Hampden Palace ghost and sundry articles.

Tuesday, 2nd November,  2,004.

A 711

The Hampden Palace Ghost(some more).


                  Some claim it was somebody dressed up, fooling around.

            I don’t think so!!

            I recorded the opening and closing of the doors on video. Then ran it backwards and forwards slowly. And then moment by moment, via the pauses.

            As a check, I did this on normal evens. Like a running train, the opening of a window. And of a door. Etc.

            These ran slowly on slow, and on pauses. Normal, per expectation.

            When I did this with the ghost, I noticed a strange difference!  There was a sudden JUMP. From well inside the doors, to up to them, and then another jump opening them. Same on pause. Instantaneous!! Similarly on closing the doors!!

            I did this repeatedly. Same thing.


            Now ghosts CAN use will via mind to jump suddenly, perhaps sub-conciously,etc. Mortals can’t.

            This would explain it!!

            Evidently it was a real ghost!!





Tuesday, 31st August,  2,004.


More upon Electro-Magnetism.(See also The Alphabet,etc.)


            The Spirit World is extremely electro-magnetic. Hence its super-nature presumably.

            God would be most electric.

            The stars(all the heavenly bodies) are ball lightning!!

            The higher up the planes you go, the more electro-magnetic.

            The original of the physical plane is very electro-magnetic.  Static, flashes, arcs, sparks, power, electric, blue air, luminosity. I recall observing this twice.

            Deep space is electric. So is the microcosm.

            An electric uni verse.

            Belief rules relatively. And comparatively.

            Also disbelief.

            On this unevolved planet, many sceptics abound.

            They think only the physical can exist.  In isolation!!

            What they are saying is that they hate the wonderful and the marvellous.

            Do not want to live on after death, because of their sinning!!

            No after life, no hell!!

            But many are in for huge surprises. AND SHOCKS!!!!

            What we believe rules. UP TO A POINT.


            With The Alphabet, one has an inverted tumbler. What moves it? Not fingers, as trying to move it with fingers is a give away. You can’t do it(and get away with it).

            What pushes it is a force field created by the sitters. Its focus moves it.

            Mind can take over, incarnate OR DISCARNATE!!!!

            Presumably slippery metal is the best surface.

            With sitters touching each other with their left hands!!


            Read conjoint with A709.

            Add in Tesla.

            Also epilepsy -due to too much electricity from electric field.

            Puberty mediums. Powerful EM fields.

            Ectoplasm. Teleplasm.  Focal pods. As well as other pods.

            Raudive tapes.


            (So many people in China that only one thousand square feet per person. Still, not too bad if shared out!!)




Monday, 30th August,  2,004.


Electro-magnetism and super-physical phenomena.


            An electro-magnetic field can link with super-physical phenomena. Especially conjoint with PSI, esp and pk(or tk).  Genes can assist in this.

            Things are complex, not simple. But complexedly simple!!(Via multiple simplicities!!)

            Electro-magnetic fields(the stronger the better)(electric or magnetic) push outwards(including upwards) via electrons or magnetons. Or both.

            Gravity is a PUSH force. It pushes downwards.  Aetheric pressure ex white holes down black ones.

            EM fields can counter this force via an umbrella effect. Causing objects to lighten.

            It also overcomes the inertia blocking psychic and occult phenomena.

            So both pk(tk) and esp work better in an electro-magnetic field.

            Clairsentience and materialization assist.

            If spirits are present, and are dense enough, they can move matter, especially if lightened!!

            Metal and water greatly assist. Per quantity.

            Because good conductors.

            Assisting any EM fields.

            Electrons and/or magnetons counter the gravitons.

            EM fields would probably assist at seances and circles,etc. Including all forms of automatism. Like Ouija boards and Planchette.

            A form of anti-gravity.

            Associated with this are brains and minds. Note that brains are not minds, and minds are not brains. Minds are super-physical. Brains are physical.

            When minds experience super-physical phenomena, brains follow suit in parallel. Blood indicating activity in the frontal lobes, and less blood in an area of the brain connected to normal living!! Possible connection with epilepsy,etc. here.

            Memories of super-physical events can be recalled via stimulating the frontal lobes! It does not bring the super-physical back. Only its memory.

            The super-physical exists, though is only seldom perceived. It is not abnormal. Nor physical(or merely physical).

            The Philadelphia Experiment, etc.  And The Phoenix Project are major experiment in point.

            So if you do not want super-physical experiences, avoid (also water and metal ) power lines above or below ground, and all kinds of ley lines and nodes!!!! Also keep away from electric apparatus, like electric clocks!!(Do not sleep too close to them!!)

