A variety of articles on esoteric subjects!

Sunday, 6th February,  2,011.


How do you receive my 2,012 news??

        Do you say: “This guy may be right, I will check his calculations – and see!”

       OR, are you saying: “I don’t like this. I will disbelieve it. Not bother to check his calculations. Then hide in the belief that it won’t happen!!”.(Until you die an untimely death! – When it will BE TOO LATE,THEN!!)

       Any reader/s care to tell me which of these two responses is the wiser??

       Or are you all, despite the worsening events all over the world, just ignoring it?!

               Are  you disliking the theory because you dislike the man?  Hardly bright!!

              The mob is stupid said Goebbels.  How true.


             You will NEVER avoid a truck bearing down on you by complacently or smugly PRETENDING it isn’t there!!

             I am the only person on Earth who can save you!

             PROVIDED you support me all out morally and financially!!

            Hate the news(though you have no reason to),not hate the man!!

            Shutting up the news announcer will NOT change his news!!

           What is wrong with this 95% of you?

           Are you mad?? And I don’t mean angry. Though you permanently seem to be THAT!!!!

     Sanely, not like idiots!!

     He who answereth a matter before very carefully considering it – is a……….(Please fill in the dots!!)

     Wake up, world!!

    Vic.  VICON.


       Tuesday, 8th February,  2,011.


A few questions of mine.(Re: lack of response to my articles.)

               I am more sure of being right about 2,012, than I am of the sun rising tomorrow!

        YOU are not making sense.(By ignoring me.)(Nearly all do.)

         I keep on being told to TAKE CARE!!  As if trying to save the world was a threat!

         I DO take care!  That is JUST IT!!

         It is a stupid modern expression with three meanings. Which one do you mean?

         Do you mean take care of us.(I am trying my best!)

         Do you mean Take care not to harm us.(I am TRYING to save you all!!)

         Or do you mean Take care of yourself??!!(I try to do that,too.)

         Are you (nearly) all INSANE??

         You don’t converse.

          You don’t dialogue.

         Yet e mails are free, quick, legal and so very convenient!!

         Anyone would think I was trying to destroy you.

         Instead, I find the reverse!!

         You are NUTS!!

         I am the ONLY ONE on the entire planet WHO CAN SAVE US ALL!!

         But because you believe in DELUSIONS, you work all out to stop me!! Which is DAFT. So STUPID!!

         The world has changed so much. It worships The Negative,not The Positive.,  It works all out towards Destruction!

         It worships Anarchy and Licence, which it calls Democracy and Hedonism.

         How DARE YOU tell ME to take care.  YOU LOT are the ones who should be taking ALL care!!

        One woman has even questioned God’s right to do what IT likes!!  You are MAD.

       (It is WE who will be called to account, woman!!)

       And SO BAD!!

       Yes, The Lord is going to destroy THE LOT. Because SUCH a failure!!

        “She’ll be right, mate!” ?

        I DON’T THINK SO!!

       Father GOD has authorized Mother Nature, Mother Earth,etc. to SORT US ALL OUT!!

      God dead indeed?? !!

      NO WAY!!

      But MAN VERY soon will be!!

      Mankind you believe the very opposite to the truth!!

       She will NOT be right! Much, VERY MUCH,   the reverse!


      A mate is one who shares your delusions!!

     Count me OUT!!

     God and Christ, Jesus Christ, CHRIST Jesus, etc.   are my lords!!

     Or I would that they be!!  As I have my failings too.

        For your own sakes, humans,

       –   WAKE UP!!

         Vic VICON.



           Sunday, 13th February,  2,011.



       It could be. Maybe last article, incarnate, this incarnation.

      The main drive of disaster comes from the sun. Via solar wind,etc.  Which charges up The Earth’s core, increasing its gravitic and magnetic pull.  Parabolically increasing drag of the lower crust under the upper crust.

      The friction from this causes extra heat.  And may also have created a growing magnetic field at The Earth’s surface.

     The main heat increase is due to the core electronically parabolically increasing temperature of the magma.

    Whilst The Magnetosphere electronically parabolically increases cold in the stratosphere!

      It is The Lurch of The Earth as it rounds the sun 21.12.12 that is the chief cause of the destruction.  Inasmuch as it triggers crustal displacements, first north, and then south.  Also increasing the axial tilt of The Earth – which precipitates The Earth Inversion!!

     Phaeton’s core(gravity and magnetism) giving it the final push!!

    The greatest event EVER to occur to Man on Earth – is about to begin.

    Some got born this life especially to see it.  To experience it.  The price of the ticket  is a terrible and horrible death, perhaps. MOST probably!!

    It should START this year! 2,011.A.D.(21.12.12 is merely the calendar end of the current Mayan Long Count Cycle – and the start of a new one. 1999 was an APPROXIMATION.)

