L2 My Daily Report Number Two.


Sunday, 13th March, 2,011




My Daily Report Number One.


My e mail address is vicon2000@gmail.com


My URL is: http://vicsesoterica.com


Get in touch with me!!(But, above all, – GOD!!!!)






(In there you will find hundreds of articles(go into archives,too!)on scores of subjects. You need to read back to get a fuller picture! Any problems, get in touch with me. If I fail(and I shall if you don’t support me morally and financially to get this out to THE WHOLE WORLD) then all life-forms upon this planet will perish!!)(Because I, AND ONLY I, KNOW what is happening(disasters,etc.)and how to successfully combat it all!!(Get down The North Geographical Pole, and design and mass produce my special Faraday Cage protected(and against deadly red dust from Phaeton, meanwhile get up on top of The Great Dividing Range in Australia!!)(I KEEP telling you(the few I can reach), but you keep IGNORING me!!)(I know it sounds so unlikely, but I ASSURE YOU ALL – that it is NOT!!!!)(What I have written can SAVE THE WORLD, if you will heed and apply what is said!!)








What is coming, 21st December, 2,012, A.D. is a GOOD thing. It is the START of the next 6,500 year quarter solar cycle!


It is also the beginning of The Age of Aquarius, The New Age.


And the start of many great cycles, including The Next Mayan one.




However, Nature and Man rebel against these great good influences, and bring terrible disaster. The most awful we on this planet shall know!!








We have had four big earthquakes in the last six months: Chile, New Zealand, New Zealand again, and now Japan.(How much more indication do you need – that I am VERY RIGHT??!!)








Now the number and intensity of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions is increasing, and has been for a long time.


The fact that global warming and floods have been increasing too, points to a factor COMMON to both seismic disturbances AND global warming!!




That factor is the sun, a star, starting to go around the spiral arm of the group of stars it is upon.




Two things result from this: 1. The tremendous and growing HEAVE lurch as it goes around. (As the MAIN mass tries to continue in the original(non turning) direction) 2. Masses of electrons INCREASING as Sol enters an increasingly dense stream of electrons streaming down the side of the closing spiral of stars!(It does this every 6,500 years, and each time it does so a civilization and continents GETS DESTROYED so completely!! A few know about 21.12.2,012 but I know IN DETAIL what is going to happen, and WHY!!!! We are facing almost total debacle within just a few years. But I can save much – so that we can start again! Do you UNDERSTAND?? 8 BILLION humans and many animals and plants,etc. will we WIPED OUT – if you do not listen to me!! SURELY worth CHECKING OUT!!!!)(As I do HAVE PROOFS and CONFIRMATIONS!!)(WHY do you ignore me????)








All of the planets, including Earth, experience both HEAVE and THE INCREASING MASSES OF ELECTRONS.


The HEAVE disturbs the magma, the tectonic plates, and both crusts of The Earth.


The masses of electrons drives humans and animals increasingly mad and bad.




The sun also gets hit by THE HEAVE, and by the masses of electrons.






Consequently the sun, and all of the planets of our solar system get increasingly, parabolically, disturbed.


Thus we have increasing solar wind,etc. Which charges up The Earth’s CORE, and The Magnetosphere.(The two electro-magnetic poles of The Earth.)


The core then via gravitic and magnetic tides drags the lower crust(the asthenosphere) under the upper crust(the lithosphere), creating friction which produces the increasing heat we complain about, and worsening earthquakes – and volcanic eruptions.(Also, perhaps, a force field.)




Orthodoxy ignores or refutes what I am saying – because right from the outset it decided that all views that did not support their foolish notions were taboo! And thus they are locked in a losing knowledge set!!(Diablo rules this world you see. And BLOCKS out important truths(That would save us!!)!!) The people are being stuffed up with lies!! The phoney ones are ON TOP!!!! Very cunningly making out that people like me are nuts!! When we are not!!






It is VERY strange that the people do not ask MUCH more vociferously WHAT IS GOING ON??