           Physical laws are not broken.

           Scepticism is.

            Also the following lines are of key interest:=

            Electric current.  Magnetic fields.  Radio Waves.   X,etc.rays.  Photonic rays. Laser and Maser rays.  Photography.  Print-outs. Etcs.

            We live in a universe that is mental. Or super-material.  There is no limit to how large, or how small things can get. Or the fact that they GROUP. Group Law.  There are gaps(in interstices), and there are particles. 

            There are bound particles and free particles.  There is the split of matter into electrons and ions. Because of this electrons flow along the ions!!

            Materialists do not like to think that there is anything beyond solid matter, and 3d.  They hate the idea of planes(though height is a sort of plane). And sub planes,etc.  However, planes are simply basically different finenesses or densities!!  A matter of smaller and larger gaps(for my orbital VIBRATION), and particles for MY DENSITY!!!!

            In theory, there is always a smaller, and always a larger. In practice,too!!

            So Materialism is actually untenable. Why should the universe be LIMITED?  Why simplistic?  It is rather that many humans are this, rather than that the universe is!! What materialists are actually(low emotive) saying is that they hate the good,  preferring a mental climate of low things in which they can bask!!  Also to escape the consequences of their sins(not necessarily religious).  Avoided if no after life. So no hell.(This is what they HOPE.)

            In truth, the universe is so complexedly simple and diverse, that one can advance, utilizing these facts!! The most cheaply.

            Like in elections, people get power(so denied them) by bringing about cliff hangers and hung parliaments. Which they THEN can the better control!!!!

            There comes a point when those who cannot bear goodness,etc. MUST do so, for the all round good. Like near the end of cycles, when the next cataclysm is due!! AS NOW!!!! We are about 11 or 12 years from the PEAK of the ALREADY BEGUN cataclysm.  In Man and Nature. God and Devil.  At such times, the good must take over, or we all perish!! THEN the wicked must be sacrificed that the fewest and least worthy suffer!!!!


            Fractals and anti fractals, etc. are interesting.

            Also interesting is the fact that is arithmetic increase and geometrical increase. Additions or subtractions. And multiplications or divisions. Increase, or decrease wise.

            Zero can be approached like Zeno’s Arrow ever closer, but never reached.(With geometric subtractions of sufficiently decreasing value.) Also the infinite can be approached by increasing multiples!!)

            Very interesting subjects are: Physics, chemistry(Especially The Periodic Table and the matching of theory and practice. In actions and re-actions,etc.), geography, history, biology, psychology, mathematics, geometry, art, music, arts, crafts, logic. Etc.











Tuesday, 31st May, 2,005.




Some points on death.



1. There are two viable theories re Survival. a. We survive via multi-dimensionalism.(A complex scheme of things.) b. We don’t survive. Via appearances.(Corpses are so dead!)

a. Multi-dimensionalism is the only explanation that fits the correctly interpreted evidence!(Overwhelming evidence. Psychic Research for example.) b. As for not surviving(Man’s error has been to assume that Self = Body. But it doesn’t. It resides 5d WITHIN the body.), NO THING(NOT ANY THING) comes(or goes to) NOTHING!! It being im possible. To produce something you MUST have SOME material as a supply source!(Same applies to the universe(omniverse) as a whole!!)

Corpses can look as dead as they like, but if The Self is merely a temporary resident, then that won’t make any difference. As if horses with riders dropping dead means rider dies too!!

You won’t find anything inside of the body! Because the fact is it is the other way around. The Self is not some component inside of the body, like a particle. The body is a component separate from THE SELF!!(Inside of a Greater Whole, along with The Self!!)

2. A curious fact is that we all of us(or most of us) IDENTIFY with our BODIES. We ARE what we identify with! Therefore, in that sense we don’t survive death!! But what happens, the survival instinct being so strong, is that as we die, we identify with the finer vehicle which does survive death! Thus A CHANGE occurs!! And we change from mortal to immortal!!

