planets for a while. Until The Earth recovers sufficiently from the wave of destruction now setting in via Earth inversion(ten years ahead), Nibiru’s two passes(four or five years ahead), and our own self destruction through wars and civil wars,etc. (Already well under way, due to U.S. foreign policy and its desperate search for oil. ETC.)(We have alienated Islam,ETC. Who are driven to terrorise The West to regain Iraq and Afghanistan,etc.)(The initial terrorism was by U.S. Especially Bush senior, and now Bush, junior. Because of three Iraq invasions! And now a puppet government.(I doubt U.S. will be stupid enough to attack Iran or North Korea.(Which made more sense years back!!)(I sympathise with The U.S. (Less the U.S. people, than the powers that rule that nation, and the excessive laws.) But its foreign policy is psychotic and paranoid. You cannot impose Democracy(Fast becoming another term for Anarchy!!) upon a people who are not ready for LICENCE. But instead NEED TOTALITARIAN RULE.(Not all of us are ready for “freedom”.) Those who don’t’ make the grade will be LEFT on Earth. Where destruction will be thousands of millions(of humans), plus the animals, and many plants.)(Alas, The U.S. is become far too belligerent, and is driving the rest of the world to arms!(Which they might have done anyway! But more slowly!!) Why do they hate U.S? Because a world wide U.S. empire is not welcome!! Calling it freedom does not justify it!! Democracy may once have had some value. But is now largely ANARCHY!! Of course The U.S.(And its allies and friends) are HATED!!!! THAT should not be too hard to understand! THEY need to defend their selves!!(I observe that we are pulling out of Iraq as quickly as possible. Under many phoney words, and lies.(The policy of deliberate MIS information.)) We can expect the understandably defensive terrorism to grow AND GROW!!!! U.S. and U.K. are for it!! Australia may get off lightly, because so soft hearted. I don’t know. Australia MAY get somewhere via its immense mineral,etc.resources. And COULD lead the world. U.S. mistakes were getting out of Vietnam(That Russian puppet!), getting rid of Nixon, and Reagan. Electing Jimmy Carter. Truman not listening to McArthur back in 1951. And trying to force Democracy worldwide!!(Very few are capable of ruling their selves successfully!)(That is a necessity in Democracy!)(Alaska has oil. Use that! Plus fuel from sugar. And the use of hydrogen!!)(Unfortunately planting Israel by force next to “Palestine” back in 1948 was a terrible mistake. Far too premature! So, we are heading into a most awful conflict! Which could well become Islam versus Christendom.(Islam is all out to conquer the world anyway. But certainly now!!)(So expect The Tenth Crusade!!)(I believe Europa under Germany(!!) will sort out Islam, now so corrupted by extremists and fanatical militants!! Destroying them.)(I think they are from another planet. Their ways are so inhuman!!) I try to be fair and honest. The U.S. has asked and begged for all this. And now they have got it. U.K,too.

Now that last paragraph is very condensed, I know. But it is the best way I can put in the time available!!

Sorry about that. Do the best you can with it.

China of course is up and coming FAST. Russia will join them. And maybe India. Possibly Japan(To survive.). Australia has been bowing to RED China, and Islamic Indonesia for quite some time!! Australia is selling its soul for body survival!! No future that way!!(The PEOPLE are being conned. Unfortunately the people their selves are not exactly WITH IT. Not the right it, anyway!!)


End of digression!!

I was trying to enlarge on the steps beneath the sea. It is possible, if the erosion rate can be determined(but allow for cataclysms,etc.), to work out when Pangea broke up. Measure out to The Continental Shelf.(It is a long way out from the coast.) The combined distance out to it. Along with the number of steps(times their heights).

It is conceivable that the planets formed by accretion of dust, and gases, etc. And since dust and gas is common in the universe, we can expect all stars to have planets!! Titius Bode’s laws would vary according to the gravity ex the star, of course.

If we can work out the average rate of pile up of dust,etc. Then extrapolate back over a distance of 4,000 miles(The Earth’s diameter. The depth of pile up!!), we can get the age of The Earth that way!! (PROVIDED it formed entirely through dust,etc. piling up!)How long does it take the land to rise(due to dust,etc.infall)? I think it rises about an inch a century. Thus we have(roughly) a couple of feet since Christ.(2,000 years ago) Say 5,000 feet to the mile. For quick but rough calculation. Then via a foot a millennium, we have a mile every about five million years. So 4,000 miles in 20 thousand million years. Scientific knowledge is that The Earth is about 5,000 million years old. How explain the four fold disparity? (We need to have the average dust infall over the ages. This varies indeterminately. We have just entered a very dusty part of our galaxy. So this is hard to calculate. Maybe the four fold disparity is explained this way!)(On the other hand, perhaps the planets were created already made to some extent. Also needing to be taken into account is the fact that Hollow Earth has a shell only 400 miles thick! Thus we should go down somewhat less than 400 miles, not 4,000(Working on a solid Earth(which is false).).

