L9. My list of my main latest articles. PLEASE Contact me for these if not got.(vicon2000@gmail.com


Thursday, 9th June, 2,011.










Please contact me for more articles on Ratings(Share The Wealth), Nature’s Telescope(And Microscope), My New Astronomy and Cosmology. Especially on My Astronomical Distances and Masses,etc.Finder, 2,012 Doomsday, Alien Take Over? Etc.








L20-1, L21a, L21b, L22a, L25, L30, L31, L1-1, L2 My Special Report, LM1, LM2, LM3 and LM4.



L7, LLNT1,2,3 and 4.

L8 and LM8. Also LM2 and LM6.


AND: A1058, A1059, A1061,2,3,4,5,6 and 7.


Continuing: A1070,A1071,2 and 3.


Also BB15,BB16 and BB17.


LM1 and LM4.(Astronomy and Cosmology. Mine!!)


A909(3 different ways to get the distances to the quasars, my ways), A910,A911,A912, A913b and A914b. Also A913a and A914a.


Also: A813, A814, A815 and A817.


Plus LM5(Which read first.).




And LM10. Which follows this one(LM9).



















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