3. Physically we begin as a A ZYGOTE(A fertilized egg cell.). Created from two gametes. One from each parent. This initial cell divides in to two, and each new cell divides in to two, AND SO ON, until our body is created!! Our bodies are collections of CELLS.(Are plants mortal or not? They can be GRAFTED. And thus comes immortality!) Now a parallel to this is via CLONING. Where you take one cell of the creature you want to clone, and insert it into a cleaned out(swopping nuclei)(the original nucleus being removed, and the new one put in) female egg cell. Then you plant it in a suitable womb. It will grow(all things being equal) into a copy of the original! A process which can be continued indefinitely.(This is pointless UNLESS FOR A SPECIAL PURPOSE, because we survive death anyway, in a finer body!!) When(if necessary) we re-incarnate, our souls, along with a permanent atom, unite with a new zygote.(A new personality enters, descended from the soul concerned.) The old body(a corpse) dissolves and returns to the universal pool of matter, from which fresh bodies can be created, including the future vehicle of the departed soul!! The old personality returns into the soul, which has many personalities within it. Thus we have a new body AND a new personality each incarnation!! We are a different person each time. But the same soul.

Every seven years all the cells in our body, bar the brain, die, but get replaced by new cells. We are thus (bar brain) with a different vehicle every seven years. Yet it remains OF the same person! So the body ITSELF gets reborn every seven years. We are unaware of this. It happens un-noticed.(Unless you want to argue that the brain is all that matters. Contrary to general opinion the brain is merely a telephone exchange, NOT the control room!!(The control centre is our personality. Not physical at all.)

4. Can you see what is happening inside a house FROM THE OUTSIDE?(Without looking in through the windows!!) Can you observe the interior from the exterior, of any thing?? You can study a sleeping person as long as you like, but you will not learn what its dream self is doing!(If and when that person is dreaming.) His PHYSICAL body may be sleeping. But his dream vehicle may be climbing a mountain, or eating an ice-cream, riding a bike, or having a swim!!!! You can study a corpse as long and as hard as you like, but how much will that tell you about the personality’s after life?! More alive than ever in a higher material world!!

I am giving an analogy(sleeper, dreaming), an analogue. Some may say, well at least the sleeper IS ALIVE, whereas corpses are dead!! However, that is a false objection!(The dead person is not in some special deep sleep!! But is truly DEAD, as per THE BODY!!(But not the personality which lives on!!) Because this is an ANALOGY. A PARALLEL on another level!(Not the same level!!) Via the parallel, the idea is to see the possibility of the person concerned living on in a materially better world!!(In actual fact, this is true BUT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!! It isn’t that when we die we enter a super dreamland, but that we HAVE(at birth) died and entered this super dreamland WE CALL LIFE!!(Death is an awakening, not a falling asleep!!) From which we eventually awaken into a super world.(At so-called death.)

5. The error is to think in terms of THE PHYSICAL ONLY . As if that is the only reality. Whereas it is merely one inferior reality among many realities!!

To see the truth, we need to think in terms of a vast(infinite) super physical realm, ONE PART OF WHICH is the physical!! One level. One PLANE.(Planes are five dimensional levels.) We have everything backwards. Thanks to wrong teachings down thousands of years. We have become so steeped in falsehood via brainwashing and conditioning, so much for so long, that we automatically DO NOT QUESTION lone physicality!!

I am offering the possibility. That this is how it is. It would explain everything. I do not see how anyone can say IT CANNOT BE SO!!(On what grounds? Do you infallibly KNOW that it is not so? I wonder why!!)(It is merely your wish.)

True, my wish is to survive. But we need to rise above mere wishes, and look for the truth. Or what may be the truth!! And not betray ourselves by so angrily and irrationally denouncing views we HAPPEN not to like!!(The question arises WHY ALL THE ANGER??!!)

They who seek truth do not fear to be wrong.

Even it hurts temporarily.

You cannot quietly debate this issue with materialists. They go off the deep end!! Can it be that deep down they are aware of the non materialistic truth BUT CANNOT FACE UP TO IT??!!

If I survive all well and good. If not, no great loss!!

How many materialists can comfortably say the converse??

The psychic research route is not a satisfactory one. It, at best, produces IMAGES. Which need not mean anything of value!(I refer to possiblly next world related ghosts, visions, dreams, day dreams, appartions, illusions, materializations, hallucinations, delusions…)(They can all be written off. No I prefer to tackle the question head on. In any case Psychic Research is dealt with well enough by many experts.(Along with UFO’s,aliens, sex, re-incarnation,etc.)(I don’t speak on these subjects much, because so well handled by others.)(I like to go ways others don’t go!!))

(I see Corby is having second thoughts about appealing. I can understand that. I think she should cash out at twenty years!! Rather than risk PROBABLE life, or even death!!(Ah, how we state our wishes as facts. A common human failing.)(“She will be coming home.”(I am not at all sure about that!!). I note she has to drink, wash and defecate,etc. with the same bucket!! I also note that drug planting has been experienced by others. And that others too are imprisoned for drug (or alleged drug) smuggling. Indonesia is concerned with protecting its young, in particular. It cannot stop its broad treatment for the sake of the odd innocent individual. That is the way it looks at it. So the judges slept well thinking of their young being protected. While young Corby can suffer!!(Especially not being Indonesian!!)