However, they have been lulled to sleep by Orthodox Science, which, via govenments and the media,etc. block out all references to important TRUTHS!!


The Man-Made Global Warming myth scam COOK-UP is being deployed against the public.






The consequence of this shall be that Man shall careen on in ignorance for at least another two years yet. Only to wake up TOO LATE!!






Meanwhile I am treated with VERY silent CONTEMPT.




And studiously IGNORED.








What I am saying, I have PROVED and CONFIRMED. I have also done my cosmic maps,etc!!(It is not some overnight fantasy pipe dream, but the result of many years very hard and difficult work. However, their minds seem to made up. It is(in their view)not feasible. So it gets rejected. When what I am saying is the ONLY thing that can save us all!!)


But organized prejudice is locked VERY firmly DOWN.(And is using PEER PRESSURE and lock out!!!!)






“We are wedded TO THE DEATH to beliefs we like!!”.(Cry those who hold phoney views.)




And THAT is it, you see UNTIL the boulders start falling, the lavic fountains start springing up between your legs, the masses of electrons make CHAOS of your thoughts, and the increasing deadly poisonous suffocating red dust(from Planet Phaeton’s CORE), makes breathing uncomfortably difficult for them!!






Then we have The Aliens. Who are TRYING to save their cattle!!(Us.)










Reader/s(if any): Can YOU see that the root of the trouble HAS TO run very deep – to affect both seismic(and volcanic) AND flood events in TANDEM!!(The rate of increase is similar in both cases.)(Also, they have global warming on Mars. And had it MANY thousands of years ago – even worse than what we are getting now! To attribute what is happening now, increasingly, parabolically – IS INSANE!!)




That ROOT, I INSIST, is the sun going around spiral arm(creating HEAVE via LURCH, increasing masses of electrons(from the side flow), the deadly red dust(from Phaeton’s core),etc.(Increasing asteroids and so on.)


And soon, both Phaeton AND Nibiru(depending upon WHICH SIDE of the sun it arrives at) to whizz by us nearly tearing us IN TWO!!(I mean the entire PLANET EARTH!!)(I am an amateur scientist.)(Not qualified professionally, which supports the phonies at the top!!)




The Earth will PHYSICALLY invert.


And an Ice era followed by an Ice AGE shall follow on!!






The faceless ones hiding in The Second Government behind the STOOGES we get presented with, know a lot about what is going on, but deny it and poo poo it. Meanwhile, making deep chambers and inside mountains to PREPARE for the horrors and terrors to come THEIR OWN BLUE EYED chosen!!(Wake UP, people of the world. You are being BRAIN WASHED and CONDITIONED with rubbish. You are fast asleep MENTALLY, and dreaming that all is well WHEN IT IS VERY MUCH NOT!! It will be too late later on, soon!! So do HEED ME, NOW!!)








All(A super super CATASTROPHE.) within the next few years, – which


hardly ANY life-forms upon this planet CAN or WILL SURVIVE!!










The Great Tribulation by Man(The Reign of Terror)(Worst Inquisition and Germany,etc.), and wars accompany these things.






Imagine the panic and PANDEMONIUM, as people REALIZE increasingly that I am SPEAKING TRUE!!






They will NOT believe me. Bar a tiny few.








What do I DO??




Mankind, – there is A NOOSE dead in front of you.




Just pointing it out!




And YOU are walking STRAIGHT into it!!!










Can you NOT add two and two together – and come up FOUR??!!(Instead of wishfully and fearfully just assuming that I am mad!!)








You HOPE death is the end, but no we GO ON! Into The Spirit World, where on the average – we live another life time!!


And then RE-INCARNATE. Male and female usually alternating.


We invariably return as human.




We MUST first correct our errors. Or suffer worse through lowered vibrations(in Hell) and bad karma!!






I tell you these things in the hope that you will WAKE UP in time.




Because I too like to be warned of trouble ahead!!








You all seem to be DAFT.




