More on correct Virgo.


Monday, 16th August, 2,004.


Correct Virgo, in brief.(See A705 now for the corrected solution!!!!)(Then go to A706!!)



The riddle is: Why are distant galactic clusters half Virgo’s size?! They aren’t. If you halve H.L. you halve their distances, making them half their original size. Making them a quarter of Virgo’s size!!


So why is Virgo Cluster’s size FOUR times that of the distant clusters?



The answer is complex.


Virgo Cluster’s size is 4x that of distant clusters.


But distant clusters are 8x over-stated. Via Hubble’s Law,ETC. Thus making Virgo’s size half what it now is! And, therefore right. Agreeing with distant clusters!!!!


What I call a Double Reverse.


Where the puzzle gets twice as bad. BEFORE it gets 8 times better against 4 times worse!! Making it twice as good. Thus cancelling out the twice as bad!!



Let me explain:-


All fields are 4d disks. Round so far as we mere 3d creatures are concerned!! However, magnitudes’ light,etc. em radiation is received as waves STRAIGHT ACROSS S-T(THROUGH VIBRATION), to us. Thus we are only seeing half(x pi/2) the distance magnitudinally as we measure AROUND by Hubble’s Law!!


This means that H.L. wise we are MEASURING circumferentially right around the circumference, when mags wise we only go half way!! That is a 2:1(But this gets internally cancelled out of the full picture.) (However, it affects this internal calculation!!)


In addition to this (Pi plus sundries is 4:1.) Pi is 3.14 PLUS 0.8 (to equalize mags logs with old vels e logs) is 3.94. Plus sundries is the 4(to one) Plus the 2:1 of 1C : half C(just worked out), is another 2:1. Making 8:1 for Virgo. But only 4:1 for the distant galactic clusters.(The pi comes in as the FULL differential between H.L.’s MEASURING AROUND, and mags VIEWING STRAIGHT ACROSS.(Chord wise)(Against arc wise.)(Or full circumference against diameter out from observer!!))


Thus distant galaxies(measured by Hubble’s Law) are being read 8x what they should be. On the other hand, Virgo’s centre is calculated mag wise(via the converse of H.L.) at 4x what it should be!! This now halves Virgo’s size in relation to that of the distant clusters. Thus removing the mysterious original double size(that of distant galactic clusters)!!!!


We now bring in the fact that mags are only HALF “vels” via seeing chord wise(Maximum is diameter from us to Far Point, which in Hubble Law terms is only HALF WAY AROUND of course!! In circumferential arc terms. Because beyond Far Point(Far end of diameter.), we are getting nearer home again!!!!)



Virgo Cluster is H.L. Baseline. Zero in H.L. terms. Doubling zero is still zero!! So even if you say Virgo is H.L. obtained too, doubling it still leaves it at zero. Distant Clusters remain halved in size. Virgo Cluster does not change!!!!



I realize that this is strange and complex, but it is the answer!!!!




























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