The best hope of getting Corby home lies(I think) in cutting of the money supply to Indonesia AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Very hard for them without it.(As for all.) How much should we risk for the sake of Corby?(But it is not only Corby, is it!!) Report Indonesia to The High Court,ETC.

I think it is revenge for East Timor, and captured fishermen,etc.

However, there is such a vast difference between due and undue punishment!!)

We need to tread VERY carefully, with so powerful a neighbour(next door!!). Without much hope of protection!!!! Or maybe far more than Corby will suffer!!!! Awful, isn’t it. The world is not a nice place!!!!)




Monday, 30th May, 2,005.




Corby , – yet again.



How many others noticed the smirking gloat on the face of the top judge after he pronounced sentence? The one who said he slept well.

Corby nearly collapsed!

But still not enough for The Prosecution!! A nation of sadists?( Indonesia )

If Corby appeals, she risks TOO MUCH a life sentence, and even death by firing squard. Twelve men I understand with high calibre -powered rifles, all crack shots. All aiming for the head I believe. With Corby tied to a post. Terrific advert for Islam!!!!

We have to do everything in our power to get her out. We must cut off money to Indonesia (not just Bali !) unto the maximum. No tourists, no funds, no aid, no support. AT LEAST UNTIL THEY RELEASE CORBY , AND SEND HER HOME SAFELY!!!!

  Get as many international nations as possible to follow suit.

If successful, I think Indonesia would have second thoughts!! Don’t you??

Get U.S. to pull out from there. Yes, cut all ties!! By us, too.

No, Messres Howard and Downer, Indonesian verdict IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!! We will have to abide by their judgements,yes. BUT NOT WILLINGLY!!!!


Hit The Indonesian prisoners as hard. And deport all Indonesians immediately!!

Back to Indonesia .

The way of Christ, tun the other cheek, pray for those who despitefully use you, love,etc. is all right for individuals THAT CAN AFFORD THAT METHOD!! How many nations could?? Otherwise I would suggest Australia pray for Indonesia ! For being so heinously CALLOUS!!!! Terrific image you have, Indonesia !! But you had it before, didn’t you!!

Mass prayers for Corby . AND for the three judges, who(It must needs be that offences come, BUT WOE BE TO THOSE THROUGH WHOM they come!!(Quoting Jesus. Holy Bible.) Disgusting show, Indonesia . This may lose you more than you gain!!

In the old days, Britain used to send gun-boats up The Yangste in China if there was any nonsense. It worked of course. (This reminds me of “The face that launched a thousand ships!!”(Helen of Troy about two thousand years ago in The Med.) They abducted the beautiful Helen, and Troy attacked with a thousand ships. Freeing her. You listening, Howard??)) Australia dare not attack militarily of course(though U.S. could, perhaps!!). So just choke off their money supply!!

This horror furore is only just starting, and could blow up into quite a grandfather of furores!!

Is The Lord trying to teach Schapelle a lesson? More care, girl! With that luggage. But she has no future. And it was no big deal not to lock her body bag which had so little of importance in it!!(Except to The Indonesians of course. You hypocrites!! How much marijuana do you have already in your country? YOU are exporting it(through crooks)!!(Even if Australian(Sydney) marijuana is better quality.)(Somehow, Schapelle just doesn’t look the part, nor the profile!! This is RIDICULOUS. May end up in world war!!) So that can’t be the reason!!

May I suggest, to lighten the burden, you all consider this one: Karma! In past life, Corby did something terrible(LIKE planting drugs on innocent victims!!). So now she is having to settle that debt!!

Or perhaps God wants her to go for Martyrdom! Become a saint!! In order to have the best after life possible!! Jesus was crucified for doing good. (I wonder how much good Corby does? Maybe she fell too far short! I do not know. Just making suggestions. Trying to account for why this awful thing would happen to her!! No thing happens to anyone UNLESS GOD GIVES HIS NOD.)(What did you do in that previous life? And perhaps more good needs doing now in this one.)

Receiving 12 bullets fired hard and fast into the head IS NOT PAINLESS. It must be agony for a split second! One person who lost their head to the guillotine came back through a medium and announced that the pain was excruciating!! So it DOES hurt. To the maximum!!!!