Even if the entire shell is due to dust pile up, it works out at 2,000 million years required. However, the shell would have to have been very thick to start with.(A molten Earth spinning in space, would via tangential force(wrongly called centrifugal force) hurl most of its composition to the sides(of course), with a little bit thrown to centre, via so called centripedal force.(See why Earth, and all other heavenly bodies MUST be hollow, and many with the funnel tunnel polar entrances!!) So the calculation is is very indeterminable. I made the attempt, but there are too many unknowns and variables.

Knowing the average height(depth) of The Abyss would help too.

How was that formed? Evidently(my guess), via Nibiru striking Earth and chipping off our moon! My guess is from The Pacific Region. Now largely filled in. Anyway, the resulting shock could have pushed up lands to form Pangea. (The sea then was shallow. As no sea water from Nibiru at that point.)

Earlier solar cataclysms could have produced great land upheavals, as Pangea would need to have been repeated.

A lot of this is speculative, I know. I am hoping to give a lead to others who can perhaps get improved results.(I have no doubt that others can improve upon my work.)(I am only giving a rough sketch. Not only with Earth Changes, – but throughout.)

It seems that life on Earth can only have developed over the last 64 million yeas(or whatever it is). Water would have been very scarce before we got our ocean from Nibiru. However, a smaller population might have managed. So I don’t know.

I have said a lot, and speculated quite a bit. But I hope I have given you some idea in regard to this very interesting subject. How The Earth(and other planets and satellites) developed. And why!!

The biggest changes occur during the cataclysms. So this complicates things a lot. I cannot give details. Even the aliens do not know the details!!

Once under the sea surface, erosion stops.(The sea level changes a lot. Also ice and lava either conceal or damage the lands during the cataclysms.)

Hitherto we had three hypotheses: 1. Topsy Turvy(That everything happened by pure co-incidental chance. Lawlessness and disorder.) (I reject this view most strongly.) 2. That God created everything about 6,000 years ago, as is, ready made!! I reject this one too. 3. That we live in a universe of law and order throughout.(Albeit in Man’s affairs we have not just disorder and chaos, but ORGANIZED disorder and chaos. Due to Devil rule!!(Man having elected The Devil to rule. Or,rather, Pan, The Earth god, The Devil’s off-sider. He who makes us indulge in low desires.)(God having to allow this in deference to His Free Will Plan. Thus we must learn the hard way, if we refuse the way of true knowledge!!)(Man is to blame for this, not God, of course.))

I think the answer is 3.

The religieuse will opt for 2. The materialists will choose 1.

Those with any mental perception at all should opt for 3.

So there you have it. I thought better to give you a mess of pottage than nothing at all!!

My excuse for expounding my views on this so interesting subject!!


Some think that the little grey humanoids are robots employed as tools by The Reptilians(The Lizards. They look like upright alligators.). I think they are living creatures. They do act and look a bit mechanical though.

It is awful to see The West banging its head against a brick or stone wall re: Terrorism. Alas, it was U.S. who began this!! How stupid to oust Hussein, and destabilize The Middle East, not just Iraq. Putting the entire world in jeopardy. As we slide faster and faster to World War/s.

The U.S. has long since lost most of its marbles. Though fair play to George, he has pulled things around a lot lately. I think the rest of the party have over-ruled him!! (I think they have made him act more sensibly!!)(So, amazingly The U.S. economy is still in good shape!! SORT OF!!!!)I’m afraid George is a very sick man. And not exactly a leader in expertise. Though I think he is genuine enough, and is doing his best.(He is a religieuse tool, of course.) As he sees it of course. U.S. should have attacked Iran and North Korea MANY years ago. Perhaps 20 years back!!(It is a bit late now. Iran has a superb well trained army of 30 million men. So unless U.S. uses nuclear weapons(they will have to I think, sooner or later)(But then Russia will counter with its possibly bigger arsenal!), our future prospects could hardly be worse!! The West’s time is short. At most four years, I think. We are bowing to North Korea, and Iran!! No future that way!!!!

I think The West, led by U.S. will drag it out via appeasement. Just like we did with Hitler, and Nazi Germany,etc!! We have NOT learnt our lessons! (As each generation grows up, the wisdom of the preceding generations GETS THROWN OUT via the generation gaps!!) Humans just don’t learn. So expect alien intervention when it gets too bad(to protect the solar system!)(and look after us cattle!!), as I feel sure it will!!

Humans feed on animals. Animals on plants. Plants on minerals. And it looks rather as if the gods feed on humans. The gods here being the aliens. The Reptilians, and their little grey stooges!!

Yes, they need our genes, and they need to know the secret of our spirituality.(Such as it is!). Currently they are secretly and silently taking us over. Meanwhile creating a hybrid race. Mating humanoids with humans. They eat us. And some eat us emotionally. Drinking in our energies. Via sex,etc. They are for ever experimenting. They have no regard for our pain!!

Our leaders(the nameless faceless ones who rule this planet), not the figure heads we CALL our leaders!! They made a deal with the aliens about 50 years ago. In exchance for advanced technology(very advanced), they could help their selves to the people, at will. Especially the attractive women!! Medical torture and rape is quite common, I gather. So Earthmen, DO wake up!!!!

