A728 How to tell if you are dreaming,etc.


How to tell if you are dreaming,etc.


     It is not possible to tell if you are dreaming or awake readily. Certain tests can determine.

            When we are dreaming, we think that we are awake. And when we are awake we think that we are awake!!(Some(many) who are dead, and in The Spirit World think that they are awake and inTHIS world,too!!)

            1. Do you wear a wristlet watch? If you do, chances are you will wear one in dreams,too. (Looking similar but not the same!!)  Take a look.  Now try to read the time. If you are dreaming, the second hand has blurred and vanished. Indicating that you are dreaming. Any time piece with a second hand will do. The minute hand may give problems,too.(Up to about over a five minute span.)(This is due to time not being so focussed in The Spirit World.(Dreams are very slightly in The Spirit World, via the aura!!))

            2.  Find some print. Try to read it. Read a paragraph or part of a paragraph. Then go back and read it again.  It will have changed. And it keeps changing.  The print will be in a state of slow flux.(It will read the same for a few moments. But that is all!!)

            You can only make these tests,really, if you are CONCIOUS(not sub-concious, as one normally is in dreams).(Concious dreams are rare, but they do occur.)(Check now – to see if you are awake or dreaming!!)(I once stayed concious in a dream for about forty minutes!(Going by my dream watch and sense of duration.)(Usually it means you are waking up. But not always!!)

            3.  Look at your hands, preferably the palms(a part you know well). They will look different, even peculiar.

            4.  Look at yourself in a mirror. You will look different, even peculiar. But usually young, or in the prime of physical life.

            5.  Hold your arms up as if in water and treading it. You will float off the ground!(If you are dreaming.)(Don’t do anything foolish – like jump off a cliff, or out of a window. JUST IN CASE YOU ARE AWAKE!!)(Though some times the feeling that you will float in the air is so strong that you will, regardless of the normal fear!!)

            6.  You will find that people are looking at you more in dreams.

            (I have found these odd facts to be true.)

            7.  Grotesque sights.

            8.  Seeing wild animals walking around. Also strange creatures.

            9.  Try to draw. Your sketch will keep changing.

            10. Try (on paper) multiplying two two figure numbers together.  Check the result.   You will have a job because the figures will be constantly changing.

             Any of these things indicate that you are dreaming.

             11. Look at well known features.(Like the pattern on a curtain.) They will look similar, but not the same!!

            12.  Curious anomalies may be seen.

            13.  And strange colours.

            14.  The atmosphere will feel more bouyant.

            15.  Studying detail oddly does not indicate much, if anything.  I once studied a grimy brickwork in a wall lit by florescent street lighting at night.  I could detect NO THING unusual!!  It just looked marvellously normal!!

            (Dreams are supposed to be abnormal. I have not found this always the case. But just as in waking life!! Often they are quite natural and normal. As if awake. People act normally.  You try to steal an article in a shop, and find out the hard way!!)(It may be a private world, but it seems to be SHARED by others!!)

            I have found that meat looks redder than normal.

            KNOWN details differ peculiarly. But unknown ones look normal enough.


            Incidentally pinching yourself(the well known dream check) – does not work!! It will fee just like as if you are awake.  You won’t normally wake up. Though the dream scene may change.  This often happens. Especially when your mind is diverted. As it is when pinching yourself.

            People act much as they normally do. So converse sensibly with them, or they will look at you askance!!

            I found things more accentuated though. Sharper. And more vivid.  But there are dreams AND DREAMS.  Some are flimsy and vague.  Others bright and clear.

            Treat things with the respect you normally do. Or you may be in for a rude shock!!(You may be tempted to be fresh with the opposite gender,etc.  Or play with wasps!! DON’T.  As they will treat you as they do IN THE PHYSICAL!!!!)(Dreams seem to be(often) a reflection of The Spirit World.)(Some dreams are caused(many) by passing spirits.)


            How to know if you are projected.(That is outside of your body, but in The Spiritistic World(That is a replica world of this physical world.  As distinct from The Spirit World, which is Earth like, but not the same.(Dreams are very similar. As are projections.)

            In projections, in The Spiritistic World, you need to go about things quite differently.  IT IS NOT A DREAM!!!!

            Find a mirror, and stand sideways on. Now look at your image.  Do you have a hump on your back?  If you have, it means that you are projected. But only TEMPORARILY.(Permanent projection is death.)(In THAT case, NO hump will appear(The hump is the silver cord and its base.))(Joining your spirit vehicle to your physical body.)(The image you see in the mirror is your spirit body.(Your physical body(or,rather, its original(a replica))(It is the the replica that is the original! The physical IS the counterfeit!!))

           Spirits look STRANGE.

           Strangely different in MANNER to their normal physical behaviour.


           Anomalies, like different colours, will appear as in dreams.

            The air is blueish. (In The Spirit World PER SE:  There is no sun. There are no shadows.) The sky is grey(at dawn or dusk anyway).  The stars are small discs, and coloured distinctly!!

            Electric flashes are common.

            And there is static.

            (This is due to the amount of electro-magnetism present in The Spirit World.)

            You may only be partly out of your body. Like sitting up out of it for example.

            Thought forms may occur. Like iron bars down your window(when they are not physically present!!).

            Thought forms look real, but are more flimsy than the ordinary objects.

            The Spirit World ITSELF is beautiful and lovely. Glorious and glamorous.(In the upper reaches.  The lower planes are the reverse of this!!)


            You will find things exaggerated and distorted in dreams. Not so in the spiritistic and spirit worlds.


            You can usually put your hand(or any part of your body or anything) through or into a wall,etc.(Permeation)

            Dreams are experiences in sleep. BUT NOT ALL EXPERIENCES IN SLEEP ARE DREAMS!!(Meaning that some are spiritistic adventures. Or even spirit ones!!)(And there are different kinds of dreams,too.)

           Once you know that you are dreaming, you can be freer and enjoy your own private world.  But like I say it often behaves as if it was the normal physical!!

           In day dreams we can do what we like.(And get away with it as a rule.) In dreams we can do what we like but not usually get away with it!!  As in Life.  In The Spirit World, we need to be very careful. Especially on the lower planes!!!!


            W.F.Thomas.(Victor Conway is a pseudo-nym.)



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