A711 The Hampden Palace Ghost(some more).

Tuesday, 2nd November,  2,004.

A 711

The Hampden Palace Ghost(some more).


                  Some claim it was somebody dressed up, fooling around.

            I don’t think so!!

            I recorded the opening and closing of the doors on video. Then ran it backwards and forwards slowly. And then moment by moment, via the pauses.

            As a check, I did this on normal evens. Like a running train, the opening of a window. And of a door. Etc.

            These ran slowly on slow, and on pauses. Normal, per expectation.

            When I did this with the ghost, I noticed a strange difference!  There was a sudden JUMP. From well inside the doors, to up to them, and then another jump opening them. Same on pause. Instantaneous!! Similarly on closing the doors!!

            I did this repeatedly. Same thing.


            Now ghosts CAN use will via mind to jump suddenly, perhaps sub-conciously,etc. Mortals can’t.

            This would explain it!!

            Evidently it was a real ghost!!


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