L12. My reply to commenters.

June 14, 2011


Wednesday, 15th June, 2,011.










My reply to WordPress commenters!!








Thank you, all you good folk who have commented – and so favourably upon some of my articles, especially 2012!


Yes, I know in detail what is coming, and HOW TO DODGE IT!!


I have PROVED and CONFIRMED that 2012 is indeed DOOM.(In my L7 article which I hope you have read. If not please do so!)


I especially wish to thank the person who sent me the SEO softwear application form. Unfortunately I could not get anywhere with the form! But I did get a much cheaper($34 replacement SEOPresser softwear, but no-one will help me to use.(I am no good with computers so depend completely upon others to do everything for me!) So I have downloaded and installed this $34 SEOPresser, but don’t know how to use it!)(NO ONE HERE will help me AT ALL!!)


Whilst it is the obvious thing to do to do our best to save the world as best we can from 2012 Doom, ONLY about 5% of people believe me! That is only ONE person in twenty! The other 95% do their UTMOST to stop me from getting my news OUT to the WORLD!! And are succeeding ONLY TOO WELL, ALMOST COMPLETELY!!(Because SO MANY WANT the world to suffer!!)


We live upon a VERY unevolved planet. Must be about the worst in the galaxy! Consequently NEGATIVITY is so victorious. Which is why life on Earth is such a misery. Due to negative types opposing so much!!(Look what happened to Jesus!!)


So I am ONLY JUST making it AT ALL!!



I must soon die, so IMPLORE YOU(Yes, you reading this NOW!!) ALL to MASS PRODUCE my L7 article – and distribute it WORLD WIDE. Will you do that for me, PLEASE??

OTHERWISE, NEARLY ALL life forms upon Earth WILL perish!!


AND we need to warn those of 3,600 and 6,500 years hence of super cataclysms to come THEN!! By time capsules!!




I am the ONLY person on Earth to know EXACTLY what is happening!! And what is to come. PLEASE help me!!


Mass distribution of L7 article, ETC. AND if you will, help me with this SE0presser,etc.


People hate bad news, and so oppose. But that is most foolish.






You have heard of Atlantis and Lemuria? Well because of the confluence of BOTH the 3,600 year Nibiru and the 6,500 year Solar disturbance and unstabling cycles(BOTH coming within a few years of each other!!)(Within the NEXT FEW YEARS!!), the worst event on Earth in 25 MILLION years is RIGHT NOW starting(JUST STARTING!!) to occur!!(It began 1st September, 2,010 at Christchurch, New Zealand. When it entered the critical phase)






Basically 2,012 is a good event.(All current cycles coming to an end and new ones starting.)(Plus the beginning of The Age of Aquarius.) But the re-actions of both Man and Nature to it(they hate it because they CANNOT BEAR the rising good vibrations) – are what produces DOOM!!




What we have getting into stride RIGHT NOW, is CENTRIFUGAL FORCE arising from the sun currently rounding the spiral arm of the group of stars it is upon pushing the magma up against the tectonic plates

CAUSING EARTHQUAKES AND VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS and INCREASING HEAT(coming from rising magma BELOW(going from land to sea to our air))(Also increasing cold at times!)(DEFINITELY NOT any man made global warming. THAT LOT is utter RUBBISH!!)(Yes, HERE IS THE CAUSE OF THE INCREASING DISASTERS!!)

PLUS the approach of both Phaeton AND Nibiru(both planets of our solar system that very few know about).


MERGING of a small solar system with ours! The small yellow sun Antoine with six planets and their satellites,etc. in tow!!


THIS is why we see two suns in the sky!(BOTH real!!)


And soon two moons!!(Once Phaeton(being wrongly called Nibiru)appears close up!)(Nibiru is not due to arrive unti 2,078 A.D. But Phaeton’s core NOW rapidly approaching us.(View the sun via videos,etc. By browser entries “Two suns videos” and “Nibiru videos”.






We are IN the tail of Phaeton’s core.(Blown over us by the solar wind!) A tail of asteroids, comets,rocks and dust.(Red dust has been falling for some time.)


Down the side of the spiral arm of stars flows a stream of electrons. Which gets thicker towards the centre of the stream. Consequently increasing masses of electrons are hitting us as the sun closes in upon the spiral arm.(I THINK that this is the cause of the animal deaths.)(Humans next?)