She will then be OUT of it. And perhaps better off than enduring a life time(or whatever) in a stinking Indonesian prison, tempted to commit suicide(Useless because even if successful, deprives one ONLY of the body. YOU live on. WITHOUT A BODY!!!!). Also tormented by envious Indonesians, even apart from the horrid conditions!!

I think it will be better NOT to appeal. Maybe 20 years is better than death!!

Her chances are too remote!!

No. Just arrange for Indonesia to be strangled financially!! As best can be!!!! They have gotten far FAR too big for their boots!!

She may not be worth all this.(On the other hand, she might be!!) But has become an ICON. A symbol of Australia. And a token of WORLD DISGUST!!!!

Where is Common Sense? Even a dog should not be treated this way, let alone a very nice person!! EVEN if she were guilty, which I am satisfied she is not; the punishment is out of all proportion to the crime! Especially by HYPOCRITES who give much lesser sentences to mass murderers!!(Marijuana is about as harmful as alchohol! Which Muslims also abhor. For God’s sake protect those youth! From an almost harmless SOFT drug!!(You cannot compare what THE NINE did with HARD DRUGS; with Corby, so clearly the victim of A PLANT gone wrong, and a soft drug to boot!!) But what about the YOUNG Corby?! How dare you with her taunt her with RACISM! YOU are the racists!! The BETTER minority WHITE race is HATED by The Coloureds. Why? Because SO ENVIED!!!! I don’t buy this so easy and cowardly racist slur TRUMPED UP TRASH!!)

Hanson has lost her ICON status. And Corby is well placed to take her place in Australia!!

Yes, not since Lindy Chamberlain, that innocent victim, who lost her baby to a dingo(but was accused of murder for a long time!)(Went to prison for ages, didn’t she!!)(How she was railed against! But driving force was hatred of Christianity!!); has there been such an emotional uproar by the public!!

There is a place prepared for those who do evil! I would not care to be in the shoes of they who planted the drug! Out of sheer greed. You made a mistake all right!!!!

On the other hand, we must take all care not to sacrifice the entire nation to Corby, no matter how innocent and worthy!! Many are suffering unjustly throughout the world. Some far worse than her. And MANY in third world nations suffer worse in ordinary daily life! Let us keep a sense of due proportion.

Howard and Downer are wise. Indonesia could flatten us overnight!! And we would ALL be in Corby’s shoes, ONLY MUCH MUCH WORSE. Muslims, remember. (How they love our so slowly hacked off heads on plates!!!!)And erstwhile Communists,too. Barbaric primitives on the whole!!!!

Give me a white any day!

Don’t sell us out though, Mr.Howard and Mr Downer. Our dignity has some worth, surely??!!

You have to draw the line between wise kow towing(to avoid far worse), and BEING WALKED OVER IN FUTURE!!!! We have passed that line!!!! Do SOMETHING, or lose the next election!! Or don’t you care that much. Hmmm??!!

Our place in the pecking order IS WAY DOWN. We have NO clout. Not with monsters like Indonesia!! But we could enlist FRIENDS!!!! UNO, U.S. Britain(big joke). Try RED China? How about Japan? Better let them have their hump backs IN EXCHANGE for Corby support!! Eh??(I notice Japan gives good publicity to Corby!! How much are humpback whales worth??)

Britain is useless. And U.S. is down the plug hole! So we must be VERY CAREFUL. Appeal to Red China!!(I am talking about if and when an invasion by Indonesia becomes likely. And it could well do over THIS FURORE!!)

May I suggest we get atomic weapons fast!!

No, Corby is not all THAT attractive. But the issue is not pretty, young, female, angels; BUT IDIOTIC needless human suffering.

Go for martyrdom,Shcapelle!!

Your best bet,now!!

Don’t commit suicide!!

Or you end up in an even worse pickle!!

In the other world!!!!

Don’t know what the heck you did in that previous life, but you lock ALL of your luggage in future, girl!!(If they EVER let you out!!)

I notice your defence team is more interested in their pride, than in extra help for you!! They KEEP refusing those two Q.C’s!! Maybe good idea to get rid of them. Enlist a new team.

You may NEED to request Ban Bang for a pardon(In August) for a misdemenor(soft drug!) you did not commit.(The crime is a delusion in Indonesian eyes, NOT YOURS!!!!)

Even stones should be moved in heart over what is happening to you. Ludicrous is not the term!! It is downright SADISM, just because you are a nice person!! They envy you girl. Cannot take it!!

I just want to broaden horizons a bit.