You are EXTREMELY stupid, Mankind.


And so horribly INIQUITOUS!!






Yes, you are AFRAID to ban alcohol – for fear of RIOTS.


So you will get WORSE!!






Choose the LESSER of the evils!!










Don’t waste money repairing recent damages! Far FAR worse lies ahead!!


But I fear I waste my breath.




You believe only rosy LIES, – don’t you??!!




You HATE the truth, and those who teach it!




Like Jesus for example.








You KILL the saints, destroy their works, and continue moaning!




All for the sake of a MESS OF POTTAGE!!
























I will tell you what will profit you(if you want to OF COURSE!!):-




Meditation.(Which is NOT sleep, but being SUPER AWAKE!!)(COLLECTIVE SUPER PRAYER. Hard, but so rewarding!!)


KUNDALINI, maybe. But care, VERY dangerous IF NOT READY!!






And The Psychedelics!! Plus supers of them!!




These sorts of things!!








I suppose it is a case of not going beyond what you can BEAR!!








What is happening is A TREMENDOUS UPLIFT in The Conciousness of The Planet, and of its creatures!!!! Which is creating, if only by Nature and Man’s RE-ACTIONS, – growing huge CHANGES!!(Now the beginnings of climate change, but SOON Earth Changes!!!! ACT NOW!! Not by listening to THE FOUL LIES(Like Man made global warming,etc.), and REALIZING that we are ALL BEING DUPED!! Because the higher ups do not want GOOD changes. Cancer and Diabetes,etc. CAN be stopped. Marvellous free energy devices exist, and the means to turn ALL light into electricity!! By capturing it on special boards. Lots of things like this. But supressed to keep A FEW wealthy!! The list goes on – AND ON!!!!)


As you DO risk INSANITY, and MANIAS!! (If, unready, you open up The Kundalini!!)So you NEED to be READY for these things, FIRST!! Or ELSE!!!!(Your weaknesses may come back INTENSIFIED!!)






Jesus said: “If any man would follow me, let him, forsaking the worldly ways take up his cross and deny his self daily!!”.





LOW desires.(NO low pleasures and joys!!!!)

Failure(I believe) will not mean Hell, but that your PERSONAL EVOLUTION progress will be delayed UNTIL YOU ARE READY!!


The GREAT thing is: PERSONAL EVOLUTION, not sliding downhill!!








The Bhudda taught eliminating all low desires,too.








As sunlight is to moonlight, so is the pleasure of sex,etc. to the joy of union with GOD!!(God is The Infinite, The Spiritual SUN, CHRIST(God’s SPIRIT so exemplified by JESUS!!), Your Higher Self, and so on. As well as Jehova,etc!!)(You MUST learn tolerance and patience, and switch to LOVE, not hatred. Understand, don’t MISUNDERSTAND!!)


UFO’s and aliens are all around us. But still the authorities deny it!!


If you succeed(in eliminating lower desires), AND TO THAT EXTENT – you will raise your soul’s vibrations and experience joys untold!!


Don’t tell me you don’t want that! Yet go to HELL for the sake of inferior sex,etc(drugs,etc.)!!!!








When you die, your conciousness passes from physical brain into the spirit brain!!(Astral, if you like.)


This happens to ALL creatures, saved or not.




Your physical body and your mind, BOTH die, yes.


BUT!! They stay in the state of death for some days, AND THEN DO RESURRECT!!






Two resurrections!! 1. FIRST you find yourself in your astral vehicle. (Your physical body GETS LEFT BEHIND!! It then ROTS back to the dust THAT IT CAME FROM.)(The bones take a while longer. All right.)




SECOND. Your PHYSICAL BODY resurrects(From the PERMANENT ATOM and the original ZYGOTE!!)(IF you desire it. WHEN you have exhausted your desires for a BREAK in The Spirit World.(And wish to renew your personal EVOLUTION!!)(Getting back upon The Treadmill(of new physical births))(We are AS caterpillars,now – but shall become BUTTERFLIES!!!!)






