A772 Dying,death,The Spirit World, and The Afterlife.


Monday, 20th June, 2,005.


Dying, Death, The Spirit World, and The Afterlife.

Moribond dying is(in itself)pleasant. Death is literally nothing.

I want to be fair to the materialists! The answer to the question “Is there life after death?” – Yes., – is not technically true. It is expressively true though!! There is no life after death, in any meaningful way. Of course not. However, when we say Is there life after death, what is MEANT by survivalist is Is there life for the personality after the death of the body!!

The fact is, UNTIL resurrections one AND TWO have been reached(both of them!!), there is no life for the personality. Because one identifies with the body to some extent or other(most of us do).

The materialist is right, FOR A WHILE!!

Not just for the body. But for the personality too!!

The body eventually returns to the great reservoir for further use by all!!(And so there is no death there either!!)

The Personality does not survive death SO LONG AS IT IDENTIFIES WITH THE BODY!!!!(There simply is no such thing as Death. Not even The Personification of it!! Grim Reaper or Skeleton!! There is ONLY, higher life!!)

And to that extent.(In reference to identifying with the body.)

This is so hard to avoid doing.

Comes The Resurrection!! – The first one.

What happens is that as one dies, we struggle to live. This raises the vibrations, and thus the survival instinct leads us to DROP our identification with the physical body, and place it higher(in the next finer body up(up in material vibratory rate))! This is THE FIRST resurrection. It is of the finer spirit body!!(Jesus,etc.were special cases!!)(As for re-incarnation, that comes AFTER the life in the spirit world(The Interregnum.). Later. And then it is a NEW personality from the soul that is put down, like a fresh cog of the pinion wheel. Plus a new physical body!! However, though we do come to an end, it is not until after the spirit life. And then we return into the soul for a new personality(and body). There is no loss, because we retain the best of the old, and keep getting bigger and better!!!!(Hypnosis via age regression can restore the old lost pesonalities!!)(Plus body! TO THE PERSON CONCERNED!!!!)

The Second Resurrection does not occur until The Soul re-creates the personality! It can do this at any time after death in The Spirit World. When The Personality presses enough!! It will be easier to follow me if you use the sleep and dreams analogue!!

When we are asleep, we sometimes dream. That is we enter the auric world within our bodies, and view its images(The dream body being one! The central one.) Eventually the dream ends(there is a whole series of dream periods during sleep, but little is remembered), and we wake up in our physical bodies. What happened to the dream self and its vehicle?? The dream body telescopes up inside of the physical vehicle(it being an auric image). And the dream self telescopes up inside of our waking concious mind!! Eclipsed, not dead.(Even if your dream body died in a dream!!)

(We forget most dreams. And those we do remember end up being memories of memories of the dream concerned!! The original view of the dream being instantly forgotten!!(It was a view, not a memory!! Because during the seconds of awakening, we actually VIEW the dream ITSELF. Then we memory photograph this. And later memory photograph THE MEMORY. And we keep on doing this each time we recall that dream. So all we end up with is a sequence of memories of memories…)

Whilst dreaming we are convinced that it is real, and that we are awake.(Usually we are subconcious.)(As we awaken we can become concious during a dream. Sometimes we become concious in a dream even though not waking up.)

When awake, how many of us MISS being our dream self with its dream body? Not many!! Because we are bigger and better in the physical. All we need do, if we really hanker after dreamland, is go to sleep, and dream again!! We know this, so do not get upset much at having awakened!!!!

Now, keep this parallel in mind. Consider, now, dying, and entering The Spirit World. When we awaken there, we become super concious(At least those of us who can bear it, do!!)(Those who can’t can continue life in The Spirit World much as they did in the physical!!). What has happened to our concious waking self? And what has happened to our physical body??

Our concious waking self has become retracted within the superconcious self. But the physical body is dead.(In The Spirit World we find that we have(existent even now!!) a better finer body(Even as after waking up from a dream, we have the physical body instead of the dream body.). Why would we miss a worn out corpse?? Now rotting away. I don’t know. But some do(miss it)!!