If I can!!

You may get the whole world behind you, not just Australia!! You are on something hideous which I think God wants to convert in to a great victorious good thing FOR YOU. Even if in next world!!!!

Your worst mistake may have been to avoid the firing squad!!(There are worse things!!)

I see life expectancy in that prison is ten years! But as a Caucasian you might last longer!!

Insanity you need to watch. To avoid death.

Stick it as best you can. You have no choice.

One hope is a trade off by a sacrifice more worthy than you.(Hard to find, I think.)

Keep your cool. You are becoming World Icon Number One.(Go in for reading!!)

If only the envious ones will let you!!

Something is horribly wrong somewhere!! Alas human nature can descend VERY low. Even by nations!!




Sunday, 29th May, 2005.




Corby , again.


20 years! Plus small fine. She was lucky! VERY lucky. Originally she faced death by firing squad. Later, it was Life. She is doing well!! Two more chops and she could be down to five years. Then hope for a pardon from Ban-Bang!! With the aid of the two government lawyers!!!!

Unfortunately, she could well get attacked in prison, possibly murdered. Even probably!!

In any case she will go slowly MAD. Surrounded by Indonesian felons. She can expect a hard time from them at the very least. For some time anyway!! If not permanently!!

She won’t last 20 years!

She has no viable alternative!! SHE HAS NO CHOICE!!!! But to submit to whatever they choose to dish out. And the whole country thinks she is guilty. Thanks to Indonesian indoctrination, no doubt!! How long would YOU last?? In those conditions. Lousy food. No air conditioning. High humidity and heat. Nine on a bed shoulder to shoulder. For twenty years!! She composed herself very well at the trial. But it was that or make a bad showing. So she kidded herself a miracle would happen. It didn’t, OF COURSE!!!! This thing could blow up into a storm of storms. Helen of Troy again. War?? Maybe world wide!!!! SHE is worth it. On the other hand, turn the other cheek. Pray for those who despitefully use you. That is the best line. IF you can do it!!(Howard could well lose the next election over this. What a furore is blowing up. And this is only the very beginning. Well, she is certainly achieving world fame!! She will eventually come out of this with a good showing. I don’t know about sane. Or alive!!!!

We either get her out or she will be destroyed mentally!!!!

Which is horrible for a very nice young woman like her! She doesn’t deserve this. Is God trying to teach her a lesson. Must be doing something? She rode too high!! Doing her castanets performance didn’t go down with The Indonesians!! Far too high for the very ego sensitive Indonesians!! They think she is guilty. Though she is clearly innocent!! It must have been A PLANT. Probably by The Baggage Handlers!! One of a number, if not many, I would think. Plants. No doubt bag handlers too!!

She was unlucky. In a foreign country. One which is SO HOT on drug smuggling. Even soft drugs!! So they are making an example of her. How they must hate nice folk. As so many Indonesians are primitive. And now The Prosecution is likely to appeal the sentence, and demand LIFE!!!! Which they may well get!!!!

So she must tread very carefully indeed.

She could try to escape, and live in the bush!!

Not much hope of getting out of Indonesia !!

It is a set up, and a cooked book!!!!

Indonesia doesn’t care about Justice. Just RULING with a very firm hand!! Yet who can blame them? All the same, THEY ARE LYING!!!! Especialy that customs counter clerk. He spiked it for her. DELIBERATELY!!!!

Australia is not admired. Especially after East Timor !!

There is no way out for her. Other than POSSIBLY through the appeals and pardon plea.(Yes it could be misconstrued as an admission of guilt! How can one ask for a pardon of an offence she did not commit!! They conclude automatically that she is guilty. Because ALL are guilty in their eyes. And there is little hope of getting past The Judges!!!! So they drive for a confession. But she is too integral to admit to something she didn’t do. And too nice and scared to hit back. Not that that would be at all wise!!!!

Set up. Framed!! Conspiracy! Cut and dried.

NO evidence to the contrary has been allowed. No finger printing. No video at customs. Her friends’ evidence not heard. NO lie detector tests!! This is PRE JUDGEMENT. All the way!! Certainly bycott Bali until she is released. Possibly bycott ALL INDONESIA!!!! We gave them over a thousand million dollars in aid recently!! Not counting public donations!!

On the other hand, they have to crack down as hard as possible on drug running. And Corby HAD drugs in her possession!! Planted, I believe. But STILL THERE. Remember that anybody can claim plants, even if not true!! They dare not be slack. So Corby is EXTREMELY lucky to get off with twenty years. Yet it is a death sentence. Which is what THEY WANT!!!!