What happened to JESUS, and possibly Enoch, was SPECIAL.




Because he conquered the world, by sacrificing his ALL, he was granted RELEASE from THE WHEEL(Of births and rebirths)(No longer HAD TO come back.)(Only IF and WHEN he chose.)




What Jesus did after death was to de-materialize his physical corpse and RE materialize it!!(Hence the shroud left behind!!)


Coming and going thus AS HE CHOSE!!






That takes a bit of doing!!








Man has got religion around his neck!(Gone one better now, by rejecting spirituality and the soul,etc. Promoting physical body and MONEY,etc!!!!)(But religion THOUGH GARBLED still had the baby. But you threw out the bathwater AND THE BABY WITH IT!! You SEE??!!)


Through ORTHODOX Christendom we get taught that you get saved by letting Jesus do all the work for you!(And denying the truth of Re-incarnation,etc.). (Man NEEDS to take responsibility and ACCOUNTABILITY on to his self!! NOT indulge in PHONEY ESCAPES!!(Like Suicide and Euthanasia!!!!)(They DON’T work!! Oh,yes, you can kill your physical body. But only to awaken in The Spirit World WITH ONE MORE SIN, in a finer body IN HELL!! Where is the PROFIT in THAT??!!)


The WRONG idea being that(Though even belief in this – will lead you into a happy DELUSION!!)(Until you see through it.)


(This is what we were taught:-)GOD, in order to placate The Devil(who had won all power), sacrificed his only begotten son Jesus CHRIST – to die in our place.(On The Cross.) Via his shed BLOOD. And broken BODY.


To save US from a(possibly) well deserved HELL(Utmost and FOR EVER!!!!)!!




Now this smacks of a proto-type: (Old Testament’s BLOOD sacrifices of animals on an altar)


If you refuse to believe this, then you will go go UTTERMOST HELL, and for EVER MORE!!!!(According to the old Christendom religion.)






Note: Superstition is not belief in the supernatural, but in the unlikely!!


(We do not become super concious in our superselves UNTIL our lower minds die(In The Spirit World!)(So PHYSICAL death of the body will not confer this advance. You have to wait(even there) for your lower mind TO DIE!!)(Physical death does not change YOUR MIND!!)








The idea was to sacrifice what you cherished. (Old Testament.)To gain salvation from The Priest – UNTIL THE NEXT TIME. He represented GOD!!(Believe or be DAMNED!!)




So The Devil has all power. God has to do as he gets told!!(


Yes! The TRUTH is the






This is the taught BELIEF.


So instead of a lamb per Old Testament, Jesus CHRIST was the sacrifice. Thus to placate THE DEVIL!!(But IS IT true??!!)




Spilt BLOOD, and broken BODY, you see – to placate The Devil!!


Some even sacrifice virgins and babies to The Devil!!


No. We only need to sacrifice our LOWER desires – that the higher MAY LIVE!!


Man has SO MUCH around his NECK!!


And is hanging his SOUL!!






Certain people have INFERRED certain things from Scripture. And DEMAND that we believe those things(Or go to Hell.)(note, not NECESSARILY Scriptures). By force or threat of pain, and or by sufficient REPETITION. (You CAN repeat a falsehood many times and get someone to believe it!)(And THAT is what has happened, and still is!!)(Truth has become a cunning FOIST!!)(Religious maniacs and COMMUNISTS so expert at this!!)(TRUTH emerges to DEEP THOUGHT, NOT gets DRAGGED OUT BY THE NECK. Or IMPOSED!!!!






Two great ideas tackled by men: 1. Survival after death. 2. Salvation through Jesus Christ!(Saved from HELL.)(Note, not from death.)




I cannot know for ABSOLUTE sure that I shall survive death. Until I GET THERE.


As for HELL, how dreadful to wake up after you die -and find yourself in HELL. “I made a mistake!!”.






IS IT true we will go to HELL if we refuse to believe in The Great Sacrifice. Jesus dying on the cross for our sakes??