Some even try to re-enter(death is simply permanent exit from our previous vehicle) the corpse(now)!! But without a silver cord,etc.(how hard to re-create!!), it simply cannot be done. Almost impossible. Not many beings can make a new cord,etc!!

We left the physical body because it got too uninhabitable.

For a parallel reason to us not missing dream self and dream body, many would not miss our physical body and waking self!! But a number do!!

There is no need, as the old concious self(now(in spirit world)gets eclipsed within our super-concious self. And our physical body is now(then) eclipsed within our new spirit body(which we actually have within, even now!!). Both can be raised up IF the demand is strong enough(which it some time is). This is The Second Resurrection. I am not talking about re-incarnation.(Of personality or old body.) I mean that in The Spirit World, we shall at will be able to RE CREATE(by going into a special swoon), our old concious waking self!! AND a physical body.(Though not the corpse!!) OUT of our new finer spirit body. IN THE SPIRIT WORLD!!!! The lesser is always THERE within the greater!!!!

Actually passing from the physical to the spirit world is greater than going from dreamland to waking life!!

Via the two resurrections. But it has to be both.

As with dreams, many prefer the new super-concious self with its mind, and the new finer spirit body. But stil material. Even RELATIVELY physical!!

Now we can if we like live in The Spirit World much as we do now in physical waking life!! But there are so many better things to do.

Glove and hand is a good way to see the situation. In life we have our hand within a glove. Our spirit through our soul’s personality(the hand) is encased inside our physical body(the glove). When we so called die, we simply withdraw our hand. Leaving(understandably) the glove motionless!!

Gloves cannot animate themselves. It is a delusion to think that our bodies are INTELLIGENTLY self activated!! Both energy field AND spirit MUST occupy!! People in vegetable comas have the energy field BUT NOT THE SPIRIT.(That has departed!)(But the intelligence is not there.)

Similarly, we existed before conception.

It is not possible for us to be aware of NOTHING! Nor can any living creature come from or go to NOTHING!!

The materialist is completely wrong. His case has not a leg to stand on!!

Materialists have been utterly fooled by appearances.

No good pointing to a corpse. We never were, and never will be the body(Even when it was alive!!)!!(Unless we identify with it, then we do so temporarily!!)

All that materialists can do is get angry, and betray themselves, revealing the inescapable truth. Which even THEY know, deep down!!!!

They cannot and will not reason!!

Corpses CAN be animated briefly, by original occupant or another person. Zombiesm. Not the choice of most!!!!

I heard of one that was made to dance.

In the same way lobsters,etc. can re-occupy their old shells!!

Zombie-ism entails abnormal methods.(The body being not only dead, but rotting.)

I am not talking about that kind of survival!!

I hope that readers have a better idea now. I write to tell you the truth. Not(primarily) to comfort you. (I am not a believe in comforting via lies. But the brutal truth, EVEN IF IT HURTS!!!! The important thing is not to survive, but to avoid Hell!!!!

There is no life after death(But only the horse dies. Not the rider!!(We pass upwards from rider to rider, the previous rider becoming the next horse, as we individually evolve!!)). HOWEVER THERE IS NO DEATH AFTER LIFE EITHER!!!!

Visualize a horse and rider moving along. Suddenly the horse drops dead(its time come). Does the rider die? Then why should the personality which is leaving(permanently) ( we sometimes exit temporarily!!) expire? It doesn’t!! IT SIMPLY DEPARTS VEHICLE!!!! And lives on immediately in a materially better world through its next(concentric!) inner material finer body!!

We all believe what we WISH to believe. Not the truth PER SE.

However, as we evolve individually the content of truth increases. And our wish co-incides more and more with that.

Does it matter so much if we don’t survive? BUT THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN!!!!

And there you have it.

All creatures not only survive their VEHICLE’S death, but do so FOR EVER. AND ALREADY HAVE LIVED FOR EVER!!!!

How wrong this world is about everything. The stage this very backward planet is at!!

There are exceptions to the rule.

We are all individually evolving.





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