Now we and the other solar planets are travelling with the sun, and also experiencing this centrifugal force(Like with wall of death riders.). And consequently as we pass deeper into the stream of electrons we are getting increasing masses of them(electrons) striking us.(So I expect masses of humans to be dropping dead,too,SOON.)




We were created by The Annunaki humanoid aliens, as slaves to get gold(to increase the sun’s light via particles blown into their atmosphere) for them. They merged their genes with Cro-Mag,etc.genes – and produced homo sapiens.


Thus we are their CATTLE.


And are coming to inspect us. They are riding Nibiru, and will hop off to take a look at us – to see how we are getting on!!




This is my understanding.




So am warning and advising all the people I can.




But of course the NEGATIVES are working all out to stop me.(They will try to stop ALL who try to propagate what I am saying.) Because they think “Remove the bad news, and the threat vanishes.”. Which of course is IDIOCY!!






So I PLEAD with ALL of you who READ this to MASS PRODUCE and DISTRIBUTE WORLD WIDE my L7 article, AND this one. Plus others you can see will help(to save ALL life forms upon this planet)!!(Also e mail me(vicon2000@gmail.com) with all the SUPPORT that you can. With SEOPresser for example. ANYTHING that will increase TRAFFIC to WordPress AND my websites!!)


My New Astronomy Distance Finder,etc. is my best discovery, among many.




Our only hope is to get as many of the best specimens of humans,animals,seeds,etc. DOWN The North Geographical Pole(Both GEOGRAPHICAL poles are entrances to 1,400 miles wide TUBEWAYS leading down in The Great Within(The Earth is HOLLOW!!).(Where they will be safe – because of the 800 odd mile thick crust of The Earth OVER THEIR HEADS!!)(THAT is where they go each time one of the huge cataclysms occur!)(Nice tropical paradise down there!!)






Also design make and mass produce my SPECIAL Faraday Caged HELMETS!! To keep out the thickening masses of electrons AND the deadly poisonous suffocating red dust increasingly falling down from the sky!!








HEAR ME, for the sake of ALL of us!! And ACT favourably IMMEDIATELY!!






Do you understand? ALL possible cyclic cataclysms are occurring RIGHT NOW(starting up!). A once, as I say, in every 25 MILLION YEARS event!!




Mu, Lemuria, Atlantis and Poseidon preceded us.(They ONLY had one super cataclysm. We have the FULL PACK of about six!) NOW it is our Arya civilization’s turn.(I am old, soon to die, failing rapidly, SO PLEASE HELP ME –

TO HELP ALL life upon this planet. (The very planet COULD be destroyed. As Phaeton passes us at a million miles, via gravity and magnetic tides!!)(IT will look like a great red dragon, a second moon in the sky!)(The winged serpent of Horus!)

Sorry, I am failing fast. So making an increasing number of mistakes.


So I appeal to you ALL. Help me to help you and EVERY OTHER CREATURE upon this planet!!










We MUST NOT fail!!


It is UP TO YOU NOW. I can do no more.(Making too many mistakes! And too many against me!!)
















Vic Conway.






























L33. Save Australia!!

June 14, 2011


Tuesday, 14th June, 2,011.










Save Australia!!








We have to have what we get given. And we get given what we deserve.




The crying need I see in Australia, is to get rid of this Labour Government. And in Queensland, and where-ever else there is Labour!


Labour is basically The Trade Unions. Of the workers. But slaves make bad masters.


For all its faults The Coalition is far better!!




No names, but all I see coming from Labour – is IDIOCY!!




They are destroying the country. Fast.




We either have to wait for the next election – and HOPE The Coalition get in next time! But under the current leader of the opposition!


Unless we can win a forced bye-election, of course.


Nauru is far better than Malaysia.


Why do we keep bowing to fools??!!




Australia is FAR, FAR, too foolish!!


Wake up, Australia, – and get with it! The RIGHT IT!!(Which is the dead opposite of the negativism NOW increasingly growing ot of you!!)


















L32. Save the world!!

June 14, 2011


Tuesday, 14th June, 2,011.










Save the world!!








Spiritually, as well as materially.


Repent and accept Christ, Obey, worship and love,etc.God. Do maximum good, as high as possible. This needs to be taught.


To save the world materially: Material good will spring out of spiritual good.


But also read my L7 article on what is happening and how to avoid it!!




















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