L33. Save Australia!!


Tuesday, 14th June, 2,011.










Save Australia!!








We have to have what we get given. And we get given what we deserve.




The crying need I see in Australia, is to get rid of this Labour Government. And in Queensland, and where-ever else there is Labour!


Labour is basically The Trade Unions. Of the workers. But slaves make bad masters.


For all its faults The Coalition is far better!!




No names, but all I see coming from Labour – is IDIOCY!!




They are destroying the country. Fast.




We either have to wait for the next election – and HOPE The Coalition get in next time! But under the current leader of the opposition!


Unless we can win a forced bye-election, of course.


Nauru is far better than Malaysia.


Why do we keep bowing to fools??!!




Australia is FAR, FAR, too foolish!!


Wake up, Australia, – and get with it! The RIGHT IT!!(Which is the dead opposite of the negativism NOW increasingly growing ot of you!!)



















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