L22a Gravity and Centrifugal Force.


Sunday, 17th April, 2,011.










Correction: Gravity and Centrifugal Force,etc!!








Gravity is caused by the pressure of mini white hole sub-particles seeking out mini black hole sub-particles to enter and merge with!! All masses experience or feel that pressure!! With large masses, these amalgamate and pursue their black hole amalgamations!!




Centrifugal Force: Any spinning object(and any object that changes course) creates a TANGENTIAL FORCE which works side-ways in the direction of the rotation. These forces MAY cancel out.




However! The motion create an electric flow from the electrons orbitting their nuclei, which produces magnetic(magneton) pressure outwards from the motion’s curve.(In the same, or a similar manner, as the magnetic force at right angles to an electric current.)


This creates a pressure upwards or outwards. THIS is the force we know as centrifugal force.(There is a much lesser force towards centre, centripedal force.)












Vic Conway.









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