How bad the situation is exactly, I do not know. Much rubbish is promulgated. But also much truth. If you can discern it!!

We NEED them to get us off the rocks!!

Without THEIR help we would wipe ourselves out materially AND SPIRITUALLY within a decade!!

Orthodox religion has it all wrong.

So has materialistic science!!

The aliens are very advanced.

We are very backward!! And hostile. Stupid, and so extremely perverse!!!!

Unless we face the truth, we have no hope.

Many have been implanted. Much like we implant animals!! To track us, and control us.

I do not know if the abductees are being replaced with false copies. But it is possible.

All I know is that the human race is STILL very much fast asleep(mentally).

Horribly in the grip of Illuminati,etc. brainwashing and conditioning!!

Of course conspiracies of silence and misinformation exist!!

Nothing could be more obvious than the aliens. But the powers that be ARE STILL IN DENIAL!!!!

On the other hand this may be wise course! Inasmuch as that the longer the people are fooled into disbelieving in them(and the spirit world,etc.), the longer humans can remain free!! And escape the very strict and stern rule that would need applying to us. So contrary to sense and goodness ARE WE!!!! So let us not TOO strongly condemn the denials of the powers that be. I think they are relaxing clamp downs a bit. Pressure form alians, perhaps.

I put it to you. Those of you with ANY eyes to see at all!!

For God’s Sake open your eyes!! Humans are in general AS BLIND AS BATS!!!!

There is no Supreme God, other than The Infinite. And our Great Within!!!! We will live for ever. And HAVE ALREADY DONE SO!!!!

We have been handed over for punishment to various false gods!!!!

And now Islam is hell-bent on conquering the entire world. And our so called leaders are letting them!! Terroris,my foot! How come just about every terrorist is from The Middle East. Pakistan leading!! And Saudi Arabia. Also Yemen.

It is not safe to be alive. Nor on Planet Earth.

Our best, indeed our only hope, is to flee to The Pleiades and beyond(Where some humans fled and multiplied millions of years back, when they saw the awfully wrong course of the rest of us!!)(This CAN possibly be done from The Spirit World. Also from our physical Earth IF we can get aliens to transport us there!!)

Otherwise we shall all be devoured, physically and emotionally, by THE REPTILIANS!!!!

I like to think the kindly(in general) little grey humanoids are protecting us from them(depite being their stooges)!! The big lizards rape our best women. Much goes on via suppressed memories!! They know how to remove all memory of abductions! And even to implant false memories. The only thing some remember is mysterious lapses in time!!

The Martians? We ARE The Martians!!

What was left of them fled here long back. Integrated into humanity, and helped us forward.

At this point I am getting too much into speculation and fantasy. So I will stop. But the idea is to alert the rest of humanity TO WHAT IS HAPPENING!!!!

Alien take overs. Coming Cataclysm(Earth inversion). Also the two passes of Planet Nibiru!!!!

I can only TELL you, what I see and think.

I think most humans tend to exaggerate and distort the facts. I hope I am not one! Many of us live in fantasies and certainly in wishful thinking!!

Religion tried to warn us. The aliens STILL try.

However, most of us are far too much in the grip of The Illuminati,etc.

I only know a bit about this subject. But enough for the deepest CONCERN!!!!

If we don’t change course RADICALLY and SOON, we have HAD IT!!!!

Did you get that reader?

We DO survive what is called death.

However, the point is we go to a level in the spirit world that our manner of living has created IN us. All bad deeds increase the weight of our souls. All good deeds lighten them!! That is how it is!! So we GO after death(sooner or later) to OUR LEVEL. That is to where-ever the surplus of good or bad had made of our soul weight!! Not only that but there is KARMA,etc. Which will need to pay off IN FUTURE LIVES!!!!

I am here to tell you. To warn you all.

Not easy.

In a world which hates The Truth, and horribly murders those who would save it!!

The Corby situation is disgusting.

It brings to mind another horribly wrong one. The crucifixion of Jesus Christ!! Corby got 20 years. Bakir, the cleric who engineered sudden murder for many, got two!! But this sort of injustice is RIFE. That is this world for you!! Recall The Trial of Jesus Christ?? The crowd cried Crucify him, CRUCIFY HIM(He who had done maximum good!!). Release unto us Barrabus!(Now Barrabas was A MURDERER!!!!)(Corby is so obviously innocent. Bakir is not!!)

My job is to be realistic, NOT RUB YOUR BACKS!! You have had FAR too much of THAT. From misguided FOOLS.

I am trying. But those who take any notice are extremely few.

I pride myself on the accuracy of my perceptions.

Yes, all is perceptions, and levels of illusions(and delusions)!!

We live in a universe that is far stranger than anyone has imagined!!

Humanity shall more and more in these last ten years experience the most weird and wonderful changes, as The Earth JUMPS UP. In Spirit. And in Energy. (The Cataclysm is but a necessary spin-off.)

I know we can do so little. (Being so much in the grip of IDIOTS, but MOSTLY WILFUL VILLAINS.)

However! I think we should all TRY!!!!

Not just go to our fates with our eyes AND EARS, stopped!!!!

Or even OPEN!!!! Especially not that!





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