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June 8, 2011


Thursday, 9th June, 2,011.










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LM10 Some VERY important notes to REMEMBER!!(My astronomy distances’ conversion.)

June 8, 2011


Wednesday, 8th June, 2,011.










About my exact and accurate distance finder.








Orthodox methods are good and correct SO FAR AS THEY GO.




I am only saying that you need to make certain CORRECTIONS. On account of the following:-




1. The spectroscopic device is showing a value that is 2x too high!




2. The CRS Cosmological Red Shift Readings are basically 2x too high!(Because telescopes,etc. ONLY SEE half way(after that – coming home again!), and by chords NOT ARCS!!


Though also need to divide by Pi – to remove the curature.(As COSMOLOGICAL red shifts measure AROUND the field, NOT ACROSS






Space-time is BENT by the masses of the objects in it!(As Einstein said!)(Like with stones and rocks placed upon a taut table-cloth!)(And although(Trigonometric Parallax,ETC. is way out! Because ALTHOUGH we view STRAIGHT, our NORMAL measures are in ARC terms.(As upon the surface of The Earth! We measure AROUND, not THROUGH!!)(By the way(!!), LATERAL space view are ALSO in need of that chord to arc correction!! Because we view the sky in terms of chords, not arcs!!)






3. Telescopically(and naked eye) we view ACROSS HYPER SPACE-TIME!! Not space, nor even along a time which is ACTUALLY only The PASSAGE of time!! (Space and REAL TIME, THE DIMENSION, are orthogonal to each other upon the surface of AS IF a sphere(though actually a disk, BECAUSE ACTUALLY 4D!!)!!)(Yes!! We live in a FOUR DIMENSIONAL field!! NOT merely a 3d one!!(It’s RIGHT!!)(So the surface of our DISK – IS a SPHERE!!!!)




(Note: What we call time is simply the result of our minds being LOCKED ONTO The Moving Now – as it MOVES ALONG the ORTHOGONAL sphere’s surface!!)

God is The Projectionist. And we are in Nature’s Cinema!!



To US such MOTION(Change externally, Duration internally.) seems like passage OF TIME!!




4. We view out telescopically by CHORDS. We measure CRS(Cosmological Red Shift) by ARCS!!(Cosmological Red Shift applies to ALL FIELDS, not just the galactic,etc!!)


5. So it depends basically upon whether you want the chord distance – or the arc distance!


Normally, as upon the surface of The Earth,etc., we measure distances in ARCS!!(We do not measure THROUGH The Earth, NORMALLY, do we?!)


So I afford the same to SPACE ARCS!(The point is we SEE out per CHORDS!) Therefore, NORMALLY, we need to translate such chords INTO ARCS!! Which is effected by AT THE VERY END of our calculating, lining up with the ORTHODOX ORDER per the number of digits or zeroes in the answer. (What I call THE HOMER CORRECTION. Because it gets us HOME!!) AND multiplying by Pi/2.(Which converts chord measure into that of arcs!)



LOCAL warps(They stand out a MILE, if not two!!) are removed by repeatedly (as with casting out 9’s in arithmetic) dividing by Pi/2!!(Until can go no farther!!)




6. Orthodoxy talks a lot about comparing absolute magnitude(intrinsic luminosity basically) with apparent magnitude – to get a distance. STOP! You are missing something!! -(There is no slowing down by the way. THAT is simply accumulating OM, Obscuring Matter(Extinction Effect)!!)



Don’t you need to subtract OM, The Obscuring Matter(The intervening dust and debris!(No! It DOES need removing! By subtracting the equivalent of The ISR(InterSpatial Reddening!!)(Use a FITTING scale!!)(What Orthodoxy calls Extinction Effect.)?! You should do, or be that much OUT.



The point is – Intervening dust and debris CANNOT be compared to a FOG. Two QUITE different things!!(You THINK that by using ISR, InterSpatial Reddening, that such reddening overpowers and thus under-cuts the fog!! No, NOT SO!!!!

With a fog, yes, maybe you could just ignore it. (As being too negligible.) But NOT dust and debris!!

– Which DIMS the apparent magnitude! So you need to get that OFF!!





There is also something called MASS EFFECT! That is the effect of gravity ex the masses of the INTERVENING OBJECTS! (I found by the way that universal gravity is the reciprocal of gravitation effect!)(The two naturally totalling unity SO TO SPEAK!!)(When determining masses, leave it on(I THINK.)(Because the extraneous mass has reduced the mass of the object being viewed!!)(But CHECK with and without, and compare!!)


I found that this amount was(for the viewing concerned) the difference between the geometric mean and the arithmetic mean! (g.m. is the square root of x times y)(a.m. is half the sum of the products, x and y. Where x is apparent magnitude and y is radial velocity(in ks/sec))


Just subtract that difference!!

I mapped using hours corresponding to degrees. Because R.A. Right Ascension goes in degrees,minutes,seconds. Decl. Declination goes in hours,minutes,seconds.(You must get full 360 Decl., by the way. You do this by simply duplicating the half you have got, and adding it to the other side!!)


And used a scale of one centimetre to the light year!!





7. You also need to deduct GLARE from nearby objects!




8. I say again: CRS, The Cosmological Red Shift applies to ALL fields, not JUST the galactic,etc!! YES!!




The orthodox use VERY MANY ways to get a basic distance. And that initial distance is good, very good.

But it is not FINAL!!

It does need my SEVEN corrections!!




Not quite so simple, is it??!!





Orthodox distances and mine very roughly AVERAGE up in agreement.



Hubble’s Law is ALMOST as good as my method.




Orthodox quasar distances are 100 times overstated!!



All your other distances(and therefore masses,etc.) are wrong, in varying degrees.







If you plot maps, 3d, using orthodox distances you get CHAOS.(Which you EXPECT!!)



However! If you 3d plot using MY distances you will get VARIOUS DEFINITE EXPECTED PATTERNS!!



Namely, S(sometimes backward) in R.A. Right Ascension, V’s in Decl.Declination.

Marvellous mathematical and geometrical symmetry and orders.


Plus spirals within spirals.

And FILAMENTS. Electrical.





The whole universe is electrical!


Apparently the sun,etc. are ELECTRIC DYNAMO’s and FIELDS!!!!





You may ask WHY is it that with SO MANY different(and checking) distance finding methods, that the TRUE distances,ETC. that I have found – can be SO different!!




A very good question!




But THE FACT is, – that all of my CORRECTIONS to the excellent orthodox BASIC methods, undercut ALL of the orthodox methods of obtaining distance, and equally so!!(Being in two different areas!!)


In other words, the CORRECTIONS, lie deeper and QUITE beyond your orthodox results!!




I am NOT using DIFFERENT distance,etc. methods!


MERELY CORRECTING per factors which are way BEYOND the orthodox methods!!






I think Orthodoxy THINKS that light,etc.radiation travels ALONG the general bending and local warps, thus AS IF in the resultant A STRAIGHT LINE!! And so cancelling out. But this is NOT SO!!


No!! Light,etc. radiation travels in STRAIGHT LINES, not ALONG space(and time), but ACROSS HYPER SPACE-TIME!!


















Vic Conway.








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