I can believe in Jesus(and do!), yet reject The Great Sacrifice!!(In the GARBLED sense, which is what is being dished out!!)




Big risk to take ISN’T IT. So believe it JUST IN CASE!!


The snag with that is – that if it IS false, then you have believed a lie.


And Heaven is false too!!


Fooled again, – and AGAIN!!!!








(An argument against UTMOST Hell is: The pain would be UNBEARABLE. Even for a moment. What happens when one suffers UNBEARABLE pain? – You faint! You lose conciousness.)(Ah, but God has ARRANGED things so that you CANNOT lose conciousness!)(Special proviso.)


So here we have THE DEVIL forcing GOD(because of superior power) to BE LIKE The Devil – and PERSUADE humans to believe in sacrifices(by GOD) TO The Devil.(Since God is so good and loving. And The Devil is so the reverse!!)(Would GOD become The Devil?? OR, The Devil PLAY God!!!!)


Ah,says a “believer”, but God gives us EVERY chance!! If we reject THAT, – then to HELL with us!!(??).(Or is THAT the wish of the “believer”??)


Even his OWN ONLY BEGOTTEN SON.(Whom he loved so much!!)










When GOD acts LIKE The Devil to PLEASE The Devil -and sacrifice God’s DEAREST, to end up TORTURING(all out) FOR EVER MORE ALL who don’t believe this!!(Then it is time to THINK!!)(But mean are AFRAID to do that, and trust other with their very souls!!)


A case of believe OR BE DAMNED!!






I have a problem with THAT.




Especially as your REWARD for believing this HORROR – is to go to HEAVEN!!


On the other hand IF it IS false, then you don’t go to Heaven anyway.




We ONLY have the word of the teller of course. Via HIS interpretation OF SCRIPTURE.




I find no such interpretation of Scripture.


Only one Devil persuaded could push such an ABOMINATION!!(I find the argument ILLOGICAL, not because abominable – but BECAUSE so senseless!! Faith?? SUCH Faith is belief in absurdity. TRUE Faith is belief in TRUTHS!!!!)




I am NOT rejecting Scriptures. Only the PHONEY INTERPRETATIONS of those who believe in an interpretation that does not exist. Except in their own TWISTED minds!!




(So what IS The Truth??)


Let us undo THE TWIST!!


Sacrifice your lower desires that the higher may manifest.(Not ALL desire is bad. Kill out LOW desires, not high ones!!)(Repent, and ACCEPT CHRIST!!!!)


Jesus died setting an example of how to deal with persecution. And thus saved HIS SELF!!


Because good deeds get rewarded!!


It did NOT save us!!


We have to do LIKEWISE – to get saved!!)










Do blood sacrifices save us? Only if you BELIEVE it. But then ONLY IN DELUSION!! (Until we see THROUGH it!!)






In other words he(the teller) is foisting this horror upon the hearer – probably out of envy.


How many are going to Hell FOR THE SAKE OF HELL??!!


Hell does exist. I mean after death – for those who qualify.


But NOT the unbearable EXTREMITY dreamt and cooked up by envious,etc. HATING wretches!!


Now, of course, this generation rejected the phoney view ages back. But for WHAT reason? – Simply because THEY DID NOT LIKE IT!!(Doing the right thing FOR THE WRONG REASON!!!!)


So they throw the baby out with the bath water, and reject Hell ALTOGETHER!!


Which IS a mistake!!




Same with survival of death. They reject it, because they DO NOT LIKE IT!!


I say because they want to ESCAPE their life’s DEEDS!!




But they don’t(escape)!!




They only fool themselves.














Thus the price of thinking(deeply)!!


You discover the truth,


But BECAUSE this world HATES the truth(because The Devil rules it!!), it rejects this view AND THOSE WHO HOLD IT!!!!










Am I getting anywhere, comrads????








You may disagree with me.








Where is your disproof?




Logic! Not TWIST/S!!


















Victor CONWAY.










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