   THIS is the dreadful Day of The Lord.  This Year!!  Exact time not known(the hour is not known) because the times on Earth are spread over 24 hours.

   The next 5 to 10 years should see the wipe out of all or nearly all life forms upon Earth.

   Humans  Prepare to meet your Maker!!

  Even The Spirit World will get roughed up a bit. Perhaps quite a bit.

 Normally (God is disappointed with Humanity’s pogress – and is going to WIPE the LOT!!) these super cataclysms occur every 6,500 years, but THIS ONE will be the biggest in 26 MILLION years!!

Take your seats everybody!

We are in the FRONT ROW!!

            Truly The Greatest Show on Earth, as EVERYTHING goes from bad to worse. Faster and FASTER – until Doom – WITHIN JUST A FEW YEARS!!!!

            We shall have to start again! After a New Ice Age,in a new Stone Age,etc.

           Elders will come and help us.(This Ayryan Civilization was launched by Elders from Orion.  Who became The First Pharoah/s.)(Isis and Osiris.)

          Thank you for hearing me(those who did).

         You will find that I am VERY right!!(As I usually am.  In my pronouncements.   I stand for God, CHRIST, Jesus Christ, Highness and Goodness,etc.  And good SENSE!!)(May GOD have mercy upon all our souls – for we have turned to The Devil, and believe lies!!)

         I do NOT love the worldly ways!!(I hate them.)  Going that way AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE – because the harvest IS HELL!!

        Count ME right OUT of them!!

        Utopia around the corner?(What? With the way WE are going on?! DON’T deceive yourselves!!  Wise up, – FAST!!)

       No!  The very opposite. WIPE OUT.  And then start again – perhaps on another planet.  Around another star!!

      Adieu. God be with us ALL. We shall surely need IT!!(God is Infinity, The Higher Self, Jehova, And The Great Absolute!!!!)

     I vote WITH JESUS!!

     You do GREATLY err world!

     Even in Australasia!!

    Perhaps especially in Australia!!


     Vic.  VICON.




        Monday, 21st February,  2,011.


The World Situation now.

       God help us all.  U.S. on brink of collapse. Why Obama is attacking Shia Islam and Yellow China.  It is either war, cyber at first, or fail to pay even deficit!!

       So now we have Pro-Democracy demonstrations through The Middle East and North Africa. 

       However, Totalitarian regimes hate licence!!

       Though Shia Islam is FAR FAR too repressive. Wishing to subvert the WHOLE WORLD to Shia Islam and take us back into The Dark Ages!!

       Which would do a lot of good spiritually.

      However, how many Westerns could bear it??!!

      Meanwhile Germany rises in Europe and Catholicism leads the defence against Islam!!

      Japan has lost its position. And is retreating(for now) on Whaling.

      Australia is losing its way of life and IDENTITY. Multiculturalism IS a failure. It cannot work!   Humanity is not ready for it!!

      New Zealand is alread, North Island, anyway, invaded so much by dark skins!

      Rents are ridiculously high, because of rich Asians, and so many young whites living at home with their parents,etc!

     The farther south you come(South Island), the few Asians. Because so cold for them.

     Key is conservative. But too long under Labour has wrecked the country.

     And The Maoris want rule all for themselves!!

     Gold, and Silver edge upwards. Oil threatens to go through the roof.

     The Political Easy dominates more and more(the world).

     So many walking right now in Australia! Which is VERY bad.  Being a LEFT side country!!

     Learn English and walk left everyone, as it is so confusing otherwise!!

    Big changes grow and increase.

    Gillard ruling Labour does well, and looks grey. Strain telling despite 10 point leadership lead. But Coalition ahead in polls.

    It is heat, and humidity, THE INDEX, now.

   Cyclone Carlos is reforming.

   Biggest dangers in Australia. Chinese and Muslims.  Learn our ways OR GO BACK!!


             Vic,   VICON.





            Wednesday, 23rd February,  2,011.


Christchurch quake and the cause!!

       Bad earthquake in Christchurch. 6.3 magnitude. Claimed to be yet another after shock. Christchurch devastated. A number killed.

       An after-shock nearly 6 months after the September 4th, 2,010 earthquake – which damaged the city.

       Now Christchurch is not a prone earthquake city.  Which makes the first earthquake a strange event.

       Also, a TREMOR   six months after the initial quake – doing far FAR  more damage!  Another strange event!

       Just another after shock??

       So long after a most unusual earthquake.(Christchurch not an earthquake city.)

       One more in a LONG series of after shocks.  Yes.  But there is a LOT more to it than this!!

       Slight damage(comparatively) in Event One.  Severe damage in Event Two, nearly six months later!!