They hate her for her effusion.(Gushing nature.) You can’t treat Indonesians like that and get away with it. But her brave defiant spirit drove her to it. Any show in bravado!!!!

They had to be VERY CAREFUL at The Court of course. So they brought her in suddenly early the back way. Eyes of the world were upon them. They don’t want to lose international approval!! And that is how we can get them!!!!

What about appealing to The International Court? President Bush(What a joke!)? Even Tony Blair!!

Yes, cut all support for Indonesia until they release her. We are not their skivvies are we??

Or they will walk all over us.

Cut their money is the best way to pressure them!! Is it too late to stop any aid money going through??

Get The Yanks to act.

She is a gonna if she stays where she is for any length of time!!!!

No! John Howard said we MUST go along with The Court’s decision!! LIKE HELL!!!! They are biassed to the limits!!!! THEY don’t believe in JUSTICE. Only SUPPRESSION. Come on, Australia!!!!

No we can’t rightly dictate to another country, but we can turn the screws on TO THE MAXIMUM!!!!

She doesn’t deserve this! She arrived riding high to enjoy Bali. And that is what she gets!!

Where is that BASTARD who planted the drugs??!! GET HIM!!!!(Brisbane or Sydney.)

Someone must know him, and his name and address!!!!

His weak GREED is costing the whole nation far too dear, not just Schapelle!!

Her old man has terminal cancer.

Her mother says she has done nothing wrong, and must come home. SHE IS RIGHT!! And we can do a LOT to that end!! Not just let her ROT. Possibly be tortured. Even murdered. No, Australia, this is a shabby way to treat so nice a person, who is so obviously innocent!!

We could make a sudden landing at the prison. Take them by surprise, and spring her!! That is the answer. Not kow tow to tyrants!!

Come on, AUSTRALIA. We were big enough to attack Iraq! WHEN WE SHOULD NOT HAVE!!!! Make The Yanks support us!! Or we lose our good name before the world!!!!

Put the pressure on Indonesians here!! There are ways we can act!!

On the other hand we need to tread VERY carefully.

Or risk war.

Think HARD now. That is what John Howard has done all along.

DID they make an offer of assistance earlier? Very important question that.

Do we sacrifice the brave Schapelle? Or do we kick Indonesia in the guts,for such UTTER CALLOUSNESS by cutting ALL funds of any kind!! Or do we go Christ’s way and pray for them. Forgive the. Sacrificing Corby. Hard choice isn’t it.

VERY hard!!!!

They are so Muslim. 200 million well armed ruthless militants(How do you think Indonesia was born??). We are 20 million softies. But we may have friends. UNO for instance. U.S??(But far too stretched now.)(Britain? Sick joke!!) Do we get walked over? Or do we risk WAR??!! Helen of Troy all right!!!! She was kidnapped. It started a war. Helen got freed!!


W.F.Thomas.(Remember how they attacked The East Timorese??!!)






Saturday, 28th May, 2,005.




Further on death.


If survival be a true fact(which I maintain), how come it is not generally taught.

The answer is very simple. The West has the greatest influence over the world, via The U.S. Christendom overdid it(because important spiritual Biblical statements are taken literally instead of symbolically), and Orthodox Science re-acted, deposing Survival among many other tenets.

Materialistic Orthodox Science says of Survival that it is inconclusive, officially. Unofficially it rejects it on the grounds that only the proven facts can be accepted.

Orthodox science even rules conventional religion. So even Christendom does not teach survival(in general)now!!

Because ONLY 3d Matter,etc. is recognized as being real, due to it being so stark, only the physical is considered of import. And thus it is believed that THE BODY equals THE SELF. One is the other. So it is widely thought. When the body is dead, the corpse is most convincing as to the finality of death. Therefore survival is ruled out!!

However, the body DOES NOT equal The Self!!

Materialistic Orthodox Science RULES. So the public accept it. The whole world, via U.S.

Most great religious teachers taught Survival. But Western religion, the phoney Christendom(Which is NOT Christianity!!), listens to Materialistic Orthodox Science. And so rejects Survival!!

As Materialism spreads throughout the world, Survival is become a phoney tenet!!(Along with many others.)

Narrow minded people went too far, thought The Bible was meant to be taken LITERALLY, instead of symbolically(Referring to important spiritual truths, not history,etc.). And brought the roof crashing down over them. Thoughtful scientific people objected, and now Science rules, not Religion. Survival,etc. are rejected.

