L9. Alien take- over?


Wednesday, 8th June, 2,011.










Alien Take-over?






UFO’s, the erstwhile flying saucers,etc. seem to be plentiful.


Alien abductions seem to be proceeding. Though these could be Man’s version of the aliens(watch for this!).(Some of them might be.)




It is possible that The Annunaki(Called The Nephelim in The Christendom Bible. Genesis. ) are abducting us(perhaps one by one) – to inspect us. (They are coming from(some of them are) Phaeton’s core(now increasingly visible near the sun, and getting larger!)




It is alleged that they either created us, or merged their genes with ours.


Are they going to take us over? I don’t know.


This is a situation rather like when the old colonists took over what were the colonies. Only instead of islands,etc. the aliens are taking over planets,perhaps. And then possibly destroying them. Maybe our turn,now. I do not know.


Reptileans and little greys, also the hybrid mutants(after cross-breeding some humanoids with humans). For the most part. Though there are many species of aliens, humanoid and human.


Many stories exist on The Internet. Some are fantasy. Some are partly true. And a few are wholly true.


So it is very hard to fathom just what is true, and what is not.




As with ghosts, we get hoaxers as well as the genuine article.

























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