       After shocks, yes. But JUST after shocks?

       And not JUST another New Zealand earthquake!

      I know the real cause of what happened at Christchurch!

     Which I propose to reveal to you here:-

     It is FANTASTIC!! Listen,

     The sun is increasingly disturbed, and THAT is the reason for The Christchurch Earthquake!!   Via the increasing solar wind etc CHARGING UP the core of The Earth, causing it to drag the asthenosphere(lower crust) under the lithosphere(upper crust) more and more. The friction set off tectonic plate movements – and both the initial 7.1 earthquake of Sept.4. 2,010 AND the severe tremor after shock of 22.02.11.

     The initial Christchurch earthquake was the first of(so far) SEVEN hard events in Australasia. 1. Sept 4th Christchurch earthquake. 2.  The up to Christmas time, 2,010 floods in Queensland.  3.  The January 2,011 Queensland floods. 4  Cyclone Yasi  5.  Cyclone Laura.  6. Cyclone Carlos.    The February 22nd Christchurch 6.3 earthquake.  Which has more or less destroyed the place, including the cathedral spire, the emblem of Christchurch, N.Z.

      Why is the sun increasingly disturbed?  Because it is JUST STARTING to round the spiral arm of the stellar cluster we are IN.(Which it does every 6,500 years.) A growing LURCH is being produced, but it is THE ELECTRONS streaming down alongside of the closing spiral of stars that is disturbing the sun more and more.

       In addition to the sun, a star, JUST STARTING to round the spiral arm of stars, another circuit of the GALAXY is just being completed.(An event that occurs once every 26 million years!)

      What is soon to start up in our solar system – is the worst event(On Earth to Man, anyway) in TWENTY- SIX million years.

      THIS collosal event due to start CENTRED ON 21.12.12 is the cause of global warming and all the other dire events that have been increasing over 150 years,now.

      It is the end of a 26 million year long age, and COULD be the end of the solar system, including Earth and all life forms upon it.

     Not JUST the end of a 6,500 year long age.

     It will be the biggest event(so far) to Man on Earth.

    How do I know all this? Because when I was about 12 years old, I decided to learn ALL(important) knowledge.(According to THE ORTHODOX!!)

    I did this as best I could, and then set out to find out WHAT THE TRUTH WAS. – Which I also succeeded in doing.  (It is THE VERY OPPOSITE OF WHAT WE ARE TAUGHT!!) Via cracking Cosmology AND Cosmogony.  Then finding out the TRUE as well as exact Astronomical distances and masses,ETC.

   With the aid of a mathematician I then plotted the cosmos at all four main levels, – stellar, galactic, radio-sources and quasars,etc.

    This gave me a vast knowledge of the truth of the universe and life.(What we are taught ex universities and professionals,etc. is THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF THAT TRUTH!!)(I am referring to the important scientific facts.)

    In turn all this opened up tremendous vistas of knowledge for me.

   Finding out about the sun star in its 6,500 year cycle(a quarter of 26,000 years), and our revolution about the galaxy every 26 million years were only two of very many things I found out.

    So I KNOW WHY we are getting the dire events which have noticeably increased over the last 150 years.

    I am TRYING to tell you all.  But only one in twenty believe me.

    Our woes HAVEN’T EVEN BEGUN YET!!   What we are getting now is peanuts compared to WHAT IS COMING UP!!   In EVERY department of life.

     I am hated for it. And the world goes ALL OUT to destroy me  – and my works.  Because it has MADE The Devil its GOD!! (And vice versa.)  Dumping The True God.(Therefore EXPECT to be wiped out!!)(At least back to The Stone Age!!)

    For God’s sake LISTEN TO ME. 

    I know for about as certain as you can get!  And have proved and confirmed what I am saying!!

    VERY LITTLE will survive the next five to ten years.

    The Earth will invert, both Phaeton’s core AND Nibiru will pass us closely.

    And a new ICE AGE begin!!  Lasting many hundreds of years.(As happens every 6,500 years.)

    The real Great Tribulation will be by Man, via Church and Germany,again. In a reign of TERROR, – worse than any before it.(Expect Iran led Islam to rise up, but get get wiped out by German led Europe!!  Under The Catholic churches!!)

    Red dust is falling from Phaeton’s core, blown in front of it by the solar wind,etc.

   AND increasing masses of ELECTRONS(Design and mass produce my special helmets! And GET DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE.(Safest place OTHERWISE is Australasia!!))

    The Devil rules via bad aliens.

    God allows it BECAUSE WE ARE NOT QUALIFIED YET for better!!

    Believe me, what I say IS very VERY true!!

    You are being TOLD. You are BEING WARNED!!

        Vic Conway(VICON).

















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