The truth of anything does not depend upon people’s beliefs however. Of course not!!

I made it my business to find out. And I did.

There was life before birth,too.(Before Conception also. In case your raise that one!!) Etc.(Most of us re-incarnate – upon Earth – or some Earthlike world. As humans again. But spend an average 50 years in The Spirit World. During The Interregnum.(The period between lives.)

Disbelief in survival is one great reason for a fast(and faster) declining world!! Men so lack the knowledge of greater things!!!!

I wish to see the world advance, not fail. So I teach what I do.

Read my other articles on Survival, not just this one!

Go back and back.

Not only do we survive. But we pay for our wrongs, and in many ways!

I speak from near certitude after many years of study of the subject,etc.

Man’s mistake is to think that Starkness dictates the highest reality. I mean that THE PHYSICAL WORLD is thrust so hard in our faces. Therefore it SEEMS to be the ONLY reality!!

This is a very grave mistake.

The physical seems so real(and the only reality) because we have down the ages come to IDENTIFY OUR SELVES WITH IT. We THINK that we ARE our bodies. Whereas the body is only a VEHICLE for The Personality in this world. To learn certain lessons that can only be learnt here(or in similar places)!!


It is a vicious circle. And it SEEMS so obvious!!

Why aren’t dreams considered another reality,then?

When we are dreaming, we are convinced that we are IN THE PHYSICAL, when we are not!! The fact is, via identification with the body, our conciousness has become SO focussed on the physical. That with our minds rammed up so hard against it, we get fooled!!

It is a good job this does not happen in Dreamland, or WHILST THERE, we might INSIST that only dreams were real. Until we awoke in the physical!!


Similarly, so shall it be when we awaken after death!! Into a world FAR more real than this current one. And, as with dreams,now; we shall scorn those who claim after death that the old physical was superior!!

It is only AFTER we awaken from sleep and dreams that we see through the illusion!! Similarly, but in a greater way, shall it be after “death”!!

How fooled so many are now!

And how fooled most are when dreaming. Nearly all are!!

We shall all observe this fact after death!!

And be amazed that we could be so deceived!!

Yet, that is what is going to happen!!

Life is a SUPER dream. After death in The Spirit World, we shall be in a SUPER life!!!!

Sometimes we enter The Spirit World temporarily whilst still alive. And experience images even more real than the physical. But usually write them off as vivid DREAMS. True, these are rare. But they do happen. AND THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE. Pre-views of the world we enter AFTER WE SO CALLED DIE!!!!

They can be beautiful. They can be nightmares. For both scenarios exist depending upon whether you enter Paradise or Hades!!

Have you never had an incredibly vivid experience THAT WAS NOT PHYSICAL? During sleep. Though not always in sleep!! You temporarily left your body!! The only difference with death IS THAT IT IS PERMANENT!!!!

Most of us write these rare peculiarities off AS DREAMS. When for a short while we have actually entered a higher plane OF MATTER!!!! Even more real than the physical!!!!

Sometimes these experiences are in The Spiritistic World. And some times in The Spirit World. The first is more or less a duplicate(original, actually!!)(THIS is the copy!!) of The Physical. The second, The Spirit World PROPER is our true home, from which we are currently in exile!! It is Earth LIKE. But no duplicate!!

THAT is where we all go(animals,too) after SO CALLED death.

Unbelievable. But so IT IS.

Better get used to the idea. However!! Remember that where you go, depends entirely upon how you have behaved in life!!!! If your good deeds exceed your bad, you will be all right. If the bad exceeds the good, you will be up against it TO THAT DEGREE!!!!

Aye, it IS so.

Better to learn that fact NOW, HERE. Than find yourself in an unpleasant place, but not EASILY be able to escape!!

I can assure you all THAT IT IS FACT.

Survival itself is no thing! It depends WHERE you survive. Heaven or Hell!!

Both are states of mind, conditions of soul. But both have material PLACES(finer, but still can be unpleasant) attached to them!! Albeit PLANES of Matter!!

It is SO physical, that many think that they are still IN the physical!! (They think that they are STILL ALIVE!!(They are. But not in their old physical bodies!!)It is relatively PHYSICAL to the person THERE!!

Everything that exists here now, exists there,too!! And so very much more!!!!

Houses, trees, hills, plains. You name it!!

However, things function very differently there. They only LOOK similar!!

This is not a treatise on The Spirit World. Descriptions of it can be readily obtained.

My subject here now is Death, not The Spirit World. But the only thing that dies IS THE BODY. The present physical vehicle!!

























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