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June 12, 2011


Monday, 13th June, 2,011.








More progress with Phaeton,etc.






There was a war between two city states on Planet Phaeton – which orbitted the sun between Mars and Jupiter. Where The Asteroid Belt now is.


An untested thermo-nuclear device used(in desperation) by one of the city states went haywire and ignited the deuterium in their ocean. This caused the surface of the planet to blow off. Land chunks becoming asteroids. Sea masses becoming comets. Some got blown to the outer asteroid belt. The Oort Belt is it?


The planet itself, Phaeton, shot past the orbit of Mars, hit The PRE Earth, called Tantek(or something like that), causing it to break in to two pieces, nay three. One piece became our Earth, another became Nibiru, The Tenth Planet. Whilst a third small piece became our moon. Meanwhile Phaeton careened on. Either Nibiru or Phaeton’s core, shot past Venus, reversing its spin by gravity. Both Nibiru and Phaeton went on irregular orbits. One or both of these has an orbital period of 3,600 years. Or thereabouts.(Gravitational stresses indicate a large planet out past Pluto!(It is Nibiru, now on an irregular orbit.)(Seemingly now a part of Antoine’s solar system.)




Now if we look at the sun(CARE!). Best photo, film or video it. (Check on Internet for “Two suns in sky videos,etc.” And “Nibiru on videos,etc.”.)- We can see four main anomalies: 1. A second sun, called Antoine(a small yellow binary dwarf star companion to our sun, with its retinue of six planets and their orbitting satellites,etc. 2. Nibiru. 3. And Phaeton’s core. Also, 4: Numerous asteroids, comets, minor planets and debris.(It simply means a second solar system is merging with ours(temporarily)!!




What is happening now(see earlier articles for details), is that the rounding of the group of stars that the sun is on, which occurs every 6,500 years, the arrival of the second solar system, along with Nibiru and Phaeton’s core, evidently captured by the second solar system, is ALSO arriving in our solar system. – Thus we have a once in 25 MILLION year’s event. Which produces TWO super duper cataclysms almost simultaneously. Some got born now to observe this STUPENDOUS event. Which shall almost totally wipe out all life forms upon Earth,ETC.(I, and only I, know how to DODGE this double super duper cataclysm!!(vicon@halenet.com.au))




The purpose of this article is solely to explain what happened to Phaeton,etc. better.




If we look(CARE!)at the sun, we can see Antoine, the second sun, Nibiru, a little farther away(now off Saturn – and not due near Earth until 2,078.A.D.), AND Phaeton’s core(silhouetted against the sun or near to it).


Phaeton’s core should pass The Earth soon(within a few years).(Wrongly called Nibiru) At about a million miles distant. Thus producing two moons in the sky. This core has two tails and is red. It looks like a great red dragon breathing fire. The Winged Serpent of Horus. At its closest(we should see it soon quite large in the sky) – it will be about four moon diameters in size(at its closest). So should be quite terrifying.


I don’t know when it is due. But should appear to us all, soon!! Causing great terror I do not doubt.




Antoine and its retinue of planets,etc. plus Nibiru and Phaeton’s core,etc. are coming in at a steep angle to the ecliptic. Are in a part of the sky best viewed from The South Pole. Which is why NASA has put a special infra red filtered telescope there.




NASA discovered Nibiru back in 1983. Then hastily denied it.(Once they discovered its size. About as large as Saturn.) The Russians are tracking it, as is NASA. Also The Vatican, I believe! A number of parties are tracking it.




Shelters are being built underground, mountain hollowed out for seed storage, but The Authorities are not telling us why! They simply deny that anything unusual is going on. Ostensibly to avoid panic. But actually to keep better control of us.






So we hear no thing from governments, the media, the authorities,etc. about this GIGANTIC event, soon to occur. Centred around December 21st, 2,012.




I say it is better to have a little panic now. To avoid PANDEMONIUM later – when the public find out what is going on!!(If told asap, the people can adapt to the idea – thus avoiding pandemonium!!)(So I am trying to warn everyone.)


We are being palmed off with talk of Betelgeuse expoding(which can be expected to look a second sun when that nova goes off), Minor planet Vesta, and so on. Anything but the truth.


So we are in a most dreadful calm before the storm.


This plus collapse of The World Economy, via U.S. etc. over-spending makes for the worst time ever – which started to occur last September 1st, 2,010!!




God help us all!!








Do two things, please: Get down The North Geographical Pole. (That is where they go every 6,500 and 3,600 years!! So leave a time capsule for the NEXT cataclysm!(3,600 years hence.))Meanwhile design make and mass produce my SPECIAL Faraday Caged HELMETS.(To keep out the masses of electron increasingly being entered just now(They line the spiral arm we are NOW rounding, producing Centrifugal Force(This is what is causing the parabolically increasing disasters(on all fronts), the heat(and the cold) – along with earthquakes and volcanic eruptions,etc!!!!).)(Also to keep out the increasing deadly suffocating poisonous red dust falling down from Phaeton’s core.(We are NOW in the TAIL of Phaeton, blown over us by the solar wind.)(Our first intimation of the terrors and horrors to come very soon. (Over the next few years.).)




You can go down either Geographical Pole, but North easiest I think, as you can go down the 1,400 mile wise TUBEWAY – leading to a safer Great Within(The Earth is hollow, and the temperature is semi tropical down there, with land and ocean! But take arms. We could go in on cruise ships – preceded by ice-breakers.(Take care NOT to miss the comparatively narrow tubeway entrance(of 1,400 miles width)!!))


The Annunaki alien giants(The Nephelim of Genesis, Christian Bible)(These humanoid aliens merged their genes with The Cro-mags, thus creating homo sapiens.), very wise, ride Phaeton’s core(wrongly called Nibiru(which is also approaching us)) are coming to inspect us. We are their CATTLE. So they will evacuate the best out to mother craft circling overhead or to Homeward or some planet in the second solar system!! Somewhere safe until Earth returns to normal.(Though even our planet could get destroyed.)(Phaeton’s core hit The Pre-Earth, remember.)(Not likely to hit again, but it IS possible!!)(Earth should be wrecked by the gravitational and magnetic tidal forces.)




















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