Virgo Cluster TWO.


Sunday, April 12, 1998.






Now for a clearer picture of The Virgo Cluster situation:-



It begins with the noticing that the distant galactic clusters are only half the size of The Virgo Cluster!!


The mysterious two to one “velocities” to magnitudes’ DISCREPANCY also exists.


Virgo(The centre of the cluster.) is found to be 40 million light-years away using magnitudes. Using Hubble’s Law, it comes out at 80.


The puzzling(to them)2-l discrepancy bedevils everything, as does the “up to a factor of two” error on the average throughout everything. Astronomers lament the lack of a GOOD distance finder. WHY DON’T THEY USE MINE????!!!!



They next found that The Age of The Earth exceeded that of the universe. Which was a bit of a surprise.(Nothing daunts these people!!)


Not ones to give in easily, they doubled the diameter of the universe. From 1 x 10 to the power of ten (thousand million light-years) to 2 x 10.


All now relax again!!


So now they needed to double ALL distances. Of course.(Later they added on a bit more. To improve the shaky image!!!!)


Why not wipe the two to one, AND double the distances – all in the one stroke!!(Phoney thinking.)


The 2-l HAD to be a quirk some-how(though how was a mystery!!), and clearly all the distances now needed DOUBLING!!(This is what THEY THOUGHT!!!!)


Hubble’s Law just HAD TO BE right!!(Ha ha.)

Those magnitudes(apparent)are stuffed anyway. Let’s double THEM.


So now Virgo became magnitudinal 80, which now agrees with H.L’s 80!! And all other objects in line!!!! 2-1 gone. Big bang now given enough time.(They worship that and expansion, NOT TRUTH!!!!(They HATE the truth!!!!)) And of course those distant clusters were smaller longer ago – because the universe is expanding. EXCEPT,OF COURSE,THAT they are supposed to be CURRANTS!!!!(Galaxies that have stopped growing. All are supposed to have stopped growing!!!!(Even our Milky Way.(The distinction between galactic clusters and galaxies seem to be rather thin!! Ho ho.))



The base-line for Hubble’s Law, – is WHERE??!!


At the observer actually, where it should be. But in galactic cluster terms, Virgo is the first(nearest to us)one, and so The Virgo Cluster’s Centre – is the base line!!!!


Two times Virgo ZERO is still zero, anyway!!


Like two times the observer’s zero!!!!


So, by doubling magnitudinal Virgo, and leaving all other magnitudes alone, there is then no conflict!!!! Surely Nature will not mind.(AND God does not exist!!)



That is what they did. And,now,according to them, the nasty horrid two to one magnitudes to velocities’ DISCREPANCY DOES NOT EXIST!!


Some bitch, but the party line has to be toed!!!!


The Hubble Diagram, now resolved.


Now let me tell HOW IT TRULY IS:-



The 2-1 is real. It is no quirk. There is a very good reason for its existence!!


It is responsible for the “up to a factor of two average error”.


That reason is the fact that we see straight across a static curved universe!!!!


Because all electro-magnetic radiation,etc. COMES ALONG INTERIOR CHORDS!!!!



You cannot(rightly)say Virgo is the base line, and is in effect zero. You need to know its distance AND USE IT!!!!


It has a value of course, but is must be a DOUBLED value.


Double the magnitudinal one, that is. Because the true base line IS where the observer is!!


Black(mags)40, Reds(Hubble’s Law)80.


They made it 80 – 80. Some thought it might be 40 – 40.


They did(correction)double all the magnitudes. But the clusters remained half size.(Expanding currants??!!)(Because they hadn’t doubled Hubble’s Law.)


Now they should have doubled The Hubble Law values, AND THE MAGNITUDES!!!!


Because the 2-1 is correct!!


Rates of mags and ‘vels’ will of course rise ALL OF THE WAY at 2-1!!!!


It is just too bad, but “the big bang” is actually our own backs RIGHT AROUND THE UNIVERSE. Thus WE CERTAINLY DO see the backsides of the far objects IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION!!!!


It now becomes 80 – 160. Which is right. The distant galactic clusters now have the right size.(WHEN you do this!!)


So why don’t you just do that!!
















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